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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

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“Wait.” As soon as Lanny said that, Xie Sen hurriedly spoke up. He asked Simeon, “Where is the blue whale now?”

Simeon didn’t answer, just looked at Lanny. Lanny nodded, so Simeon then replied, “The blue whale is currently two hundred and sixty kilometers west of The Phantom of the Sea building. At its current speed, in less than ten minutes it will encounter tourists.”

Xie Sen frowned. It was impossible to get there immediately.

The intelligence of the blue whale and the ones with it were very high. Not long ago the blue whale promised that it would take care of the contract beasts, and hide there without being found. It wouldn’t come out for no reason.

No, it must be something. Most likely it was looking for him.

Xie Sen quickly finished thinking, and continued to ask, “Is there anyone there?”

Simeon nodded with a serious face. “Yes. We are at a level one alert. We’re ready to step in, and stop it from moving forward.”

“The blue whale is our friend. You can’t hurt it!” Long Teng exclaimed.

Lanny’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Friend?”

Xie Sen said, “Yes. Don’t let people attack it. The blue whale is huge. If there is conflict, it will inevitably cause casualties. Believe me, it will not attack people.”

“Even if it doesn’t actively attack people, if it appears in front of tourists, it will cause panic. Panic may cause disaster.” Lanny said in a harsh voice.

Xie Sen thought about it. “I have an idea. Maybe we can make it stop advancing without using force.”

Lenny said, “Tell me.”

Xie Sen, “I need the blue whale to hear me, which your people should be able to do, right? It would be nice to film the blue whale in real time, so I can observe its reactions.”

Lanny’s eyes swept to Simeon.

Simeon’s serious face was a little distorted because of his anger. He glared at Xie Sen and said, “Are you kidding me? The blue whale is so big that you need to get very close to it for it to hear you. That’s too dangerous.”

Xie Sen knew that the size of the blue whale was intimidating, so he could only say in a sincere tone, “Believe me, it will not actively attack humans. Of course, if you aren’t sure, you can think of another way. Such as tying a rope to the communicator and hanging it down out of the craft, next to the blue whale’s head.”

Lenny tipped his chin up towards Simeon. “Do as he says.”

Simeon contacted the relevant personnel, and told them to prepare what Xie Sen had described.

The members of Planet Blue Security who received his message were dumbfounded. Was Xie Sen out of his mind? Could it be that he wanted to tell the blue whale not to advance? Of course, no one dared to voice such a thought, they just silently obeyed the order.

Two minutes later, Simeon relayed the communication to Lanny along with the real-time video. “It’s ready.”

Lanny used the big screen then zoomed in so that everyone present could see the blue whale’s reactions clearly. At the same time he turned the audio on to outgoing, so anyone present who spoke would be transmitted through the communicator dangling near the blue whale’s head.

Lanny raised an eyebrow, and revealed a smirking smile.

Xie Sen coughed dryly. Little Silver and the two contract beasts were on the back of the blue whale. It was a bit of a punch in the face. He looked at the video. The blue whale was swimming forward quickly. The craft was over its head, and could maintain a synchronized speed, so that the communicator would always be located next to the blue whale’s head.

Xie Sen spoke directly, “Big Tail, this is A’Sen. Can you hear me?”

The blue whale didn’t react. However, the big crab was on its head, and was closer to the communicator. It’s two eyes turned quickly, and stared straight at the communicator, then it tapped the blue whale’s head with its crab pincers.

The blue whale stopped swimming. The sea gradually calmed. It opened its mouth, its head tilted slightly.

“Oh my God, it really stopped!”

“It’s fake, right? It must be a coincidence.” The Security Department personnel on the flight were shocked.

Lanny and Simeon also had shock in their gazes. Lanny’s eyes narrowed slightly, as he carefully watched the blue whale’s reaction in the video.

Xie Sen was relieved to see the blue whale stop. If he couldn’t get it to stop, Lanny would have taken other measures, most likely profitable ones. He continued, “You came out suddenly. Is there something wrong?”

The blue whale’s tail shook from side to side, which immediately stirred up a wave. The people in the craft were startled and on guard. The pilot’s hand was placed on the console, but whenever the blue whale made an attacking move, he was immediately able to sail away from the craft.

The blue whale’s tail swung for a while and then stopped moving, as it floated quietly on the surface, while the big crab kept waving its pincers up and down.

Xie Sen asked, “Are you here to see me? Shake your tail if you are.”

The blue whale’s tail wagged again, and the crab continued to wave its pincers up and down.

Xie Sen immediately made a decision, “You swim back a little bit. There are tourists in front of you, so it may be dangerous. I will come to you.”

