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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Long Yuan stared at the ID that confessed to Yu Ze in the forum, wanting to fight with the real person behind the anonymous identity immediately. How dare he covet his person?!

“What’s wrong? Received bad news?” Yu Ze walked smoothly from the door to Long Yuan’s side. When he saw Long Yuan’s face, his pleasant mood turned to worry.

“No.” Long Yuan quickly turned off his bracelet so that Yu Ze wouldn’t see even a word. He hadn’t confessed yet! How could he let someone else get ahead of him?! He put his hand on Yu Ze’s shoulder and looked straight at Yu Ze, his tone was rare with tension, “I have something to say to you.”

Yu Ze’s heart tightened, “What’s happened?” Could it be that something has happened to Xie Wan?

Long Yuan deflated and suddenly felt that the atmosphere was not appropriate, “Nothing happened.”

Yu Ze relaxed and looked at him suspiciously, “What do you want to tell me?”

Long Yuan’s left hand hanging at his side squeezed tightly. He really was not a squirming character and so the idea in his heart came out, “I like you.”

Because of the nervousness and excitement, his voice was uncontrollable and a little too loud.

Yu Ze was dumbfounded.

Long Yuan looked at him and spoke very fast, “Let’s fall in love, or just get married.”

“Huh?” Yu Ze was even more dumbfounded.

Long Yuan frowned in annoyance and felt as if he had scared Yu Ze. He slowed down his speech and lowered his voice, “I’m serious, I like you. Will you be with me?”

Yu Ze’s heartbeat suddenly jumped wildly, and his ears were filled with the sound of his heartbeat. Surprise, joy, shyness, all kinds of emotions mixed, and then gradually dissipated with a faint bitterness.

He clearly knew at this moment that he was fond of Long Yuan. The joyful emotions that rose and fell so suddenly, he could not ignore them. But he was only a missionary, surviving in this world for a hundred days, then the mission would be over.

His eyes were sore and he hurriedly looked down to avoid Long Yuan’s burning gaze. He took a moment to slow down before answering, “I’m sorry, I can’t say yes.”

His voice was slightly muffled, sounding heartbreaking.

Long Yuan saw his reaction with his eyes and felt lost. The person he liked was so kind, so guilty of just rejecting someone’s confession. He couldn’t bear to force Yu Ze, and his finger caressed the end of Yu Ze’s eyes, “I was too anxious, don’t feel pressured. I just want to tell you the words in my heart.” He paused and increased his tone, “I can’t be behind others!”

Yu Ze felt warm and sour; he rejected Long Yuan but Long Yuan comforted him. If only this was the real world. His eyes became more sour.

Long Yuan’s voice was much lower than usual, “Be happy. Being liked by me shouldn’t be that bad, right? You’re blowing my confidence.”

The softest part of Yu Ze’s heart seemed to be hit by something, and his tone was choked with a sob, “You are very good, it’s my fault.”

What’s wrong with him?

Long Yuan wrinkled his eyebrows and his tone became serious, “First of all, if you don’t like me, you can reject me. I am confident that I can make you like me, but I definitely won’t accept your rejection if it’s because of my family background.” Only then did he ask, “Why did you reject me?”

Yu Ze’s lips twitched, unable to answer.

Long Yuan changed the question, “Is it because of your family history?”

Yu Ze shook his head.

Long Yuan rubbed the top of his hair again, “That’s fine, I can’t say anything bad about you in the future, you’re too good. Don’t doubt my vision!” He trailed off, “Do you hear me?”

Yu Ze nodded his head.

Long Yuan smiled, “Good boy,” he changed the subject, “you just walked very steadily. Want to try walking again?”

“Okay.” Yu Ze gathered his emotions and continued to practice walking. Yu Ze continued to practice controlling his wings in the afternoon, and by dinner time, he was able to retract his wings. He touched the butterfly bone with his backhand, and without his wings, he was a bit uncomfortable.

Long Yuan said, “Go take a shower and we’ll go to the cafeteria to eat together later.”

