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Translated by Yu of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kuneho, UA

“You students all have great ideas, ha ha!” Hou Fanghua couldn’t stop laughing. 

The three delicacies were learning medicine together, their survival instincts were showing! 

“Let’s go, I am really looking forward to the performance of the next class.” The dean nodded while smiling. He looked exceptionally happy while looking at the cat teacher’s folded ears and bitter face. 

The next class he needed to inspect was the law class, with a husky as the teacher. 

Since it’s such a mythical animal that was teaching, all three of them remained curious. 

But as much as there were expectations, there was just as much disappointment. When they arrived at the door of the law class, they were almost deafened by the noise.

In the classroom, Teacher Husky had already learned how to make a PPT, and the line of large text on the screen projector made the three humans all shocked. 

“Course Objective: How to elegantly win in a debate against humans and earn more benefits for yourself.”

Xie Guanze: “I now think my own parrot is pretty well-bred.”

Hou Fanghua: “My monkey is also pretty obedient.” 

Dean: “It is much better to raise a flower, they are quiet.” 

Looking at this classroom, husky, parrot, crested myna, and Xie Guanze’s neighbour’s Sparta that was good at demolishing places; all kinds of talkative and moody pets were gathered in the same room. It was so noisy that it was impossible to hear anything. All three were getting headaches just by listening while standing outside of the classroom. 

The dean got more agitated as he listened: “Let’s go to the next classroom, later we’ll ask someone to soundproof the windows for the law classroom.” 

“We should go to the cosmetology class, a pet celebrity went to the cosmetology class, it’s the most popular class.” Hou Fanghua provided, “Oh also gym class, there are a lot of large birds of prey there. It is the class with the highest number of pets, my monkey is also there.” 

Hou Fanghua turned a bit melancholic as he said the last part. 

Sigh, he clearly wanted Hou Xiucai to become a female warrior, but now it was only possible to become a regular warrior. 

Miss Monkey clearly liked using her hands rather than her head. Also, most of the pets were alike, as can be seen by the fact that the number of students in a gym class was greater than in culinary, law, and medicine classes combined. 

After the dean heard that, his thoughts changed: “Good, okay, let’s first look at the pet celebrity. Let’s see if the celebrity effect can make the pets interested in coming to school.” 

If it could, then there were many possibilities to come. 

There were conflicting opinions regarding pets going to school, even now there were many that were against the idea. 

The first session of pet university was compulsory education, mainly intended to teach pets survival skills, promote understanding of human societal laws, and avoid causing social unrest. The school year was only one semester. One must pay for themselves if they want to further study later.

If pet celebrities have a strong attraction, it would be very useful for the success of the pet university. 

“It must, I heard it was a fox. Think about the beauty of a fox, the effect must be very good!” 

After hearing Hou Fanghua saying that, the three males have all become curious. 

That was the fox from the legends! 

After a fox turned into a human, wouldn’t that be the most beautiful fox spirit?! 

After they hurried their steps to the cosmetology class, Xie Guanze also saw the pet celebrity from the legends. 

Xie Guanze: …… 

The dean showed an expression that could not be explained in one sentence: “This is?” 

“Oh, are you three new students?” Teacher Fox had a pair of tiny eyes that were a bit cross-eyed, and also a large rectangular face that looked like a Mahjong tile. Its smile looked very comedic. After seeing the three people outside, it walked over to pull them with passion. 

“Come come come, quickly come inside. Don’t worry, I’m not disgusted by students who are older, any age group is qualified to pursue beauty.” 

The three older students uniformly backed away: please be disgusted with me, I do not want to pursue beauty. 

Teacher Fox did not want to give away the chance to teach the students, so he started to pull people in with force. Xie Guanze was the first person to be pulled in, clinging onto the doorframe, every fiber of his body was resisting: “No, I am not a model……”

Teacher Fox was extremely strong, grabbing a person in each hand, Xie Guanze, the relatively young middle-aged uncle, and the dean, were all dragged into the classroom. Only Hou Fanghua, who was elderly, was spared. 

After being pushed onto the seats by the extremely strong Teacher Fox, Xie Guanze and the dean both smiled at each other bitterly. 

What is this, small private visits have become lessons experiencing life? 

“Come students, the models for today have arrived.” Still Teacher Fox was not that nice, after waving its hands, a crowd of pets surrounded the two people, “The makeup products were already distributed to you guys, in order to conveniently allow every student to have hands-on experience, we will draw on the models’ faces today.”

Xie Guanze: …… 

Sure enough it’s a fox, it’s cunning enough, first convincing the people in the classroom, then forcing them to be models, evil! 

The dean was scared: “Wait, don’t draw, I still want to look decent!”

His image, his dignity, it would be so embarrassing if it spread around! 

But it was too late, the students all started giggling under the command of Teacher Fox, raising the base power and the puff and started to brush it onto their faces. 

Xie Guanze was struggling at first, but he gave up when his face went numb, as if he turned into an emotionless, salted fish. 

He even felt the pain of a female plucking his eyebrows! 

His only comfort was that he was used for demonstration by Teacher Fox, and he was relatively normal. But the dean was the test subject for the students, and it was too tragic to look at. After Xie Guanze saw that the dean’s face looked like a mixing palette, he felt much better. 

At least he wasn’t the only one that was ugly! 

Hou Fanghua looked at his two companions from outside the classroom. While his face showed sympathy, he secretly took out his phone to take a picture from afar. 

