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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The heavy snowfall and the rain that had just ended had excited everyone, so there were many people who took advantage of the rain to rush to buy things. Shen Si was a little surprised to see people coming and going at the entrance, most of them came with their families in tow, and everyone had bags and bags of rice and noodles in their hands, not worrying at all about not being able to finish them.

“There are so many people.” Jian Nian looked at the people coming and going with disgust, because he met too many strange people in the playfield, he now quite hated places where too many people gathered.

Who knew if there was a guy with a strange brain in there?

Shen Si sighed as he glanced around, not expecting to lock eyes directly with a woman who instantly averted her gaze and looked very timid.

“Deputy Team Leader?”

“The woman who changes her personality when she puts on her glasses?” Jian Nian frowned at the place where Shen Si had just looked, and then he saw that not only Wu Qiu, but also He Xin and Ning Yangze. The three of them gathered together, surrounded by an anti-disturbance setup with the Special Unit logo.

Seemingly sensing Wu Qiu’s momentary discomfort, He Xin and Ning Yangze turned their heads to look over, and after seeing Shen Si and Jian Nian, He Xin beckoned them over. When they got to them, Shen Si realized that the three of them were looking at the data next to a small device.

“Why are you here?”

“He Xin found an abnormal fluctuation, and this is its location, but so far we haven’t found the source of it.” Ning Yangze clasped his hands to his chest, a very helpless look, “To be honest, we have been here for a long time without any gain.”

Shen Si looked to the side at the anti-disturbance sign, and he saw the raincoat that had been haphazardly hitched to it, and some wet clothes thrown in the bag. It looked like they had come over when it was raining, but in the end they hadn’t found anything important enough by the time it stopped.

“Do you need help?”

“Of course I do.” He Xin was nonchalant, “I remember your ability to rewind the time of a separate location. Help me rewind the time of this place a bit temporarily, and you restore it after I test the data.”

Shen Si nodded and stretched out his hand. At this moment, a colorful halo suddenly floated out from that location just now, Shen Si blinked, the halo that seemed like a rainbow quickly spread and filled the entire square, Shen Si subconsciously withdrew his hand to look at the halo, not knowing what it was.

“Shen Si?” Jian Nian strangely patted his shoulder, “What’s wrong with you?”

Shen Si glanced at Jian Nian, then he looked at the three He Xin, who were still staring at the data on the machine and looked completely unaware of it, “You guys, don’t you see it?”

Jian Nian blinked. “See? What?”

“Something like a colored halo.” Shen Si looked around, “And it’s spreading.”

He Xin’s hand recording data movement paused, the others also inexplicably looked up, they and Shen Si looked at each other, and then kept looking around, but found nothing, the sky was still the sky. The night gradually darkened, street lights were turned on, there were still a lot of people coming and going, and people were walking normally.

Nothing was happening.

He Xin pushed away the machine in his hand, and pulled out a very small flashlight from his pocket, shining it in Shen Si’s eyes. In the reflection of Shen Si’s eyes, he could vaguely see what seemed to be a little bit of fog like something floating around, when Shen Si looked at the street lights, this mass of fog or light was slightly clearer.

“Evacuate the crowd here immediately.” He Xin turned off his flashlight, “Ning Yangze, now! Immediately!”

“I have sent the location to Xia LeYu, he will understand once he sees it, I am now going to evacuate the crowd in the adjacent mall.”

“Good, Wu Qiu you follow Ning Yangze, make sure to get everyone as soon as possible.” He Xin didn’t even want the machine, just turned around and ran towards the residential building behind the supermarket. There were too many people there, even if they weren’t sure if a playfield was coming, they had to evacuate the people as soon as possible.

Just halfway through the run, He Xin as if remembering something, stopped in his tracks, then turned to Shen Si, “You two hurry to a safe place!”

“Especially Shen Si, your ability, although now stable, if you inadvertently enter a playfield, I’m not sure what kind of development there will be. It’s growing rapidly, I previously suggested that you enter a playfield because that way you can control your ability. I think that’s too easy, and your ability is not that simple. Probably the worst result is that you will be directly harmed because you cannot control your ability, so you must be cautious!”

After saying that He Xin continued to run forward, Shen Si and Jian Nian looked at each other, then quickly turned around and ran towards the front, but at that moment, a gust of wind blew over. Those halos spun together with the wind and formed a big circle, Shen Si yanked Jian Nian to prevent him from hitting the circle.


Before Jian Nian could hear Shen Si’s answer, a scream came from next to him. A man looking at his phone and walking fell to the ground, his arm melted as if it had been poured with lava, the rotten flesh and blood smeared on the ground, emitting a burnt smell.

Jian Nian instantly understood why Shen Si would pull him back, because further ahead was the danger.

The colorful circles kept shrinking, Shen Si pulled Jian Nian backward, but the people around couldn’t see the circles, those who heard the screams also came over to watch the wounded man on the ground screaming.

