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Chapter 16: Discussion of Body Parts

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


The entire Berry Village was preparing for the wedding between Silva and Rowan. Silva’s father was a planter and seemed to be very popular. Sylar quickly became involved in the discussion of agricultural products in Berry Village, while Myka immediately began to explain the plan to the bridegroom Rowan.

“You need to make him lose his right… to make love?” Asked the bridegroom. In order to ensure the physical and mental health of their parents, Myka only discussed with the couple and did not ask others to participate.

“Sort of, but after the spell expires, he will need to drink my brea, and then he can find the feeling again,” Myka said.

“In fact, Illican doesn’t like us so much,” said Silva with a pout. “He just has a brain disorder. He would be disgusted if he saw that we were happy.”

“Un, I know. So please answer me honestly, you think… Who is Illican more eager to bed between you two?” Myka asked.

The couple looked at each other in silence. Where did ordinary people have the experience to be asked this by a third person who would be together with their partner? They had no idea how to answer.

Seeing them like this, Myka asked a different question, “Well, I’ll ask Miss Silva first. Has Illican asked you to go to bed with him?”

In front of her fiance, the question embarrassed Silva, but she said, “Yes. I’ve slapped him for that, but I can’t hurt him. He’s been pestering me for a long time.”

Myka nodded and asked Rowan, “So, Mr. Rowan, how far did Illican pursue you when you were working in the accounting room in the castle? For example, has he ever expressed his love directly?”

“Yes…” Rowan said with his head down.

“Did he make any physical contact with you?”

Rowan’s face was bitter as he answered, “He did this also……”

At this time, Silva interjected, “God, Illican tried to pull me into the trees in spite of my reprimands! Fortunately, someone else passed by… Honey, he harassed you like this too?”

“Yes, it was similar to this, but it’s not the same,” Rowan said. “He did not pull me into the trees. The reason why I refused to stay in the castle is that… He had the key to my room.”

“He attacked you at night?” Myka asked.

Rowan nodded.

“What did he do then?”

“Must I answer?” Rowan took a look at his fiancee, obviously he didn’t want to describe it.

“You can answer it implicitly. It’s better to tell me. I just want to know the extent to which his desires for you two are different.” Myka said.

Silva held her fiance’s arm and supported him with her gaze. So Rowan said, “I didn’t sleep well that day. I woke up suddenly and found that he had climbed into my bed wearing only a nightgown, and… And grabbed my hand and made me touch him.”

“Did he want you, or did he want you to do him?” Myka asked.

The faces of the young bride and groom were red. It was hard to imagine that the thin and weak mage in front of them spoke so directly and his face did not change.

“How do I know… If I think about it…” Rowan didn’t want to recall the details at all. He replied intermittently, his voice getting quieter and quieter. “Probably… wanted me to do him… Because he straddled my… Used his… I mean… He also pleaded… But…”

“Hmn, you don’t have to describe it. I know,” Myka waved. “I know. You find it hard to talk about it, especially when you two are getting married. The reason why I didn’t talk to you separately and asked you to be together is that I don’t want this conversation to become a gap between you. I don’t want you to think that the other party has concealed a relationship with Illican, understand?”

The new couple nodded and held hands tightly.

“So, Mr. Mage, do you mean you’re going to pretend to be Silva on the wedding night? Are you going to take the opportunity to cast a spell on Illican?” Rowan asked, “But didn’t you say that the spell’s time is limited?”

“I really want to take the opportunity to cast a spell on him, but not to make him impotent or paralyzed,” Myka said. “Just think, if this night passes, and Illican feels like he hasn’t experienced anything for no reason, he won’t like it. I’ll teach him a lesson and sleep.”

Next, Myka learned some of Silva’s personal habits and oral habits, and asked her to talk about the things Illican had done or said to her before. He also taught Rowan to cooperate with him so that he could be more natural after arriving at the Lord’s castle.

Silva’s bridal dress was a large, layer upon layer of white lace stacked tailed gown. Myka specially measured whether he could wear it with a tape measure. If he could make two identical clothes, that would be best, but it was a pity that it was too late now.

“You need to wear it?” Sylar asked.

“Yes, the spell that changes my appearance can only last about two hours, and it doesn’t have to be particularly like her. I’m not a shapeshifter. So I’ve got to work with a few easy faces. During this time, I will take care of your Lord,” Myka said, “and then I have to wait until the next morning to touch up my spell again. In this period of time, if I need to change my clothes again, it will be too much trouble.”

Sylar nodded, “Oh, great.”


“I mean… It’s great that you don’t have to change clothes in the middle. I don’t mean much more.” Sylar put his hands on Myka’s shoulders. “But, do you want to become her entirely?”

“No, I’m not sure about that kind of magic. I can only change my face. What’s more, if you change your body together, it’s too…” Myka laughed and shook his head. He couldn’t accept turning himself into someone else. “Anyway, I can only make my face similar to hers and then use makeup or something.”

