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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Xiao Tu, who had been distracted by the two beast masters, looked at Xie Sen as if he had seen a savior, and his eyes burst with enthusiasm. “Xiao Sen, come and take a look at them.” He turned his head to reassure the two owners. “Don’t worry, the trauma on them isn’t serious. They won’t be in danger.”

“Ooooooooo, but it’s screaming so pitifully. It looks so scared!” The two beast masters said almost the same thing at the same time. Even the rhythm of their crying was the same.

Xie Sen inclined his head to look at them. The two looked alike, so they were apparently twins. They were particularly good-looking, like cute short-haired girls in comics. But they were boys! Xie Sen hurriedly turned his head away, approached the bed, and reached out to pet the toy poodle who was closest to him.

The toy poodle’s body trembled involuntarily. When he noticed Xie Sen’s touch, at first he was startled. His voice rose sharply, then suddenly quieted down, and his body gradually stopped shaking. The toy poodle’s head moved out from the corner of the bed, his body turned so his head rubbed against the palm of Xie Sen’s hand, and his voice was cute and soft, no longer panicked.

“Oooooooooo, Little Left,” one beast master whimpered, and stroked the toy poodle’s back. He was licked by the toy poodle’s palm. He broke into tears, looked at Xie Sen and said, “You’re great. Really thank you so much.”

Xie Sen saw the Energy 1 reminder and smiled, “You’re welcome. It’s what I should do.”

“Can you help me look at Little Right?” The other beast master tugged at Xie Sen’s sleeve, and opened his eyes wide and expectantly.

“Sure.” Xie Sen went to calm the other toy poodle, Little Right, whose affinity was really strong. In no time, Little Right regained his composure, and he harvested another energy, total value 12.



The door of the ward was pushed open, as two male voices shouted at the same time. Then they asked in unison, “Are you okay?”

“Oh, you’re finally here, you scared me to death.” The two beast masters each jumped on their visitor, their red eyes telling of their fear.

Xie Sen looked at two more similar faces and was stunned, was this a twin and twin pairing?

After the description of events from the two beast owners, the two males who came knew what had happened, and were so distraught that they kept calming their mates.

Xie Sen was in this dog food atmosphere as he assisted Xiao Tu to clean the two toy poodle’s wounds, and put on the trauma medicine. He and Xiao Tu each held a toy poodle, and handed them to the two beast masters, who finally came out of their mates’ arms and kept thanking them.

The two males were also grateful, “It’s really worthy of Gold Medal, to treat everyone well. We are very relieved.”

Xie Sen looked at the energy returned by the two males one after another, smiled brightly and made it clear that this was the caretaker’s job, and then personally escorted them out of the consultation room with a friendly attitude.

“Xie Sen, you’re amazing. The affinity works better than a tranquilizer, and when you smile, you’re more enthusiastic than a salesman.” Xiao Tu coyly pursed his lips in praise.

Xie Sen slapped his face, wondered if he was smiling too doggishly, and waved his hand modestly. “I’m just lucky. You guys are really good. I still have a lot to learn.”

The two of them chatted for a few minutes, and then went back to their respective jobs.

The work at night was much more leisurely than during the day. After all, the beast masters had to sleep at night. However all those who came at night were in more urgent situations. Therefore, Xie Sen harvested energy more easily, the females were already emotionally sensitive, and in an emergency situation, if he went in to help, their gratitude burst.

The later it was, the more idle it became. At almost ten o’clock, Xie Sen hadn’t received an assignment, and was sitting in the lounge waiting for a notification. He was leaning back in his seat, when he vaguely seemed to hear a noise. He leaned forward and inclined his head. He found that the noise was getting louder and louder, and there seemed to be the roar of a wild animal.

Xie Sen was startled and stood up. The sound was coming from the male contract beast department. Could it be a senior contract beast going berserk? He walked out of the lounge, and was met at the door by a tall caretaker who was rushing to enter the lounge.

