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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Xie Sen’s mouth opened in surprise. The flying lion beast was Beast God? When they said Beast God was angry, they meant the flying lion beast?

The flying lion beast roared at them. It was standing next to Xie Sen, so Xie Sen understood its meaning, “I told you, I am not Beast God!”

Voser didn’t understand what the flying lion said. He was moved and excitedly said, “Beast God didn’t abandon us! I saw it. The devil flower on the sacred mountain has been destroyed, and everything will return to normal.”

Xie Sen blinked, the devil flower? Did he mean the sunflower? He tilted his head to look at the small golden flower on his right shoulder, and somehow wanted to laugh.

Long Teng scratched the back of his head. “This is a flying lion beast, Maine’s contract beast, not Beast God. It’s weird to be kneeling like this.”

Brandt Star wasn’t uneducated, and kneeling was very important. Under normal circumstances, a person wouldn’t kneel down.

Xie Sen couldn’t help but say, “Why don’t you stand up to talk? You may have misunderstood something. Before you had said Beast God abandoned you? Why are you suddenly calling the flying lion Beast God?”

Xie Sen wasn’t used to so many big men kneeling in front of him, so he added, “The flying lion also wants you to stand up.” He rubbed the side of the flying lion’s leg. “You nod. Let them get up.”

The flying lion immediately nodded its big head, and growled in a deep tone, “Trouble.”

Voser looked at Xie Sen in shock, then scrambled to get up from the ground. “Oh my God, you can communicate with the Beast God? So you are really God’s ambassadors!”

Xie Sen waved his hand. “No, it’s not Beast God, and we are not God’s ambassadors. Let’s get down to business. Are you here to find us?”

Voser nodded with a serious expression. “Yes, the day after you left the forest, the Lion tribe was attacked by beasts. Not only the Lion tribe, but many tribes were attacked. The beasts came out of the sacred mountain, and took us to be prey. Many people were injured. Kavi said your healing skills are very high, and we need your help. We, the Eagle clan, were sent out to find a safe habitat, look for you guys, as well as to examine the sacred mountain.”

Xie Sen frowned. He hadn’t expected it to be this messy. He blamed himself a bit, but in the end, he couldn’t be blamed for the effects caused by the wood energy.

He looked to Maine, “I’m going back to help them.”

Maine didn’t object, and Long Teng smiled. “Finally we can fight! I’ll go and fight all those beasts off!”

Bai Jiao said, “I’ve picked up a lot of hemostats. They should work for them.”

The four of them made an immediate decision to get back on the backs of the flying lion and flying dragon beasts. The two S class contract beasts were extremely fast, and the Eagle people couldn’t keep up with them and were left far behind.

When they were near the Lion tribe, the two began to descend, and the smell of blood flowed into their nostrils. They found that even the spaceship was covered in the corpses of beasts.

The flying lion beast gave a mid-air roar. The flying dragon beast followed with a dragon roar. The two roars shook the sky and earth, and had a strong presence. The tribe in front of the beast mob stiffened. The beasts sensed that danger was close, and they howled back, then panicked as they tried to escape.

The lion warriors in beast form looked up, and saw the flying lion and flying dragon beast land on the ground with two people on each back.

Xie Sen couldn’t help but hold his forehead. Maine hugged him and got off the flying lion, while Long Teng and Bai Jiao got off the flying dragon.

Long Teng looked back. The ground was covered with the messy footprints of fleeing beasts. “It’s over? I haven’t done anything yet!”

The flying lion beast scratched the ground with its claws in a slightly grumpy manner, and growled, “I’m not Beast God!”

Xie Sen rubbed it soothingly. Liu Shen came out from among the tribe, saw they were fine, then gave the flying lion beast a surprised look, “The contract was made?”

Maine nodded, and didn’t say much.

Xie Sen used the previous method. With the flying lion beast’s cooperation, he successfully got the Lion tribe up. Kavi looked excited and worried. Xie Sen immediately asked how the situation stood. He didn’t want him to say anything more about Beast God.

“Our tribe has high fighting strength, and the situation is okay, but many people are injured.” Kavi said.

Xie Sen immediately made a decision. Long Teng accompanied Bai Jiao to stay behind to treat the wounded, while he, Maine and the flying lion beast went to help the rest of the nearby tribes. Kavi quickly volunteered to lead the way. Under the combined pressure of Xie Sen’s persuasion and the roar of the flying lion beast, he finally sat down on the flying lion in fear.

They used the principle of proximity, they started with the poorest fighting tribes. When helping a tribe, the flying lion beast was very fast, and also had a strong presence so driving away the beasts was very smooth.

And another unexpected factor helped Xie Sen. Every time he went to a tribe, he gained a lot of grateful energy, and unexpectedly, the fifth kind of plant was activated.

“Congratulations master. You activated the black fungus, one per energy exchange, the adsorption force is at your discretion.”

A warm feeling came from his mind. The hard-backed green book slowly unfolded in his mind, and a four-part black fungus emerged on the fifth page. Each section of the fungus was large and soft, and looked very elastic.

Xie Sen wondered what use it could be.

He turned off the System for now, and decided to think about it when he was free.

