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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Mu Lin did his job quickly, and after the discussion, he was the first to write a comment. After writing the comment, Gu Luo checked it to make sure it was okay, before letting him send it out.

[Hahahaha, let me satisfy everyone’s curiosity. My bold guess is – that’s not a plant, it’s a beast that looks like a plant, most likely a mimicking type.]

His comment was quickly answered.

[Dean Mu’s guess is reasonable. I’ll say it’s not like a plant, much less an edible plant.]

[So that’s it!]

[No wonder! I am Xie Sen’s classmate. He used to have a gloomy temperament because he did not awaken the contract beast. When I saw him today, he was completely different from before. Very cheerful. It turns out that the contract beast has awakened.]

[Hey, although I know the truth, I’m so disappointed. Thought there would be a big melon to eat.]

[Mimicry beast sounds like fun. I read the comments before that Xie Sen is from the Plant Department. Could it be that he had seen the chili bush in his coursework, so he was stimulated and made it look like a chili pepper bush?]

[It’s possible. He is indeed from the Plant Department!]


Xie Sen sat on the sofa and flipped through the comments. No one questioned Mu Lin’s guess. They all agreed with him, while many others provided evidence for his guess, and showed that what he said made sense. He was indeed an authority on contract beasts.

Xie Sen was very satisfied, and felt that he had made the right trip. He got up and said, “Thank you. If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave now.”

Gu Luo said, “Wait a minute.” He opened the bracelet and sent Xie Sen some information. “This is the information about the plant system beast masters. You should know more about it, and pay attention to the matters above. Attached is the nutrition formula for your current health condition. Follow the diet here, and your body will be much better.”

Xie Sen saved the information, and thanked them again, “Thank you.”

Gu Luo said, “You’re welcome. There is one more thing that I need your help with. We have very little information about the main beast of the plant system. I hope you can come once every half month, so that we can do the relevant examination and record the data.” He added, “It’s the same examination as just now. It won’t take you too long.”

Xie Sen thought about it and nodded. “Yes, but please make sure to help keep my identity confidential.”

“Of course. We also think that identity secrecy is the safest for you. You know, for many years there has not been a plant beast master. If word got out, it would cause a sensation.”

Xie Sen got the answer he wanted and smiled. “Then I’ll leave now and come back in half a month.”

Xie Sen left the Institute, and sat in the pilot seat of the shuttle as he thought. He now didn’t have to worry about explaining the existence of the pepper bush, but he still needed to worry about accommodation.

It was best to buy a permanent residence, so that he wouldn’t have to move again. Location was also important, as it must be closer to the care center, so that the time spent on commuting to and from work was less. Living closer would be more convenient if he had a late shift.

There was also…

Xie Sen looked out the window at the bustling street, with cars coming and going, pedestrians passing by, all full of life and he loved it. No matter who it was, they could not destroy it!

Maine Cox, with his handsome face came to Xie Sen’s mind. No matter how he thought about it, Maine didn’t look like someone who would do something like destroy Beast Star. Or did something happen afterwards that made him change his personality?

Xie Sen thought back to the book, and remembered that Maine wanted to destroy Beast Star to get back at the Cox family, but he didn’t know what kind of grudge he had against the Cox family.

He remembered what he heard at school earlier. Maine was a bastard. Was it because of this identity? Xie Sen thought about it, and thought about it. His head was dizzy. He rubbed his face. He didn’t want to!

It was simple. He just needed to keep an eye on Maine! If he couldn’t stop him, then…If he couldn’t stop it, he would kill him at the weakest moment.

He opened the navigation, input Maine’s residence as the destination, and set off in the shuttle.

He arrived before five o’clock. Maine hadn’t returned from school, so he parked the shuttle in the parking lot, carried his luggage bag, then squatted at the door and waited.

Maine was a little surprised to see the man at the door when he came home. “What are you doing here?”

Xie Sen jumped up from the ground, and raised a bright smile, “I came to join you. My grandfather took back my place, and I don’t have anywhere to live. Don’t you have a vacant room in your house? Let me rent it from you, I will pay.”