“The girl is almost as tall as you when she puts on the shoes with wooden heels, but your shoulders are wider…” Sylar observed his body, sliding his hand down Myka’s arm. “Your arm is bigger than hers, too. Fortunately, the dress has layers of lace.”

His hand continued to slide down Myka’s shoulder and upper arm. Myka took a step back and looked at him strangely.

“I’m thinking about where I’ll hide,” Sylar said. “I was going to hide in your sleeve as a little snake, but what if Illican is holding your arm? He’ll find me. I want to… Or can I hide on your waist?” Sylar’s face was very serious and he reached for Myka’s waist. “Your waist is very thin, and the dress is high waisted and loose, I will not be obvious here. But what if Illican holds you? Still not a good place.”

“Can you become a mouse and squat on my feet? Don’t touch it. It’s itchy!”

“No, it’ll be easy to be found when you’re walking. In case he lifts your skirt…” Sylar sighed, with a look of regret. “In the same way, I’d like to become a snake around your leg, but I can’t either.”

Myka was covered in a cold sweat just from listening. Fortunately, Sylar said he couldn’t. It was scary enough for a snake to wrap around his legs. This Druid was becoming even scarier.

“So I’ll have to hide in your chest,” said Sylar. “The dress has stacked lace collars, which are easier to hide in. You should have thought about the chest. I think, I can become a guinea pig and hide in your chest. Have you ever seen a guinea pig? It’s much bigger than the chinchilla. Its body heat is lovely and warm. It’s not as cold as a snake. In this way I can hide myself and pretend to be your chest.”

“Wait!” Myka asked in alarm, “Well… What if Illican touches my chest?”

“As long as he doesn’t touch it carefully, after all, the guinea pig is horizontal, not two,” said Sylar, blushing and bashful again, and reaching out to slap Myka jokingly on the chest. “If it’s just a touch, it doesn’t matter, I’m soft.”

Silva and her mother were passing through the door carrying something, and they interrupted, “You don’t want to let him touch you. It’s not my style.”

Myka didn’t know if she heard the conversation just now. He agreed awkwardly and listened to the mother and daughter go away happily. The girl began to fly again. When he first saw her, she looked very depressed.

To help the bride and Myka change clothes quickly after the wedding, the plantation owner asked several servant girls to help them do it. During the day, the wedding ceremony lasted until the sun set. Myka only felt that it was a pity he had to hide in the room and be ready at any time. He could not go outside to have fun.

Myka prepared several possible spells and scrolls. At the end of the wedding ceremony, he used change magic, and then changed his appearance to a temporary appearance, which was exactly the same as Silva. Fortunately, Silva had a lot of makeup on today, which was better than her usual appearance.

Sylar had been sitting next to him, staring at him motionless. At first Myka was very awkward, but later he got used to it.

When Myka was ready, the bride and bridesmaid had returned to the room under the pretext of makeup retouches and rest.

The young girls pulled up the curtains and the bride’s skirt was thrown to Myka. Myka put on the close fitting gown and cleverly put on the skirt. Sylar offered to help him tie the ribbon on the back.

Myka knew that the most terrible thing tonight was not deceiving the new Lord. The most terrible thing was right in front of him: Sylar looking at him. The complexity of his eyes was a mixture of excitement in shyness, agitation in solemnity… Then the Druid turned into a big guinea pig with white fur and brown black spots, lying at Myka’s feet.

The soft body and round eyes of the guinea pig were very lovely. The girls in the room were suppressing their screams.

As the guinea pig was about to climb Myka’s leg, Myka decisively lifted him — it was too strange for him to climb from his leg to his chest!

However, Sylar, in guinea pig state, seemed to want to climb on his own, so he began struggling in Myka’s hands.

“Please help me… Push him in. ” Myka said to the girls with the guinea pig in his hands.

Led by Silva, they were very willing to serve. Everyone wished they could touch the guinea pig.

Illican Todd, the new young Lord, rode in and waited outside the planter’s villa. Illican was quite young, with a touch of childishness on his face even though he was just twenty years old, though he always concealed it with haughty eyes. He took his cavalry and prepared a carriage for the newlyweds. He greeted the two old friends with a thoughtful smile.

The bride and groom walked out along the road decorated with flower arches. They held hands tightly, and their parents followed anxiously.

Rowan avoided making eye contact with Illican, and Silva looked at him directly in disgust. Illican snorted coldly, not dismounting, but simply ordered them to get on the carriage.

The road from the plantation to the Lord’s residence was not far. Illican deliberately wanted to make the cavalry and carriage stand out so that people could see him take them.

Inside the carriage, Myka lifted up his skirt and checked the spare material he carried — he tied a small leather waistpack to his leg. It was still a little difficult for him to bend down as he wore the skirt. A horizontal belt under his chest made him uncomfortable.

But thanks to the belt, Sylar, now a guinea pig, could pose as boobs on his chest.

“Will it go well?” Rowan asked in a low voice. He was amazed that the male mage looked very much like his wife, though only her face.

“Of course, don’t talk. Leave it to me.” After Myka’s answer, his ‘chest’ squirmed a few times.

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