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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Xu Da’s eyes widened when he saw the octopus, “Sen, look out! There’s a big monster behind you!”

Xie Sen froze, looked back and saw the big octopus was watching the screen with great interest, while the tip of a gray tentacle was lying very quietly on his shoulder. It heard Xu Da’s words, and stared at the screen with big eyes. “I am not a big monster, I am a super invincible big octopus!”

The octopus’ head was very big, and its eyes occupied a large part of its head, so when it glared at people it was very scary. The comments screamed, [Ah, ah, ah! Anchor run!]

Xie Sen only opened the communication, not the live stream, so he couldn’t see the pop-ups and looked calm. To reassure the octopus, he said, “Big monster means you are large, and very imposing.”

The big octopus blinked, “Have an eye.”

Xu Da’s hands shook as he watched. “This is too scary!” He swept his gaze around Xie Sen.   “Where’s A’Teng? It’s not an accident, right?”

Xie Sen hurriedly said, “No, we are all fine. He is beside us.” In order to reassure Xu Da, he turned around, expanded the video, and let Long Teng, who was sitting on the flying dragon beast not far away into the picture, “Look, we are all fine–”

He choked on his words. Originally he had wanted to say ‘all good’, but when he saw Long Teng’s condition at the moment, he couldn’t continue.

Long Teng had his feet stretched out and a big smile on his face. Due to something he said, the long-necked sea monster had extended its head, and opened its mouth wide to bite him. He retracted his feet, while the flying dragon beast also flew high at the same time. Then when the sea monster’s neck shrunk back, he let the flying dragon beast go lower, and stretched out his feet to tease the long-necked sea monster again.

Each teasing back and forth was very fast, so although Long Teng had a smile on his face, people still watched in terror, as if in the next moment Long Teng would be bitten.

The audience in the live room was screaming again. The more calm people began to guess where Xie Sen was located, and some who liked exciting adventures brushed the screen.

[Anchor, how much did you say! Take me out on an adventure!]

[Too handsome! It always feels like the anchor will encounter thrilling and fun things wherever he goes, and always has unexpected gains.]

[Yeah, I think I just saw a flying lion beast!]

[I saw it too! Maine was there. He must have made a contract.]

[Today, I am still a lemon spirit!]

Xie Sen, who knew nothing about the pop-ups, laughed a bit awkwardly and said to Xu Da, “It’s really nothing. A’Teng is just teasing it.”

Xu Da, who knew Long Teng very well, laughed, “Haha! I can see that. Brat, you’re at ease anywhere!”

Xie Sen laughed. He was thinking about retrieving the water energy, so he didn’t say much. He instructed the contract beasts to listen to Xu Da, appealed to the live viewers to love the contract beasts, then ended the communication.

He reached out, and nodded at the octopus tentacle on his shoulder. “Get it off.” The octopus monster retracted its tentacles, and watched curiously for his next move.

Xie Sen pulled Maine slowly towards the edge of the Megalodon’s back. Maine held his left hand and gripped it tightly. Xie Sen smiled back at him. “I’m sure I’ll be fine with you around.”

Maine nodded cautiously. “Yes, I will protect you.”

Xie Sen squatted down, and looked at the dark water. He clenched his hand into a fist, then opened it and stuck his hand into the water.

The temperature of the peony on his shoulder suddenly rose. The heat also rapidly increased where his hand touched the water while the energy quickly ran up his arm and into his shoulder.

Xie Sen’s face was tense as he looked nervously at the water. The water was moving rapidly in the direction of his hand, but it didn’t stir up the wall of waves or cause huge waves. Instead it looked extraordinarily calm.

In the past, each time the energy recovery speed was very fast, but this time because the energy was too scattered, the recovery speed was very slow.

The back of the Megalodon was very slippery. Xie Sen had stepped on the edge of his foot with force, and as time passed, his feet were getting sore.

As the energy flew into the five-colored peony on the shoulder, the temperature of his shoulder became higher and higher and even reached a scalding temperature. The heat spread out from his shoulder, and slowly swept through his entire body.

Xie Sen’s brow wrinkled, and he was a little panicked. He wanted to withdraw his hand, but found that the water seemed to have an attraction. He couldn’t pull back.

“Adam, what’s going on?” he asked in his mind.