Maine was stunned, and subconsciously frowned. “I’m used to living alone.”

Xie Sen hurriedly assured, “I’m very quiet. I won’t disturb you at all.”

Maine looked at him without saying anything. Xie Sen’s smile froze and he was a little embarrassed. After all, the two had only known each other for a few days, and if he hadn’t wanted to observe Maine closely, he wouldn’t have been able to open his mouth. He scratched the back of his head. “I was too abrupt. It’s okay. I can find a house nearby to rent.”

He put a smile on his face again. “You live here, so you know the area well. Do you have any recommendations?”

“No,” Maine said, as he looked at the dynamic teenager in front of him with a disappointed look, his heart inexplicably felt a bit intolerant. “I rarely pay attention to this kind of news. Look online.”

Xie Sen nodded, and Maine opened the door. “Come in and sit down.”

Xie Sen hurriedly said thanks, followed Maine into the living room, and sat on the sofa. With Maine’s place as the center, he looked for places near the care center.

There were a lot of houses in the neighborhood, but there were few single rooms. The two-bedroom ones were more expensive, and Xie Sen didn’t want to pay for them. After he searched for more than an hour, he found three single rooms that looked good and cost just over a thousand a month.

He got up and was about to shout, when Maine came out with a tray in one hand and pushed open the kitchen door with the other.

“I’ll go first, thank you.”

Maine put the two portions of fried meat in the mopping bowl on the table. “Eat before you go.”

Xie Sen looked at the time. His first appointment was at 6:30, only 15 minutes to go, and he still had to walk there.

“No, it’s time for my appointment.” He waved his hand, picked up his duffel bag and headed out.

Maine frowned. His lips twitched, but he didn’t say anything and watched him leave.

The landlord of the first single room was a fat uncle, very warm and talkative. “It’s graduation month recently, so there are a lot of people renting rooms. I’m a sincere person, and I didn’t raise the price. This is the last single room I have.”

When the landlord opened the door after they left the elevator, Xie Sen’s footsteps stopped as soon as he entered.

The room on the right hand side was particularly loud with the sound of gasping ‘mmmhhhh,’ and Xie Sen was shaken in place by two different male voices.

The fat landlord didn’t care, and said with a smile, “They’re a couple in love, so they’re very affectionate. They’re about the same age as you, and you can make friends if you live here.” He pointed to the room next to the gasps. “This is the one. The two rooms opposite are the others. They should be at work now, they are also young people.”

Xie Sen barely managed to maintain a smile as he opened his bracelet and looked at it, then gave an anxious look. “Thank you. I have an emergency at work and must go first.”

“Hey, do you want to sign the contract for the house now? If not, I’ll rent it to someone else!”

“You can rent it to someone else first. Maybe the company will arrange accommodation for me. Thank you so much.”

Xie Sen quickly left the apartment building, and headed to the second rental house. He soon left. It was not a single room as advertised, but clearly a cubicle; a capsule-like room.

The last apartment was the closest to Maine’s house, next door.

The landlord was a thirty year-old man, tall and good-looking, and with his hair meticulously combed back. A very elite type. The room was also a real single room, freshly decorated. The landlord showed him the room. The kitchen and bathroom were introduced one by one, and finally when he reached the bedroom, the landlord asked, “What do you think?”

Xie Sen was satisfied and nodded his head. “It’s nice.”

The landlord smiled, took him by the shoulders and pointed to the room. “Do you need any additional furniture?”

Xie Sen looked at the bed and cabinets. “No, they’re fine.”

“You’re a good tenant.” The landlord smiled and touched his face. “Nowadays tenants are getting more and more demanding. It’s hard for me.”

Xie Sen laughed and said, “If I ask for less, can I reduce the rent a little bit? You said on the Starnet that it is one thousand five hundred a month. How about a hundred less?”

