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Chapter 11: The Battle of Lansuo Valley

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


The key point of jungle operations was to lurk and raid, and take advantage of the terrain. It was important to be able to move quietly. Although it seemed that the forest was good for concealment, for many people, it was the opposite. The tangled ground would cause people to trip, and the messy branches would scratch their faces or arms.

It was hard for ordinary people to run fast or move silently in the woods. Only the forest natives could hide perfectly.

Now the robbers were marching in the dense forest. The huge wolves were crowding the bushes, and they would not leave. The footsteps of orcs and ogres were so heavy that they could be heard miles away. The goblins were chattering and arguing.

King Hollis planned to attack Lansuo Valley after dusk, because it was time for dessert and dancing after supper, and Princess Hyacinth would also be on the terrace, ready for kidnapping.

Myka sat behind Hollis and rode a cow with him. According to Hollis, a wolf’s bones twisted too much when it walked. He could not sit stably, so he found a slow and docile cow.

Hollis was bragging about standing on a lizard and hanging it upside down on the top of a cave in the dark, but he omitted later battles. Myka wondered if he had ever fallen off a lizard’s back.

When he was in the cave a few hours ago, Hollis finally escaped, and was chased around by a red haired man who was completely naked and had an unchanging expression. After running long enough for the duration of the spell, the magic image finally disappeared.

When Hollis stared at Myka out of breath and ragged, Myka cast another magic on him in time: it could make people calm, make anger or fear disappear temporarily from the target’s heart, and make the target become more docile and communicate better. It was one of the most unlikely pink spells. Many mages used it to quell the fury of savages.

When the spell was successful, Hollis’s expression softened. Myka had only used it several times. This magic that affected the mind was higher than the one that made people angry. He was ready to fail this time… But he succeeded. He didn’t know if it was because Hollis was too easy to deal with.

Myka himself had experienced the feeling of this magic: feeling very peaceful and warm, just like holding a soft rabbit… so Hollis, who sat on the stone with a dull and happy look, stunned the orc bandits.

The spell lasted less than ten minutes, which was enough time for Myka to convince Hollis to accept the ‘accident’. Hollis said he could not be held accountable for his ‘mistakes’.

After walking in the forest for a long time, Hollis regained his morale and deployed a strategic way of fighting. He covered his face with black gauze to block the delicate sunshine. The dark elven people lived in the dark and gloomy areas. Their eyes couldn’t adapt to the light much stronger than the a magic cold flame. Even though Hollis had lived on the surface for a long time, and he was no longer dazzled by the light, he still hated the strong light during the day.

Myka found that Hollis could not only speak the common tongue, but also understood orc language and goblin language, which greatly surprised him. It seemed that Hollis was not really that stupid.

Along the way, the robbers crept through the places where they passed. From time to time, there were little monsters shouting loudly. Even some versatile literary and artistic orcs sang songs… Myka was very reassured to think that perhaps the Lansuo Valley would hear them before they got close.

He hoped that Sylar would bring the Knights and surround them from other directions, because the fighting ability of the Lansuo Elves seemed to be in question.

Myka once again recalled the days when he stood as a battle mage, when he worked with knights in heavy armor. Those guys and orcs had one thing in common: they were not good at moving quietly. Every step the Knights took, their armor would make a creaking sound, and a group of knights would march at the same time, which was even louder.

He didn’t know who would find who first, Myka thought sadly.

Perhaps it was too dark when the robbers approached the small city of Lansuo Valley, but it was an advantage for the dark elf, orcs, and goblins.

The settlement area of the Lansuo Elves was very small, surrounded by hills and woodlands. From a strategic perspective, it was very easy to attack but hard to defend.

Now it was time for the elves to sing and dance. Princess Hyacinth had finished her own aerobics. At night, there was a rough wind, and the rustling of leaves covered the noise of robbers. King Hollis took off his mask and showed an evil smile.

“The third team goes to the back of the palace, the second team and the first team are on my flank,” Hollis ordered the monsters. “The ogres are in the lead, the wolf cavalry is behind, the fourth team…”

“King, but we only have three teams.” One orc said.

“Don’t interrupt me!” Hollis yelled, “I was just trying to say ‘team four doesn’t exist’!”

Myka sat behind the dark elf, praying that Sylar would bring the Knights quickly, or he would most likely die.

Closer to the palace, they found a lot of elves running and fighting in the open space in front of the building. Some were wearing full body armor, some were wearing leather armor, everyone had weapons, but they were holding bouquets or fruits in their hands, making a very unnatural variety of relaxed and happy postures.

Myka could see at a glance that these elves had strengthened their sentries to defend the attack, but these additional people had to put on a posture of doing nothing, which looked more suspicious. Moreover, the voices of the elves, who were happily swinging fruits and sending flowers and singing to each other, were so loud that they completely overshadowed the voices of the bandits in the forest. Myka was once again shocked by the stupidity of the Lansuo Elves.

Several of Hollis’s teams were in place. The dark elf came down from the back of the cow and moved to the back of the wolf cavalry. He held a light crossbow with a single hand, which had a very small arrow, and there were shackles and silk ropes hanging on his waist.

Myka realized that Hollis wasn’t going to attack on a cow… He didn’t even plan to fight in person. He needed these monsters to attack the elves while he found a chance to sneak into the palace. The dark elf fired demon fire into the woods near an elf guard by the courtyard wall. The blue-green flame made the elf and his companions shocked.

