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Translated by Anon of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
Editor: UA

When Xie Guanze arrived in the kitchen, Xie King had calmly turned off the fire.

It’s normal for the fire to be in the pan when cooking. Xie King used to show off before the students.

But what is abnormal is that Xie King used to be humanoid, and the fire’s altitude was high, far away from the pot, but this time it was bird-shaped, and the small man was very close to the pot.

So even though the fire was turned off, Xie Guanze still saw a parrot blackened from his face to his chest.

“Poof– ” Xie Guanze tried to cover his mouth, but still couldn’t help laughing.

Is this black face a Siamese cat in a parrot? Oh wrong, Siamese bird.

Xie King was angry : “Laugh, what’s the matter, don’t bring me a towel yet.” “Well, yeah, I’ll get it for you right away.” When I went to the bathroom to get the towel, Xie Guanze couldn’t help but closed the door and laughed inside , “Hahahaha!”

Xie King had white hair, and the side facing the pot was blackened, while the side behind was still white and flawless. It looked like a black and white yin yang bird.

He couldn’t be mad at himself, and the crest was also erected, then it was no surprise that the crest was also blackened. The front is black, and the back is white, with a sense of joy.

Xie Guanze was suddenly very curious about how exciting the barrage was now. Fortunately, he secretly watched the live broadcast in the bathroom with his mobile phone. Sure enough, the live broadcast room was particularly lively.

[Look at the host who is angry with the host, anger!] 】

【Come and come, reward and comfort the poor roasted bird. 】

【Awesome and handsome anchor! 】

【Look what I saw? Bao male parrot? ? ? 】

[I seem to smell the barbecue…]

[Inexplicably hungry, I can’t help but order a takeaway, I won’t tell the anchor, I ordered grilled quail…]

[Roasted quail and Huoxiangzhengqi water are more suitable~]


Xie Guanze looked more and more happy, patronized the barrage, and almost forgot about the business.

Until he heard the impatient knocking outside the door, accompanied by the quack of Xie King: “Are you staying in this room for so long, is the toilet very fragrant?”

Xie Guanze quickly put away his phone, held back his smile, and took off a wet towel and squeezed it dry before opening the door.


“Humph.” Xie King had returned to his human form. There was no one else in the family, and he came straight and naked. But even after changing back to human form, his face and chest were still black, and Xie Guanze could not help but look.

He thought again: “No, when did you become?”

“Just now.” Xie King wiped his face and found that the towels were all black. He simply drove Xie Guanze out for a bath.

“Wait, wouldn’t you become under the camera?”

“I’m going to take a shower, get out.” Xie King only wanted to take a shower, and didn’t care what Xie Guanze was saying.

After pushing Xie Guanze out, the sound of the water was flowing down.

Xie Guanze quickly opened his cell phone to watch the live broadcast room. Sure enough, the live broadcast room was still open, but there was no one in the kitchen in the picture, the fire on the stove had been extinguished, and there was nothing but hot oil in the pot.

The first cooking show was clearly a failure. The anchor dish was not made, and he became Bao Gong’s face, and now he ran to take a bath halfway.

But these accidents did not affect the enthusiasm of the fans at all. Instead, the popularity was getting higher and higher, and the barrage was densely packed, almost filling every corner.

Xie Guanze looked at one or two at random and sighed helplessly.

[Wow I saw it! Saw it! Saw it! 】

【Qiao P Nian He He He He Hei Hei…]

[Say out loud: Brother I can! 】

[ Knows the man, funny.jpg ]

[It’s a white parrot, it’s so white, it

sucks …]

Xie Guanze: Sure enough, King is under the lens…

You’re wearing at least an apron. , I don’t know if the fans will have nosebleeds…

he watched as the number of people displayed at the top of the screen increased, from three digits to four digits, still crazy, and the barrage was being brushed faster and faster and getting longer.

[I seem to be in the wrong channel. How can a good food anchor become an adult star…but I like it! ! ! 】

[I heard someone streaking live? What about streaking people? 】

【This late pitiful person asks for a picture, did anyone record the screen? ]

Xie Guanze: …

He suddenly had an impulse to commit crimes and even wanted to report.

