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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Repaired? Gu Yu was shocked. If he went to the repair shop, his identity would be exposed. Without waiting for Cyno to come near, Gu Yu quickly stood up, distancing himself, and waved to him.

Cyno remembered Da Yuan’s repair scene and thought, Robots are really the same, even if they don’t have a mind, but they will reject being repaired.

He explained, “It’s just a repair, you won’t be dismantled. Even if you are, you will be restored.”

Gu Yu was terrified. He waved his hand to indicate that he did not need to be repaired. After hearing Cyno’s words, his heart trembled with fear.

If he was disassembled, he wouldn’t be able to recover. He continued to step back as he thought about it. He pointed at himself, blushing slightly as he curled his right hand up, trying to make his muscles bulge, then patted the muscles: he had plenty of energy!

The contrast of the petite and cute thing blushing as he made powerful poses, made Cyno pause in place, this… this is too much!

Cyno’s breath caught. He repeated to himself that an artificial female should not have such a reaction, before he said in a deep voice, “I order you to turn off the seduction program! If you don’t obey, you will be turned off!”

Gu Yu froze, his black grape-like eyes bewildered and shy. If he could speak, he would really like to propose to Cyno to stop saying that word. He looked at his own slightly bulging arm muscles in confusion, wondering how this action could be classified as seduction.

Could it be that showing strength to others was seduction?

He thought about the actions of certain animals in the natural world to court their mates and thought it was very possible.

He dropped his hand in embarrassment, pursed his lips, and stood still.

Cyno felt the urge to touch Gu Yu’s head, and sensing this thought, he fisted his palm as he walked towards him, “Fine, I’ll take you to get repaired.”

Gu Yu shook his head and continued to back up.

Cyno observed his nervous look, tsked, quickly stepped forward and grabbed his arm. The soft flesh gave against the palm of his hand and his fingers could even detect a slight indentation. Suddenly, he became extremely curious about the material of artificial females. The touch was softer than natural females.

Gu Yu was anxious. He had just been worried about not revealing his identity but was it about to be revealed now? He was pulled outside by Cyno. When he passed through the door and saw the green grass outside, he had a sudden idea.

He grabbed Cyno’s sleeve with his empty left hand and tugged it slightly, Cyno looked back at him and Gu Yu pointed to the grass.

Cyno did not understand what he meant, “What?”

Gu Yu’s right hand moved, signaling to let go of him.

Cyno raised his eyebrows and let go in order to see what he was going to do.

Gu Yu smiled at him and turned around to run on the grass.

He didn’t run along the large periphery, just a short distance in front of Cyno. He ran twenty meters along a straight line, then ran back, standing in front of Cyno with a flushed face, smiling at him.

Cyno asked, “You like grass?”

Gu Yu bit his lower lip in chagrin. He did like the grass, but that was not the idea he wanted to express. He just wanted to tell Cyno that he had energy. He then shook his head and bounced in place.

But bouncing made his head even more dizzy. He stopped, not daring to show an uncomfortable expression.

Cyno’s eyes fell on Gu Yu’s lips which showed teeth marks. His lip color had turned a light red and right in the middle, where it had been bitten, the lip was slightly moist and deeper colored.

Cyno’s eyes darkened, tempted to dye the rest of Gu Yu’s lips the same color.

His expression at this time looked very deep which caused Gu Yu to inexplicably feel panic.

Gu Yu tensed up. Did Cyno still not understand what he meant? So serious! Is it because he thinks he is making a scene?

Cyno eliminated the messy thoughts and focused on Gu Yu’s actions. His gaze moved up to meet Gu Yu’s beautiful clear eyes, “Don’t want to be fixed?”

Gu Yu hurriedly nodded his head.

Cyno asked again, “Did you just want to tell me that you have enough energy?”

Gu Yu nodded again and broadened his smile. It was good that the message he was trying to convey was understood.

Cyno thought about Gu Yu’s earlier pose to show off his muscles and his eyes filled with laughter. He deeply felt the characteristics of this artificial female were of a ‘straight male’ as decided by it’s maker. He had implanted the expression of males in the artificial female!

Cyno turned towards the house, “I will not send you to be repaired as long as your energy is sufficient.”

Gu Yu hurriedly followed. The morning star light outside made him uncomfortable so now he wanted to immediately go back to the sofa to lie down.

Cyno reminded him, “If you do not have enough energy, ask Da Yuan for food. If you turn off, you will be repaired.”

Gu Yu hurriedly nodded his head to show that he understood.

Satisfied, Cyno called out to Da Yuan, “Clear Gu Yu’s shopping program and buy him a few sets of clothes. Plus a set of artificial female-related products.”

“Yes, Marshal.”

Cyno added after a moment’s thought, “Keep him energized, provide food whenever he needs it, and power down his energy storage if necessary.”

After he finished his instructions, he returned to his study. He turned on his optical computer and was not surprised to see the news of his marriage to an artificial female hitting the headlines.

[This must be a misunderstanding! The marshal would never marry an artificial female!]

[When I get rich, I want artificial females too.]

[Doesn’t the Marshal want offspring anymore? It’s too bold, isn’t it?]

As Cyno casually scanned the comments, he received a message from His Majesty. He looked at it and then entered the ‘Fertility Management Department’ official website. The latest news was recently posted and the content was related to his marriage.

[This is provocation! As a representative of the military, to marry a false female who cannot conceive offspring is a major dereliction of duty! The pregnancy rate is decreasing year by year, and marrying an artificial female is bound to make the situation even worse, which is a crime! Artificial females should not exist at all, they are a major hidden danger to society!]  1

[For the sake of Brilliant Splendor’s future, laws must be enacted to ban the sale of artificial females and make it illegal to marry artificial females!]