Adam explained, “The water energy is mostly recovered. Now that the five elements of energy are gathered, it has started to circulate. It can’t be stopped in the middle.”

Xie Sen said, “My body is getting hotter and hotter. I feel a little abnormal.”

Adam said, “Don’t be afraid, this is a normal reaction. You and this body’s fit are getting higher and higher with all five elements present, but…” He mumbled, “Your body may not be able to stand the stimulation and fall into a coma.”

His voice immediately raised, “But don’t worry, it’s a good thing. You’ll be absolutely fine! When you wake up, your body will be much better than before, eh..?”

When Xie Sen heard this, he didn’t immediately ask Adam what he was ‘eh’ about, but turned his head to look at Maine. He wanted to tell Maine that he might fall unconscious so that Maine wouldn’t worry.

But when he turned his head, it was as if an iron ball rolled from right to left in his skull. A heavy dizziness hit him, and he lost consciousness before he could speak.

Maine’s face suddenly changed, and he pulled him backwards. “Sen!”

Xie Sen lay limply in his arms, unresponsive.

Maine’s eyes shook violently. He hugged Xie Sen tightly, and kissed him all over his face. “A’Sen. A’Sen, you wake up!”

Bai Jiao had been watching them. He saw the situation and immediately said to Long Teng, “Quickly, go over.”

The flying dragon beast was very fast, and soon reached the top of the Megalodon. Long Teng jumped onto its back with Bai Jiao in his arms, ran to Maine’s side and squatted down, as he asked anxiously, “What’s wrong with A’Sen?”

Maine stared intently at Xie Sen as if he hadn’t heard him.

Bai Jiao reached out to take Xie Sen’s hand, but Maine grabbed his wrist and looked over with frozen eyes. Bai Jiao said, “Take it easy. I’ll just see how he is.”

Maine’s face twitched, and he let go. “He suddenly fell into a coma.”

Bai Jiao nodded to show that he knew, and checked Xie Sen. He said, “His pulse and heart rate are normal. There’s no sign of poisoning, but his temperature is too high.”

Maine looked only slightly relieved. He stood up with Xie Sen in his arms, the flying lion beast flew to his side and he said, “Go to the hospital now.”

The three big sea monsters and the long-necked monster followed them in the water for a while, as they made various cries without getting any answer. The big squid stretched out a tentacle and slapped the octopus monster. “You must have just accidentally poisoned A’Sen!”

The octopus monster’s big eyes rolled up, and it wrapped around the big squid’s tentacle. “No way. It’s not my fault. Didn’t you hear his friend say? There’s no sign of poisoning!”

The squid continued to whip the octopus with its other tentacle. “His friend was being comforting. It’s your fault, you idiot.”

The octopus monster waved its tentacles and hit back. “Absolutely nothing to do with me,” It wrapped itself around the squid and dragged it back. “You come out with me and wait for the results. It’s nothing to do with me, you’re just stupid.”

Shortly after that, Lanny received a report, “Grand Prince, they’ve come out of the Deadly Waters. One of them seems to be unconscious.”

Lanny frowned. “Send the video here.”

Soon, Lanny saw from the video the two speeding contract beasts and the people on them. His eyes fell on Xie Sen with his eyes closed being held by Maine.

“What’s the situation in the Deadly Waters?” he asked.

“The sea monsters that crossed the edge are back inside the Deadly Waters, while the blue whale has been staying in the edge waters.”

Lanny looked slightly moved. So it seemed the sea monsters were back to normal. It was very likely related to Xie Sen.

Lanny said, “From today, increase the patrol of the borders of the Deadly Waters.” After he gave the order, he said to Simeon, “Have someone follow Long Teng and the others, and keep an eye on their movements.”

Simeon, “Yes.”

Xie Sen woke up three days later in the evening. When he opened his eyes, he saw Maine, who was sitting by his bed, and looked cold and pale.

Maine was like a delicate and emotionless statue, his eyes focused straight at him, his gaze unfathomable. The room was a little dim, and Maine was sitting only with his back lit while his  features were deep in shadow. At first glance, it was very scary.

Xie Sen’s heart jumped, but he quickly calmed down. When he saw Maine’s bloodless face, he was very distressed. He was about to speak, when he saw Maine close his eyes.

