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Interstellar’s First Out of Wedlock Pregnancy

Chapter 28: Battle

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

Delia controlled the mecha to jump down from the dead monster and caressed her long golden hair that had fallen on her chest. She was about to say something, but then suddenly, a pop-up screen appeared in front of the control interface, which had a very urgent symbol.

“A123 emergency connection! A123 requests an emergency connection!”

Delia immediately clicked to connect. The next second, Sheryl appeared on the screen.

“Oh, Sheryl, long time no see. You look very embarrassed. What happened?” After seeing Sheryl, Delia’s eyes brightened, and a sly light flashed in her eyes. She even rolled her long hair around her chest with a smile. “I do believe you can kill ordinary monsters. You were so anxious to connect to my channel. Did you miss me, honey?”

Sheryl’s serious face twitched, and his blue eyes did not dare to face Delia’s eyes. “Colonel Delia, please don’t joke. We are in trouble here. Do you remember the monster you mentioned to us? We are fighting it now. Please come to support. Our team can’t defeat it.” As he spoke, Sheryl’s video suddenly shook violently. He frowned and lowered his head immediately, as if he were inputting some command. “Colonel Delia, this is the end of my report. Please come and support me. Goodbye.”

As soon as Sheryl’s voice dropped, the screen in front of Delia turned black.

Delia’s playful look withdrew as Sheryl spoke.

After Sheryl shut down the communication, Delia adjusted the detection reactor beside the operation interface. Sure enough, she saw a red dot three times larger than the other red dots. “All soldiers, we are now adjusting our direction and marching towards the direction of six o’clock! All at full speed, there’s a team that needs our support!”

Ye Shao manipulated the mecha, took out the particle light gun, loaded it on both arms, and jumped behind the monster in mid air. After a heavy step on the ground, his body pointed to the direction of the monster’s tentacles and jumped up again.

“The left particle light gun is full of energy and ready to launch. Right side energy filled to 60%…” The all-white mecha’s left arm flashed with white light, the muzzle rotated for a second, and then quickly shot out!

The tentacle, which was about to slap down a half-body mecha again, was hit by the high-speed rotating light ball. Then it was hit by the force of the light group, and its skin was blasted.

The tentacle trembled a few times in mid air, and the wound began to wriggle and heal, but in the next second, another round of light balls hit the place where it was injured!

The wound on the upper part of the tentacle was even bigger, and the upper part of the tentacle was covered with dark blue mucus.

As if offended, the tentacle no longer teased the fallen mecha and turned its attention to Ye Shao.

The giant tentacle stood quietly in the air and ‘looked at’ Ye Shao. The small mouth full of sharp teeth on the tentacle grinned fiercely at Ye Shao, and then shot out in the air and rushed towards him.

Ye Shao’s fingers flew rapidly on the operation interface, inputting commands one by one. His mind was highly concentrated, constantly estimating the next attacking direction of the monster in his brain, with a little bit of accurate speculation.

The monster tried to slap him with its tentacles several times, but could not even catch the shadow of the mecha that Ye Shao was driving.

On the other side, the dark-black mecha pressed on his waist, and two lightsabers appeared in his hand. It flashed quickly and appeared next to a tentacle that suppressed the two mechas. It spun and used the lightsaber to cut the monster’s tentacle. The sword body and the tentacle collided, and then a “dang” sound was heard.

Long Yuan didn’t stop after hearing the crisp sound. The speed of the dark-black mecha was like a black electric light. Suddenly, another tentacle appeared, he quickly raised the lightsaber in his hand and stabbed without hesitation.

The tentacle had no time to change its defense position. Although its skin was much stronger than other monsters, the sharp blade pierced the tentacle without any reserve of strength. The moment when the tentacle was hurt, Long Yuan controlled the mecha to backhand his sword, and the sharp blade instantly stirred the wound of the monster’s tentacle.

Even though the lightsaber only moved an inch to the right because of the amazing defense of the skin, it still managed to enlarge the wound on the tentacle. Then the dark-black mecha stepped on the tentacle and quickly pulled out the lightsaber, the same moment that the tentacle turned its head and attacked, the lightsaber turned over and leaped over ten meters.

On the way into the air, the dark-black mecha put the light sword back on its waist, and then quickly pulled out the particle light gun from the back. When he began to fall, the light particle gun had just finished loading energy.

The white light from the muzzle of the gun shot out in an instant, and hit the tentacles attacking the mecha. The tentacles that were originally ferocious were immediately knocked out!

The entire process lasted only a dozen seconds, Long Yuan manipulated the mecha to complete this series of highly difficult instructions.

The drivers of the other four mechas were shocked by the way Ye Shao and Long Yuan fought alone, but they were obviously used to the driving skills of Long Yuan and Ye Shao, which were much more exquisite than them. After staying still for a while, they manipulated their mechas to rescue the other two mechas that were pressed down by the other tentacle.