Myka knew this little trick. It was almost like a magic cold flame but it was not harmful at all. When the guards were in a panic from the surprise, Hollis gave the order to attack. In the night, the dark elf’s eyes sparkled with an eerie red. At this time, Myka intuitively felt that he was indeed a dark elf.

The ogre jumped out of the trees and swung a huge axe at the back door and the wall of the palace. This palace was really too small. Its walls could only be called courtyard walls instead of  palace walls.

As the wolf cavalry rushed out, Myka stayed on the back of the cow and felt that he had to do it now — so he put out his hand on the back of Hollis and quickly recited a incantation.

At the end of the spell, the dark elf moved away from Myka with the wolf cavalry. Myka’s timing was just right.

Myka slowly climbed down from the back of the cow and said to himself, “This spell is quite immoral… But it suits you.” 

The Lansuo Elves were worthy of never having experienced a war. In the face of the enemies coming, they even used the skill of throwing blazing air again. But they threw it out of place, and it was of no help but only made the grass and the bush burn.

In the face of the swift wolves and the fierce roaring orcs and ogres, the elves in beautiful armor turned pale one by one. However, it was not easy for Hollis to sneak into the Royal Palace and kidnap the princess directly: just as he rushed out from behind the wolf cavalry, a hot and strange shiver swept over his whole body.

His hands were shaking involuntarily, and his waist was almost too soft. As he began to doubt it, there was another heat rising up, and a wave spread from his lower abdomen to his limbs. Hollis cried out uncontrollably, scaring the orc cavalry, and the one with him drove the wolf directly into the haystack.

At the same time, other monsters attacking the elves also found something wrong: the fire caused by the hot air was extinguished in an instant. Then, the grass and trees under their feet, and the bushes and vines behind them, suddenly grew wildly. They stretched out thick branches, entangled the body of the wolves and the ogres, and pulled down the orcs on the back of the wolves one by one.

Some monsters were lucky enough to get rid of the entanglement and continue to rush to the elves. However, those elves were waving weapons to cheer for the plants instead of preparing to attack… Myka was hiding in the woods, worried for them.

At this time, a chant came from behind him. The voice was familiar, warm and steady, and the pronunciation of the incantation was vague but full of a sense of order. Myka could sense an invisible magic force, which erupted in the area where the fighting was about to take place, covering the entangled bandits. It was hard to see the effect of the spell.

“Myka.” Sylar emerged slowly from the woods.

Myka turned around and was not surprised, but at the same time he felt that he was quite at ease.

“Thank you so much for not being a cow.” Myka patted the cow grazing quietly beside him, thinking of the ‘giant crocodile’.

“I can’t be an animal because I’ve got the Knights, and they won’t recognize me.” Sylar replied seriously.

“Knights? Where?”

Sylar walked over to him and put his hand on Myka’s shoulder to show him, who was looking in all directions — the Knights had already followed Sylar to the neighborhood, scattered and waited to ambush in the woods.

To Myka’s surprise, these Knights didn’t wear heavy full body armor, but leather armor for training. No wonder they were much quieter when they moved.

A grim looking Knight came out, took out the sheepskin roll, went to stand outside the forest, and began to read out the things on the sheepskin roll.

“What is this for?” Myka saw that the monsters in front of him had already begun to intersect with the elven warriors.

“Before launching an attack, the Knights will read out the guilt of the enemy,” Sylar shrugged. “It’s their faith. They insisted.”

“What are they doing wasting time!? Help the elves first! Look at their armor, thin as ornaments…” Myka said anxiously.

Sylar pressed his shoulder again, motioning him to watch the battle. Myka found that the swords and axes in the hands of the robbers and the armor on their bodies were all made of wood! Even the goblin archers were holding wooden bows, and they couldn’t shoot out the range they should.

“You did it?” Myka was surprised to see the monsters retreating. Some of them wanted to escape, some of them were entangled by plants again.

Although not too powerful a mage, Myka had a profound understanding of the theory of magic. He knew that magic with the effect of both arcane and divinity was very rare.

Myka had long realized that Sylar was a high-level mage. If he was not a Druid but a mage, he would be able to be the best mage in college. Now Myka really felt a little respect for Sylar.

Sylar didn’t answer his question. When Myka looked at him, he found that he was looking at him shyly with his head askew and hands folded together.

Myka clenched his teeth and fists, trying to suppress the shivering on his back. He didn’t know what to say next, but stepped back a few steps to stand by the druid and looked at the battle, because he didn’t want to be stared at so warmly.

At this time, the Knight finally finished reading out the crimes. At one command, they pulled out their weapons and surrounded the creatures. But then the robbers were already in ruins, and there were few enemies left. They were greeted by the leaping embrace of the elven warriors.


The author has something to say:

Myka used a mind stabilizing spell before, but the one before the war was really immoral =u=… It will be explained later. The Druid turned iron into wood… 

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August 11, 2020 4:26 pm

sylar is so shy XD he needs a human ethics class to understand who relationships work…

thank you for the chapter!

August 11, 2020 11:50 pm

If you combine Sylar’s and Myka’s magic skills, tghey would be invinsible in battle. It’s just tyhat Sylar is super shy and Myka’s personal stalker so cooperation would be a bit hard…
Thank you for the chapter!!!

August 15, 2020 8:53 pm

The elves can be a little dumb, but with Sylar’s help, they’ve won!!

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Awww..this story is so light and warm..comedy that gives u lot of embarrassing feeling!!! Thanks for this relaxing novel

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I like Sylar! He is strong and gets the job done although he can be shy! ❤️❤️ The battle was hilarious! The elves are something else! I wonder about Hollis and the spell placed on him lol

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