Shen Si saw the circles pass through the man, then continue to shrink, the man was still wailing, it looked like the thing let him go.

Shen Si didn’t think so and wasn’t going to take a chance with Jian Nian. He would rather go into this playfield with Jian Nian than risk leaving, but what if this was a playfield and why couldn’t everyone see it?

The circle shrunk to a certain extent, followed by a magnificent rainbow light that rose up to the sky. The blinding light made Shen Si subconsciously close his eyes, then he felt his hands become empty.

Slightly opening his eyes, Shen Si turned his head to look around… But where did Jian Nian go?

On the other hand, outside the playfield, He Xin suddenly stopped in his tracks, stood on the road in silence, and after a moment he looked up at the sky, “What am I here for? Oh, yes, the abnormal fluctuation was coming from here, hmm? Where are my tools?”

Turning around and going back to the original place to get the tools that he had thrown down, just as he got there He Xin saw the people who had fallen to the ground wailing and a crowd of onlookers.

“What’s going on?” He Xin walked over, “What happened to him?”

“He was knocked down by a car and the car fled, how sad.” The passerby looked pitifully at the man’s bloodied hand, “His hand was run right over.”

He Xin rushed over, gave the man an emergency bandage, while a passerby dialled the emergency number. He Xin calmed the injured, at this time, Ning Yangze and Wu Qiu came out of the mall, both of them holding coats. Iit was just too cold so they had run to the mall now to buy clothes.

Ning Yangze hurried over to ask the injured questions, He Xin picked up his tools and went to the place where he was just at.

The residential building, where the abnormal fluctuation was, so he began testing it.


In the office of the Special Unit, Xia LeYu poured a glass of boiled water, and before he could take a sip, a message came from his cell phone, and after opening the message, Xia LeYu saw that the sender was Ning Yangze.

Xia LeYu was shocked, he quickly arranged for people nearby to stand by, and then immediately contacted Ning Yangze. The call was answered very quickly, so quickly that Xia LeYu wasn’t able to react.

“Hello, Xia LeYu?” Ning Yangze’s voice came through, “Is something wrong?”

“You’re asking me what’s wrong? Is it you, Team Leader, who posted the news?” Xia LeYu stood up in surprise, “A location was sent over with a special emergency flag, I contacted you to confirm with you if a playfield that wasn’t detected had opened.”

“What?” Ning Yangze was even more surprised than Xia LeYu, “What did you say? I sent you the location and added a special rush flag? No, I didn’t.”

Xia LeYu took his phone down and looked at the text message he received, “Why don’t you look at your own phone record, Team Leader?”

“Okay, wait a sec!” Ning Yangze hastily clicked on his own sending record, then he immediately saw the message he sent and just a few minutes ago. He blinked with bewilderment in his eyes, after a moment he tilted his head, “What the hell is going on?”

“Did you forget what’s going on for a moment? Do you have a problem there?” Xia LeYu connected to the surveillance video of that location, “Is there any danger?”

“No problem, except for a hit-and-run case, it’s pretty peaceful.” Ning Yangze answered.

Xia LeYu hung up the phone, but he didn’t ask the Special Unit members on standby to pull back, just watched the surveillance there, then turned the surveillance back in time. Just ten minutes ago, Xia LeYu saw that the picture in the surveillance video was distorted, but that was it.

But in that moment of distortion, Xia LeYu saw something white, like someone’s hair, being unusually conspicuous in the night light.

Xia LeYu pupils contracted violently, and he quickly called Shen Si, until the system automatically replied but no one answered.

“This place, I seem to remember hearing about an accident.” Xia LeYu muttered, he quickly searched out the file, looking for the report in the countless news of the returnees of the unlimited flow world.

This accident appeared in the unlimited flow world just at collapse time, and the Special Unit and Inspection Unit hadn’t yet been established, the Survivor had returned but this area was reported in the night and there were five staff missing.

Xia LeYu slowly raised his head, his mind coming up with an absurd but terrible idea.

If that place also had a playfield, that playfield opened just now.

And… that playfield had opened before.

However, the Inspection Unit couldn’t detect it, and the people around would have their memory erased as if nothing had happened.

It was the legendary non-existent playfield.

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April 25, 2021 12:26 pm

This would be a hard playfield to crack it shields itself perfectly.

Also, I’m sure a melted hand looks very different from one that a car runs over. Even if the playfield distort their memories, the doctor should notice something off later…..right???

April 25, 2021 10:44 pm

Yup, I knew it! They’ve entered the legendary playfield. Let’s hope they will come back alive. Thank you for the chapter!!!

June 5, 2021 7:53 am

Where’s Jian Nian????? Is Shen Si with him? If anything happens to him just as he’s getting an opportunity to build a healthy relationship with Shen Si, I WON’T be happy!
Thank you for translating.

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