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Chapter 14: Habitual Love and the First Night

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

In the second half of the night, Myka had packed up the house, and was going to ask Sylar if he wanted to drink something. He went back to his bedroom and found that the Druid, who had been sitting in front of the window, was gone.

Myka shrugged, locked the doors and windows again, climbed into bed and fell asleep.

This time he didn’t dream of being chased by a group of animals. He slept soundly until dawn.

As in those days, he didn’t like to stay in a hostile environment. But he was not easy to shake. He knew how to focus on the interesting side in his mixed life.

Myka lived as usual and went to the shop every afternoon. Sometimes he would meet Lucy, the dog, and secretly ask her, ‘Is Sylar nearby?’

At first, he expected her to run in a certain direction, indicating that Sylar was there, but she just wagged her tail and grinned foolishly. It seemed that she could not understand Myka at all.

Many days later, Myka saw the delivery merchant in the shop again. The merchant’s face was still bruised and he carried the goods with a single hook.

“By the way, someone asked me to give you a message,” said the merchant before he left. “It was a young man in the village guard, blonde, about this tall,” he made a movement with his hand. “He said that you always avoid people when you go out and go home these days, so he can’t talk to you personally. He asked me to tell you that he and his father beat up the three people who stole your things the other day, but it’s a pity that the things were either used or sold. He said he was sorry.”

Myka smiled helplessly. No wonder, he thought, that people stared at him when he passed through the orchard these days. Pilak and his father may have meant well, but they didn’t work very well either.

When he arrived at the shop that day, he found another letter under the door. The paper was the same as Sylar’s last letter.

Sylar hadn’t appeared recently, so Myka was confused. Now it seemed that the Druid was still lurking nearby in various animal forms.

The letter was still terrible and short, Sylar wrote:

[The other day, I talked to ‘Majesty Hungry’ about you and told him what you did. He expressed his gratitude for catching such an interesting and evil dark elf for him. The last sentence is his original words. I think it’s a little contradictory, but it still determines the original narrative. Some orcs have escaped into the forest. I need a little time to deal with them, so the time I watch you is reduced. Don’t worry, I can find you anytime.]

Myka looked at the letter and didn’t know what expression to make. Looking at the last sentence, it was hard to tell whether it was for comfort or a threat.

Sylar’s letter reminded Myka of one thing. After coming back from the vicinity of the Lansuo Elves’ palace, Sylar used magic to send them directly back to Myka’s home, and it was to his bedroom… 

Out of curiosity, Myka took a feather charm and decided to ask others.

He first sent a message to Morning Mist, asking her if she knew the system of Druid magic. Morning Mist replied very quickly and made Myka laugh. She replied: Yes.

Myka had to use the charm again to ask her for details, and describe the characteristics, feelings and approximate syllable number of the spells she experienced. This time, she replied a little more specifically. Morning Mist said that she had seen the magic of the Druids, which was called Return Truth. It was similar to teleportation, and could send people back to their familiar places in the world with only a short phrase. It is not as troublesome as teleportation, and there is no distance limit at all.

Morning Mist also said that although she did not understand the principle of magic casting, she had overheard Druids in the Maple Foresttalking about how it was an eight-level magic in the Druid’s casting system. Under the system standard of known spells, the highest level is only nine.

Myka was shocked. Sylar used such a high-level spell just to get him home so close.

What’s more, the place they returned to was Myka’s bedroom… This showed that Sylar was quite familiar with his bedroom.

Myka didn’t quite understand why someone could follow and observe others for years without being eager to announce their existence. Myka had traveled hundreds of miles from Fenglin to the cities and villages adjacent to the Lansuo Valley, stopping in different towns and occasionally studying with other mages… then he finally settled here.

It was amazing that Sylar had been with him all the way.

Sylar also knew Sovili, Myka’s former companion and best friend. So Myka suspected that maybe Sylar heard, or even saw, the stupid quarrel between them, and tried to avoid it.

If this was the case, it had to be said that Sylar was too much.

Myka didn’t suffer any blow that made him stop being a battle mage. His reason was simple. He just walked along the road suitable for his ability. But this led him to leave all his friends who thought he should give up the so-called pink magic for friendship and honor.

Suddenly, a knock on the door broke Myka’s reprieve. A middle-aged couple stood at the door and looked at him in fear.

Myka felt a little surprised. He seldom met a couple shopping together. “Welcome, may I help you?” Myka asked with a smile.

