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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Xie Sen couldn’t help but feel excited by Adam’s words. He could communicate with these big guys! Even just thinking about it was amazing.

As he considered that, the voice of the flying rhinoceros came into his mind, “After I got the energy, my ability has been strengthened. He can beat the old me,” he sighed. “But cannot make the current me subservient, so probably our clan and their family are not destined.”

Xie Sen, having heard his tone of regret, couldn’t help but ask, “Can’t you do it yourself even if you want to?”

“No,” the flying rhinoceros explained. “if the beast master cannot make the S class contract beast submit, when the bonding ceremony comes to the blood-drinking stage, the beast master’s aura cannot overpower the contract beast, and the contract beast will instinctively attack the beast master.”

Xie Sen thought of what it said before, and worried, “If you don’t make the contract, will your mental condition get better?”

The flying rhinoceros said, “I don’t know. The contract beast and the beast master bonding is conducive to the contract beast’s spiritual stability. As for whether there is another way to cure my spiritual power, I’m not sure.” It paused. “I feel comfortable when I’m next to you. You may be able to help, I just need to trouble you.”

Xie Sen stroked its belly. “I’d be glad if I could help.” He hesitated. “There might be a way for you to bond with him.”

“What way?” The flying rhinoceros beast hastily asked. “I am very satisfied with this beast master. If I miss him, it will probably be difficult to meet someone again.”

Xie Sen told him about Gold Yao’s contract. “Gold Yao is an A class contract beast, and you are S class, so I am not sure if it will work for you.”

Try it,” said the flying rhinoceros beast in a warm voice. “Let him try again.”

Xie Sen looked at Yan Qi who was still half-kneeling on the ground, and looked dejected. “Try again.”

“It’s too strong,” Yan Qi said. His eyes showed his admiration and appreciation, though he clenched his fist in shame. “I’m not good enough for him.”

Xie Sen was a little more impressed with him, and said, “Try again. It’s in a bad state of mind, and needs your help.”

Yan Qi couldn’t help but worry. He hesitated for a moment, then he stood up and looked at the flying rhinoceros beast with determination. “I will try my best.”

The flying rhinoceros beast nodded to him. Yan Qi looked at Xie Sen, while Maine grabbed Xie Sen’s hand, ready to take him away.

Xie Sen shook his head. “I’m staying right here.”

Yan Qi was slightly surprised. Maine immediately understood, and didn’t make him leave, but stood by his side.

Xie Sen said to Yan Qi, “Start!”

Yan Qi closed his eyes, and opened them half a second later. His eyes were sharp, and his whole body aura was severe, as if a great sword was fiercely unsheathed, to reveal a biting sharpness.

He approached the flying rhinoceros beast. Xie Sen’s hand was on the belly of the flying rhinoceros beast, his mind filled with the flying rhinoceros beast’s voice, “It’s useful. Your natural aura makes me unusually calm. Facing his provocation, I am also very calm.”

Xie Sen breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s good.”

Yan Qi walked up to the flying rhinoceros beast. His eyes showed a look of amazement, but he didn’t pause in his movements. He opened his clothes, untied the bandages wrapped around his body, and didn’t hesitate to make a long slash on the chest beast pattern.

The flying rhinoceros beast licked his blood while Yan Qi put his hand on the flying rhinoceros beast’s forehead. His tone of voice firm but with a slight choke, as he swore a lifetime of loyalty.

Soon, at the end of the deed, Yan Qi’s hard face had a tender look. He touched the flying rhinoceros beast’s neck, then finally gently touched its broken horn.

Xie Sen heard the flying rhinoceros’ voice, “Don’t worry, the horns of our clan will regenerate.”

Yan Qi’s eyes widened with a whoosh, and he stared blankly at the flying rhinoceros beast.

Xie Sen also froze. With Yan Qi’s reaction, had he heard the words of the flying rhinoceros beast?

“He seems to be able to understand your words.” He couldn’t help but say in his mind.

The flying rhinoceros beast said, “The rate of empathy between the beast owner and the contract beast is very high. A contract beast below A class can only sense the emotions of both parties after bonding with the beast owner, while an advanced contract beast can express the thoughts more accurately. My ability to express is more strongly affected by the energy.”

It said this while Yan Qi’s hand was still its body, so he heard the words.

