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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Xie Sen watched in amazement as Maine beat up the landlord. He was similar in size to Maine, but was unable to defend himself, and all his moves were easily deflected by Maine. Maine coldly kicked the landlord off the top of the steps, and he rolled down the steps in front of Xie Sen, who jumped to the side to avoid being hit.

When he saw Maine was coming down the steps, the landlord stumbled up from the ground, and shouted a threat from against the wall, “If you touch me again, I’ll call the police!” 

Maine walked down the steps. Without saying a word, he raised his hand and punched him in the face, while at the same time he sent out another kick.

Xie Sen saw that Maine was going to do it again, so he hastily pulled his arm. “If you hit him again, something will happen.”

Maine’s eyebrows were cold when he hit the person. His hands were ruthless and spicy. Xie Sen’s heart was uneasy. He felt that this person, and the villain boss were similar.

Maine turned to him, looked him up and down, saw that he was fine and his expression eased slightly. He warned the landlord, “If you see him in the future, go around.”

The landlord was huffing and puffing in pain and didn’t say anything, so Maine lowered his voice, “Do you hear me?”

“Yes, I hear you.” The landlord shuddered. This teenager looked young, but he was too ruthless.

He was only a D class contract beast owner, often doing clerical work. He simply couldn’t fight, but in front of any female, he was very powerful. However, in front of a male, he was really powerless. Recently it was the graduation period, and he deliberately came up with the idea of using the rental to catch a simple female, then coax them into giving him more.

This female was surrounded by such a powerful male, that he didn’t dare think about this idea again.

Maine saw Xie Sen was empty-handed. “Where’s your luggage?”

Xie Sen said awkwardly, “I just threw it away halfway when I was running.”

This was too embarrassing, being harassed and having his brother come to the rescue. What had he done to deserve this?!

“What floor?” Maine didn’t intend to mock or tease.

Xie Sen thought back for a moment. “About the fifth or sixth floor.”

Maine looked at the landlord. He wasn’t quite sure about Xie Sen staying there. He saw that his forehead was sweating and his face was red, then he told him, “Follow me.”

He took Xie Sen to the sixth floor in the elevator, but he didn’t see the luggage bag, so he went to the fifth floor and finally found it.

Xie Sen grabbed the bag, and followed Maine out of the apartment building. He said sincerely, “Thank you,” Then he added with some confusion, “How did you know I was here, cough, in trouble?”

Maine pointed to his left hand. “You dialed my comm.”

“Huh?” Xie Sen froze, raised his hand, and saw that the communicator was still on. He hung up, thought back for a moment, and was embarrassed. “I think I accidentally pressed it earlier when I said I was going to call the police.”

His eyes swept over the time, and he immediately added, “It’s time for my appointment to see another house. I have to go now. Thanks a lot just now. I’ll buy you dinner tomorrow.”

He raised his smile and waved his hand, and was about to leave when Maine grabbed his shoulder. “Don’t go.”

Xie Sen turned around and looked at him with bright eyes. Maine said, “Stay at my place first, it’s too late now.”

Xie Sen’s smile fell. This meant he still had to look for an apartment tomorrow? On second thought, he had to go to work tomorrow, and he would be working late, so he wouldn’t have time to look for an apartment, so he could stay there.

“Thank you so much,” Xie Sen said. He raised his hand to his ear. “I promise to keep quiet and not disturb you.”

Maine nodded and they went back to Maine’s place. Maine pointed to the room Xie Sen had stayed in before. “Put your things in there, and then come out for dinner.”

Xie Sen was so touched that he grabbed Maine’s shoulder, and patted him on the shoulder. “Good brother, you are so kind.”

After he finished, he quickly withdrew his hand, grabbed his bag and went into the room.

Maine only felt the warmth of his hand on his right shoulder. He had never liked close contact with people, but what he felt just now wasn’t annoying.

The first night of Xie Sen’s stay, the two of them were at peace with each other. Maine watched him go back to his room after dinner, and then he never came out.

Xie Sen took a shower, and trained the chili pepper bush in his room. He and the chili pepper bush didn’t have to make a sound to communicate, so it was quiet the whole time.

The next day Xie Sen got up early and made breakfast, two fried meats.

Maine washed up, went out and was greeted by Xie Sen’s bright smile, “You can have breakfast now. You have exams today, right?”

Maine was slightly stunned, then nodded. “Last day.” He walked to the table and sat down.

As he sat down, a line of white letters appeared in front of Xie Sen’s eyes: Gratitude Energy 1, Total Value 1.

Xie Sen’s smile deepened, but there was also some confusion, Maine hadn’t even started eating yet, surely it wasn’t because it was delicious that he was given energy back, so why? Was it just because someone had made him breakfast?

This was too easy! Xie Sen secretly thought, really worthy of the energy pile of 10 people. For him to get a little energy was too easy.

After he finished his breakfast, Maine cleared his plate. He paused when he reached out his hand, seemed to think of something, then looked at Xie Sen and said, “Breakfast is delicious. Better than many restaurants.”

Xie Sen looked at him with a serious look, first stunned, then he understood the reason and could not help but laugh. “Thank you for the praise, but you don’t always need to be so complimentary.”

