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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The five people in Xie Sen’s group arrived at their previous day’s landing site before seven o’clock. Maine and Li You contacted the flight company separately, and one and a half hours later, the two flights arrived one after another.

Li You said thank you again, and Xie Sen’s group returned in their separate aircraft.

“Land at the parking lot at the edge of the forest.” Xie Sen said to the pilot, then reminded Long Teng, “Contact Gold Medal. It will take at least seven large flying shuttles to transport them.”

A group of senior contract beasts running on the road was too eye-catching. Plus they were huge. It would be easy to cause traffic jams. Directly transporting them by car would be the most convenient. As for the flying eagle beast, it could fly, so there was no need to worry about it.

Long Teng nodded, contacted his father and said directly that he wanted to borrow Gold Medal’s feeding area. The other side apparently asked him what he was doing and he gave a big smile. “Raising contract beasts! Oh, it’s not my contract beast, it’s one I met in the forest,” he said, and asked Xie Sen, “What district is the store you work at?”

“The An Guang District store.”

Long Teng said that, and then said, “Send someone to take them away. A large shuttle. At least seven.”

The handsome middle-aged man who was sitting on a luxurious sofa leaned forward slightly, “You mean there are seven of them?”

“Eight, but Sen said seven would be fine,” Long Teng said honestly. “We’ll arrive at the forest edge parking lot in an hour and a half. Father, you have to arrange someone quickly!”

The middle-aged man, Long Teng’s father Long Yu, was silent for a moment, then jumped up from the sofa, as his calm elite style disappeared instantly, “Brat! You haven’t contacted your father for so long, and when you do, you joke with me. Is your skin itchy?”

Long Teng then heard his dad’s gentle voice coming out of the communicator, “We’ll arrange it.”

“Thanks, Dad!” Long Teng happily ended the communication.

Long Yu grabbed his partner’s hand, and bit it lightly. “A’Ming, you know just how to spoil that brat.”

A’Ming looked at him helplessly. He opened his bracelet to bring up the Star City news, and pointed to the story with the hot logo at the top. “A’Teng is a stickler. He never jokes.”

Long Yu looked at the headline. [Shocked. A large number of high-level contract beasts appear at the edge of the forest!]

He continued to read down, and quickly finished the news. “Nine of them? Is A’Teng’s arithmetic already this bad?”

A’Ming rolled his eyes. “Maybe there was a change in the middle. You quickly contact your men. Your son’s affairs must be paid attention to. He doesn’t need our help all year round.”

Long Yu took him into his arms. “I just have to take care of you. Anyway, that kid got your traits.”

He might have said that, but his hand action wasn’t slow, and he quickly arranged the staff. He told the staff to pick up the contract beasts, and then contacted the An Guang District. He told the person in charge to sort out all the spare areas.

The general manager of An Guang District froze, then his voice rose abruptly in ecstasy, “Boss, did you get all the contract beasts reported in the news? Are you going to sell them in my store?”

“No,” Long Yu said. “Listen to Long Teng’s specific arrangements. You don’t interfere, just do what he wants.”

“Yes.” The manager’s voice instantly became powerless.

Before Xie Sen’s craft landed, the pilot saw from afar that there were a bunch of people standing at the edge of the forest, and he stared. “Why are there so many people all of a sudden? When I passed by this morning, there was no one here.”

Long Teng leaned against the window, and looked down, “Really, there are so many people!”

Xie Sen glanced out, and saw that the crowd was separated from the edge of the forest by a distance with no one in between, and the crowd was facing the forest.

Not far from the forest, there was a model flying machine above. He touched Maine’s arm. “What’s that?”

Maine looked at it. “An aerial camera.”

Xie Sen rubbed the corner of his forehead. “I think I know why there are so many people.”

Bai Jiao laughed. “It looks like the giant tiger beast was faster than us.”

“Wow, you mean they’re watching the big guys? I’d love to see them too. Sen said there were eight. I’ve only seen four, I wonder what the rest of them are?” Long Teng pressed more closely to the window.

The pilot was so shocked that his hand accidentally touched a button, and the craft turned steeply to the right. Xie Sen crashed into Maine because of inertia.