What should I do if my pet accidentally goes the wrong way?

“Xie Guanze, get me clothes.” The bathroom door opened quietly, and after the shower, Xie King leaned out of the door and called Xie Guanze.

Xie Guanze went to the master bedroom closet to help Xie King get clothes.

Since Xie’s father and mother died, the master bedroom was emptied by Xie Guanze, and their photos were kept in the room. They were cleaned from time to time as a place of remembrance..

After King became a human, he naturally would not sleep in a birdcage, and the master bedroom was reorganized by Xie Guanze according to King’s preferences, and then given to King.

Xie Guanze was naturally very familiar with this place.

When he walked into the room, the family portrait on the table and his parents’ photos were still there, but there were two new photo frames next to them. In the photo frame was a photo of Xie King and Xie Guanze, he didn’t know when it was taken with a mobile phone. The photos were washed out and mounted on the headboard.

Xie Guanze couldn’t help picking up the photo frame and looking up.

Two new log frames, one with the shape of a parrot, Xie Daxie, stood on Xie Guanze’s head, and used his hair as a bird’s nest. The angle was taken by a third person.

Xie Guanze wondered by touching his chin: When was this filmed? Who took it? Why is he completely unimpressed?

The second one was the humanoid King. He and Xie Guanze both wrapped their arms around their shoulders, and they looked like two intimate brothers.

It was still taken by a third person, still unimpressed… The one above was wearing ordinary clothes, the background was the ordinary street, the only way they went home from work every day.

He just didn’t know who secretly photographed them, and they were specially washed out and framed by King.

King should not be so bored to find someone to secretly take pictures. Xie Guanze did not think much, put down the photo frame and went to the wardrobe to get clothes. As for the photo, just ask now.

“Why did it take so long…” When Xie got his clothes, Xie King grumbled dissatisfied, and Xie Guanze asked about the photo: “Oh, when was the photo on your table taken?”

However, a hair dryer rang inside. The huge buzzing sound meant King didn’t seem to hear or answer.

Xie Guanze shrugged and waited to ask again later.

After Xie King came out, he clapped his hands: “Go, go into the kitchen, I must make a dish for today’s live broadcast!”

Xie Guanze: …perseverance…

Black face, naked buttocks / run, After such an embarrassing start, he can still continue to cook calmly, King is indeed King.

Xie King said he would do it, so he really put his sleeves into the kitchen.

King’s mobile phone was still placed high, and when Xie King walked into the range of the camera, a neatly dressed humanoid chef appeared.

Xie Guanze didn’t follow in. He sat in the living room outside the kitchen, watching the live broadcast, while preventing further accidents.

“Okay, the live broadcast continues. Now, let’s cook.” Xie King introduced himself seriously.

But the style of painting had obviously been distorted by his mistakes, and the barrage was full of laughter.

[Wow, the anchor is really a good-looking little brother, worthy of being P Nen/Male! ]

Xie Guanze saw the line that flashed out first, and couldn’t help being glad that he wasn’t drinking his glass.

Qiao Pnen/Male, when you see this word, you will think of King, how terrible…

There were also various barrage bullets.

[Anchor, anchor, we want to watch birds! ]

[Yes, we want to see your bird! 】

【Upstairs playing hooligan, said the report, I am different, I just want to watch the anchor play fire. 】

[Small beep: I only want to watch the anchor naked/run…]

[You have bad intentions, do not listen to them, I am seriously looking at you for cooking, anchor, take off your clothes, it is enough to wear an apron , lest torch burned clothes ……]

[Wretched! Dirty! Shameless! The anchors are all rogues here, come to my arms! 】


Xie Guanze had to wipe sweat for King, King’s temper was not good, what if he explodes and swears directly?

“Tonight’s dish is green pepper shredded meat.” But seeing King’s kitchen knife chopped hard on the cutting board, “Do you know where this meat came from? Last time someone played a rogue on me, I cut them into shredded pork, you see, this shredded pork is yellow and sticky, doesn’t it look like a pervert full of yellow waste?”

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