The blue whale opened its mouth, and turned around to swim back.

Xie Sen stood up. “We’ll talk about the deal later. I have to go over there.”

Lanny looked at him. “You can communicate with them?”

Xie Sen said, “Didn’t I tell you? They can understand human words. They are as intelligent as contract beasts.”

Lanny raised his eyebrows. “In all my years on Planet Blue, I’ve never found a blue whale that understands human speech.”

Xie Sen thought to himself, That’s because they’re not affected by energy. That struck him. Energy!

They had stayed at the edge of the Deadly Waters before, where there was less energy. Further away, the energy was more dense, and that further away was the Deadly Waters.

He had a bad feeling in his heart. The danger of the Deadly Waters originated from the many large sea monsters in that area of the ocean. If those sea monsters were affected by the energy, what would they become?

He looked to Simeon, “You said before that the sea monsters of the Deadly Waters had moved out?”

Simeon’s face was tense. “Yes.”

Lanny frowned. “This is very unusual. The water quality and magnetic field of the Deadly Waters are different from the safe area. It’s suitable for sea monsters to live in, and the sea monsters have never crossed the boundary.”

Xie Sen thought about it, and decided to go to the blue whale first to ask about the situation. Since it had come looking for him, it must have found something wrong. Xie Sen said goodbye to Lanny, who understood the seriousness of the matter and didn’t stop him.

The four of them sat on the back of the flying dragon beast and the flying lion beast, and quickly rushed to the location of the blue whale. Lanny asked the security department to guard the place, while he sat on the sofa to observe the situation.

“Closely monitor the Deadly Waters,” he said to Simeon, who immediately obeyed.

It was more than an hour later when Xie Sen and the blue whale met. The flying lion flew to the blue whale’s head, and Xie Sen reached out and touched the smooth side of the blue whale’s head. “Is something wrong?”

The blue whale’s voice immediately sounded in Xie Sen’s head, “Terrible! The big sea monsters came out of the Deadly Waters! We met up with them. They are very unreasonable and keep looking at your friend and drooling! It’s not safe there, so we came out to look for you.”

Xie Sen, thought about his previous guesses and asked, “Can you communicate with the big sea monsters?”

“Yes,” said the surprised blue whale. “I couldn’t before. They didn’t believe I could communicate with you. They bullied me, and said I was lying!”

Suddenly, the view in front of him became much brighter. Xie Sen turned his head and saw Little Silver had opened its shell. He reached out to touch it, “So?”

Little Silver said, “They came out for the energy. They said the energy moved outward.”

Xie Sen was stunned. The energy could still move? He asked Adam in his mind.

Adam pondered for a moment. “I got it! The reef there is the edge of the sea, where there is the least amount of energy. You touched the water twice, causing the energy to flow. The energy surged towards you, so after the energy in the farthest waters moved forward, there was no energy in that water.”

Xie Sen thought about it. “You mean that the distribution of energy as a whole moved forward?”

Adam replied. “No, It wasn’t the whole distribution moving forward. I should say instead, it was compressed. It’s because the energy is spread out too much. Unlike when the energy was retrieved before, this time the absorption speed is very slow. If you touch the water for too short a time, only a little bit of water energy is retrieved. Right now it is equivalent to the energy narrowing the range towards the front.”

Xie Sen understood, “That is, the energy is becoming more intense?”

Adam said, “Yes, Sen is very smart! The denser the energy, the stronger the attraction for the creatures, and that’s probably why they’re moving outward.”

Xie Sen worried, “The sea monsters in the Deadly Waters are already very powerful. If they are affected by the water energy, they will definitely become even more powerful ,and may threaten the safety of Blue’s people.”

Adam said, “Yes, and now that the energy has become denser, that influence will be strengthened. The ability to strengthen will also affect their mentality, and they will probably be manic.”

Those big sea monsters could bully the smaller blue whale. Xie Sen thought about it, and couldn’t help but be scared. Those big things. Since more than ninety percent of Blue was water, if they really became manic, it would be absolutely catastrophic.

Xie Sen said, “So it seems that we need to retrieve the water energy as soon as possible, but,” he grimaced. “When I touch the water, it raises that wall of waves. If I’m slow in retrieving it, I’ll be smashed to death by the water.”

Adam said, “There must be a way. Let’s think together!”

Xie Sen said to the others, “Let’s think about it. The energy is in the water, so if I touch it, it will move the water to where the energy is. How can I recover it smoothly?”

The four of them looked down and pondered.