Xie Sen was stunned, but then thought Maine might be tired. He didn’t know how long he was unconscious, but from Maine’s appearance, he must have been guarding him. He raised his hand to check the time, and when he raised it, his hand was grabbed by a large palm, followed by darkness in front of his eyes. Maine’s hand propped next to his side, as he covered his body with his own. His eyes were locked on him, while his voice was hoarse, “Are you really awake?”

Xie Sen blinked, and when he heard the word ‘really,’ he instantly understood what was going on.

Maine had closed his eyes, not because he was tired, but because he saw him open his eyes and thought he was having a hallucination! Xie Sen was even more distressed, and mustered up a smile to soothe him. He said, “Hmm.” He couldn’t help but frown, when he spoke the word. His throat was too dry.

Maine asked nervously, “What’s wrong?”

Xie Sen cleared his throat. “Nothing. Just a little dry mouth.” He reached out and touched Maine’s face. “You look awful. Are you hurt? Did something happen afterwards? How long have I been unconscious?”

Maine looked deeply at him, then leaned down to hold him in his arms, not daring to hold him too tightly. “I’m okay. You’ve been out for three days.”

Xie Sen frowned, and reached out to push him. “If you’re fine, why are you acting like this? Don’t tell me you haven’t eaten anything in the past few days!”

Maine didn’t move at all, just hugged him and rubbed the side of his neck.

Xie Sen was helpless. He also felt a little strange. “I actually don’t feel hungry.”

“You’ve been injected with nutrients every day.” Maine said.

Xie Sen moved his hands. He felt like his body was full of power. He thought of Adam’s words, and smiled. It seemed that after the energy recovery, his body’s quality had improved.

Thinking of Adam’s ‘eh’ earlier, he was still a little concerned, so he called out to Adam in his mind but got no response. He looked at his right shoulder, and all five petals were bright. He let go of his concern. He guessed that Adam might be sleeping, and decided to contact him later.

He raised his hand, and squeezed the back of Maine’s neck. “Get up. I want to take a shower, and you need to eat.”

Maine let go of him, but his hand was still propped on the side of the bed, and his eyes were intense. “Why did you pass out before?”

Xie Sen said, “The five energies corresponding to the petals had gathered, and my body couldn’t stand the stimulation, so I passed out.” He smiled. “Don’t worry, it’s a good thing. My body is much better than before.” He reached out, and cupped Maine’s chin. “I’m sorry for scaring you. I didn’t expect to pass out before. I turned my head to tell you at that time, but I fainted before I could say anything.”

Maine grabbed his hand and bit it lightly, then reached out to pick him up. “It’s good that you’re okay. Let’s go back to the hotel. I hate it here.”

Xie Sen kicked his feet. “Put me down. I’ll walk by myself.”

Maine simply refused, and held his waist tighter. “No.”

When he reached the door of the ward, he met Long Teng and Bai Jiao, who had come to visit him. Xie Sen looked a little embarrassed.

Long Teng spoke very fast, “Great! Sen, you’re finally awake!”

Bai Jiao asked, “Is there anything wrong?”

Xie Sen shook his head. “I’m fine. I’m sorry for making you guys worry.”

Long Teng smiled very brightly. “It’s good that you’re okay.”

Bai Jiao looked at Maine and joked, “If you hadn’t woken up, you’d be fine, but other people wouldn’t be fine.”

Maine’s expression didn’t change. “I’ll take him back to the hotel.”

Bai Jiao said, “Mn, you can take Sen directly there. I’ll take care of the discharge procedure.”

Maine looked at him, “Thanks a lot.”

After the two of them left, Long Teng put his hand on Bai Jiao’s shoulder, his heart racing. “It’s good that Sen is awake. Maine has been so scary these days!”

Bai Jiao, who was walking towards the check-in desk, smiled and said, “You’re actually afraid of something?”

Long Teng said, “Of course I am.” He tilted his head. “I’m not really afraid of Maine, I just felt uncomfortable looking at him.”

Bai Jiao smiled. “Because he loves A’Sen, and he’s worried about A’Sen,” he said, and couldn’t help the envious look in his eyes.

Long Teng laughed, “Yes, my father loves Dad too. Maine is to A’Sen, like my father is to my dad!” he said, and then showed his doubts. “What is love? Dad said I will know when I meet someone, but how will I know?”

