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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


He was planning on inviting Bai JunYi out for dinner the next day, but it ended up heavily raining outside, the gloomy weather constantly ringing thunder, each lightning sound very loud. There were already some areas where there were signal and power supply problems, this extreme weather making everyone anxious again.

This year’s weather was very abnormal, before the collapse of the unlimited flow world was unusually hot, after the earthquake the temperature dropped rapidly, exceeding the lowest temperature in history, so cold that water poured out would be frozen instantly, so now this heavy rainstorm seemed to be no big deal.

Shen Si stood on the balcony looking at the rain outside. He looked downstairs, the water on the road had been roiling, the dredging of standing water wasn’t as much as the rain, making many cars stalled on the road, traffic police standing in the rain to direct traffic, almost being blown away by the wind.

Not only domestic, but also foreign countries were concentrating on the crisis, like a collateral effect against the unlimited flow world.

Shen Si leaned against the glass on the balcony, the bone-chilling cold behind him giving him a jolt. Shen Si rushed away from the glass, took two steps forward, then called the Special Unit.

While the communication was normal.

“Hello, this is Xia LeYu from the Special Unit.” Xia LeYu picked up the phone in the file room, with heavy dark circles under his eyes, his voice was breathless, and the lights were wobbly, it looked like a ghost movie trilogy was about to take place. It was his third day eating, drinking and sleeping among the archives.

“Is Mr. Xia very busy?” Shen Si’s voice lightened, “You sound tired.”

“Shen Si?” Xia LeYu moved his neck, “It’s almost finished, the classification that should be done has also been completed, after that I can rest in the office, but I can’t leave easily.”

“You can’t leave even after finishing?”

“It’s an entirely different matter.” Xia LeYu helplessly stood up, “Today’s weather doesn’t seem quite right, so Team Leader He tested the data and then went out with the Deputy Team Leader, saying that he was going to find the source. Team Leader Ning didn’t feel at ease so he followed him, so I was left alone in the entire Special Unit, I can’t just leave.”

Shen Si nodded, “Can I trouble you with a matter?”

“No trouble at all, since you came to me, it must be related to a Survivors playfield, so it’s my duty.” Xia LeYu smiled and said, “What is it about?”

“Then thank you in advance.” Shen Si glanced at the storm outside, “I would like to ask, is there anything similar to a playfield that can erase itself in your profile?”

Xia LeYu froze, and only after a moment did he repeat somewhat oddly, “A playfield that can erase itself? By this ‘no presence’, do you mean that the playfield itself has little presence, or that it should have a presence but for some reason it doesn’t exist? “

“The latter.”

“…The latter.” Xia LeYu thought about it, he stood up and picked up his glasses from the table, put them on, and then went to a certain layer of documents that had already been sorted. He took out a certain file that he had just put on the top layer on purpose, and his eyes took on a bit of complexity.

Shen Si listened to the movement of the opposite side, then he opened his mouth to ask, “Mr. Xia?”

“I’m here.” Xia LeYu responded, then flipped through the file. This was what he had just read, so he had a clear memory about it, “There’s not much about non-existent playfields, the only thing that may fit a little is a legendary playfield. It is said that it’s a playfield that no one remembers. “

“If no one remembers it why did it become legendary?”

“Because someone who went to the playfield came back, but he didn’t even remember entering it, and when that happened two or three more times, it has become a legend.” Xia LeYu put the document with only two pages back in place, “Survivors call it the ‘non-existent playfield’.”

Shen Si frowned slightly, “Is there nothing you can do about this playfield?”

“The Special Unit is not omnipotent, our information is integrated in a huge data theory. If the information itself is too little, we can’t create something out of nothing.” Xia LeYu sighed helplessly, “But Shen Si, why are you suddenly asking about this playfield? It’s for Jian Nian, right?”

Shen Si glanced at the phone screen, then continued to speak, “So easy to guess?”

“It’s quite easy to guess.” Xia LeYu whispered, “Xi Luo is in the Underworld Trade Union and hasn’t returned yet. Bai JunYi will also not share his experience in the playfield with you, and since you don’t know many people, only Jian Nian is left. “

Shen Si sighed, “Okay, I understand, thank you for talking to me this much.”

“No need to thank me, you have given us a lot of reference data, so we’re also very grateful to you. This little thing doesn’t matter.” Xia LeYu smiled and responded, “I will inform you if I find any other data on that playfield, but don’t get your hopes up.”

“Okay.” Shen Si hung up the phone, the phone screen automatically returned to the main interface. Xia LeYu’s smile suddenly disappeared.