A number of tribes stood in a row. The good thing was that for beastmen, unlike real humans, each tribe had a strong fighting force. When the beasts arrived here everyone was physically exhausted. The beasts killed each other instead, and although the tribe suffered some damage, there were no tragedies.

Xie Sen looked at the rapid growth of his energy and was very happy. He was worried about lacking energy to use, but the result was that there was more than two hundred again. However, the energy display from before was different.

At the bottom of the sixth blank page was 213/10. There was also an additional plus sign after the total energy. He looked over and a line of reminders immediately appeared.

“Whether to activate the sixth plant? Yes/No.”

This meant that the sixth plant, like the first plant, only required ten energy. Only it became controllable, instead of automatically activating when the amount of energy needed was reached.

He suddenly remembered what Adam had said. After he activated the five elements corresponding to all the colors of the peony, there would be a duplicate color, or off-color plant. So by that theory, the sixth plant was a red plant. He thought about it, but didn’t activate it immediately. He decided to see what happened, and wait to make sure it was safe to use the  energy before he activated it.

He set aside his thoughts, and asked Kavi, “Is there a tribe near the sacred mountain?” Although he hadn’t seen any tribes on the way to the sacred mountain, perhaps in another location, there was a route they hadn’t yet traveled.

“No, the sacred mountain is only safe in the rainy season. Usually it is very dangerous. The tribes are built in locations far away from the sacred mountain. The more powerful the tribe is, the further they are from the sacred mountain.”

Xie Sen understood. The Lion tribe belonged to the powerful tribes. They had just gone to another tribe, but no one was farther away from the sacred mountain than the Lion tribe.

“Why do you say the flying lion beast is Beast God?” he asked curiously.

Kavi looked worshipful. “It was passed down from our ancestors. It has been on the sacred mountain for a long time, and guards the peace of the sacred mountain. Many stories of Beast God helping the beastmen have been passed down on the Yamu Continent.”

Xie Sen said, “So when you saw before that the sacred mountain wasn’t peaceful, you thought Beast God was angry?”

“No, we heard it.” Kavi looked serious. “We heard Beast God’s roar. A continuous, angry roar. Something that had never happened before. It got angry and stopped guarding the sacred mountain, which lost its peace, and we lost our refuge.” He said with glowing eyes. “Are you the ones who appeased Beast God? Is peace going to be restored to the sacred mountain?”

Xie Sen thought to himself, in that case, the flying lion beast was really a bit like Beast God, after all, it really wanted to destroy the sunflower. The anger was true anger, but it was toward the sunflower.

The flying lion beast hummed lightly, “I am not Beast God.”

Xie Sen was amused. “They revere you. You don’t like it?”

“I like to be by myself, I hate it when they annoy me. Whenever something happens they go ‘Beast God bless…’ It’s noisy.” The flying lion beast was a little cranky.

Xie Sen smiled and rubbed its neck. It seemed to be a complete misunderstanding. They didn’t return to the Lion tribe until there were no signs that the beasts would return. 

Xie Sen and the others didn’t leave the Yamu Continent immediately. They decided to stay and help for the time being. Bai Jiao found a medicine to stop bleeding. He had it picked, and taught the tribe how to handle it, which was extraordinarily popular in the tribe.

Xie Sen couldn’t help much with the cure, so he thought of various techniques that could be used in this era to improve their lives.

This time, he had a lot to do with the incident, plus they had to take away the flying lion beast, so he felt that something had to be done.

Xie Sen felt that it wasn’t safe for the beastmen to move to the sacred mountain all the time. After all, there were beasts on the sacred mountain. Although Kavi said that the beasts rarely attacked people during the rainy season, it was still dangerous. He and Maine discussed it on the spaceship, and considered the possibility of digging a canal to divert the flow of water.

Long Teng had nothing to do, just played with the flying dragon beast and the flying lion beast. When it was almost time for lunch, he ran to the kitchen full of excitement and held up something in his hand. “A’Sen. How about this for lunch?”

Xie Sen looked at the little crocodile in his hand, and backed away. “Where did you catch this? I don’t know if this is edible. I don’t know how to cook it.”

“It’s a crocodile! Since it’s a fish, it’s definitely edible. I didn’t try it before because I thought it looked ugly, but durian is also ugly and delicious, so it might taste good!” Long Teng’s eyes shone brightly.

Xie Sen said, “You put it back. I don’t want to eat it. I’ll have potato stew and chili stir-fry for lunch. If you eat it, I won’t cook for you at lunch.”

Long Teng was a little sorry, but when he heard about the lunch dishes, he immediately said, “Okay, I’ll put it back.”

Xie Sen reminded him, “By the way, call A’Jiao to return for lunch.”

Long Teng answered and got off the spaceship. He had the flying dragon beast take him to the river to release the crocodile, and then went to the Lion tribe to look for Bai Jiao. The people of the tribe firmly believed that the flying lion beast was Beast God, and that Xie Sen and his group were the gods’ ambassadors, so they treated them with respect.

Bai Jiao was looking at the herbs drying outside a simple house with a tall man, the rehabilitated Kabu, who followed him, and asked questions all the time.

Long Teng was about to call out to Bai Jiao, when he saw Kabu’s hot eyes on Bai Jiao. He was a little upset for some reason.


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