Bai Jiao was emotionally blank. All his understanding came from relatives and virtual works. He said subconsciously, without thought, “Probably when you always want to be with a person, want to be close, want to protect, and feel an emotional tug.”

Long Teng blinked, then turned his head to look at him. His black and white eyes looked exceptionally clear, and he showed a bright smile. “That’s how I am with you. Does that mean I’m in love with you?”

Bai Jiao was stunned. His heartbeat accelerated unexpectedly, his fingers subconsciously curled in the hair that crossed his shoulders. After a moment, he laughed. “No, we’re friends. Friends and lovers aren’t the same.”

Long Teng then asked, “What’s the difference?”

Bai Jiao thought for a moment, “Lovers are more intimate.” He coughed dryly. “I don’t really understand. I’m going to go do the formalities.”

Long Teng looked at his back, and muttered to himself, “More intimate?”

Xie Sen was so pale and weak that Maine had to accompany him. When he got to the bathroom, Maine finally put him down and put the hot water on. Xie Sen turned to go out, but only took a step when Maine hugged him from behind. “Where are you going?”

Xie Sen pointed to the vanity behind the frosted glass. “To brush my teeth.” He turned his head, and saw Maine’s tense face. He patted Maine’s hand. “Don’t be nervous. I’ll tell you where I’m going.”

Maine mumbled, but didn’t let go of his hand. He took him to the sink, and watched him brush his teeth.

Xie Sen finished brushing his teeth, turned around and kissed Maine on the corner of his lips. “I’m going to take a shower. You order dinner and we’ll eat together later.”

Maine looked at him, hesitated and nodded. Xie Sen finished his shower, then ate dinner with Maine. When he saw the blood had come back into Maine’s face, he smiled and patted his face. “You’re an adult. You should know how to take care of yourself. Don’t skip meals from now on, okay?”

Maine stared at him for a moment. “As long as you’re all right,” he said, then got up and went to the bathroom. He didn’t close the door, so Xie Sen could see his figure clearly. Such a hazy vision together with the sound of the shower, would stoke most people’s imagination.

Xie Sen blushed slightly, and coughed a little. He moved to put the remnants of dinner into a bag, then opened the door to the room and placed the garbage bag outside the door so that the waiter could take it away in time.

He closed the door, and was about to turn around when he was suddenly picked up by Maine from behind. He was startled, and turned his head to see Maine’s bare chest. His eyes swept down and his face flushed. “Why did you come out like that?”

Maine didn’t say anything, but with a sullen face he threw him straight onto the bed. He had propped his elbows on the bed, and raised up just a little bit when Maine pinned him down, then he was met with an overwhelming kiss.

Xie Sen was forced to crane his neck as Maine held the back of his head in one hand, and pulled his bathrobe off him with the other. He was stripped clean in a couple of seconds.

It took a long time for the room to quiet down. Xie Sen lay on his back, as he took slow breaths. He really felt that his body had really gotten better. He was usually tired after two times, but now after three times, he only had a sore back and some slight pain.

There was a dense itch coming from behind him. He didn’t care much, he was used to Maine moving like this, and was even easily soothed by his kisses. It was just that the smell of the room was so strong that he couldn’t help it when his heart beat faster.

He bent his foot. Without knowing where it touched Maine, he pushed and said in a slightly muffled voice, “Turn on the room air conditioning.”

Maine grabbed his foot, and placed a kiss on his ankle. Then he got up and turned on the air. He went to the bathroom to fill the tub with hot water, picked Xie Sen up and put him in the bathtub. He looked at the marks on Xie Sen’s body, frowned slightly and said, “Sorry.”

Xie Sen tilted his head, and bit him on the chin. “Is this the one to apologize for? You forgot to wear a condom the first time!” He said with a blush. Before when he was lying on his back, it was fine, but now when he was sitting, the feeling was more obvious.

After the embarrassment passed, he couldn’t help but look at his stomach again and winced. He grabbed Maine’s arm. “What if I get pregnant? Go get a pill!”

Maine cleared his throat, and kissed him soothingly on the cheek. “Don’t worry. There’s zero chance of getting pregnant from one time. Besides, birth control pills are banned. Birth rates have been declining on all planets, and it’s against the law to harm young children.”

Xie Sen looked at his expression of such certainty, then thought about how the physiology of females here was different from that of modern women, and relaxed. Then he warned him, “You must be careful in the future, or you won’t be allowed to do it for real.”

