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Chapter 20: There is No Proper Magic at Critical Moments

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


It was worse than what they thought. They were surrounded, and it was the terrible chief consul and commander of the Knights that brought them out in person, and she also brought Rowan, who had been locked in the house with her.

Saikana, who was nearly thirty years old, was a tall woman with sharp eyes, beautiful appearance and serious expression. She was wearing full body armor, holding a helmet in her left hand, and her long blonde hair was tied into a tight braid.

Close to the abandoned house, she said loudly, “Mage Myka, Sylar, son of nature, come out! Throw Illican Todd out for me, too! Mr. Rowan told me you were with Illican!”

First there was silence in the room, and then there was a commotion, like the roaring of bears and the sound of birds. The female Knight frowned and didn’t know what was going on inside.

“And leave your three bears! Bears are not allowed in Todd! ” She added.

Until she said that, the people in the room finally came out.

Myka had been thinking about how to make Illican cooperate with them, and he began to recite almost every spell he could cast. Unexpectedly, Illican was more anxious than him. The young Lord wanted to kneel down and beg Sovili not to tell his original intention to the newly married couple. Obviously, he still thought that the ‘man and woman’ he saw was Rowan and Silva.

Saikana was not just the consul, she was the niece of the old city Lord and Illican’s cousin. Although Illican was now the ruler of the Todd territory, he was still quite afraid of this dignified woman. The first night power system in the territory had always disgusted Saikana. She admired the old Lord’s invitation of the newly married people to visit the castle with their relatives. She hoped Illican could do the same.

Illican was afraid that his intentions would be found out by her, so he begged. That was exactly what Myka wanted. They decided to come out to see Saikana and let Sovili take this opportunity to find a way to escape. Saikana saw that the new Lord, who was giving her a headache, walked out in a depressed way, and was followed by two rather strange people: the one with black disorderly hair and dark red robe should be the pink robed mage, Myka. Saikana thought he would really wear pink… He was walking next to Druid Sylar, who had red hair and a small corolla made of straw rope. He was tall and strong, with a shy smile, and a small black fluff in his arms.

Saikana got off her horse and went to Illican and made a Knight’s salute, “Are you safe, sir? I heard that you were attacked by monsters.” She looked around and asked, “Where’s the bear?”

“These two gentlemen saved me. The monster is dead — no, it’s gone.” Illican tried to be as straight as possible, but the falter in his tone was quite obvious. Although he knew that he was the Lord rather than a brother at this time, he could not change the habit of being afraid of Saikana.

The Knight looked suspiciously at the other two, her eyes resting on the little thing in Sylar’s arms.

“You must be the Druid Sylar?” She asked, “Mr. Rowan mentioned you. What are you holding in your hand? “

“It’s a little dog.” Myka said first.

“Dog?” Saikana thought that the animal was very strange. Its face was a bit like a dog, but the dog’s ears should not be this shape. Its paws and feet were very short, and it’s butt was round and rolling, more like a bear. Such a small bear should be a cub, but its body proportion was not like a cub…

Of course, it was a bear. It was Sylar’s animal companion. Because it was surrounded here, it couldn’t sneak away alone. So Sylar used magic to shrink the animal’s body, reducing it to the size of a small dog. However, the magic was to reduce the size of the bear in equal proportion, not to shrink the bear into a cub, so now the little thing looked quite strange.

“It’s a northern breed, ma’am.” Myka replied.

“I heard the soldiers reported seeing a bear.” Saikana questioned.

Sylar nodded, “Yes, that was me. As you can see, I am a son of nature, and I became a brown bear when necessary. ” He didn’t lie. He did become a bear.

“I heard there was another one?” Asked the Knight.

Thankfully, the soldiers and Rowan saw only two of them, while the wild horse was obviously ignored. There were many war horses in the residence of the city Lord.

“The other one is the monster that had been attacking the Lord!” Myka said, “I think you’ve heard of violent animals. They are more dangerous than ordinary animals and are hostile to other creatures…” 

Illican, on one side, nodded fiercely. He hoped to stay on the topic of monsters. It was better for Saikana not to ask him about Rowan and Silva. As Myka continued to describe the monster and Sylar pet the bear with a loving expression, there was a commotion behind the abandoned house.

One of the soldiers shouted something, followed by the sound of hooves and all kinds of shouting. Saikana quickly turned and took a team of Knights to support her.