Maine made a small sound then said, “The reason why the wave wall appears is because the energy is strong at the far side, so it moves faster than the near side and squeezes it. If you stand in a position near the strongest area of energy with the least energy at the far side, then the speed will be slower on the near side, and there will be no squeezing.”

Xie Sen thought over carefully in his head. His eyes lit up, and he turned his head to look at Maine, “You are so smart!”

Bai Jiao also laughed, “It seems feasible.”

Adam said, “A’Sen, go try it!”

Maine told Xie Sen, “It’s just a theory, so be careful. I’m with you.”

Long Teng immediately said, “I’m coming too! It feels so amazing.”

Bai Jiao said, “I’m curious too.”

Xie Sen thought about the waves that were stirred up earlier. He looked at the contract beasts on the blue whale’s back, reached out and touched the blue whale. “You wait here. We’ll go to the Deadly Waters.”

“I will go with you!” The blue whale immediately said.

“There may be danger, it will be safer here.” Xie Sen said. If he could successfully retrieve the energy, then there would be no problem at all. If not, and it caused another big wave, the creatures on the back of the blue whale would be at risk.

The blue whale, “Then I’ll just go to the edge, not go in.”

Xie Sen thought for a moment. “Okay.”

As he sat on the couch, Lanny frowned slightly. The security officer guarding the edge of the Deadly Waters reported, “Grand Prince, they are entering the Deadly Waters, I am about to lose the target.”

Lenny said, “Keep an eye on the sea monsters at the edge, and deal with any attacks in a timely manner.”

The blue whale stopped at the edge. Xie Sen sat on the back of the flying lion beast, and looked into the water from above. There were many huge black shadows in the water. The smallest one was more than twenty meters long, and it looked as if many big ships were sunk in the water.

“Wow! So cool!” Long Teng stretched his neck to look down. He didn’t know what fear meant at all, and was full of excitement.

When Xie Sen heard him, he didn’t feel nervous anymore. He relayed Adam’s directions to the flying lion beast, and they headed to the place where the energy was the densest.

The further in, the darker the color of the water. A faint black fog even floated on the ocean surface. The water was calm, and at first glance, he thought it was safe. It was only when he looked carefully that he realized that there were many huge black shadows in the dark sea water.

Suddenly, a strange-looking sea monster surfaced. It had a huge body covered with a thick black shell, and a much smaller head compared to the body with no visible neck.

Long Teng pointed at it and cheered. “Is that a big sea turtle?”

Bai Jiao shook his head, “No.”

As Bai Jiao’s words fell, the small head of the big sea monster suddenly extended its thick neck, with a diameter of half a meter. The neck was like a spring, and went from the surface of the sea, straight up to Long Teng’s feet. It opened its large mouth to bite Long Teng’s feet, as it emitted a low cry.

Bai Jiao shouted. Long Teng laughed, and lifted his feet upward. The flying dragon beast instantly pulled up and away from the sea monster’s head.

Long Teng stretched his neck to see the sea monster, and waved his hand. “Wow, you look so strange! How can there be…” He said with a gesture, “such a long neck? I just saw you and I thought you didn’t have a neck.”

Its blow having failed, the sea monster began to shrink its neck, but when it heard this, its eyes glared, and the neck once again extended in Long Teng’s direction. The mouth kept opening and closing, and it looked very angry.

Xie Sen heard the flying lion, “It is saying ‘You have no neck, your whole family has no neck!’”

The corners of Xie Sen’s mouth twitched as the flying lion beast added, “It’s also saying ‘You’re the turtle, your whole family is a turtle!’”

Xie Sen couldn’t help but laugh. He looked at the flying dragon beast who didn’t say a word, and thought, These days, contract beasts are so dedicated, they don’t translate all the words when their masters are cursed out.

The sea monster that was chasing Long Teng craned its neck, and glared at him. Obviously, his laughter had pissed off the sea monster.

The flying lion beast was very dedicated, “It said ‘Laugh your ass off!'”

Maine stared coldly at the sea monster. The sea monster’s eyes moved. It opened its mouth, screamed, and began to shrink its neck. The flying lion beast said, “It said ‘Wait for the little master, do not come near the sea if you can.'”

The sea monster’s movement paused. It opened its mouth and said something. The flying lion beast didn’t translate, just roared at the sea monster, a roar with pressure. The sea monster instantly shrunk back its head, and sank to the bottom of the sea.

Xie Sen looked at this scene dumbfounded. Curious, he rubbed the neck of the flying lion beast. “What did it just say? Why didn’t you translate?” And it got angry! He didn’t say the rest of his words, in case the flying lion was still upset.