Yu Ze took a change of clothes to the bathroom. Long Yuan went back to his room and got an empty glass jar, then went to Yu Ze’s room and carefully picked up all the feathers that had fallen to the floor. He held the glass jar in his hand and looked at the feathers inside with fascination, stroking his fingers along the wall of the jar. It was so beautiful.

He was in a trance for a moment, thinking of the touch of his fingertips when he touched those wings. He was so eager to do it again!

“You…” Yu Ze had just finished his shower. His hair was still slightly wet as he stood in the doorway, looking at the jar of feathers in Long Yuan’s hands, inexplicably feeling extra shy.

Long Yuan’s gaze fell on him and the color of his eyes deepened, showing a flash of dark gold.

The young man’s fair skin, dyed red hair and red eyelashes, looked more and more conspicuous. It was like a glance into the past, like a red plum on the snow, cold and brilliant. This contrast was extraordinarily confusing.

Long Yuan came closer and his fingers fell uncontrollably on Yu Ze’s forehead, ruffling the dark hair that was wet and stuck to it.

The warmth on his forehead flashed, and Yu Ze took a step back, only to feel a vague numbness there, “I washed up, now are we going to the canteen?”

Long Yuan regretted it for a moment. Why did he propose to go to the canteen to eat? He didn’t want people to see such a good-looking Yu Ze at all! But thinking that Yu Ze had only bestialized and needed to eat more meat, and the canteen had a wide variety of dishes and was hot, he could only press that little selfishness down.

“Mn, wait for me.” He took a step outside and turned back to pull Yu Ze’s wrist, “You’re in the wrong room.”

Yu Ze was pulled to the opposite room, then he remembered that Long Yuan said his room was not safe and he wanted them to share a room. Long Yuan put the glass jar with the feathers on the bedside table a spot he could see as soon as he turned his head.

“Let’s go.” He put his hand on Yu Ze’s shoulder and they went out together.

“Wow! Big beauty!”

“Oh my God, so beautiful.”

As soon as they left the dormitory building, they met some students who were going back to their dormitories, and when they saw Yu Ze, they couldn’t move their eyes.

Long Yuan raised his eyes and looked over with a warning in his gaze, and the hand that was originally on Yu Ze’s shoulder changed to encircle his shoulder with obvious possessiveness. The students who were stunned returned to their senses and moved their gazes away.

“Chirp chirp~~” Two small birds flew from afar and circled around the two, always keeping a distance of about two meters.

Yu Ze glanced at them, hesitated for a moment, and inclined his head to ask Long Yuan in a small voice, “They are not Awakened ones, right?”

He didn’t feel the Awakened One scent, but the birds’ demeanor seemed too smart for him to doubt his feelings.

“No, they’re birds.” Long Yuan said.

Only when his words fell, an Awakened One with white wings flew from afar and landed directly in front of the two, bringing the wind that blew their hair up.

“Student Feng Ze, I like you. Do I have the honor to be your follower?” The Awakened One knelt on one foot and tilted his head, his eyes shining brightly at Yu Ze.

In this world, followers of Awakened ones were the equivalent of lover preppers. Very few Awakened ones were willing to become the followers of another, unless their strength was much stronger. The pose of the white wing Awakened person was very reverent to Yu Ze now.

The students passing around were amazed that an Awakened person who could bestialize and was at least intermediate in rank asked to become a follower of another Awakened person! They couldn’t help but drop their eyes on Yu Ze, could it be an Advanced Awakened person?

But they hadn’t heard of an Advanced Awakened in the department!

Yu Ze was a bit confused, he was pretty sure that he hadn’t seen this person before. He looked at the Awakened One’s eyes and replied, “Sorry, I refuse.” 

Long Yuan originally had a black face but when he saw his frank refusal attitude, bubbles of joy gradually popped up in his heart. It was completely different from the reaction of rejecting him! He must be special to Yu Ze!

The white winged Awakened person looked lost, but didn’t dwell on it. He got up and moved out of the way, just looking at Yu Ze’s distant figure with a fascinated expression.

Long Yuan grunted lightly and swept Yu Ze towards him, doing his best to block Yu Ze.

However, this was just the beginning.