He was grabbed by the man’s hand. “Is Xie Sen in there?”

Xie Sen was surprised. “That’s me. What’s up?”

“Come with me.” The man pulled him quickly to the right towards the male contract beast department. “I heard Yang Shun say you have a high affinity. Originally I was prepared to find a time to try and see if your affinity for senior contract beast was useful, but now the situation is urgent. I did not find the time, and want to try it today.”

Xie Sen followed him at a faster pace. “You are? What’s happening?”

“I am Sun Mao. I don’t know what caused this madness. In the middle of the night, Qi Shao brought his contract beast to take a bath. The guy hates baths, now look at the fuss! He might even tear the place down!”

Xie Sen knew his name, and knew he was the same level as Yang Shun, so he was the manager of the male contract beast care department.

Sun Mao spat as he walked, “Luckily our care center spent a lot of money to install a soundproof system, otherwise it would have been reported by the nearby residents.”

Xie Sen was dragged to the back of the main building. Sun Mao pushed open the door to the back side of the room. Behind the door was a huge swimming pool, which was a mess. The left side of the wall against the counter had potions falling to the ground, while on the other side were three males and a contract beast who were fighting hard.

The contract beast was nearly two meters tall and more than four meters long, with gray skin and a horn on the front of its head, which Xie Sen thought looked familiar, much like a rhinoceros.

He said they were fighting, but it looked more like playing. Of the three males, one was tugging on the tail, and the other two were picking at the hind legs of the contract beast, as they tried to drag him to the pool.

However, the contract beast was very unwilling and stomped with his two hind legs to shake the people off. He didn’t dare to move, only turned back and howled, angry and aggrieved.

The man who was tugging on the tail was tall. He was wearing black leather pants, military boots on his feet, and no clothes on his upper body, to reveal a sturdy body, with eight abs neatly arranged.

“You’re going to give me a receding hairline.” The man kicked the hind legs of the contract beast and raised his eyebrows. “You have the ability to continue to shake your tail, ah? You’re such a baby. So spoiled! Even though you just demolished things, do you not feel very powerful?”

“Moo…” The contract beast turned around and barked, then gently wagged its tail in an apparently pleasing manner.

“I told you, you have to take a bath today. Do you know how dirty you are now? Old me doesn’t even want to be next to you.” The man said and began to tug hard on his tail.

The contract beast bounced in place, as it tilted its head and howled. It wasn’t cooperating at all.

“Call someone. Call ten or eight. Today you must be washed!” The man turned his head, and yelled.

Sun Mao rolled his eyes, “Qi Shao, what time do you think it is? Where would we get so many people to come? Why can’t you come during the day?”

“I just came back from the forest. It is too dirty, and I can’t stand it all night,” he said. Then he let go of the contract beast’s tail, bent down, picked up the soft hose nozzle, opened the nozzle and sprayed the contract beast indiscriminately.

“Moo!” The contract beast was sprayed with water, and reacted as if it had been electrocuted. It jumped high in place, and then began to flee wildly.

Xie Sen felt that even the ground had begun to tremble.

Qi Shao took the nozzle, and sprayed behind the contract beast, as the contract beast circled the area, as it howled while it ran. As if the water was a Big Pac Man that could eat it.

Xie Sen looked frightened. This contract beast was too big, too visually striking, especially now that it was getting closer and closer to him.

Just when they were about to hit, Sun Mao pulled him back a step. The contract beast was humane, and didn’t mean to hurt people, so it moved to the side as it ran past.

However, it was too big, and as it passed by their side, it’s belly rubbed Xie Sen’s arm.

Xie Sen saw him pass by and breathed a sigh of relief. But  before he dropped his arm, there was a blackness in front of his eyes. The tall contract beast fell back and turned its head close to him and Sun Mao.

Xie Sen’s heart froze up. As soon as it opened its mouth, he would die!