“We’re from Berry village.” The man looked a little weak but dressed appropriately. He knew that he was not a farmer. “Are you Mage MykaBin Huguerie?”

It had been many years since someone called him that aloud. For a second, Myka didn’t respond. “Yes, that’s me. Is there anything I can do for you?” He asked again.

The man had seen some of the ornaments in the shop which were dazzling and couldn’t be seen by normal people, so his speech became a little jumpy. When his wife saw this, she took Myka’s hand and then one step forward.

“Lord mage, please help my daughter and son-in-law —”

After finishing, the middle-aged woman plopped down and kneeled in front of Myka, and held his hand tightly, which frightened Myka.

Usually this kind of scene appeared in the temple. It sounded natural, but asking a pink robed mage to save people? It was as strange as asking the Lansuo Elves to save the world.

Myka closed the door and sat the weeping lady in a chair. He stood patiently and waited to ask her. Three people in the small shop felt crowded, but there seemed to be a sense of security.

To his surprise, these people were introduced to him by the village guard Pilak. They were Pilak’s aunt and uncle, the owners of a plantation in Bramble Village. Although Berry Village was close, it belonged to another jurisdiction — Todd’s territory, belonging to the noble Todd family.

Half a year ago, the old Lord passed away, and his only son, Illican Todd, who had just turned twenty, succeeded him. Since the Todd family belonged to a strict aristocratic branch of the ancient system, their territory still adhered to some previous systems, such as the so-called “first night rites”.

In fact, many areas had abolished this system, but the Todd area was in line with other families of the same blood, so it was still strictly implemented.

However, old Lord Todd was very kind. He thought that since it was only an ancient system, he could walk away: he invited the newlyweds to the castle for the night, as long as the bride’s wedding night was kept at the Lord’s house. The old Lord treated those people politely, and nothing really happened to other people’s wives.

“Isn’t that good?” Myka asked.

The middle-aged woman wiped her tears and shook her head, “It was very good. My daughter, Pilak’s cousin, Silva was about to get married, but the old lord had died not long ago, and the new Lord, Illican Todd, plotted against her! He has been pestering her for many years. My daughter doesn’t like him… So a few days ago, he threatened us privately. He said, ‘on the night of the wedding…’” She stopped and sobbed for a while, and looked at her husband. Seeing her husband helpless to support, she went on to say, “He said he would get Silva or Rowan. He said he would have one or both of them…”

“And who is Rowan?”

“My son-in-law…”

“What?” Myka carefully reflected on whether he had just lost his mind and heard something wrong.

If the new Lord was young and vigorous, didn’t understand the way of kindness, knew that his beloved woman was going to get married and then planned to use power to possess her… It was not very good, but it could be understood. But why did he even plan to possess the woman’s husband?

The man seemed to see Myka’s doubts. He shook his head and sighed, “I was surprised. But that’s what happened… In fact, when I was young, I had a friendship with the old Lord. That was when Illican began to pursue my daughter. When they were about sixteen, my daughter turned him down, and he was depressed for a long time.” He wiped his face, put his arm around his wife’s shoulder and continued, “Later, Illican met Rowan… Rowan spent some time working in the account room of the Lord’s residence. This time Illican fell in love with Rowan and even declared that he would never marry to have him. But Rowan can’t accept men… So he quit.”

“I see,” Myka nodded. “Not long after, your daughter, Silva and Rowan, fell in love and planned to get married… And both of them have been pursued by the new Lord, but they still can’t.”

“Yes, he hates us! He will certainly retaliate against us…” The woman began to sob again.

“So, what can I do for you?” Myka said, “I have no friendship with the Lord of this city. I can find a nobleman to intercede for them. And I don’t know if you’ve figured it out, but I’m a pink robed mage,” he said, pointing to something in his shop. “If there’s anything about that, I’d be happy to provide service.”

“Of course we know your profession,” said the man. “Our nephew, Pilak, says that you are a kind, loving, helpful mage, and you are the best at things in the bedroom…”

“It’s my study of ‘in the bedroom’ magic, not my expertise in the bedroom…” Myka corrected.

“Can you make the Lord do something that night? As long as they get married that night, there will be no reason for the Lord to harass them in the future.” The middle-aged woman stopped her tears and raised her head.

Myka thought about it and nodded and smiled at the couple. “I do have some spells, but how I am to help you should be planned slowly.”

He decided to accept their commission. After all, he didn’t want the young Lord to succeed. Although that young man sounded pitiful, who could guarantee that he had reason to interfere.

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Thank you for all the hard work translating and proofing!

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