This sentence sounded abrupt to him. It was obvious that this was a sentence of explanation, but since he hadn’t asked any questions, the only possible question could only come from someone next to the flying rhinoceros beast. Xie Sen.

As he thought back on the previous series of events. If Xie Sen could communicate with the flying rhinoceros beast, it all made sense.

Yan Qi looked at Xie Sen, “You…”

Xie Sen smiled and interrupted him. “You should have heard the rumors about my identity. A plant contract beast master has a strong affinity for contract beasts. They trust me. I just tried it, but I didn’t expect it to work. In fact, I’m the main reason that it accepts you.”

Yan Qi looked at him. From how Xie Sen interrupted him he understood what Xie Sen meant, and didn’t say anything else. He just said, “Thank you.”

“You don’t want others to know that you can communicate with me?” The flying rhinoceros beast was also smart enough to understand what Xie Sen meant.

Xie Sen laughed. “I find I don’t even have to say that much. You just tell him to keep it a secret. Sometimes the higher the profile, the more dangerous and troublesome it is.”

The flying rhinoceros beast said, “You’re right, I don’t want people to know either. Otherwise I’m sure I’ll be surrounded, and I don’t like that.”

Yan Qi patted it on the neck, “I know.”

“A’Qi, congratulations!” Qiao Shao and the other two had smiles on their faces, and looked at Yan Qi with envy.

Yan Qi smiled. “Thank you.” He looked at the giant tiger beast. “Qiao Shao, can you feel the synchronization level with it?”

Qiao Shao’s eyes gleamed. “Yes. I’m sure that it’s definitely above fifty percent!”

The giant tiger beast roared toward him with a warning, then walked over to the flying rhinoceros beast and they communicated.

Long Teng’s eyes glowed as he looked at the majestic big cat. He quietly approached, and reached out to touch. But before he could touch it, the tiger’s tail lashed out at him like a whip. He quickly took a step back. “Wow! How fierce.”

Xie Sen looked at Long Teng admiringly. The tiger was at least three meters tall, and so powerful that he didn’t dare to touch it of his own accord like Long Teng did. Even if he knew it wouldn’t hurt him.

Although it looked fluffy and easy to touch.

As soon as he thought this, the giant tiger beast’s oversized eyes looked towards him, then it walked over and approached him.

Maine looked aghast, and was subconsciously on guard.

The giant tiger beast stopped in front of Xie Sen, and gazed down at him. It seemed unhappy with his height, and gave a soft growl.

Xie Sen’s heart trembled. This big thing, there was no trace of self-consciousness! Even the smallest sound could bring pressure to people!

Maine grabbed Xie Sen, and was about to step back when he saw the giant tiger beast lift its left front leg towards Xie Sen, then reach with its fleshy paw in front of Xie Sen’s eyes.

Xie Sen patted Maine’s hand. “It’s okay.”

He reached out, and put his hand on the furry, fleshy paw of the giant tiger beast, and instantly, a voice with a healthy, but powerful, tone came in his mind, “Human, can you understand what I’m saying?”

Xie Sen wanted to laugh because of the contrast in its voice, but he held it back. “Yes, giant tiger beast.”

The giant tiger tilted its big head, and touched his hand with its fleshy paw. “The flying rhinoceros said that you are a friend of the contract beasts, and we need your help.”

Xie Sen was puzzled at first, then thought of the flying rhinoceros’ words and guessed, “Is it related to your mental condition?”

“Yes. We are not affected as much as the flying rhinoceros beast. We don’t necessarily need to bond, we just don’t fit in the forest anymore. We need to fight every day in the forest, but our warlike impulses are gradually being suppressed.”

Xie Sen, “You want me to take you out?”

“You are very clever,” the giant tiger beast praised fervently. Xie Sen stifled a laugh, just to hear it continue, “We have to stay in a place where we do not have to fight, and may need you to provide food for a while. When our mental situation is stable, we will double back to you.”

Xie Sen looked at its huge body, and then at the giant elephant beasts and the flying eagle beast. He thought, Where can I put them?

He could only come up with two ways, one was to rent a house, and the other was to borrow Gold Medal’s feeding area. The impact of the energy on them had a great deal to do with him, so no matter what, he couldn’t leave them here alone. “Yes, I promise you. But I need to discuss it with my friends.”

