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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


With his eyes blind, his body in a worrying condition, and his spirit so tired that he constantly wanted to sleep, Cheng Xiangwen grabbed the tip of the stone with great force, trying to keep himself awake.

He shouldn’t fall asleep, his current condition was already very difficult. If he fainted here alone, he would be killed by others, and the thief was still watching, who knew if she would once again change the rules and steal a third thing from them.

To be honest, with the game rules changed, the second thing stolen from him was out of his expectation. This kind of thing was almost impossible to happen.

Most of the rules of the playfield were fixed, the one thing stolen had to be stolen from every Survivor in the beginning, because for the Survivors, one they could bear, twice was the end of the line, a playfield’s intention was to let all Survivors die in it, but a playfield was never a dead game.

This playfield was beyond common sense, but the reason was unknown.

Cheng Xiangwen knew that there were some playfields in the unlimited flow world that could evolve on their own, but this playfield had never belonged to this type, and the sudden evolution caught people off guard.

Was this evolution due to the arrival of the unlimited flow world in reality, or was it due to… Someone?

At this time, a little wind blew over, and this subtle wind made his whole breath shorten for a moment, so he hurriedly blocked his breath to prevent his breathing from affecting his hearing. The sound was getting closer and closer, and it should be the sound of footsteps, but he didn’t hear even a little breathing, this person… 

Cheng Xiangwen sat up stiffly, put his hand on the ground, feeling the rough feel of the sand, Cheng Xiangwen frowned and recited the words, “Absolute defense.”

A transparent air wall with faint electricity was erected, but this time this wall no longer served to manipulate things in space, it was simply to prevent people from outside from coming in. Qian Min, or rather the thief, what the hell was wrong with this guy?

He had checked the data before coming and got enough data to support that the thief would go into divine concealment after being exposed, and would avoid everyone’s sight and go hide everything it had stolen until the playfield people found it and took it out, so why hasn’t this thief gone into divine concealment, and was attacking them instead?

“Trying to stop me?” Qian Min looked at Cheng Xiangwen, her eyes were wide like a female ghost whose eyes were about to come out of their sockets, “It’s useless, as long as I steal your ability, you will definitely die.”

“But you can’t do that, cough.” Cheng Xiangwen propped himself up, “The rules are displayed in the sky, you just issued a new rule that you will steal a second item from them, until that condition is met, you have no way to continue modifying the rules.” Cheng Xiangwen bowed his head, blood fell to the ground along the corners of his mouth, “You have already stolen the second item from me, so there is no way for you to steal a third thing from me.”

“Rules?” Qian Min sneered, she smashed her fist into the air barrier, a strong electric current instantly reached her body, a smell of burnt flesh puffed into the air, but Qian Min was oblivious, just viciously continued to smash down.

Qian Min wasn’t a human being, she was a thief shaped by the playfield, so she wasn’t afraid of any electric current.

Cheng Xiangwen, who was already suffering from a serious illness, couldn’t hold on for long.

“No need to steal your ability, I can finish you with this alone!” Qian Min fist smashed the air barrier, and soon the barrier was cracked. Cheng Xiangwen’s hand was trembling as he pressed the ground hard, suppressing his coughing in his throat.

Mustn’t give up here.

The cracks kept spreading, all the way to the other side, and when Cheng Xiangwen couldn’t resist coughing anymore, bang, the entire air barrier directly shattered. Cheng Xiangwen flew out directly by the force of the impact, his suppressed blood in his throat directly spat out, and he was laying on the ground, not being able to move.

Is it over?

Just as his consciousness was about to blur, he heard another set of footsteps, with a gasp generated by the rapid running; it was human.

When Shen Si came over, the first thing he saw was Cheng Xiangwen, who was knocked out after the air barrier shattered, and Qian Min who didn’t hesitate to kill him directly, but it was too late.

The clock appeared behind him, Shen Si snapped his fingers, his feet didn’t stop moving.

“Time, rewind.”

The stopwatch slowly rewound, and as he ran forward Shen Si watched the flying Cheng Xiangwen rewind to his knees sitting on the ground, the shattered air barrier repairing itself, and Qian Min rewinding, all the way back to the moment when Qian Min was ready to break the air barrier, and Shen Si arrived just in time.

Time was running again.

Shen Si could even see Qian Min’s slightly dilated pupils from surprise for a moment.

“What?!” The unseeing Cheng Xiangwen jerked his head up.

Because of the reaction force, Shen Si leaned back directly, and could feel the clothes on his body had touched the electric current, his fingertips and back had a numb feeling roaming up. There was electric current on the air barrier, and Qian Min didn’t care at all about the attack because she wasn’t human, but Shen Si was a real human.

If attacked by the electric current, it would be serious enough to die directly.

Gritting his teeth and directly withdrawing his ability, Cheng Xiangwen almost spit out a mouthful of blood from the backlash. On the other hand, Shen Si was lying quietly on the ground, the tingling sensation on his fingers passing little by little.

Because of the timely evacuation, he wasn’t injured by the current.

Standing up from the ground, Shen Si blocked in front of Cheng Xiangwen, who was still panting a bit, with a little sweat stain on his forehead.