The flying lion beast’s tone was low with anger, “It said, ‘You’re not a repeater-type idiot, are you?'”

Xie Sen gritted his teeth, and stifled a laugh as a cheerful dragon howl came from one side. The flying dragon beast flew around the flying lion beast with its mouth open, and its tail twisted into a big wave.

The flying lion beast glanced at it. “Go away!”

Xie Sen hurriedly rubbed the flying lion beast’s wind-blown mane. “It’s nonsense. You’re super smart!”

Long Teng slapped the dragon beast on the back. “Don’t mock your friends!”

The flying dragon beast whimpered, flew next to the flying lion beast, and with its dragon tail it rubbed the flying lion beast’s tail. The flying lion beast accelerated forward. It immediately followed, and continued to rub. When the tail was flung away, the dragon tail bent, and because of its long tail, it kept on rubbing.

After a while, the flying lion beast slowed down. The two continued to fly side by side in the direction Xie Sen had indicated.

Xie Sen looked down. “That long-necked sea monster keeps following us.”

Maine said, “It’s okay.”

The flying lion said, “Don’t be afraid. If it dares to attack you, I’ll bite its neck off.”

Xie Sen subconsciously touched his neck.

It wasn’t long before vicious, strange cries came from ahead, one after another. It was frightening to hear. At the same time, Adam said, “It’s just ahead.”

Xie Sen looked forward and saw three huge sea monsters in the water. They were fighting, and there were countless tangled tentacles. The water was stained with red and blue blood, as it violently undulated from their movements. He watched numbly. This place had the most energy, and the sea monsters were really big and cranky.

Adam encouraged him, “A’Sen, don’t be afraid. You have a strong natural aura, and with the wood energy back, that affinity is even higher. They won’t hurt you.”

Xie Sen smiled bitterly. His affinity was indeed high, but the sea monsters could only feel his affinity when he touched them. If they opened their mouths, he would be swallowed before they could feel his affinity, not to mention the chaos of the situation. He pointed ahead and told the others, “The location where the energy is most concentrated is right there.”

He didn’t say anything else, but the rest of the group who could see the scene also guessed.

Maine wrinkled his brow. “We can’t go there now, it’s too dangerous.”

Xie Sen hmmed, and observed the sea monsters’ fight.

The flying dragon beast came close to his hand, and its dragon whiskers curled around his wrist. “They are cursing at each other. Their emotions are very abnormal, the same as when I held the energy. You go touch them. It will calm them.”

Xie Sen looked at the dragon beast’s big, penetrating eyes with a complicated expression. He realized that he was very bold in the eyes of the dragon beast, and was actually a little smug when he thought about it. He stared ahead. There was a sea monster that was showing half of its body, which sprouted a dozen huge tentacles. The tentacles were waving and intertwined, so they obviously belonged to two different creatures.

He recalled the experience of bathing the contract beasts in Gold Medal and rubbed the flying lion, “Can you take me to a place like their backs where I won’t be seen? Don’t stop, just fly by quickly, and I’ll touch them while I have the chance. To see if it works.”

The flying lion said, “Yes.”

Maine held Xie Sen tighter. Xie Sen smiled back at him. “It’s okay, the flying lion is fast.”

Maine nodded. Xie Sen asked Long Teng and Bai Jiao to wait where they were, and the flying dragon beast retracted its dragon whiskers. Xie Sen said, “Let’s go!”

Xie Sen grabbed its mane with one hand. Just in case, he summoned the watermelon vine, and tied it to himself and Maine.

The flying lion flew to the nearest gray tentacle, then to the back of a shark-like sea monster, and finally past a light orange tentacle. Xie Sen touched all three, and the flying lion immediately flew higher.

The three in the fight continued to battle, only the two tentacles moved towards the flying lion beast as it flew over the location of the fight.

Xie Sen saw that they hadn’t responded and frowned. “It seems that their bodies are too big, and it was too little of a touch. They can’t feel it.”

After he thought about it, he simply shouted loudly to the three who were fighting. “Hey, stop fighting, if you keep fighting, you will all be seriously injured and then eaten by the rest of the sea monsters.”

The three paused in their movements at the same time as a hollow cry came from below. The flying lion beast translated, “It said ‘Huh, he’s talking to us?'”

The light orange tentacle wiggled. “Huh? Since when did I get to understand human speech?”

The gray tentacle bent. “I can understand you guys too. I told you not to fight. Annoying!”

The light orange tentacles froze. “I didn’t fight, I just moved my arm and accidentally touched you. I said accidentally, but you had to fight back!”

The shark-like, but much larger sea monster, wagged its tail. “You two started it. I stayed put. You slapped me with your tentacles!”