Sheryl’s mecha dodged the space of the tentacle attack, turning from time to time to fire light particles at the monster. Because this monster was not only huge, but also extremely powerful, almost every tentacle needed three regular mechas and two B-class to deal with. But, even if all the troops were used, they could only resist reluctantly, and could not damage the monster at all. If reinforcements didn’t arrive soon, they were afraid most of the soldiers wouldn’t last long.

While Sheryl thought of this, a mecha on his left was tightly wrapped by the tentacles. The poor pilot had no time to react or resist, before the cockpit was severely smashed by the tip of the tentacle.

The tentacle drilled into the cockpit from the broken opening. The sharp-toothed mouth at the tip rapidly expanded to the size of an adult. Then, under the soldier’s frightened eyes, it swallowed him whole. The originally slender tip immediately bulged like a snake’s stomach swallowing food, and then slowly transported this small bulge into the body.

After eating the soldier in the cockpit, the tentacles threw out the garbage. It threw the mecha wrapped around itself towards another mecha that was constantly avoiding its other tentacle.

The pilot of the mecha who was trying to avoid the tentacles did not pay attention to this. He could not dodge in time and was severely hit by his companion’s mecha, the figure of the mecha becoming unstable.

The monster immediately seized the opportunity. The gray tentacle wrapped around the steel foot of the mecha, just like the last mecha, before quickly covering the whole body of the hapless mecha.

Just as it tried to imitate the last time it broke the shield of the cockpit, the tip of its raised tentacles was deflected by a bunch of energy-gathered arrows. After hitting the monster’s tentacles, the arrows lingering in a golden circle of light broke into pieces of gold.

Delia looked at the monster slowly turning towards her. “Its defense is better than other monsters.” Both arms of the fire-red mecha raised upwards, hne hand held a big gold and red bow, and the other held the posture of pulling the bow string.

Obviously, she’s the one who released the energy arrows just now.

The monster stared at the reinforcements running towards this side with squinted half-moon eyes. The dark red eyes turned a few times. It seemed very unhappy and simply threw the mecha wrapped in its tentacles at Delia.

“Tiffy, get him!” Delia glanced at the silver-gray mecha flying towards her. Instead of catching it, Delia immediately manipulated the mecha and quickly flashed to the side. The huge steel hand on the bow string pulled back, making the bow string taunter. As she pulled the bowstring, the large bow flashed with golden light, and a golden arrow appeared on the string in the next second.

“Yes.” The brown curly haired adjutant immediately responded and jumped out of the team. Tiffy manipulated the mecha to catch the silver-gray mecha that had been thrown over, it turned half a circle to unload the flying force, and then put it aside.

The golden arrow became thicker and thicker as Delia had held on for a long time, and the golden light that lingered on the arrow became more and more bright. Then, the golden light suddenly shrank and became like water flowing around the outer layer of the arrow.

Delia released her bowstring. The golden arrow flew faster and faster. The air around her was burning a bright fireball. From a distance, it looked like a meteor landing from the universe.

The monster’s locked tentacles couldn’t dodge it at all. It could only harden the skin as fast as possible.

The golden arrow with a dazzling flame hit the monster’s tentacle, immediately, they could see a large burst of dazzling sparks which scattered everywhere. When the monster thought that it had defended against the sharp arrow, the tip of the arrow suddenly spun like a top. The next second, it penetrated its defensive outer layer, which had become a little fragile under the attack, and shot out from the other side of the tentacle before plunging into the ground.

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October 28, 2020 8:43 pm

The battle is so fierce😅😅

Minnie ford
Minnie ford
October 28, 2020 9:03 pm

What a fierce battle how can they kill the intelligent giant monster hope they can defeat it keep safe my Ye Shao and Long Yuan thank you for the great chapter we want more

October 28, 2020 10:59 pm

Oh no!!! Another soldier was eaten! 😱😰 Ye Shao, Long Yuan and Delia are doing good, while Sheryl hasn’t shown anything yet.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

October 29, 2020 3:10 am

Throwing a little shade on Long Yuan: like there are people being eaten, he seems pretty confident he can defeat the monster, can’t he use Xuan Feng and end this faster? ……he is doing pretty good even now I suppose, but there can be less casualties maybe?

October 29, 2020 2:52 pm

A fierce fight with a strong and intelligent enemy, i like it.
Many thanks for this chapter.

October 29, 2020 9:45 pm

Thank you!

December 12, 2020 5:33 am

I wonder if this is the monster from the first chapter, especially considering how much of a grudge it seems to have against Ye Shao.

May 9, 2021 4:53 pm

I want a bow and arrow like that…Great chapter!

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