Maine promised, “Okay.”

The next day, just after breakfast, Xie Sen went to the others and said that Lanny wanted to see them.

Xie Sen wanted to talk to Lanny about the broken deal, so he followed him to the lobby of the 87th floor.

Lanny stared intently at him. When the four of them sat down across from him, he asked, “What did you do in the Deadly Waters?”

Xie Sen laughed. “Nothing. Just restored the Deadly Waters to its original state.” He changed the subject. “How about we continue to talk about the deal we talked about last time?”

Lanny said, “I can agree to your request to make the sale of contract beasts illegal, but if Planet Blue forbids the sale of contract beasts, I need more food.”

Xie Sen thought about it, “In addition to watermelons and peppers, I can also provide potatoes and rice. I can tell you their approximate growing conditions, but as for other plants, I don’t have any right now.”

He didn’t know anything about the black fungus. It wasn’t, by definition, a plant. It was a fungi, and had no seeds. It actually grew on wood.

Lenny said, “For now?”

Xie Sen responded, “Brandt Star Plant Research Institute has been researching all kinds of plants. There will be more and more edible plants . If you’re interested, you can establish foreign trade relations with Brandt Star, and once Brandt Star begins mass production of plants, then the priority selling will be to Planet Blue.”

Lanny’s eyes narrowed. “Each edible plant has gone through years of research, and progress is slow. However, you seem to be confident that these plants can be produced in large quantities.”

Xie Sen smiled. He couldn’t explain the System, so he offered a more credible explanation. “I’m a plant system beast master. I’m very keen on plants. Believe me, this will be the most rapid development for the plant era.”

Lanny stared at him for a moment, then nodded. “I promise, after this I will contact the upper levels of Brandt Star.”

As Lanny said that, he opened his bracelet, and sent a command out. Not long after that, his professionals sent him a contract book. He flipped through to make sure it was correct, signed his name, exchanged contact information with Xie Sen, then passed it to Xie Sen.

Lenny said, “If it’s okay, sign it.”

Xie Sen opened the screen and the four of them looked at the contract together. There were two copies of the contract, and at the end of each copy was a legal provision that prohibited the sale of contract beasts on Planet Blue.

Xie Sen asked, “You can make the call?” After all, Lanny was only the Grand Prince. For this kind of legal provision, it might be necessary to go through many procedures to make it official.

Lanny raised an eyebrow, “Of course. You’re questioning my ability?”

Xie Sen said, “No.” He made sure the contract was in order, signed it, and then passed one of the copies back to Lanny.

Xie Sen saved the contract, took out the potatoes and rice, then explained to Lanny the growing conditions and the methods of cultivation.

Lanny asked the relevant personnel of Blue’s plant research to take the plants away, then said to Xie Sen, “In view of the cooperative relationship, I would like to give you a friendly reminder that the number of Planet Blue entrants has skyrocketed in the past two days, so you should pay more attention when you travel.”

Xie Sen was puzzled, and pointed to himself. “Something to do with us?”

Lanny said, “It seems you haven’t read the interstellar news.”

Xie Sen turned his head to ask Maine, who shook his head. He’d been watching Xie Sen for the past few days, and hadn’t paid any attention to the other things.

Long Teng immediately said, “I’ve seen it. A’Sen, your live stream is so popular on the starnet that you have a nickname. ‘The man who talks and laughs in the Deadly Waters.’”

Bai Jiao added, “This was the headline on the day you passed out.” He opened his bracelet, and pulled up the story from that day.

The corners of Xie Sen’s mouth twitched. What the hell is this? He looked at Bai Jiao’s screen. The headline was exactly as described, and there were many screenshots in the content.

The first few were pictures of him standing on a black ground with a giant octopus emerging from behind him. On the photos, the tail of the flying lion beast and the tentacles of the tyrant squid were circled, while in the white space, there were notes with the names of the beasts.

Then there were screenshots of him turning around to look at Long Teng teasing the long-necked sea monster. One had a lower field of view, which showed the surface of the sea and exposed the head of the ‘black ground’ Megalodon shark he was standing on.

The Megalodon was likewise circled with a note added.

The comment with the most likes was, [That’s awesome! Wait, anchor, I’ll come to you!]

[Make an offer, anchor! I also want to stand on the back of the Megalodon!]


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