The light orange and gray tentacles slapped at the shark-like sea monster at the same time. “Yuck. That’s no reason for you to eat my tentacles!”

Xie Sen, “…” He looked down at the three who were fighting again, and helplessly rolled his eyes. This topic is distorted, you know?

He took a deep breath and shouted, “Stop fighting! Any more bloodshed will attract the rest of the sea monsters. Haven’t you noticed that you are more temperamental than before?”

The gray tentacles stopped attacking and slowly a huge head emerged. Judging by the shape, it looked like a giant octopus. “Seems like yeah. Hey, big bird, what do you mean by repeating our words over and over again?”

The flying lion beast paused when it translated the name given to it, and in the spirit of professionalism, finished translating, then roared at the octopus monster, “I am a flying lion beast. Don’t shout, multi-handed monster!”

It then added, “Sen can understand me. If he’s next to you, he can understand you too.”

The octopus monster waved its tentacles in the direction of the flying lion. “You don’t scream, I’m the super octopus! Not a multi-handed monster!”

Xie Sen suddenly had the illusion of being confronted with an arguing kindergarten child. He spoke up in time, “Super giant octopus! I’ve never seen an octopus as big as you, can I have the pleasure of shaking your hand?”

The octopus tilted its head. It’s waving tentacles went from gray to pink, as it reached out in Xie Sen’s direction. The flying lion beast sounded contemptuous, “It said ‘You’re so discerning, you can.'”

Xie Sen smiled and patted its neck. The flying lion beast descended. Xie Sen reached out, and grabbed the octopus’ tentacle, expressing closeness.

“Wow, so comfortable…I don’t want to fight at all,” the octopus voice rang in Xie Sen’s head. “I feel immediately calm. You don’t let go, ah. The sea is very fun. You sit on my head, and I’ll take you to play, ah!”

Xie Sen inexplicably felt like he was facing an abduction/kidnapping.

“A’Sen won’t go with you!” The flying lion said in a dark voice.

Xie Sen said, “Thank you for the invitation, but I have things to do.” He went over the connection between the energy and emotional agitation, then made the request for them to cooperate so he could retrieve the energy.

The octopus readily agreed, “It’s so much fun floating around. I don’t want to be here at all, but I can’t help it. So if you can fix it, that would be great.”

After the octopus agreed, Xie Sen went to communicate with the other two. He thus learned the identities of the other two, a giant Megalodon 1, and a tyrant squid, both enlarged modern versions.

Both were very nice to talk to, and agreed to Xie Sen’s request when they learned the impact of the energy. They said, “See, I told you I did not do it, and I have nothing to do with it!”

With their cooperation, things were much simpler. At the water surface in a horizontal position, the Megalodon contributed its back. The flying lion beast flew to the surface, and with Maine holding Xie Sen, they jumped to the back of the Megalodon.

Xie Sen stood on the back of the Megalodon as if he were standing on flat ground. He was about to say ‘drop’ to the Megalodon so he could touch the seawater, when his bracelet rang and a communication came in.

He was about to hang up, but when he saw that it was Xu Da’s communicator, he answered it.

Xu Da opened a video call. “A’Sen, turn on the video. The contract beasts are missing you. They just moved to a new place and they are very excited. You calm them down, I can’t handle it.”

As he said that, the giant tiger beast rubbed him crooked, then the giant leopard beast pushed him to stand straight. He continued with a troubled expression, “The live viewers also want to see you. They don’t have any anchors that appear less than you.”

Xie Sen watched him being rubbed backwards and forwards and hastily opened the video. He pretended to be angry. “Giant tiger beast. Giant leopard beast. What are you doing? Grandpa Xu is old, don’t mess with him!”

As soon as he appeared, the contract beasts all approached, and Xu Da hurriedly expanded the screen to a bigger size.

The contract beasts barked at the screen. Little Spot stretched his paw and shook it.

Xie Sen smiled and shook his head, “Listen to Grandpa Xu. I’ll be back soon.”

The octopus heard the sound, and curiously supported its head with its tentacles, then moved up to look at the screen. When it saw people and animals inside, it became even more curious, and moved its head even closer.

The audience in the live room had been frozen ever since Xie Sen appeared, and now it was exploding.

[My god! where is the anchor standing?]

[What is the round headed tentacled thing behind him?]

[It’s over, is the anchor being eaten live?]


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Translator Notes:

  1. Technically there are no modern Megladons as they went extinct around 3.6 million years ago. Here’s an illustration of the size of a Megalodon vs. a Great White vs. a teeny human.


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