“Okay,” it said, and was ready to drop its paws.

Xie Sen hurriedly put his hand closer, “By the way, how many contract beasts are there?”

The giant tiger beast’s big head tilted, and it pondered for half a second. “The senior contract beasts are more affected. We have four here, and another four for a total of…seven of them?”

The corners of Xie Sen’s mouth twitched. “Four plus four equals eight!”

The giant tiger beast’s majestic tone was strained as if it were a dull teenager, “Oh, only that?” It blinked its big eyes.

“Yes,” Xie Sen affirmed. He thought that it was hard for beasts to do arithmetic, as he rubbed its meaty paws. “You’re good. We have four of them here, so you’re not wrong.”

“Hey,” the giant tiger beast suddenly perked up, and wagged its tail. “I can be smart. Even smarter after being affected by the energy.”

Long Teng, who was trying to sneak in from behind again to touch the giant tiger, was almost hit by the tail, and scurried to the side. “Almost!” He ran to Xie Sen’s side, and gazed at him enviously. “Why does it let you touch it, but not me?!”

Xie Sen thought about it. “I’m probably less aggressive and more affectionate.”

He finished and looked at Maine, ready to discuss how to place these senior contract beasts. He was about to open his mouth to discuss the rest of the people, when he looked at Qiao Shao.

Qiao Shao’s group was looking at him with amazement, and some speculation. They all watched his interactions with the flying rhinoceros beast, and it was too shocking.

“How are you guys going to leave?” Xie Sen asked directly.

Qiao Shao suggested, “Why don’t we go together?”

Maine coldly refused, “No. The maximum number of people in the flying machine is four. You can contact your own.”

Qiao Shao, “The flying machine we booked will be looking for us, overhead, every day at 5 pm since there’s no signal here. We can’t contact the flying machine, so why don’t I get on the flying machine and contact yours for you?”

Maine did not want to say yes, but worried about the danger of delaying too long. He looked at Xie Sen.

Xie Sen thought, That’s a good way to stay safe, but it’s expensive. He asked, “How long have you been in the forest?”

“Five days.”

Xie Sen put his mind at ease. They would be fine for one night. He said, “We still have to find some things. We won’t be leaving for a while. You go first.”

Qiao Shao advised, “The forest is very dangerous. We’re lucky to have not encountered many beasts along the way, otherwise we might have been in trouble.”

Xie Sen immediately understood that with the beasts all gathered together because of the energy, they had encountered fewer beasts. But so far, from the four of them, his only purpose was achieved. Now, he wasn’t very willing. “Thanks for the reminder. we’ll be careful.”

Qiao Shao knew his mind was made up, and didn’t try to persuade him further. His gaze went to the giant tiger beast. “I am a giant tiger beast master. I would like to try to make a contract with it.”

Xie Sen stepped to the side and gave way. “You try.”

The giant tiger beast roared at Qiao Shao which revealed its sharp teeth, its instinctive rejection of a beast master.

Qiao Shao looked cautious as he moved towards the giant tiger beast. However, it didn’t take long before his face whitened and he stopped, some frustration and also some reluctance was written on his face.

Xie Sen wasn’t surprised. The giant tiger beast looked very strong, not to mention it was also affected by the energy. In fact, he was curious about just how strong were those who made senior contract beasts submit with their own aura. Just by looking at such a large size alone, he felt that it was impossible for humans to defeat them.

He subconsciously looked at Maine and Long Teng, and wondered if they could do it.

With his palms clenched in fists, Qiao Shao suddenly looked at Xie Sen with wild anticipation in his eyes. “You can help me, can’t you?”

Xie Sen shook his head, as he thought about moving closer to the giant tiger beast, he reached out and touched its front leg. “Do you want to make a contract with him?”

“Hm, no. He’s not strong enough.”

Xie Sen rubbed its smooth fur, and said to Qiao Shao, “I can’t help you.”

Qiao Shao stared at him. “You’re lying. You just helped A’Qi,” he said with a bitter laugh. “Did I annoy you? I thought I’d always been graceful in my pursuit of you.”