He returned to the Special Unit office with the file he had just found, and then began to enter the keyword ‘non-existent playfield’ into their previous archive, and after entering the data, pages of information were pulled up. Xia LeYu found a file taken out of it after browsing through them.

That file wasn’t big, could even be called petite, clicking the file open there was only a short line.

【The non-existent playfield: there is no such thing as a completely impassable game, don’t ignore anything around you. ——Right】

“Right, the guy who leaked the information? Why did you specifically add such a sentence here?” Xia LeYu murmured to himself, “Also, why does he know about this playfield thing? What is the meaning of sending this at this time? Is it a provocation or a reminder?”

It seemed that something else happened this morning.

Sun Zhi, who was working with the Inspection Unit, seemed to have sensed a playfield. She took out a pen and paper and just intended to write but stopped. After which she said that she had sensed it wrongly, there was no playfield, and the Inspection Unit didn’t detect any problems, so the matter was let go, then He Xin found the wrong data and left the office with Wu Qiu.

These things together… was there a connection?

With that in mind, Xia LeYu sent this extra sentence above to Shen Si and made it clear that it wasn’t him who entered this data, but someone who did know, so that he could believe it with caution. But he had a very wrong feeling in his heart, like something big would happen.


The rain came and went quickly, it stopped near evening. The water outside was still dripping, but it was no longer a big deal. Shen Si apologized to Bai JunYi and took Jian Nian out the door, because there was really no food in his house, the fridge was clean, cleaner than their pockets.

Walking along in the water, Shen Si kept his head down to avoid the puddles on the ground, while Jian Nian didn’t care much about the water stains and seemed to have the swimming ability.

When he reached the traffic light, Shen Si stood on the steps and looked at Jian Nian.

“Jian Nian,” Shen Si suddenly spoke, “why do you have to walk so far away from me? Walking like that behind me.”

“Huh?” Jian Nian froze for a moment, “Can’t I?”

“Of course you can. But why not walk side by side with me instead?” Shen Si’s voice was calm, even with a bit of filtered tenderness.

Jian Nian was slightly dumbfounded and slightly depressed, then took a step forward to stand next to Shen Si. His delicate face with the sickness he was born with looked extra miserable, so the people on the road couldn’t help but look at him, as if thinking that the boy was suffering from something.

Putting his hands in his pockets, Shen Si looked at the traffic lights in the distance, “About our relationship, you need to change not only your paranoid obsession since it’s rather annoying, but also your attitude towards me.”

“Attitude?” Jian Nian gave a slightly bewildered look to Shen Si. Although Shen Si forced him to put on a thick jacket, his own body was susceptible to the erosion of cold air. At this time, his lips were slightly pale, his bare fingers were white flushed with a subtle red, looking more and more like a fine fragile object.

“What’s wrong with my attitude towards you… is it… wrong?”

“You didn’t realize it?” Shen Si looked at him with a little gentle smile in his eyes, “You are overly attached to me, and think too highly of me.”

Too high, referring to just subconsciously following Shen Si? Jian Nian lowered his head, he looked at the water stains under his feet, his dark eyes shining with a little blankness.

To be honest, he really got used to following Shen Si, except for those three years in the unlimited flow world, their childhood period and even Shen Si’s snowy vacation time were spent this way. He followed behind Shen Si like a little clinging spirit, watching his protective back, him being the brightest light in Jian Nian’s life.

“It’s only because Shen Si is important to me.” Jian Nian lowered his voice, sounding a little hoarse, “I like you, so I don’t want to bother you. It’s not because I think too highly of you, it’s just because I want you to be better than I am. You’re simply not the same as any other ordinary person.”

The green light came on, the cars on both sides started to move forward, and under the half-darkness of the evening sky Shen Si and Jian Nian looked at each other. Shen Si withdrew his eyes, took Jian Nian’s wrist and led him to the opposite side of the road. They continued to walk forward as if the conversation hadn’t happened.

They walked about ten meters, when Shen Si suddenly stopped, “I understand what you’re saying, but you need to understand what I’m thinking too. I want the two of us to be equal, no one gives a little more than the other, and there is no taking for granted who gives to whom, being together as equals without hurting is my current idea.” Shen Si said, “…You are also the only person I would care about.”

Watching Shen Si take another step forward, Jian Nian looked at his back and suddenly understood something.

Had Shen Si changed? Of course he had changed. In the old days, he would never have said these things to him, he would only be in constant denial. Jian Nian wanted to restrain himself, but had Shen Si completely changed? No, his change was minimal.

He would laugh, he would talk, even his thoughts had become gentle.

But he was still the same sensible and self-conscious Shen Si.


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