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; can humans and pets be together

Translated by Heather of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA


After experiencing his first mishap while live streaming, Xie King gained a little bit of popularity in his life. 

Although it can’t be compared to the popularity of those internet celebrities, he at least found his footing and was awarded some pocket money.

However, Xie King’s biggest selling point was his hair style and face. 

If he turned into a human, his hair would be affected. Every time his temper flared up, his hair would spike up. 

The reason his face was popular was simple. His human face was handsome and even more so in his bird form. Every time he changed back into a bird, people with ill intentions would start making a ruckus and say that he should go promote charcoal masks instead. 

As Xie King slowly started up, he already learned how to manage his fans’ support. At appropriate moments, he would deliberately show a less beautiful side to change up the mood a little.  

While Xie King’s live streaming began to go on to the right path, Xie Guanze also welcomed a very important responsibility — foreign visitors. 

Not only were they foreigners but they had pets with unique identities. Considering the obsession foreigners have with wild animals, some families will purposely keep the pet’s aggressive instincts when training them. All of the leaders agreed these foreigners needed to be treated with caution. 

Regardless of whether the foreigners purposely caused the problems or their pets accidentally became aggressive, if it wasn’t taken care of properly, it could damage their diplomatic relationship.

The foreigners are from their sister city in the foreign country. In addition to the foreign affairs department’s efforts and the police department who were responsible for maintaining order, Xie Guanze’s group, the human pet coordination department, had the most important job: to ensure that the two countries’ pets peacefully interacted.

— Yes, after a year, the former human pet coordination group that was temporarily created expanded into its own department. Hou Fanghua, who was originally the group leader, became the head of the department and Xie Guanze became the vice dean. 

Hou Fanghua was already one step away from retirement, if there were no unexpected mishaps, then he would retire at the end of the year. At that time, Xie Guanze would probably become the head of the department — on the premise that no accidents occur. 

At the meeting, Hou Fanghua brought up the most important task at the moment. 

“The visitors will specially bring their pets to see our Pet University. Allegedly, they also want to build a university for their pets and will come specifically to learn from our experience.”

“Learn from our experience?” Xie Guanze filled through the documents which contained the visitors’ information and the tentative date for the univisterity tour set by the foreign affairs department. Besides the conventional famous tourist locations, the Pet University was naturally the top priority.  

“Then we should inform Principal Golden Horse, so the school can also cooperate.”

“Yes, that needs to be arranged by the school board.”

Hou Fanghua pinched his nose bridge as his head started to hurt: “Please take a close look at the information that was given to us. These are the species of their pets which includes life-threatening, deadly poisonous spiders and pythons ……”

The thick pile of documents enclosed the visitor’s identities, but more importantly introduced the pets original form as well as their natural instincts. 

For example, if they were poisonous, whether they were carnivorous, or if they were aggressive in nature. 

Another aspect that needed to be considered was the foreigner’s pets’ natural predators, those which would cause them to quiver at mere sight. When the group goes to welcome the visitors, they should wait outside. 

Living and diplomatic arrangements would be handled by the foreign affairs department as well as the school board. Safety would be organized by the foreign affairs and police department. The human pet coordination department was mainly responsible for the problems that may arise between the pets. Preventive measures needed to be put into place beforehand. 

Xie Guanze looked at those terrifying pets and felt admiration for their owners. Besides the spider and python, there was a very large size Maine Coon cat. It’s owner had a mansion with a large garden so the Main Coon cat could be raised freely. The cat’s claws were sharp and weren’t any less dangerous than the wild lynx’s that lived in the mountains. 

“Putting their lives in danger to raise a pet. They must really love them.”

“You can say that again.” Huo Fanghua pinched his nose bridge again, “It’s the end of the year and I’m about to retire. The pets who have turned into humans are too difficult to take care of. I’m already too old and don’t have energy to worry about them anymore. Do your best so I can leave all the troublesome tasks to you!”

However, Xie Guanze smiled. He thought about the troublesome and prideful Xie King and his gaze turned soft. 

“I would gladly endure the hardship.”

The pet turned humans are so cute, he really liked them~

The day the foreign visitors arrived, Xie Guanze didn’t directly go welcome them. He followed his colleagues from his department to keep a close watch on them from behind. 

The people who went to welcome the foreigners included Xie King. As a teacher from Pet University, the visitors specifically asked to see him in person as they wanted to learn from him. 

At lunch time, Xie King specially led the students of the cooking class to prepare a meal on site for the guests. The foreigners applauded and highly praised Xie King’s work which made him feel satisfied with his achievements. 