Maine stared at him with a cold face and dark eyes. Xie Sen took Maine’s hand. He was uneasy in his heart. Maine’s reaction was too strong. He said to Qiao Shao, “You misunderstand. I really can’t help you. You should know that in order for the beast master and the contract beast to form a contract, the main thing is that the contract beast needs to be willing. Tigers are born strong. It doesn’t recognize your ability, so no one can help you.”

Qiao Shao was stunned. He said in shame, “Sorry. I was in a hurry. I will try to improve my abilities.” His face quickly returned to normal. “This place is too secluded, so it’s hard for the craft to find us. We need to go to a conspicuous place in the open. Do you want to leave here?”

Xie Sen shook his head. Qiao Shao said, “Take care.”

The chestnut-haired boy said, “A’Qi, what about the flying rhinoceros?”

Yan Qi said, “It can’t take a flying machine. I don’t have an S class contract space buckle on me, so we can only meet at the outer edge of the forest.” He touched the neck of the flying rhinoceros beast.

“But…” The teenager looked worriedly at the flying rhinoceros beast’s broken horn.

“It’s okay.” Yan Qi said.

Xie Sen looked at him with a calm face, and knew that the flying rhinoceros beast must have said something.

Qiao Shao’s group left. Now only the five senior contract beasts and the four in Xie Sen’s group remained in the valley surrounded by mountains on all sides.

Xie Sen no longer cared. He directly told everyone the giant tiger beast’s request. “They’re too big, but I also need to ensure a range of activities. If I rent a house, it must have a large area, and they must be on the first floor. The other way is to contact Gold Medal, and rent the feeding area of Gold Medal directly. I work in the Gold Medal store. The feeding zones 4 and 5 are empty, I just don’t know whether to rent them out.”

“So you work at Gold Medal!” Long Teng raised a big smile. “Just put them in Gold Medal. I’ll contact my father! Let him lend us the location.”

“Father?” Xie Sen was puzzled. The part of the book he saw hadn’t explained Long Teng’s life, just that his background was very powerful. He never worried about money and did things as he wished. It made the readers think he was very cool.

Long Teng scratched the back of his head. “Yeah, my father is the boss of Gold Medal. Grandpa won’t let me tell anyone.” he grinned anyway. “But it should be okay to tell you guys!”

Xie Sen thought of the scene when Xu Da said he knew the boss of Gold Medal, and was speechless. The boss was his son! He looked at Long Teng and sighed, “So you’re still a rich kid. No wonder you can just come up with such a powerful weapon.”

Long Teng smiled, “Huh? Actually, it’s nothing. In elementary school, my classmates who knew my identity didn’t want to fight with me. It was too boring.”

Bai Jiao shook his head. “Who would dare fight with the son of the Long family?”

Long Teng looked confused. “Why wouldn’t I dare? It’s not like I’m going to ask my father for help.”

Bai Jiao said helplessly, “Just because you don’t tell, doesn’t mean others won’t be afraid. A business giant, Long Teng, is enough to scare people just by being a star pirate.”

Long Teng hummed lightly. “They’re all cowards.” He raised his smile, and looked at Maine. “It’s better to fight with you!”

Maine glanced at him for a second, and didn’t say anything.

Xie Sen laughed. “If that makes it easy. Are we going to spend the night here?”

Bai Jiao said, “I want to go back to the waterfall. There are red flowers growing there, and I want to pick them.”

Maine said, “It doesn’t matter. The flying eagle beasts all appeared because of the mutation, and the contract beasts that didn’t appear are probably not here.”

Long Teng said, “I don’t even feel danger in the middle of the forest. Let’s stay all night. Maybe we can have a good fight.”

Xie Sen walked up to the flying rhinoceros beast, and touched its neck. “Have you ever seen a flying lion or a flying dragon beast?”

“No, I’ve never seen them. They’re not supposed to be in the rogue forest.”

Xie Sen relayed its words to Maine and Long Teng. He blinked, suddenly pointed at the flying rhinoceros and exclaimed, “Can you understand it?”

Xie Sen raised his hand to his lips to indicate. “Shhh, it’s a secret. Don’t say anything. It doesn’t count as understanding it or being able to communicate with it, when it comes in contact with me.”

“Cool!” Long Teng excitedly ran to the flying rhinoceros beast, and touched its belly, “Can you talk to me?”

The flying rhinoceros swept its tail against his back, and Long Teng said excitedly, “Wow, it’s so smart!”