He he he he, he accidentally got blackmail material of the top level…… 

A waft of fragrant breeze passed him at this time, accidentally bumping and making Hou Fanghua’s phone fly out. 

“I apologize, I apologize, did the phone break?” A sweet female voice sounded, and the bones of anyone listening all turned soft, as they looked towards the door simultaneously. 

They saw a flowy, silver haired female beauty by the door. Her curves, while bending down to pick up the phone, were especially moving – just looking at the side was enough to imagine how stunning she would be face on. 

“I apologize for being late, I just finished shooting a commercial and there was some traffic.” The female beauty stood up, brushed aside her long, silver hair, revealing the most beautiful face. She then walked towards the classroom, hugging Teacher Fox’s arm. 

“You are?” The dean has become a bit cross eyed. 

Seeing his stupid appearance, Teacher Fox’s eyes flashed. He took out a bright, hot pink lipstick, and gave the dean a red mole.

After Xie Guanze saw that the dean did not seem to notice or react, he told himself to become more alert. 

“I am Teacher White Fox,” the female beauty brushed her shoulders against Teacher fox, “This Tibetan sand fox is my boyfriend. I was late so I asked him to substitute for me” 

The three of them including Xie Guanze said together: “Tibetan sand fox?!” 

Then the expressions of the three of them turned strange at the same time: if a white fox and Tibetan fox mixed, what would their offspring look like? 

White tailed Tibetan fox? Grey furred Tibetan fox? 

But no matter how hard they thought, they were unable to get around the strange but captivating face of the Tibetan fox. 

Although this authentic white fox teacher was their ideal enchanted fox demon, they were brainwashed too much by the face of the Tibetan fox, close to forgetting what the white fox’s original face looked like.

Miss White Fox elegantly smiled while covering her mouth: “My boyfriend is even more popular than me. Not only is he famous in the film circle, he is also a popular star for his meme faces!” 

When Mister Tibetan Fox saw that his cover was blown, he stopped pretending to be a teacher, pushing aside his hair: “Actually, I think I can create a specific course called ‘How to Become Popular on the Internet.’” 

The dean was fooled by the fake Tibetan fox teacher, and he was full of complaints: “More like how to be a comedic star.”

The Tibetan fox was not angry, he told the students to hasten: “Students, class is almost over. Quickly finish putting makeup on the model, there is still eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush left!” 

The dean: !!!

Xie Guanze: silence is gold, silence is the most valuable virtue. 

After seeing the face of the beautiful white fox, the dean wanted to maintain his demeanor. He stiffly smiled and continued to be tossed around by a crowd of new students. At the same time, he took a glance and saw Hou Fanghua at the door, who was once again secretly raising his phone to sneak a picture. 

The dean looked towards Teacher White Fox: “Teacher White Fox is still missing a model right?” 

The Tibetan Fox glared warningly at the beautiful middle-aged uncle. Even human males have fantasies about the White Fox girl, what does this person want to do? 

Teacher White Fox smiled peacely: “Don’t worry, I bought mannequins.” 

“No need, you need to use real people,” the dean turned his head, smiling at Hou Fanghua without it reaching his eyes: “Old Hou, you already came, it would be a shame if you don’t try it once.” 

Hou Fanghua who was secretly taking a picture: …… 

Xie Guanze who was secretly smiling: …… 

Very good, not even one was spared. 

After the makeup was completed, the three let go of themselves completely. With a face full of rich makeup, they started happily taking selfies with pet students.

Teacher White Fox started laughing uncontrollably, the dean basked in the smile of the beauty and could not get out of the trance. 

Xie Guanze already saw the beauty of many pets, so he remained calm. 

Hou Fanghua was old enough that he had seen everything. At the same time, the handsome monkey knew not to fuss. Foxes were beings that were even more cunning than monkeys. He constantly remained on guard, thinking that there was a crafty side of the fox hiding beneath her beauty. 

So the two of them asked for makeup removers and facial cleansers relatively early and they started washing their faces first. When they returned to the classroom, they saw Teacher Tibetan Fox standing outside, tapping his laptop and doing something. 

He was so jealous before, now he doesn’t even care about how the dean is flirting with the white fox? 

There must be a scheme! 

Xie Guanze scooched over, he saw a picture of the dean wearing thick makeup on Teacher Tibetan Fox’s computer screen, and he was currently adding text onto the picture. 

In other words, he was making memes. 

Xie Guanze: …… 

As expected of a fox, you can’t afford to offend them, you just can’t afford it. 

Hou Fanghua quietly said: “Congratulations dean, you are soon to be famous online.” 

The Tibetan fox raised his head, his silly face revealing a sly smile: “I also have both of your pictures~” 

Xie Gaunze: “The teacher leader left, we didn’t see anything just now.” 

Hou Fanghua nodded his head repeatedly: “Right, we just went to the washroom and then returned to the classroom. We did not meet a Tibetan fox. We also didn’t see anything.” 

“We must go to the next class, gym class.” Xie Guanze spoke up again, “The dean is having so much fun, so we shouldn’t call him right?” 

“Let’s go, let’s go, we are short on time. Let’s not call him, let’s not call him.” 

The Tibetan fox looked amused at the performance from the two, as they left he even kindly reminded: “You guys are going in the wrong direction. The gym class is that way, on the roofless sports field.” 

“Thank you.” 

Xie Guanze received a look from Hou Fanhua, he weakly asked: “So, can you delete our pictures?”

The Tibetan fox revealed a comical foxy smile: “Nope~”

That day, Xie Guanze and Hou Fanghua felt the fear of being controlled by a fox spirit.

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