Maine grabbed him with his hand, and reminded the pilot in a cold voice, “Pay attention.”

The pilot apologized, flew the craft back to the right track and landed safely in the parking lot.

Xie Sen got out of the craft, and ran directly towards the crowd. The crowd was so thick that they couldn’t get through, so they simply went around to the edge of the forest, and ran along the edge.

“These people have the nerve to just run over there. Are they treating the army and the Institute as nothing? Isn’t it so hard not to also want to take advantage of the opportunity to form a contract under their eyes?”

“Really. Young people think it’s easy to make a contract? Senior contract beasts can be bad-tempered. They generally take the initiative not to harm humans, but they are too close. If the contract beasts sense provocation, that may not hold.”

“Why do I think they look familiar?”

“Hey, isn’t the tallest one the bastard who the Cox Family announced yesterday that they broke off their relationship with?”

“Could it be that he wants to put up a fight in the hope of gaining a contract to enhance his abilities and get the Cox Family back?”

There was all sorts of chatter from the crowd, but since he was separated from the edge by a distance, Xie Sen didn’t hear it. They didn’t have to run long before they saw the contract beasts. Each of them was large, and when standing together, it was really particularly conspicuous.

At the same time, he noticed that there were two groups of people at the front of the crowd, and closest to the contract beasts. One in dark green uniforms, and the other in light green uniforms.

Xie Sen was no stranger to those light green uniforms. He had seen them before when he went to the Institute of Contract Beasts. The researchers were all dressed like that.

An eagle’s cry came from the quiet group of contract beasts, then the contract beasts changed from their previous quiet position, and ran.

The crowd of onlookers clamored. Those who were standing at the front of the group subconsciously moved backward. With those big guys, even if they were accidentally stepped on, it was enough for them to suffer. The people in front stepped on the feet of the people behind them when they backed up. The group was crowded and noisy, so instantly chaos broke out.

The people in dark green uniforms were immediately on guard, with their hands on the weapons at their waists. The most calm were the people of the Institute. They had done intense research and could see at a glance that the contract beasts didn’t have any intention to attack, but were instead very happy.

When the contract beasts ran, Xie Sen felt the ground as it began to shake, then in the blink of an eye, the huge contract beasts were in front of them.

The giant tiger beast raised its fleshy paw and held it out to him. Xie Sen reached out and touched it. Immediately the sound of the giant tiger beast’s healthy voice came into his mind, “You’re finally here. They’re so annoying, they keep looking at us. Although I’m annoyed, I always remember how the flying rhinoceros beast said to keep a low profile, so not even a roar!”

The corners of Xie Sen’s mouth twitched. Didn’t it realize that by appearing in front of people, it was no longer low key?

He rubbed its fleshy paw. “Awesome! Sorry to keep you waiting. We’ve arranged your accommodation. Are all your companions here?”

“They are.”

Xie Sen said, “That’s good, wait a moment.” He considered how many people were next to him, and withdrew his hand after he finished speaking. The giant tiger beast also withdrew its paw, and looked down at him.

The flying eagle hovered above them, while the rest of the contract beasts stood beside the giant tiger beast and called lowly a few times. The giant tiger beast twisted its head, and roared softly, as they communicated with each other.

Xie Sen asked Long Teng, “Have the people your father arranged arrived yet?”

Long Teng looked in the direction of the crowd, while he jumped to see the scene behind the crowd. “Yes, but they said the shuttles couldn’t enter. The road is blocked by the crowd.”

Xie Sen immediately made a decision. “Then let’s walk to the parking lot!”

As he was talking, one person came striding forward. Xie Sen froze, then smiled as he greeted him, “President Mu.”

Mu Lin nodded his chin towards the contract beasts. “Did you find these guys from the forest?”

“Sort of.” Xie Sen asked curiously, “Why are you here?”

“Because of them, of course. High-ranking contract beasts without a contract are very rare. With nine of them appearing here together, we at the Contract Beast Institute must come to see what’s going on.” Mu Lin said.

