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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


It was barely credible to say a word of trust among friends and family, but in front of a group of strangers it was really something unrealistic. What’s more, this trust wasn’t a superficial trust, but the actual handing over of one’s second life bet.

Cha Li was like a teenager who hadn’t experienced society, with a fantasy vision of everything, which made people doubt his mental age.

“If you don’t get the second card, you’ll be eliminated too.” Cha Li changed the subject, he looked at the people who were fighting in front of him, “Are you sure you’re just going to watch from here? There are no restrictions in the playfield now, you can grab their cards, and they can also get other people’s cards. After all, you can’t avoid fighting.”

There was something flying in the air, and when Shen Si turned to avoid it, he saw the thing stick in the wall. It was a piece of glass with blood dripping from it. According to the sharpness, if he was pierced he would definitely be seriously injured.

Shen Si looked at the chaotic crowd, but he couldn’t tell who actually threw it, because the people inside were constantly tangled.

“Your card number was seen.” Cha Li gathered around to watch the scene just now, he shook his leg with a lilting voice, “At the time of the card release you turned the card over to see the text on the reverse side, if someone who noticed you happened to be standing in the opposite position to you, then they must’ve seen your card in a flash.”

“So just now…”

“Yes, it’s the person with the same card number as you.” Cha Li sighed, “So, when will the humans’ fight with each other end.”

Before the words were out of his mouth, another shard of glass shot over. The shard hit the wall with great force, and the shard was so hard, that it easily pierced into the wall like it was a piece of tofu. Shen Si looked at the piece of glass, then turned around and walked into the chaos, as if he found an opportunity, another piece of glass was thrown out.

The clock appeared behind Shen Si and time was suspended.

Even the air stopped, people who were fighting froze in place, blood stagnated in the air, only Shen Si quietly walked forward. He maneuvered through the chaotic fighting crowd and walked to the center of the crowd. A familiar person crouched there, fingertips already half bringing out of the glass fragments.

Ding Zishi.

The second he saw him, Shen Si was thinking ‘it was like this, as expected’.

To be honest, Shen Si didn’t think that in this case there was anyone else specifically before a glance at what other people’s cards were. If it was this guy, then it was much more reasonable, because they had crossed paths in the past. Later, he just happened to look towards the familiar person they knew, so they happened to see the number of the card in his hand.

The shard of glass in Ding Zishi’s hand instantly condensed and shot straight out, its trajectory brushing Shen Si’s side.

Ding Zishi froze for a moment, he slowly raised his head, his eyes a little dyed with panic.

“I… I…” Ding Zishi twisted on the ground and pushed back, “About this, I didn’t want to hurt you, it’s just that this place is too chaotic and I was scared, so I accidentally threw some out just. “

Shen Si looked at him, “Three times in a row thrown exactly in my place?”

“No! It was really just a coincidence!” Ding Zishi kept backing up, but because he couldn’t see the person behind him, he fell and stumbled, the card in his hand smashing into the blood. The suit on the card was red hearts and the number was 5. Ding Zishi hurriedly picked the card up and clutched the card hard. “I… I…”

The moment the card fell out Ding Zishi knew it was useless to argue. It was the same card and he also happened to attack Shen Si. He had claimed it to be a coincidence but no one would believe him after all this.

Even he wouldn’t believe himself.

“You saw the number of my card?” Shen Si looked at him, “You know you can’t snatch it from me so you wanted to kill me directly?”

“I’m sorry! I’m really sorry!” Ding Zishi’s tears fell down, “I didn’t want this, but I had no choice, please, don’t steal my card! I got blue while I was down there, so my bet is gone, now I’m gambling with my life, I’ll die!”

Shen Si looked at him with some surprise, “Blue?”

“Mr. Shen you don’t want to kill anyone either right?!” Ding Zishi cried and sat on his knees, “I beg you to save me, this is my life. If you snatch it away you are killing me, I don’t want to die, Mr. Shen, help me. You still have a life in you, even if you give me the card, it doesn’t matter. I will be grateful to you for the rest of my life!”

Shen Si looked at him, after a moment Shen Si turned around and walked out, “I won’t give you my card. Take care of yourself.”

Just a moment after Shen Si turned around, Ding Zishi jerked his head up, he looked at the blind spot of Shen Si’s sight, the glass shard in his hand stabbed out viciously, aiming at Shen Si’s heart.

It didn’t matter if the card wasn’t handed over! Time ability was indeed very powerful, but there was no offensive power, so as long as he could stab Shen Si, a dead man certainly couldn’t manipulate time backwards. Don’t blame him, everyone wants to live, and he was no exception! Go to hell!

There was a tick, as if the air rippled, the shard of glass stagnated in the air, Ding Zishi’s eyes widened, he looked at the completely motionless glass in horror, then looked up at Shen Si who stopped in his tracks. Shen Si turned around, white hair and those dark eyes without any emotion.

“I… I was possessed.” Ding Zishi slurred his words in defense, “I’m sorry, please, forgive me!”

