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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


When Yu Ze heard Leon’s refusal, he glared at him with displeasure, “Why not? Why do you have me?”

Leon said, “You tampered with my memory.”

Yu Ze blinked and sheepishly responded, “I had no choice, you didn’t listen to my explanation. You treated me as a suspect. Besides, I didn’t tamper with it, I just made you forget what happened with me.” He said with a little more strength, “You’ve recovered now, there are no after-effects.”

Leon said, “Is that so? I’m missing my memory, so I’m not sure I remember it all. You’ll have to come with me.”

“No,” Yu Ze struggled, “I want to live in the sea. Humans are not friendly to me at all, they only want to make me cry for pearls.” He glared at Leon, “Are you saying all that to trick me into going to shore and treating me like the auctioneers?”

“No,” Leon’s eyebrows darted down, “is it true what you said before about being mistreated?”

“Of course,” Yu Ze said, a little angry when his arm didn’t break free, and threatened, “Get off me, I’m going down.”

Leon looked at him with a serious look, “You come with me, I will never hurt you. I have orders to take you back in one piece.”

Yu Ze was surprised, “Whose orders?”

“My father,” Leon replied.

Yu Ze was even more puzzled, “I don’t know him,” he couldn’t help but wonder, “he has a higher rank than you, he wouldn’t want to experiment on me, would he?”

The more he thought about it, the more likely it was. Taking no more nonsense, he got ready to dive, “If you do not let go of me, be careful of drowning.”

Leon grabbed his hand with a strong grip, and Yu Ze’s tail swung quickly, holding Leon down together. Yu Ze thought Leon would soon let go, but after they were both submerged, Leon still held on to him, and after a while, Leon finally let go. Yu Ze was shocked and turned his head to see Leon with his eyes closed, floating in the water, as if he was in a coma.

Yu Ze was angry and anxious, how could there be such a dead-brain person!

He swam towards Leon and brought him to the surface. Leon’s eyes were closed and his skin looked a little pale.

Yu Ze patted Leon’s face, “Hey, you wake up.”

Leon did not respond. Yu Ze was anxious, looking at Leon’s body. He saw his tight shirt, frowned, unbuttoned the top three buttons to ensure that Leon could breathe smoothly. His tail floated across the water and he got Leon to sit on his tail. Then, he held the person with one hand and pressed Leon’s abdomen with the other.

By the third press, Leon leaned forward, coughed several times, turned his head, and almost came face to face with Yu Ze.

Both of them froze, and both of them moved their bodies back and pulled away.

Yu Ze’s little face was red as he asked, “You don’t want to die?”

Leon asked, “Yes, you will save me.”

Yu Ze was even more furious, this man bullied him into being kind-hearted!

His tail unloaded from horizontal to vertical, and Leon lost support and fell into the water. He spread his hands, floating on the surface, his eyes falling on Yu Ze’s underwater tail.

The tail was a very sensitive position for Yu Ze, especially since he was originally a human being. His tail would convert into a human part and his whole body was not covered, so being stared at like this…

He cocked his tail and threw a tail of water at Leon’s face, “Don’t look!”

This tail of water was quite powerful. Leon was like being showered with a bucket of water, his hair pressed down, and his clothes hanging down.

Leon reached up and wiped his face, his eyes on Yu Ze’s face, “Sorry.”

He didn’t know the mermaid very well, but looking at the little mermaid’s reaction, he thought that what he just did should be very rude.

Yu Ze didn’t reply, just looked straight at Leon’s left chest.

He had previously unbuttoned three of Leon’s clothes, Leon kept floating on the water surface, both hands spread open, so it had parted to the sides. Just after he had flung the water, the shirt was drenched with water and sagged downward, and a large area of skin on his chest was exposed.

On Leon’s honey-colored chest, there was a very abrupt pink flower, the shape of the flower Yu Ze was very familiar with. He saw it on Long Yuan and Ayr, but Leon’s flower was much lighter.

What did this flower mean, Leon was also Long Yuan?

Leon followed his line of sight to look at his chest. He was always well-dressed, so his heart instantly emerged a little embarrassed, but his face showed no emotion. His expression not moving, he raised his hand to straighten the lapel and buttoned up two buttons.

Yu Ze looked back at Leon, “I can go with you, but you have to keep me safe,” he added after a pause, “I don’t offer pearls, and I don’t accept experiments.”

Leon wasn’t sure why he had changed his mind, but satisfied with the outcome, he nodded, “Okay.”

Yu Ze surveyed him, trying to see familiarity in him, but failed. Leon was more introspective than Long Yuan or Ayr.

Leon said, “I’ll have someone pick us up?”