Xie Sen looked towards the contract beasts, but his view was completely blocked by the giant tiger beast, so he couldn’t see the rest of the contract beasts at all. “Nine of them?”

“Yes,” Mu Lin’s eyes were alight. “There is an S class flying eagle beast. Not only that, there are also two of the vegetarian giant elephant beasts that had disappeared, a giant tiger beast, a giant lion beast, two giant leopard beasts, a giant wolf beast, and a giant rhinoceros beast. All are contract beasts of top combat power. “

He added after a pause, “They are also currently the most wanted contract beasts of the powerful and noble families.”

Xie Sen mentally calculated. “What are two of them?”

“The giant leopard beast,” Mu Lin raised his eyebrows. “Wasn’t it you who found it? You didn’t know?”

Xie Sen laughed dryly at the giant tiger beast’s level of arithmetic. “I’m not familiar with their species.” He changed the subject. “I’m too tired from being in the forest. I’m going back to rest.” He patted the tiger’s front leg, and said in his mind, “Follow me.” At the same time, he said to Maine, “Let’s walk to the parking lot.”

“Okay!” Long Teng looked brightly at the giant tiger beast, and followed it along. He looked back, and suddenly tapped Maine’s shoulder excitedly. “There’s a giant lion beast!”

Maine said indifferently, “Mn. I saw it.”

Long Teng blinked, and raised a smile. “Is the sync rate low? It’s okay. We’ll go back later. We’ll find it for sure.”

Maine’s eyes wavered under his not at all gloomy smile, and he nodded. “Yeah.”

Xie Sen watched the scene, and couldn’t help but be happy. Maine could actually make friends with others, he was just too guarded and unwilling to trust people.

Although Maine’s attitude towards Long Teng had only turned a little better, it was a good start, and would definitely get better as long as they went along. He smiled at Maine, who looked at him with a softened expression.

As he was walking, a lion’s roar came from the rear, followed by the roar of various contract beasts. When it came out together, the sound was truly deafening.

Xie Sen subconsciously frowned. The next moment his ears were covered. He turned his head, and saw Maine looking at him anxiously.

Xie Sen coughed dryly, and took his hand away by holding his wrist. “I’m not that fragile. You don’t have to be so careful.”

Maine seemed to be too careful with him, even more than his former roommate was with his girlfriend. However he was a man, and it was uncomfortable to be treated this way. He said, “Let’s go see what’s going on first.”

He took two steps, and then said to Long Teng, “You take them to the parking lot.”

He ran to the back, and saw the giant lion beast that had been walking at the very back with its posterior slightly pressed down, and a low warning growl in its throat. Opposite it were four men with weapons and in military uniforms.

Mu Lin also walked over, his expression unhappy. “What? The first army still wants to take them?”

The lead soldier said, “President Mu, these are all uncovenanted beasts. They appeared from the wild and are ownerless. Whoever gets them, owns them.”

Mu Lin snorted. “If you can make them come with you on their own, I have nothing to say. But if you do it illegally, the Institute will not sit idly by.”

The soldier frowned. “President Mu, please don’t make things difficult for us, we are just following orders, I don’t care about the rest, but I have to take the giant lion beast.”

Mu Lin said nonchalantly, “Nice talk. Even if Lieutenant General Cox himself comes, he might not be able to take it away.”

Xie Sen stroked the front leg of the giant lion beast to calm it down. When he heard Mu Lin’s words, he immediately realized that he was one of Meyer’s men. No wonder he wanted the giant lion beast.

“Who said there is no owner?” Xie Sen said. “They are all Gold Medal’s. Are you trying to rob them by force? If you fight, even if you have weapons in your hands, do you think you have an advantage?” He looked at the crowd not far away. “There are so many people here, aren’t you afraid of them getting hurt by accident?”

The soldier looked at him. “Gold Medal’s?”

“Of course,” Xie Sen nodded. “Gold Medal’s shuttles have arrived to pick them up. Goodbye.”

As he spoke, he said in his head to the giant lion, “You go to the giant tiger, and stay with it at the front.”

The giant lion beast opened its mouth wide, and roared towards the soldiers with a majestic aura. Several people’s faces suddenly stiffened. The giant lion beast waved its tail, ran to the front and walked side by side with the giant tiger beast.