Cyno looked at a number of replies by golden names with an expressionless face. All of those expressing support for the Ministry of Biological Control were condemning him.

A mocking expression lit his eyes. He had a good memory of yesterday’s banquet. Most of these golden names, themselves, had brought beast females from their own families to try and get him to look at them. He grunted lightly and delegated the issue to his manager, not replying to any of the comments.

Although he was tempted to dislike it outright.

He alone could change the entire planet’s conception rate? With the price of artificial females, the people who could afford them were like drops of water in the sea compared to the total population.

Plus, not every one of those who could afford one would want to marry an artificial female. They had been around for years, and he was still the first to marry one. He chose to marry an artificial female seemingly at random, but he had actually thought it out carefully. If it would really have caused adverse social consequences, he would not do it.

He never forgot that he was a Bruce, and a marshal at that.


In the living room, Gu Yu gently pushed out the chip with his tongue, which was the clearance program Da Yuan had stuffed into his mouth. Seeing Da Yuan take the chip back, he thought for a while but couldn’t figure out how to react.

The chip was just to clear the shopping program, so it was fine as long as he did not shop online, right?

He studied Da Yuan for clues. The blue light in Da Yuan’s eyes did not flicker, nor did it utter the judgment that the program was wrong. He was relieved that there really did not seem to be a need to react.

Gu Yu took a sip of water and nestled comfortably on the sofa, turning his ring unconsciously. He was feeling sorry for himself for having the internet tool but not being able to access the internet and query anything.

“Mrs. Marshal, may I ask what kind of clothes you like?” Da Yuan inquired.

Gu Yu looked at the robot, thought about it, pointed to the clothes on his body and waved his hand.

The suit was nice, but it made him uncomfortable. He was still used to wearing casual clothes.

Da Yuan logged into the online mall and turned the light screen to Gu Yu. There were different kinds of men’s clothes on it, and Da Yuan asked, “Which one do you like?”

Gu Yu couldn’t understand the information on the page, but he could understand the price since the use of numbers here was still the same. After glancing it over, all of them were no less than four figures, and even the lowest were three figures.

Gu Yu was shocked. As a poor man, he rarely spent over a hundred for a single piece of clothing. He wanted to ask if it was too expensive, but couldn’t.

Da Yuan saw that he didn’t answer and pointed to some clothes, “Through your body data analysis, I guarantee that these sets will fit you well.”

Gu Yu noticed that three of the items were over five figures, shook his head quickly, and chose two sets of casual clothes that were only three figures.

He silently reassured himself that the money here was probably the same as his modern worthless currency so maybe prices that looked high were actually not expensive.

Da Yuan lamented, “Only two sets?”

Gu Yu nodded. That was enough.

He was a little embarrassed. Counting up to now, he ate with Cyno, lived with Cyno, even the clothes were bought spending Cyno’s money.

When he earned money later, he must pay Cyno back.

After purchasing his clothes, Da Yuan went around the house and cleaned up. Gu Yu lay down on the sofa to rest and fell asleep after a while.

He was awakened by a slight pain on his jaw. As he opened his dark eyes, they were confused. He subconsciously pursed his lips, and something felt wrong. His gaze dropped slightly and suddenly flushed.

His lips were actually touching Cyno’s finger!

Cyno’s eyes were dark. The warm soft touch of the pursed lips still remained on his index finger. It rested on Gu Yu’s lower lip and he did not want to move it away. He even wanted to go deeper.

When he came downstairs, he didn’t see Da Yuan. When he saw that Gu Yu was asleep, he was going to check if he had been disconnected by Da Yuan. He had cupped Gu Yu’s chin to make Gu Yu open his mouth slightly, but when he saw the pink tongue, he couldn’t resist the urge to touch it.

Green Source’s simulation techniques surprised him. Tongue simulations were not easy since most things in the mouth were not seen. He was surprised that Green Source had focused on such a hidden part, making it realistic enough to give him other ideas.

Unexpectedly, his finger had just landed on Gu Yu lips when Gu Yu opened his eyes and pursed his lips.

Gu Yu flinched and tried to pull his head back, but he couldn’t retreat because his head was already resting against the back of the sofa. He then tilted his head to the side and managed to move Cyno’s finger off his lips. He looked at Cyno cautiously while his ears turned red: ‘What do you want?’

Cyno looked into Gu Yu’s rabbit-like eyes and sucked in his breath. He thought he must be seeing things. Did he actually see a question in the artificial female’s eyes?

He subconsciously explained, “I thought you were disconnected by Da Yuan. Why are your eyes closed if you are not disconnected?”

Gu Yu understood, He was looking for the chip, ah!

He blinked his eyes, thinking how to explain. After a while, he sat up as he spread his empty hands, sighed, looking sickly and bored. Then he leaned back on the back of the sofa, put his hand on his stomach, and closed his eyes, with the look of a quiet sleep. The next moment, he opened his eyes, raised a smile, his eyes shining brightly, and waved at Cyno, in full spirit.

He thought, with this before and after contrast, Cyno should be able to understand what he meant, right?

Most machines were like this when they were not working and automatically went into standby mode to save electricity, right?

Cyno could not tear his thoughts away to think about what Gu Yu meant. Only two words flashed in his mind: too cute!

Cyno’s face became serious. If this continued, his breeding period would pass easily.

Now, he began to worry, would he not be able to control himself on the first night?


The author has something to say: Thank you for your support (づ ̄3 ̄)づ ~

Cyno: I was wrong, I don’t know anything about the power of artificial females… _(:з”∠)_


Artificial females owners: Bah, you’re lucky! 


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  1. How come I thought of Japan’s declining birth rate and that one guy who married his game system? 

    There was a guy who also married his sex doll iln 2020. Lol.



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