The contract beast sniffed at Sun Mao, then at Xie Sen, and then its entire head rubbed against Xie Sen’s body. Xie Sen’s strength was like an ant and a human compared to it. He was rubbed backwards several steps, until he directly hit the door.

“Huh, what’s wrong with this guy?” Qi Shao’s view was blocked by the contract beast, so he couldn’t see what happened, but he saw it stand still and let him spray water, so he couldn’t help but be shocked.

Sun Mao looked at Xie Sen in surprise. “It seems to be working.”

Xie Sen rubbed his chest, and waved his hand. “I’m leaving. Such a big guy, who can stand it? I could be trampled to death by it if I’m not careful.”

He turned around, but was pulled by Sun Mao, “No, Little Horn is an A class contract beast, It’s very smart. It won’t hurt anyone, and it seems to like you.You can help it bathe!”

Xie Sen looked at him suspiciously, “Are you sure?”

“Of course. As you can see, although it made a scene, it didn’t hurt anyone.”

Xie Sen thought about it, then walked up to him. Little Horn barked at him in a soft voice, while approaching his head.

Xie Sen raised his hand and stroked its neck, trying to push it towards the pool. Little Horn wasn’t too happy, and didn’t move. Xie Sen increased the force, then removed his hand. Little Horn shouted sharply a few times, and flopped into the water.

“Great!” Sun Mao gave Xie Sen a thumbs-up.

Only then did Qi Shao move his attention to Xie Sen. “What did you do?”

Sun Mao explained as he smiled and tapped Xie Sen’s shoulder, “Natural born caretaker!”

Xie Sen looked at the 10/10 energy value on top of Qi Shao’s head. He was surprised that there was actually another full energy person.

He smiled, “Manager Sun is complimenting you.” He took the nozzle from Qi Shao, and sat at the pool to start bathing Little Horn. A caretaker took a bottle of pills, and handed it to him. “This is for Little Horn’s germ removal.”

Xie Sen nodded his head to show that he knew, and carefully bathed Little Horn.

Sun Mao saw that this side was stabilized and departed. He left a caretaker just in case. Qi Shao sat on the shore, and spat frantically at Little Horn, “Have you ever figured out who is your master?”

Xie Sen laughed. He had heard these kinds of words many times. Xie Sen’s hands and feet were weak, and he was glad that he was working in the female contract beast department, otherwise he would have been tired of nursing such a large beast all day.

Little Horn was satisfied and Qi Shao put him into the contract space, then looked at Xie Sen and said, “Thank you for the hard work.”

Xie Sen harvested energy, smiled and shook his head. His hand was propped up on the shore ready to get up, however his hands and feet went completely out of control. He raised his hands, and fell into the waist deep pool.

Qi Shao was stunned. “You want to swim?”

Xie Sen wanted to spit, but couldn’t say anything. He could swim, but his arms and legs were uncontrolled, and his body sank. Xie Sen remembered that he had only rested for half an hour at dinner, and now it was… four hours! Four hours!


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January 20, 2022 4:06 pm

Oh no Xie Sen! Though I doubt he’s in much danger because Qi Shao is there. This danger will be over in like a paragraph or two according to the author’s style. lol

January 20, 2022 5:10 pm

I am sure he will be saved by Qi Shao, but let’s hope no feelings blossom toward him, or else a certain person will definitely be jealous.
Thanks for translating and editing.

January 20, 2022 9:59 pm

Oh, Xie Sen, Xie Sen. That’s what you get for not listening to Adam’s warning. I hope someone will save you this time. Though it’s a good thing that your affinity works with big beasts, too.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

Sue R
Sue R
February 22, 2022 12:12 pm

XS !!! Why are you so careless of yourself ????.

March 5, 2022 2:15 am

The glitch happened at worst time huh🙈🙈🙈

October 23, 2022 6:10 am

Thank you for translating and editing this is such a fun chapter

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XS is a true beast master. At least, not when he’s drowning.

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