Long Teng looked excitedly at the two giant beasts on the left and right, and tentatively reached out to touch them. This time he didn’t encounter an attack, and managed to touch them.

“Hahahaha! They let me touch them,” he laughed out loud, happily.

Bai Jiao also laughed lightly. “They are smart enough to know that we are friends of A’Sen, and mean them no harm.”

When the lead soldier saw the giant lion beast leave, his face turned ugly, and the hand that held his weapon moved. Mu Lin warned, “Hurting the contract beast is punishable. I advise you to be calm.”

Xie Sen wasn’t worried. With so many senior contract beasts, he didn’t think the soldiers would dare to try it. He said to Mu Lin, “President Mu, we’ll go first.”

Mu Lin nodded, “I will be visiting Gold Medal.”

In case anyone else tried something, Xie Sen and Maine followed the last contract beast towards the parking lot. The crowd watched in amazement at the docile and obedient appearance of the contract beasts, and subconsciously moved along with them.

The staff of Gold Medal froze when they saw the contract beasts who were walking so nicely. After the shock, Sun Mao, the person in charge, immediately had all the shuttle doors opened.

When Long Teng approached, Sun Mao’s eyes were bright as he asked, “Are these all going to Gold Medal?”

Long Teng nodded, “Yes.” 

Bai Jiao reminded, “They are only on loan at Gold Medal, not for sale.”

Sun Mao was surprised. Since when did contract beasts need to stay on loan in the human’s territory? They were at the top of the food chain in the forest.

Long Teng checked the shuttles, and said to the contract beasts behind him, “One in each compartment. You choose.”

The giant tiger beast looked back, and ran to stand at the door of the farthest compartment, followed by the giant lion beast, next to it. Then the contract beasts behind it lined up horizontally, and each chose a shuttle.

However they all just stood at the entrances, and didn’t go in.

When the giant leopard beast reached its destination, Xie Sen and Maine appeared in front of them.

Sun Mao ran to Xie Sen. “Why are you here?” He pointed to the contract beasts. “Did you find these?”

Xie Sen shook his head. He should say they were the ones who asked him for help.

Sun Mao just thought he wanted to keep a low profile, and sighed. “Why are you still working? If you go into the forest, and then sell all these contract beasts, you couldn’t spend all the money in your life.”

Xie Sen frowned. “They aren’t for sale, they are just borrowing the Gold Medal site.”

“I know. Your friend just said this.” Sun Mao pointed to the huge giant black leopard beast. “How are there more? I only brought seven flying shuttles.”

Xie Sen said, “There was an extra one in the middle.” He couldn’t say that the giant tiger beast miscalculated.

“Now what? Let it run after the car? In fact, this is fine, the giant leopard beast isn’t slower than the shuttle.” Sun Mao said.

Xie Sen reached out to touch the giant leopard beast’s front leg. His natural aura made the giant leopard beast feel extra comfortable. It lowered its head towards him, and gave a soft bark.

“Do you want to wait to call another shuttle to pick you up, or run back with it?” he asked.

The giant leopard beast replied easily, “I’ll run back with you on my back.”

So then there was a spectacular scene on the streets of Star City. Seven large shuttles traveled one after the other in a line, followed by a giant leopard beast that carried two people on its back and a flying eagle beast that soared in the air.

At the end was a small shuttle. Long Teng sat on the passenger side as he looked enviously at Xie Sen and Maine on the back of the giant leopard beast. “Ahhhhh! I want to ride on the back of the giant leopard beast too!”

Bai Jiao shook his head in amusement. With Maine around, his idea was doomed to fail unless he didn’t ride with Xie Sen. But then the giant leopard beast might not be willing.

Xie Sen grabbed the giant leopard’s fur with both hands as he was held in Maine’s arms. The giant leopard’s head blocked most of the wind in front of him, so he sat very firmly. The giant leopard beast was huge and had a wide back, but when it ran, its limbs moved back. So every time it took a step, Xie Sen was forced to move back and forth with it.