“If you want less, of course.” The landlord whispered in his ear, as he slid his hand over his shoulder and patted his hip. “You’re renting alone. Don’t you have a boyfriend?”

Xie Sen was stunned for a moment. and then pushed him away. He was actually being harassed!

The landlord looked at him with a smile. “What’s wrong?” The landlord laughed at him. “You’re an adult, aren’t you? It’s rare for a female of your age not to have a boyfriend–”

“Fuck off! I’m a male!” Xie Sen was disgusted, pooh-poohed him, and headed out the door.

“Is this what your parents told you to say to protect yourself? Don’t go. Don’t you want to rent a room? The rent we can talk about,” The landlord followed behind him.

Xie Sen quickened his pace. “No more rent. You talk shit.”

Xie Sen estimated the size difference between the two, and took into account that there was no energy in the System to exchange for a chili. He would definitely lose. He looked at the elevator. Thirty-three floors, and he was currently on the ninth floor.

He didn’t think, and simply took the stairs.

As he listened to the sound of footsteps that came from behind him, Xie Sen went down the stairs faster. “If you keep following, I’ll call the police.” He opened his bracelet as he walked.

“I didn’t do anything to you. What are you afraid of? It’s so late but you haven’t rented a room. There’s no place to stay at night. I can rent it to you, and make the rent cheaper.”

Xie Sen rolled his eyes, and tried not to yell.

Xie Sen was panting, but the landlord was obviously more physically fit than he was, and he caught up with him in a short time after taking three steps.

Xie Sen didn’t even think, just lifted his foot and kicked him below. “Don’t be disgusting!” After the kick, he jumped down the steps.

The landlord didn’t expect him to kick him in the slightest, and was kicked squarely. He covered the painful area, and cried out in pain. The smile on his face disappeared, and he said viciously, “Don’t be shameless. What are you pretending to be?

Xie Sen listened to the sound of approaching footsteps behind him, and jumped the steps faster. At the second floor, he accidentally stepped on the edge of the steps and fell forward.

It’s over!

The expected pain didn’t come. His waist was wrapped in a strong arm, and he smelled the scent of someone clean and fresh.

Xie Sen looked up, and saw Maine’s handsome face. It was as if a layer of frost had formed over it, and his phoenix eyes looked coldly at the landlord who was following him down from above.

The landlord’s footsteps froze a little bit. As he sensed the other’s strength, he laughed, “Are you his friend? He wanted to rent a room, but suddenly he didn’t want to. He didn’t take the elevator, and I was worried that he was in danger, so I was sending him off. Now you’re here to pick him up.”

Maine sneered, and helped Xie Sen to stand up. “Thank you very much,” he said, as he walked up the stairs, step by step.

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January 18, 2022 2:57 pm

Maine to the rescue! Poor Xie Sen is a target.

January 18, 2022 10:00 pm

Good room but the landlord is a perverted scum. Maine thank you for coming. With this development I think they will end up living together.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

January 19, 2022 12:08 am

Just in time, Maine you are a hero!!! Really hope they living together! Thanks for the chapter!!!

January 19, 2022 6:53 am

Back to Maine’s it is then ☺ where I’m sure he’ll stay. MC seemed a little disappointed when XS accepted his negative response so quickly.
XS really needs to wake up to the fact he’s female, so he can be aware and protect himself.
Thanks for translating and editing.

January 31, 2022 5:54 am

Dang, that landlord is creepy af. Thankfully we have Maine who saves the day! lol

Sue R
Sue R
February 22, 2022 11:29 am

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April 30, 2022 4:30 am

Tbh, I don’t really like the fact that the author not make MC know that he is female after the examination. I understand, but dislike it. MC became too defenseless, and reckless because of that. I hope it will be resolve soon. Less something worse happen. Pls don’t be something like he will know it once he get pregnant. Sigh.

October 23, 2022 5:58 am

Ugh disgusting landlord glad XS was able to make it out of there

April 17, 2023 8:55 am

Oh, gross! Thank goodness Maine heard the exchange.

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