Xie Sen smiled, conveyed the results of their discussion to the giant tiger, then asked the flying rhinoceros to help him send them back to the waterfall. The flying rhinoceros beast began to fly upstream to downstream, when suddenly a series of anxious barking sounds came from the top of the cliff.

Xie Sen looked over, and saw a giant white husky was standing on the edge of the cliff top as it barked towards the bottom and occasionally poked its feet out, as if it wanted to go down.

Not far below it, a man with green leaves tied all over his body was hanging on the edge of the cliff. His right hand grasped the raised rocks, his left hand covered his chest. It looked like he might fall at any moment.

Xie Sen hurriedly said to the flying rhinoceros, “Can you fly over and catch him?”

“No,” said the flying rhinoceros. “He is too close to the cliff wall and I will hit my head, but I can land on it.”

As it said that, it landed above the cliff. The giant dog beast saw them, barked more sharply, looked down and then turned its head to look at them.

Long Teng was the first to jump off the back of the flying rhinoceros beast. When his feet hit the ground, his sleeve was bitten by the giant dog beast and he was dragged above the person who was hanging on the cliff face.

Long Teng rubbed its huge dog head, while Bai Jiao said in an aside, “It wants us to save its beast master.”

Xie Sen jumped down, and was caught by Maine. Together they walked to the edge of the cliff, and looked down.

The man who was hanging onto the edge of the cliff raised his head to reveal a dark face. He didn’t look young. His forehead was wrinkled, and he had green leaves tied all over his head and body, like a wild man.

When he saw them, a very strong light emerged from the man’s dark eyes. His voice was hoarse, “The Beast God is above!”

He took his left hand away from his chest. He was holding a green plant with red fruit growing on it. Xie Sen immediately recognized it. It was a tomato plant!

“You hold on. We’ll save you right away.” Xie Sen said, even as he summoned the watermelon vine.

He observed the cliff face. The cliff face had a lot of raised rocks. Suddenly tying someone up would scare him, and he would be easily injured in the struggle. He had to be informed first.

He was about to say something, when he saw the man shake his head. “Don’t be impulsive. I can’t let you be in danger because of me. It’s too high from below, and too far from above to save me.”


Xie Sen was just about to speak, when the man interrupted with a gasp, “Listen to me. I can’t hold on much longer. You can’t save me. Please help me bring this plant to the Institute, and give it to President Ma,” he gasped. “I’ll throw it outward with my greatest strength, you guys please make sure the flying contract beast catches it.”

As he said that the stone loosened. He slid steeply downwards a little, while the giant dog beast barked more anxiously.

Xie Sen was startled, and directly commanded the watermelon vine to bind him. Since he was fearful that he would struggle and get hurt, he carried him in the opposite direction of the cliff face the moment he was bound.

The man was suspended in the air, as his limbs struggled reflexively.

Xie Sen was lucky he was fast, and directed the watermelon vine to rise, then put him on the top of the cliff and recalled the vine.

As the man was loosened from the watermelon vine, his feet went limp and he was caught by the giant canine beast that scurried over. He leaned on the canine’s soft fur. The first thing he did was to look at his left hand to see that the plant in his hand was intact before he breathed a deep sigh of relief, and rubbed the dog’s head. “Great.”

Xie Sen was at a loss. “Do you know how dangerous that was? The plant is not as important as your life!”

“No,” the man said with a serious face. “It’s more important than my life.”

His tone was serious, his voice was firm, and Xie Sen was instantly shocked.

The man put the tomato plant into his backpack, then rubbed his waist and wrists. “Thank you for saving me. What just tied me up seems to be a kind of plant vine,” his eyes glowed. “Can I see it?”

Xie Sen was speechless. “You should be concerned about your injuries right now.”

Bai Jiao handed him a box of medicine. “For traumatic injuries.”

The man thanked him. His eyes finally moved from the four of them, and landed on the flying rhinoceros beast. He was surprised. “This is a flying rhinoceros beast. Which one of you is from the Yan family?”

“None of us,” Xie Sen shook his head. “We have to go.”

The man asked, “Where are you going? Is there a flying machine to pick you up? Can you put me in touch?”

Xie Sen looked to Maine, who said, “There’s no signal here, so we’re not going out of the forest for now.”