Yu Ze was a bit uneasy, “Is the person you came with trustworthy?”

“Trustworthy,” Leon replied, “I will make them keep your presence a secret.”

Yu Ze breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s good.”

Leon contacted the search and rescue team, and it didn’t take long for the two to get on the warship. Yu Ze immediately received many curious glances, but when Leon’s gaze swept, those glances soon moved away.

“The private boat of Skybound Auction is there. I just went to see it, all the personnel are in a coma.” Dinat looked at Yu Ze and said to Leon.

Leon looked to Yu Ze.

Yu Ze looked down and whispered, “They poured medicine into the sea and accidentally knocked themselves out with their own medicine, it should be nothing.”

His tail was not suitable for standing. At this moment, the rest of the people were in a short circle, and with his lowered head, they could only see the top of his hair and red ear tips. 

Leon took his eyes off him and said to Dinat, “Take two men to their ship and collect evidence of them pouring drugs into the sea.”

Dinat gave a sound, informed the change of course, and after the warship approached the Skywalker’s ship, took two people to collect the evidence. Yu Ze sighed with relief and was secretly glad that Leon did not pursue the matter. He tilted his head and asked Leon, “Is there a room?”

Leon said, “I’ll show you.”

He was a man of action, turning around and walking away, pausing after two steps and turning to look at Yu Ze. Yu Ze dragged his tail and only moved forward a little bit, his body swayed, he was really not used to walking with his tail. The scales rubbed on the deck, making him feel very uncomfortable.

Leon stepped forward to hold Yu Ze, “Can’t you walk on your feet?”

Yu Ze said, “Not now.”

Leon suggested, “Shall I carry you to your room?”

Yu Ze hesitated for a moment, nodded and reached towards him, “Please.”

Leon leaned down. Yu Ze wrapped his arms around Leon’s neck, and he noticed Leon’s body stiffened before he reached out and picked him up. Leon walked steadily, and as Yu Ze listened to his steady heartbeat, his mood suddenly became calm. He thought back on the process of getting to know Leon and felt a great pity that he had not seen Leon’s bare chest before today, and as a result, he was not sure if the flower was originally there or if it had appeared for some reason.

Leon carried Yu Ze to his rest room and hesitantly asked, “There’s no bathtub, should I put you on the floor or the bed?”

Yu Ze said, “The floor is fine.”

Leon gently put Yu Ze down. Yu Ze tilted his head and asked, “Do you have clean towels and clothes?”

Leon nodded and went to the bathroom to get a white towel and a white and blue uniform from the Maritime Security Department, and handed it to Yu Ze.

Yu Ze reached out and took the neatly folded clothes and towel, tilted his head to look at him, “Would you excuse me?”

Leon ‘Mn’d, turned around and went out.

Yu Ze waited for the door to close, picked up the towel, and then turned the folded clothes and pants over so that the pants were at the top and set aside. He picked up the towel and carefully dried his body and tail, and soon the familiar heat came through, and within a few moments, his tail turned into his legs.

He rushed to get his pants, because they were folded too neatly, he shook his hand smoothly and a black thong shook out. He moved with a start and his face turned red. He hesitated for a moment, but put his underwear on, and then put his blue army pants on. He looked at the waistband, which was much larger, and was secretly glad to have the belt. He put on his clothes, stood up, tied them into his pants, tied them together with the belt, then bent over, folded up the pants that were a section longer, got up and pulled up the sleeves as well.

After finishing, he walked over to open the door. Leon who stood with his back to the door heard the movement and turned around, his gaze slightly stalled. The young man had delicate features. Wearing ill-fitting clothes, he looked more youthful. The belt was tightly buckled, the waist very narrow, and there was a kind of frail beauty.

Yu Ze was a little embarrassed by his look, “It doesn’t quite fit, is it funny looking?”

Leon was silent for a moment, nodded, “Mn, don’t go out, you stay here. Wait until I can go to shore to buy you clothes that fit.”

Yu Ze hurriedly sent a good man card, “You are very kind, thank you.”


The author has something to say: 

Leon: Shut him up, don’t show him to anyone! ╭(╯^╰)╮)


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Hahaha so true! Leon would not want other people to see Yu Ze.

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Rachel Kim
February 18, 2022 11:37 am

Thank you for updating!!!!

February 19, 2022 1:26 am

If the flower is pale that probably means the feelings are still small and need to grow bigger but are there. Happy, happy!!

Thank you for the chapter!!!

February 19, 2022 11:59 pm

What’s with the thong?!
I’m with the author 😏
Thanks for translating and editing.

Sue R
Sue R
February 23, 2022 5:58 pm

Great✨✨✨✨so they can work on the project to protect the mermaid.

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