Maine’s hands were around his waist, and the two were extremely close to each other. Every time their bodies moved, the two would come together. It was especially ambiguous. Xie Sen blushed, and wanted to kill himself for promising Maine he would sit with him. It was too damn embarrassing. He tried to move forward unnoticeably, but was swept into a tighter hold by Maine. With the two of them pressed together, he easily felt Maine’s reaction.

He first froze, and then subconsciously looked down at himself, and thought about how it was a close call. Fortunately, there was no one sitting in front of him.

The hand around his waist gradually hardened, as if to rub him to the bone.

Xie Sen kept reminding himself that this was normal, if any male was rubbed around like this, he would also have a reaction. But no amount of rational thought could stop the temperature on his face as it rose. Suddenly, there was a heavy weight on his right shoulder. He turned his head to see Maine had put his chin on his shoulder. His pretty face had a hard look, while his brow was furrowed.

“A’Sen, I’m so uncomfortable.” His voice was low, slightly muffled, and caused Xie Sen’s heart to flutter.

Holy shit, this is a foul. He’s going to react even if he’s not rubbed!

Xie Sen took a deep breath, and tried to sound normal and calm, “Let go of me. I’ll move forward, and you move back. Just so we’re not next to each other.”

Maine shook his head with his chin still positioned on his shoulder. “Don’t want to let go.”

Xie Sen’s heart was now beating wildly as he said through clenched teeth. “Let go. We’ll be at Gold Medal soon. Be careful of making a fool of yourself later.”

“Make a fool of myself?” Maine repeated in confusion. “Why?”

Xie Sen lowered his voice, and said, “Nonsense. You know you’re reacting!”

“What reaction? I just feel bad.” Maine said, as he subconsciously rubbed against him.

Xie Sen was dumbfounded, as he looked at Maine’s delicate face close at hand. This person… was he so pure-minded? So, innocent?

“Your first time like this?” He couldn’t help but be curious.

“No, I used to get up like this in the morning, but I could control it, and it was fine after a while.” Maine wrinkled his eyebrows. “But not now. I want to be closer to you, just a little closer.”

As if to verify his words, his hand around Xie Sen’s waist tightened, and his chin nudged forward, so he almost enclosed Xie Sen’s entire body with his own.

Even Xie Sen’s ears reddened. Maine’s words weren’t too revealing, but they made his heart beat wildly and completely messed up his rhythm. He steadied himself. “Let go of me first, you… If you keep reacting like this, it will be obvious. Just calm down.”

Maine didn’t let go and rubbed his shoulder again. Xie Sen kicked back. “Let go!” He released one hand that was holding onto the giant leopard, and went to wrench Maine’s hand.

Maine was reluctant to let go, so the two of them fought, but Xie Sen’s strength was no match for his, and his hand wouldn’t budge.

Xie Sen rolled his eyes. “Hey, I’m doing this for your own good. Don’t be ungrateful!” If this went on, he would be taken to the ditch, too.

Maine said, “That’s it. It’s okay.”

Xie Sen gritted his teeth, and poked his hand in the back, straight into Maine’s erection.

But he still wouldn’t let go!

Xie Sen was at a loss. He couldn’t think of any other ways.

“You…” Maine’s body pulled back for a split second, then immediately leaned forward, as he pressed against Xie Sen’s back and spoke in his ear. “Touch me again.”

His voice was hoarse, and the heat of his words spread to Xie Sen’s ears. Xie Sen’s body couldn’t help but tremble slightly.

It was over, Xie Sen lamented, he needed to calm down too!

He was obviously a man! A straight man of steel! But he actually reacted to another man, Xie Sen’s mind came up with a big word. Finished.

What’s more, he actually wanted to do what Maine said! He clenched his palms into fists, as he frantically chanted, calm down. After a while he said, “Now let go of me, and calm yourself down. Your request,, no one will talk about it.”

When he finished, he couldn’t help the image of putting it into practice that came into his mind. His head almost smoked, while his heart itched with both shame and anticipation.

Maine stared at the side of his face, and thought for a moment. “You wouldn’t lie to me, would you?”


Maine slowly let go of him.