The man’s eyes lit up, “I’m Li You from the Plant Research Institute, I’m injured and it’s not safe for me to be alone. Can I stay with you until tomorrow? There are a lot of plants in the forest, and I want to collect some more.”

Bai Jiao then spoke up, “Let him stay. I want to collect plants too, so we can work together.”

Xie Sen nodded. They had decided to stay for the main purpose of collecting plants, so one more person wouldn’t matter.

Li You saw Xie Sen nod. His eyes fell on his face. After a moment, he showed a trace of doubt, and said, not quite sure, “You…Are you Xie Sen?”

Xie Sen froze. “My name is Xie Sen.”

Li You’s dark face showed a smile. “I knew you looked familiar, but you’re so different from before I almost didn’t recognize you. Did you forget? We’ve met before. Your father took you to the Institute once.”

Of course Xie Sen couldn’t have remembered. He laughed awkwardly, “My memory isn’t good.”

Li You patted his shoulder. “It’s good that you came out.”

Xie Sen smiled. Since it was someone he knew, it was even more impossible to get out of taking Li You. Several people continued on to the waterfall.

With the help of the watermelon vine, Bai Jiao picked the red flowers on the cliff face very smoothly. Xie Sen looked at the flowers and found them familiar. “This seems to be a poppy?”

Li You peeked over to take a closer look. “Good. Yes.”

Bai Jiao said, “Ancient books have recorded that the fruit of this flower will help people to have patience, but it can also make tranquilizers, and has a high medicinal value.”

“Not bad,” Li You said appreciatively. “You young people nowadays are admirable.”

The flying rhinoceros beast lightly touched Xie Sen with its tail, and asked Xie Sen the time they needed to reach the edge of the forest. Xie Sen calculated that even if they walked towards the landing site while it was dark later, then rushed in the morning and contacted the flying machine, it would still be at least eight o’clock when the flying machine came over.

The aircraft would take more than an hour to fly to the edge of the forest, which would make it almost ten o’clock to arrive back. Now, it was five o’clock, so it would take about seventeen hours from then.

The flying rhinoceros beast said, “If the giant tiger beast runs, it will take it ten hours. With it having to hunt and rest, we should arrive at about the same time. I’ll tell them to wait for you at the edge. I’ll go first and rendezvous with my beast master.”

Xie Sen touched the side of its neck. “Okay, thank you. By the way, I forgot to ask. What’s your name?”

“Do you think it sounds better to be called Fei or Rhino?” The flying rhinoceros asked. “I’m thinking about it.”

Xie Sen was silent for a moment, and tried to be sincere, “Both aren’t bad.”

“Oh, friend, you’re making me even more torn.”

Xie Sen suppressed his smile. “You might want to ask A’Qi what he thinks.”

“Okay, I’ll go first then.”

The flying rhinoceros left, while the rest of the people returned in the direction they had come. However, in order to collect plants, they didn’t stay near the cliff edge, but went deep into the forest.

Along the way, they encountered many beasts. Long Teng was excited, and fought them off one by one. They stopped only when it was completely dark. Xie Sen set up a potato tent, while Long Teng looked at him with shining eyes. “Watermelon!”

In the evening they had a hearty dinner with fruit. Li You was curious about both the tent and the food, but wisely pretended not to see anything under Maine’s warning glare.

They slept beautifully in the middle of the rogue forest known as hell, then got up early in the morning to continue their journey. Meanwhile, the energy-influenced contract beasts apparently underestimated their current running speed, and reached the edge of the forest much earlier than expected.

They gathered together and chatted casually, as they patiently waited for Xie Sen to come out.

Unbeknownst to them, the sudden appearance of a large group of senior contract beasts at the edge of the forest had sent shockwaves through Star City!


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I like this stories very much, the adventures of XS are more interesting every time He jumps from one life to another, Thankyou forr your hard job of translating and editing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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I don’t see anything good coming from Qi Shao knowing XS’s ability to help beast bonding. He’s going to use that info somehow. Or tell the wrong person. I can just see Maine launching some interstellar war just to protect XS over it.

I hope nothing happens to the big ol’ S ranked beasts! XS needs to save the day again. Or Long Teng’s dad comes running in to “claim” the beasts for Gold Medal or something to help out.

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