For foreigners, dinner was the main meal which was arranged to be at the State Guest Hotel. However, lunch, which was made by the students, was arranged in a buffet style so they could perform on site while taking turns serving the guests. 

The guests could also choose the dishes they want to eat while watching the performances of the cooking class. The atmosphere was very relaxed and free. 

There weren’t a lot of guests as pets and humans combined only added to about 20 people. Many dishes were already prepared and placed on the long table. Xie King and the cooking class showcased their skills through some high speed cooking which didn’t take very long to prepare. 

After Xie King cooked some of the main dishes, he gave the students the stage and leisurely went to get some food to eat so he could talk with the guest. 

At the beginning he was eating happily, but very quickly, King’s mood started to deteriorate. 

The reason was because a woman was staring at him with a predatory gaze that he was all too familiar with. This reminded him of black cat Little Blackie from the barbeque restaurant. .

It’s another stupid cat!

Xie King thought back to the information that the principal had provided them with and immediately remembered the identity of the opposing party: Maine Coon cat.

This Maine Coon cat pet-human started hungrily at Xie King while licking its lips. Xie King’s face darkened as his clenched fist and felt a bit itchy. 

“I’m sorry, Vivian just likes to play with birds and doesn’t mean any harm.” The Caucasian man by the Maine Coon cat’s side quickly apologized.


Xie King’s face was expressionless. Look at your cat before you say anything. Look at the way she swallows her saliva, does she look like she wants to play?

A cat will toy with a rat before it eats it, are you talking about that kind of play?

“Ahem, Vivian, eat this, it’s your favourite fish.” The caucasian man immediately picked up a chopstick full of fish. 

Taking into consideration that foreigners aren’t used to fish bones and don’t like the earthly flavour of freshwater fish, Xie King and his group only cooked saltwater fish that had very little bones. The fish was fresh and tender and cooked either with mild flavouring or with sweet and sour sauce which matched the foreigners’ palate.

Vivian opened her mouth and the caucasion man lovingly fed her the piece of fish. Xie King was stunned.  

This action, was she raised as his daughter?

“You’re so affectionate.” Xie King suddenly felt his heart jump. This way of eating, maybe we should try it at home? Xie Guanze had never fed him like that before. 

The caucasian man smiled cheerfully. He naturally pushed the hair that had fallen on Vivan’s face behind her ear and intimately kissed her cheeks. 

“May I ask if there are any romantic locations here?”

Xie King was still in a daze: “Romantic?”

The caucasian man specifically revealed his wedding ring and then used his eyes to gesture to the wedding ring on Vivian’s finger. 

“Besides coming here for business purposes, I specifically brought my wife here for our honeymoon.”

Xie King abruptly widened his eyes: newlyweds?!

Isn’t she a cat person!

Xie King had never been so shocked. He never knew that besides pets and owners, friends, siblings, you could go a step further and become a couple.

“It seems that your country doesn’t have couples?” The caucasian man wasn’t surprised by Xie King’s shock. He smiled and picked some dishes for Vivian as he explained.

“For the pets and owners that have lived together, since the pets have become humans, they should be able to enjoy human rights. Besides work, relationship requirements should also be fulfilled and respected. Vivian has been with me longer than any of my girlfriends and understands me the best so she deserves to be my partner for life.”

Vivian said proud yet lovingly (t/n like a tsundere): “Hmph, I haven’t agreed yet.”

From the sweet talk of the caucasian man, they started to act affectionately toward each other, completely disregarding the people around them. 

Xie Guanze left absentmindedly, he’s mind was a mess. 

At night, when they arrived home, Xie Guanze noticed that Xie King was acting weird. 

“What’s wrong? Did the visitors cause problems for you?”

Xie Guanze remembered with uncertainty. I didn’t hear about any problems though? Weren’t the guests very excited? You personally went to cook and showcased your voice?

“It’s nothing.” Xie King lifelessly and stared at the empty air, “ Say, can pets and humans be together? Like, that type of together?”

Xie Guanze: “Huh? Which type?”

What did Xie King want to ask? He looked at Xie Guanze but was in low spirits: “It’s nothing, I’m just really tired. I’ll go wash up. Good night”

“Ah.” Xie Guanze felt that Xie King was still acting weird and wanted to ask. However, Xie King already locked himself in the washroom and the sound of water pitter-pattered from the second floor. 

Xie Guanze, who was equally tired, didn’t have the energy to ask. The visitors were still here so he had to work. Exhausted, he went back to his room to rest. 

That night, Xie King’s bedside lamp was on for the whole night. He laid in bed and stared at the picture from on his bedside table for a long time ……   



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