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Chapter 15: To the Place that is Neither Dangerous Nor Safe

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Myka was going to Berry Village with the couple but he had to do some preparation before that. The couple went to a hotel in the city to wait, and the next day they set out together. After the customers left, Myka noticed something moving behind the house. He guessed what Sylar had become, so he walked out to the back of the house and looked at a row of sparse trees.

There were no wild cats or birds, and nothing fell from the branch. If he was still battle mage, he could try to detect magic nearby, but it was silly to find Sylar… 

He suddenly thought of the possibility that Sylar could become a worm!? There must be a hiding place for bugs on the trees. If a Druid became a bug, they would be really hard to find. So he went near and looked at the branches and bark of the trees… 

All of a sudden, Myka saw, in front of his eyes, the tree turned into Sylar, and even grabbed his hand directly. Now Myka couldn’t make a fuss because Sylar was nearby, but trees becoming human beings so close was… 

“Myka, you’re good. You found me.” Sylar smiled brightly, drew close to Myka and gave him a hug.

“You’ve been here?” Myka asked.

“No, it’s only been a few hours. Didn’t you notice there was another tree? How else did you find me?”

In fact, he didn’t find him… In the future, he should not only be wary of animals, but also the trees. He didn’t want to lean on Sylar when he was resting on the roadside trees.

Sylar suggested going to Myka’s shop to talk, but Myka refused. He didn’t know why, it didn’t matter that the things in the shop were seen by others, but he just didn’t want to talk with Sylar in the environment full of pink magic and simulation articles.

“Ah, I heard the conversation just now,” Sylar said. “I was here to tell you something… It seems that we all have to go to Todd’s territory.”

“You’re going too? No, I’m going to the Lord’s castle, not the forest…”

“This time, I’m following you for another reason. I’m on a Commission as a high-level Druid, as well as my own obligations,” Sylar said hesitantly. “I’m trying to find someone, and someone found his whereabouts there recently. I didn’t want to tell you, but since you happen to be going, I will too…”

Myka said, “Can’t you just say why? Why do you have to beat around the bush?”

He didn’t say it was okay. After that, Sylar pinched his hand even more, “If I say it, you’ll be angry.”

“Why would I be angry?”

“I’m afraid you think I don’t mean it, because it’s really a coincidence… Won’t you get angry?”

“Hm, you can tell. There’s nothing more terrible than knowing you’ve been following me for years. I’m not angry about this. What else can make me angry?”

Sylar’s hands were long and powerful, but they were now twisting together in the posture commonly used by little girls, “In fact, it’s about Sovili.”

“Sovili?” Myka asked. The other day they had talked about the man, “You mean Sovili Searle?”

“It’s him. I was also shocked to learn the news. Myka, Sovili has been missing from Fenglin for a long time. No one knows what happened to him. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before. After all, you have no relationship now. On a road from north to south, many attacks on caravans and tourists have happened and many think it may have something to do with him.”

Myka was even more surprised. Sovili was a soldier from Yazhuobins Fenglin, a former comrade in arms. The personality of that man was quite fierce, but he should not make such an exaggeration.

“Now someone thinks he’s in Todd’s territory,” Sylar sighed. “I’ll go with you tomorrow, okay? I didn’t want to tell you. But since you have something to do there, let’s go together.” He paused and said, “I’m afraid he will hurt you.”

Myka would have said that Sovili would not be like that… But then he thought that he was not sure. He had not seen Sovili for a long time. Although they had no enmity, they had no further friendship. He remembered clearly that Sovili had a black and white character. He was very loyal to his allies and took good care of them. However, he treated his enemies cruelly and ruthlessly. He was a bit paranoid and didn’t listen to anyone’s opinions.

Myka didn’t know what happened to Sovili after all these years.

That night, Myka stayed in the shop and made a temporary bed on the ground with blankets and sleeping bags. He closed the wooden window to make sure there was no gap to get in and out. He also specially checked whether there were mice or the like in the room.

Before he fell asleep, Myka couldn’t help recalling what happened before he left Maple Forest.