“Whether intentional or unintentional, I don’t want to carry the lives of others.” Shen Si’s voice stumbled a bit, but the meaning of the message was clear, “That’s troublesome, and I hate troublesome things.”

Qian Min’s hair draped behind her back as she was sprawled on the ground, and after hearing Shen Si’s conversation she rose up with stiff and twisted movements. Now she no longer looked like a person at all, but more like a puppet on a string that couldn’t control her body very well.

“Hate troublesome things?” Qian Min tilted her head, her neck twisted at a terrible angle that no human could do, “I hate trouble too, so can you please be honestly controlled by me like the others and kill each other to hurry up and die?”

“Can’t do it.”

“Die and there will be no more trouble!”

“No.” Shen Si slowed his breathing slightly, “Because I promised someone that I need the desire to survive, and a survivor doesn’t die under any circumstances. So I won’t die here, or anywhere else.”

Qian Min cocked her head, “Uh? Is it that man? The man named Jian Nian.”

“…Why would you know that?”

“Because I stole your past, so of course I would know.” Qian Min stared at him with her black eyes open, “Anything stolen from you will belong to me, whether it’s sight or your past, now those things are mine.”

Shen Si sighed as he walked in Qian Min’s direction, “Give it back to me.”

“No, it’s mine if I steal it.” Qian Min showed a twisted smile, “Those are my things.”

Hearing their voices, Cheng Xiangwen coughed and sat up from the ground. He fumbled around on the ground, clutching a stone and throwing it to try to get Shen Si’s attention. His throat was now so sore that he could taste the fishy taste of blood with every swallow of saliva, and his voice was completely unamplified.

But Shen Si couldn’t be allowed to kill Qian Min.

“Shen Si!” Cheng Xiangwen kept shouting in a voice that was hoarse to the core, “You can’t kill her. If you kill the thief after you find what was stolen from you, you will never be able to get your things back. Whether it’s my vision or your past will literally disappear! So, no! Finding what was stolen from us is most important first!”

Shen Si paused, he glanced at Cheng Xiangwen who was sitting on the ground trying to get up but kept failing, and his dark eyes took on a bit of annoyance.

That was true.

If you killed the thief, and couldn’t find your stolen things, according to Cheng Xiangwen’s current state, he would die even if he left because of various diseases, his body has long been unhealthy and even a cold could kill him.

“Not coming?” Qian Min smiled and took two steps forward, her feet were weak, like she was about to fall down. “Is it for this man? No, actually you are right to stop, not only for him, but also for yourself.”

Shen Si shook her head, “I don’t really care about the past, even if you stole it from me.”

“Hahahaha, yes, you are indeed a cold man.” Qian Min laughed, as if he was listening to some funny joke, “But I didn’t just steal your past, you still don’t know until now, right, what exactly I stole from you when the game opened.”

Cheng Xiangwen could no longer struggle, he turned his head to listen to the opposite voice, Shen Si also didn’t continue to speak, only shot a suspicious look at Qian Min. This action, this laughter, Qian Min was undoubtedly smug, she was smug that she stole something very important, this complacency and sense of mockery filled the air.

“Not only will you not kill me, but you will protect me, because you have to get back what is important to you.” Qian Min chuckled, “I’ve hidden it where you’ll never find it, but even so, you can’t lay your hands on me and kill me, you can’t do it!”

Shen Si paused in place as he looked at Qian Min, “What exactly did you steal?”

Why was she so confident?

“Because I stole not only your past, but also your future, yes, the first time I stole your future!”

In that instant, Shen Si was sure that his chest felt like it was being gripped tightly, and even stopped beating for a moment. The future? His future had been stolen?

“I can’t die until I get your future back, and do you know what will happen if I do?” Qian Min announced pleasantly and gloomily, “Shen Si who has no past and no future will disappear from this world, and there will be no trace of your existence in this world, completely gone. Didn’t you say you wouldn’t die? Live together, or die together.” Qian Min’s eyes were full of malice, “You choose.”

Cheng Xiangwen swore that he had never been more certain at that moment than now… The potential that a person exploded out because of extreme anger was unimaginable.


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April 17, 2021 5:22 pm

If she stole his future first, how did he lose his past before the playfield announced that a 2nd thing would be stolen??

And I don’t understand why this “thing” hates ShenSi so much.

April 17, 2021 10:40 pm

What a troublesome playfield. I hope Shen Si will find a way to crack it. Thank you for the chapter!!!

April 17, 2021 10:54 pm

Thanks for the chapter!

May 23, 2021 9:11 pm

Yes, the playing field is specifically targeting Shen Si. Should have seen that coming since it spat him out in the dummy field. Erasing Shen Si is what it wants. It won’t hand over the stolen stuff. Great chapter!

June 1, 2021 2:04 pm

I’ll be honest, some aspects of this story are very wordy and drawn out… it gets confusing. Also, some characters’ genders are wrongly used; Shen Si is referred to as a she here. It must be very hard to translate this story, so thank you!

January 5, 2023 5:55 pm

Why does this playfield hate SS so much?

Thank you for the chapter!

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