From the dormitory building to the cafeteria, in less than five minutes, a total of seven Bird Awakened confessed to Yu Ze, and the number of birds surrounding them grew.

Yu Ze looked puzzled and couldn’t help but ask Long Yuan, “Why did they confess to me? I don’t know them.”

Long Yuan had a guess in his heart and looked unhappy, “Probably because you are a Phoenix Awakened.”

“What does that mean?” Yu Ze asked.

Long Yuan, “The master of a hundred birds.”

Yu Ze, “…”

No wonder he wasn’t surprised to see a flock of birds flying around him, he had a feeling like it was natural.

While Yu Ze was eating, the seats around him were filled by bird Awakened people. The Awakened, who normally could not take their eyes off the meat, had their eyes on Yu Ze’s face.

Yu Ze was no stranger to the stares of others, but this was the first time he had encountered so many hot stares that he was a little nervous and confused. He couldn’t eat well.

Long Yuan wrinkled his eyebrows and glared warningly. The weak students withdrew their gaze, but some strong students were unwilling to compromise.

Long Yuan raised his eyebrows and stared at the closest person to Yu Ze’s right, sneering, “Want to fight?”

The man with black hair, deep features and extremely sharp eyes, said, “I’ll fight you.”

Yu Ze’s heart tightened and he quickly grabbed Long Yuan who wanted to stand up, “No.”

The Awakened Department forbade private fights. After all, these people were very likely to become comrades in arms in the end so it was not good for them to fight.

The man stared at Yu Ze’s hand for a second, and his face sank slightly, “You’re together?”

Long Yuan’s face darkened as he heard the implication of his words.

Yu Ze blushed slightly and shook his head.

Not to Long Yuan’s surprise, the man’s expression immediately relaxed a bit and he looked at Long Yuan provocatively as he said, “Since he is single, everyone has the right to pursue him.”

The surrounding students, who had been peaceful, were vaguely excited.

“Still single!”

“So he’s not with Young Master Yuan, great!”

The eyes that fell on Yu Ze got hotter, and Yu Ze nervously grabbed Long Yuan’s sleeve.

“Ring ring ring…” Yu Ze’s bracelet rang lightly.

He picked up, it was the director’s communication, “Are you stable now? Come to the departmental infirmary.”

Yu Ze agreed and looked at the time, “I’ll come by at six.”

“What’s wrong?” Long Yuan asked.

Yu Ze explained the situation, Long Yuan pulled him up, “Go there first, I’ll order you take-out later.”

Yu Ze didn’t refuse, he couldn’t eat at all under the eyes of so many people.

The department doctor gave Yu Ze a checkup and sounded admiring, “Your body is great. Your beast ancestor gene is very active, in the Rapid Awakened period, pay attention to nutrition.”

Yu Ze nodded his head.

The doctor glanced towards the chirping birds outside the window, “Only Advanced Phoenix Awakened can attract hundreds of birds and bird Awakened ones, your qualification is very good, cheer up and exercise.”

Yu Ze hummed, “Mn.”

Back at the dormitory, Long Yuan ordered take-out and invited Yu Ze. While waiting, he asked, “Why don’t you team up with me for the practice exercise?”

Yu Ze replied, “Sure.”

Long Yuan smiled and immediately informed Bai Yan and Xuan Miao, Bai Yan said, “Exactly five, plus Xiao Lu, we have a full team.”

Long Yuan looked confident, “We will be the champions!”


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January 19, 2022 8:59 pm

Poor LY, he’s fallen for a ravishing magnate!
Thanks for translating and editing.

January 19, 2022 10:22 pm

I’ll say this once again, only an idiot would make a move against this Pheonix and incur a revenge of other birds. But I guess some people won’t change.

And if this was not a QT plot, we could celebrate a birth of an ultimate couple but now Yu Ze knows he won’t be here long so he can’t reciprocate Long Yuan’s feelings. Ahhh so sad.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

Blizzard passing by said hey~
Blizzard passing by said hey~
October 24, 2022 11:49 pm

ahhhh~ phoenix sure was beautiful creatures that the master of the thousand birds~ their rebirth skill was powerful, is our Zeze inherited it?

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