Xie Sen hurriedly moved forward, and grabbed the giant leopard’s fur with both hands. He looked at the shiny black pelt in front of him, then it suddenly occurred to him that he had been next to the giant leopard, wouldn’t that mean…The giant leopard beast heard all his words!

He wanted to dig the earth and bury himself.

The giant leopard beast hummed, his tone arrogant, and lightly said, “You and your man cannot hold back. Maybe there will be another one soon!”

*Poof…* Xie Sen rubbed its fleshy back. “Shut up!”

“Heh,” the giant leopard beast again lightly hummed. “My friend, I am saying this for your own good. According to ancestral experience, the giant leopard beast owners are quite good. Good waist and kidneys…”

“You shut up,” Xie Sen interrupted it. “You think you’re so smart. Is the other giant leopard beast your mate?”

“No, it’s my little brother.” The giant leopard beast’s tone was particularly domineering.

It wasn’t long before they reached Gold Medal. Maine and Xie Sen had both regained their composure, but Xie Sen felt somehow that Maine was looking at him with more heat than usual.

Xie Sen placed the contract beasts in the fourth and fifth zones, then touched them one by one as he asked for their opinions.

When he touched the other spotted giant leopard beast, it was rubbing against the black giant leopard beast, with a creamy voice, “Brother, brother.”

Xie Sen, “You are so affectionate. Do you know your brother said you are its little brother?”

“I am my brother’s little brother.” The giant spotted leopard beast said softly, then gently rolled its tail around Xie Sen’s wrist, and shook it like a toy.

Xie Sen’s other hand patted its tail, and it let go.

At this time, the flying eagle beast came to land in front of him. Its round eyes blinked, as it jumped in place, then turned to stand sideways, wings slightly raised right in front of Xie Sen’s chest.

Xie Sen laughed, and squeezed its wingtip. “What’s wrong?”

The flying eagle beast’s other wing lifted straight up, and pointed overhead. “It’s too short. I want to fly out.”

Xie Sen looked at the transparent dome, and felt this was a little difficult, “This is to isolate the noise. If you roar, you may scare people. Also sometimes outside it is very noisy, and it will affect your rest.”

The flying eagle beast tilted its head to look at him. “There is no way? Then I can’t stay here.”

Xie Sen said, “I’ll ask.”

He looked at Sun Mao, “Can you open the dome?”

“No,” Sun Mao said immediately, “It’s not only there to isolate the noise, but also to ensure their safety. Without the dome this place is directly connected to the outside, which is very dangerous, in case someone enters from above by a flying machine.”

Xie Sen mulled it over and thought it made sense. He squeezed the wing of the flying eagle, and explained to it. The flying eagle said, “Then I won’t live here. Can someone provide me with food?”

Xie Sen said, “Yes. Where do you want to stay?”

“Wherever. I like to fly around. I’ll get better after a while without fighting, then I’ll go back to the forest.”

Xie Sen nodded, then asked the rest of the contract beasts for their opinions. They were all very nice to talk to. All they asked was for zones 4 and 5 to be opened up so that they could chat together and not get bored.

It was a simple matter. The two zones were supposed to be next to each other. Xie Sen talked to Long Teng, who told the Gold Medal people to do as requested and it was taken care of before noon. Each of the eight contract beasts chose their own territory according to their preferences, and were all satisfied.

Long Teng ran around them excitedly, and asked Xie Sen, “A’Sen, is there anything else you want to prepare?”

Xie Sen said, “The flying eagle doesn’t like the location which isn’t big enough. It doesn’t live here, so let the feeder put a portion of the flying eagle’s food outside every day. It will come and eat by itself.”

Long Teng looked at Sun Mao, who gave Xie Sen a surprised look and nodded. “Okay.”

After the arrangements were settled, several people were about to leave when Sun Mao’s assistant came running in breathlessly. “Manager Sun. The Cox family, Qiao family, Yan family and many other big families are asking about the selling price of high level contract beasts, and offering to come to test the synchronization rate.”

Sun Mao was helpless. “Send an announcement. These are all not for sale items.”

Long Teng said in an aside, “They are not for sale. No one is for sale.”


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