Maine raised his eyebrows, “It’s one word. It’s worth it to make you happy like this.”

Xie Sen’s heart suddenly beat a little faster, and he sighed, “You’re so nice.”

Maine smiled. He was already good looking, but when he smiled it was hard to take his eyes off him. Maine continued to clear the plates. “Only you think so.”

Xie Sen looked at his back as he walked into the kitchen, and couldn’t help but spit out, “That’s because others are so insensitive. You’re so nice!”

After breakfast, they went their separate ways. Maine went to school for his exams, and Xie Sen went to work at the care center.

Xie Sen went straight to Yang Shun to apply for an extra night shift after punching his work card. Yang Shun knew he had finished his exams and nodded his head to agree. “You try it this week first. Although you are young, working long hours every day may be unbearable. We’ll see about next week.”

“Thank you, Manager Yang.” Xie Sen was satisfied that his goal was achieved.

His work continued to be very mixed. Going where he needed to go, he quickly became familiar with the structure of the care center. It was divided into two major departments, female contract beasts and male contract beasts.

The distribution of personnel in the two departments was the same, but most of the female contract beast staff were female, and they took care of the budding contract beasts very carefully, while the male contract beast department was mostly male workers, as the strong contract beasts would only listen to those stronger.

Xie Sen’s work area was limited to the female contract beasts on the left. He had seen a variety of contract beasts throughout the day, all of which were very cute, and the owners were mostly mild and emotionally sensitive, so he could easily get energy from them.

Xie Sen was extremely satisfied with the job, and collected five energy in one morning, which brought his total to six.

He ate his lunch and opened the System. The number below the blank pattern to the right of the chili pepper bush was 6/100. It meant that 94 more energy was needed to activate the next plant.

The premise was not to use energy.

Xie Sen looked at the meat in the lunch box, and finished it in a big mouthful. A few days in a row of eating meat with no seasoning other than salt, was really hard for him.

He simply couldn’t resist exchanging chili for food! He could only barely cut back on the flow, and open source was the most important!

He threw the lunch box away, and hurriedly took advantage of his lunch break to sleep for an hour.

In the afternoon, his head was filled with the smell of chili peppers and marinated spicy beef, and the more he thought about it, the more he wanted to eat it. He worked even harder to actually eat it.

He had only just come out of the consultation room when he was told to go to another consultation room. There were three people in the consultation room, caretaker Xiao Ke and short-eared rabbit owner Mr. Lin, who was standing next to a tall, strong man who was holding Mr. Lin’s waist.

Mr. Lin smiled as soon as he saw Xie Sen. “Master Xie, ErBei is recovering well after the injection the other day. Another injection today should be able to heal him.”

Xie Sen smiled. “Well, it will definitely recover quickly.”

As Xie Sen was talking, a prompt suddenly appeared in front of him: Gratitude Energy 1, total value 9.

He froze, his eyes crossed the three people in the consultation room, Xiao Ke and Mr. Lin’s gratitude value were full, only the tall man’s gratitude value was 7/8.

He looked over and met the man’s eyes. The man looked unsmiling but his voice was gentle, “I heard Hao say that it was all because of your help, thanks a lot.”

Lin Hao tilted his face up, and poked the man’s serious face with a smile. “These days, because Xiao Er is in a bad mood, I made you worry.”

“It’s good that you’re okay.” The man’s eyes were full of doting.

Xie Sen stood aside shocked, Lin Hao was the one who he helped, so he thought Lin Hao would give the gratitude energy. Did this mean that the source of energy was not necessarily from the person he helped? That it could come from those people’s friends and relatives?

In that case, the speed of gaining energy would be much faster!

Xie Sen was overjoyed and helped Xiao Ke to give Xiao ErBei a shot. Xiao ErBei was very cooperative, so good that he let Xie Sen smooth his fur. After the shot was done, Lin Hao hugged Xiao ErBei, “Thank you. When it recovers, I will bring it back for a bath in a few days.”

Xie Sen once again reaped a harvest of energy, and sent the person out of the clinic with a smile.

When he got off work at 5:30, Xie Sen thought about the late shift and clocked in at 6:30. He quickly bought a box lunch and ate it quickly, then slept in the break room.

After he squinted for a while, he remembered that he hadn’t told Maine about his overtime work, so he got up and sent Maine a message before going back to sleep.

After half an hour of sleep, he awakened. There was an accident, and his help was needed.

Xie Sen arrived at the clinic and learned the details. Two B class bird-type contract beasts met in the air. Each had a beast owner who wasn’t willing to give way, and they ended up fighting.

The result was that both were injured, and when they fell to the ground, they hit two toy poodles that were walking after dinner. The two toy poodles 1 were quite smart and ran away in time, so they were only crushed by the wings and not seriously injured. However they were frightened, wouldn’t let anyone get close, and kept woofing.

Xie Sen was speechless. Was the B class bird contract beast a roc bird? The sky was so big, why couldn’t that have ended in peace?

The two toy poodle beasts’ owners had red eyes, and were tugging at the sleeves of caretaker Xiao Tu, “What should we do? Will something happen to them?”

At the corner of the hospital bed, the two toy poodle beasts squeezed each other. “Woof, woof, woof…”

It was the sound of panic.

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