When he said he no longer wanted to be a battle mage or be an adventurer, the Tagans, who had fought together, wished him good luck for the rest of his life, while Sovili disagreed with his choice.

Sovili said Myka was ruining his life. He said, if you want to be a merchant of magic goods, what about your previous days? What were you doing here?

He believed that Myka had abandoned the years of fighting side by side and tried to make Myka give up the decision.

Myka actually attached great importance to friendship, but he never questioned himself because of the attitude of others. He insisted, and, in the end, Sovili had no other choice.

About half a year later, Myka met again with Sovili and several other comrades. This time in a strange town, Myka had started his business as a pink robed mage.

When Sovili saw him and his magic, he was furious. They had a big fight. Myka couldn’t accept the strong negation from Sovili. Sovili also thought that Myka was a degenerate.

At that time, Sovili said, “I am ashamed to have known you.”

He scared away Myka’s guests and broke Myka’s scrolls. He thought that life should be about fighting and taking risks and eradicating evil. He couldn’t understand what Myka was doing or if he even thought about the past.

After that, Myka never saw him again. Myka still felt a little sad thinking about that day.

When Myka woke up the next day, he heard someone talking in front of his door, talking about taking care of the garden. He could tell that the couple had arrived and Sylar was chatting with them.

When he came out with his backpack, he found that the couple were not as gloomy as they were yesterday. Sylar had just told a little story about a wild cat and a watchdog, and the two middle-aged people were so amused they were laughing.

The wedding of the new couple would be held in two days. They had already sent out invitations a long time ago, and the new Lord, Illican, was going to be a guest, so it was too late to change anything. On the way to Berry Village, Myka told them his plan.

“My first thought is that I will go to the Lord’s house with the young man named Rowan, and your daughter Silva will not go.” Myka said the conclusion first.

“What? But the bride must go?” The man said.

“Well, as you said just now, this time the Lord only allowed Rowan to accompany Silva and not other relatives. It seems that this is enough, after all, his goal is these two people, right?” Myka explained to them, “I can’t follow them in to cast. Even if I use invisible magic, my time is limited. Once I cast on him, I will expose myself, but I won’t succeed. But I can use a little transfiguration spell to pretend to be Silva. Some spells need to be used close to the target so that they can work successfully. Rowan is a man, so he will need to take a risk and go with me.”

The middle-aged woman was a little uneasy, “But… What if you are seen through?”

“I will ‘hook’ Lord Illican as soon as possible, and then he will not find me out. Let’s not talk about the details first. It’s not a good thing. The spell time is really limited. The next day I will try to make myself look like Silva again. After dawn, he has to let us go back.” Myka said.

In fact, it was mainly because Sylar was nearby, so he didn’t want to talk about the details.

Sylar followed him and said, “I’ll go in with you, too.”

“What? No… I don’t have the confidence to make you look like Rowan, so…”

Sylar smiled and blinked at him, “I don’t need it. I can be a little animal.” 

Myka asked, “Are you afraid I will be taken advantage of? Don’t worry. It’s not the first time I’ve done such a thing. I’m quite sure of what I am doing.”

“Un, I know you’re sure, because you’re a pink robed mage, and I’m not. You know better than I do,” Sylar said. “But even if I admit that, I’m still worried about you. I believe you, but I can’t let myself not worry. So I will follow you in.”

Myka blushed a little when he said something. And he found that the middle-aged couple was staring at them with delicate expressions.

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August 19, 2020 2:41 pm

Aww Myka’s slowly getting charmed by Sylar~ also, it’s funny how the author can’t seem to write a chapter including Sylar without comparing him to a little girl at least once XDD
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August 19, 2020 8:52 pm

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August 20, 2020 12:41 am

Thank you for the chapter!!! Myka, look at it from a practical perspective. Having a druid stalker can be quite convenient. He can provide shade as a tree, magical assistance if there is a need for it or be a completely willing mount for longer travels. You just need to think that he is accompanying you not stalking you and everything will be OK… no? OK, no worries.

August 20, 2020 12:45 pm

thank you for the chapter!!

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