“Don’t kill me, Mr. Shen, you must not want to be the one with blood on your hands, I won’t do it again.”

Shen Si stopped in his tracks.

Thinking Shen Si had given up, Ding Zishi breathed heavily, his eyes unblinking as he stared at Shen Si, his body covered in blood.

He spoke tentatively, “A noble person like you must not be bothered with me, right?”

Shen Si smiled towards him, that smile was uncharacteristically gentle, making people feel bathed in a warm spring breeze. Before Ding Zishi could breathe a sigh of relief, Shen Si walked straight over, he smiled and stepped on Ding Zishi’s chest with a slight force under his foot. Ding Zishi struggled in panic, but couldn’t break free at all.

“Don’t always treat people as holy fathers, and I’m not interested in people like you. Just now, you were trying to attack me with this hand? Then let it pay the price.”

With a crack, Ding Zishi’s wrist made a bone cracking sound, and his wrist quickly swelled up as if he was wearing a steamed bun.

“Ah!” Ding Zishi screamed miserably, and the moment Shen Si dropped his foot he crawled forward, tears dripping all over his face.

Without reaching for the card in his pocket or making taunting noises, Shen Si left the crowd with his head down, and the people around him gulped and moved out of the way until they continued fighting after Shen Si left.

It wasn’t that they were special to Shen Si, just now, during Shen Si and Ding Zishi’s fight, some people had taken the opportunity to attack Shen Si, but just when they smashed the things in their hands, those weapons were invariably frozen in the air, as if they landed on the side of invisible cement. Those people could only look at the stagnant weapons in the air in horror.

They couldn’t attack Shen Si, so of course they had to avoid him.

Shen Si returned to his original position, leaned against the wall and didn’t pay attention to the current chaos. There would be a time to end the fight, and his ability was time, so he wouldn’t hinder others.

After about half an hour, the fight had almost subsided, the ground was full of immobile people, the cards scattered on the ground had all been snatched, greedy people even held several in their hands. They looked left and right, secretly playing their own small thoughts.

Just then, a person approached, it was a silent female with a bloody face and a wound in the eye area that caused her eyelids to swell up.

Shen Si wondered what she was doing. The woman held out her hand and she handed Shen Si a card, half stained with blood, that showed the 5 of hearts.

“For me?” Shen Si looked at her.

The woman nodded.


“For myself.” The woman’s voice was hoarse, as if she had swallowed a piece of glass, “You’re very powerful, but you don’t want to kill. That’s okay, I can help you take out your enemies.”

Shen Si frowned slightly, “What do I have to do?”

“Help me out if I am in trouble.” The woman stared at Shen Si with unblinking eyes, “Keep me alive.”

The woman threw the card to Shen Si and turned away. Shen Si looked at the bloodstained playing card in his hand, the blood on the card stained his fingers. The other hand felt the playing card from his pocket, the two five of hearts shone in the middle, one of them slowly melted away.

The playing cards were still ordinary playing cards, only the scene had shrunk a lot.

“No! Give me back my card!” There was a cry from the person whose cards were snatched from the scene, but he could only cry, not daring to go up and grab them again at all.

Cha Li, on the wall, jumped down, and he walked towards the center of the melee with a smile on his face, “It looks like the winners have been decided, thank you all very much for your efforts just now, so let’s start the clearing of the loser’s game.”

The words fell, several people let out a miserable scream, their bodies were glowing, but in a few seconds, they completely turned into a rainbow light. The rainbow light rose up into the air, then into the surrounding walls. The surrounding people were so shocked, that they quickly moved away from those rainbow lights, their heads full with terrible thoughts.

Those lights, were they what all the people who lost coalesced into? This was just too scary!

“Then came the others.” Cha Li waved his hand and some glowing cards floated out from his body, landing in front of those people, and the cards stopped glowing as they caught them.

Shen Si saw the suits on the cards as Cha Li dealt them out. It wasn’t a regular playing card, nor was it a joker; the cards had a picture drawn on them of a gnawed heart.

“You have lost your bets, now you can only continue the game with your lives, see what’s on the picture? That’s your lives.” Cha Li held down his chest position with one hand and closed his eyes as if he was praying, “Cherish it, you will have no way back, you can only go forward. Winning will be rewarded, losing will lose the bet; this is the fairest game.”

Shen Si looked at him, and after a moment he bowed his head.

“In saying that, it doesn’t feel like you were ever a Survivor at all.”

Fair? To humans, the existence of the unlimited flow world was the greatest unfairness.

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I wonder what happened to that woman! And ouch, her eye. I hope she’s okay.

Thanks for the chapter! ^^

April 28, 2021 10:29 pm

I also don’t think Cha Li was ever a survivor. Sounds like he wants them to think he’s on their side and he’s helping but it’s truly just part of the playfield’s plot.

April 29, 2021 12:54 am

He was a survivor?! Nope, I won’t believe it, ever! God of time, please, finish it off quickly! 🙏 Thank you for the chapter!!!

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