Myka thought that maybe something bad happened. Maybe Sovili was found… He and Sylar looked at each other and rushed over together. Sure enough, what they were worried about happened. In a narrow lane behind the house, several soldiers and Knights surrounded a giant bear, which was indeed Sovili.

The Knight saw that it was not an animal from nature. Instead of drawing her sword, she brought out a longbow from her back and quickly drew an arrow.

At this time, the giant bear was hitting the soldier in front of him, and the arrow hit his left paw, but it fell down as if it was blocked by hard fur. It didn’t seem to cause him any harm. He clapped down the soldier with one paw and bent down, almost trampling on the man, about to tear him to pieces.

At first, Sovili intended to escape from the soldiers, but as more and more people surrounded him, his body and mind were more and more occupied by the attack instinct. The long swords and open bow made him want to kill the enemy.

Saikana ordered all the soldiers on horseback to raise their longbows. The soldiers near the giant bear were also looking for opportunities to attack. The animal-like Sovili roared and got into trouble.

Illican also followed slowly, looking at the giant bear in horror. Seeing Myka and Sylar, Saikana anxiously asked the Druid if he could help. For Sylar, if it was a real brown bear, it would be easy to communicate, but it was a beast man…

“Don’t shoot, ma’am!” Myka said, “I’ll find a way to calm him down, or have him surrender…”

“Let him surrender?” She frowned. “No, I won’t accept the monster’s surrender.”

“You can’t kill him because…” Myka looked around and pulled Sylar, “because Druids don’t advocate killing innocent animals, they just act out of instinct…”

“You call it an animal?” Sikana looked at the red eyes in disgust. “I thought a mage and Druid should be good at distinguishing between animals and monsters!”

Myka was not sure whether to say that Sovili was a person with therianthropy. He knew that those with therianthropy were usually evil creatures. If the female Knight knew this, would she decide to kill Sovili immediately?

Hearing their argument, Illican ran to Saikana’s horse and said, “He’s human! Don’t shoot your arrows! He is human!”

“What?” Not only Saikana, but also other Knights were shocked. Some guards saw the red eyed bear take the Lord, but the Lord said it was a human?

It seemed that Sovili was out of control. Myka went closer to him and told him to calm down. He was indifferent. Myka found that his eyes were on Illican. Obviously, he knew that these were the Lord’s soldiers, but he had been blinded by anger. At this time, he could not tell that the ambush was not the Lord’s order.

Once again, the bear’s claws hit another man who was knocked down. The man lost his consciousness after receiving this. Myka had studied the related knowledge for therianthropy. He knew that ordinary weapons couldn’t cause obvious damage to someone with therianthropy. In this way, the attacked soldiers would really be in danger.

Myka yelled out an apology to Sovili, and tried to cast a mind stabilizing spell on him, but the spell failed. The animal Sovili successfully resisted the mind control without any influence.

At this time, Sylar gently pressed Myka’s shoulder and whispered, “I have a way to knock him down, but I don’t want to… What do you think? “

Myka didn’t want to hurt Sovili, so of course he didn’t want Sylar to attack him.

Mind stabilizers were a higher level spell for Myka, and he did not have the ability to use it a second time in a row. Even if he wanted to use the spell he used against the Lord a few hours ago, he didn’t have the same spell and scroll.

He thought of another lower level spell.

It was also a puzzle control spell that affected the mind and even the behavior of the target. However, if the animal-like Sovili had a chance to resist the last one, it was also likely to fail. But Myka was also afraid that the soldiers would be killed. He knew that, for Sovili, it was like stepping into real darkness.

“Your Excellency, Saikana… No, ma’am,” Myka calmed down and deliberately changed the way he addressed her, “Please close your eyes after I say the incantation.”

“What?” The female Knight was puzzled.

“I’m a pink robed mage. I want to try a terrible spell. You’re a lady. I don’t want you to be angry about it.”

“If you have a way, cast it,” she said. “I’ve seen so much that you don’t have to worry about it.”

Myka nodded and took out two rough little cloth heads from his bag. He whispered to Sylar, “Can you do what you did that last time you entangled the wolf with a plant?”

“If you do this now, you will trap the Knights. Bears are more powerful than them. It is dangerous. ” Sylar said.

“Then, if I make Sovili unable to attack for the time being, you find a way to catch him.” With that, Myka uttered the spell in arcane writing, and two pieces of coarse cloth briefly flashed pink sparks in the air.

This spell was more likely to fail than to give him a stable mind, because it was too low level for soldiers like Sovili; but now Myka couldn’t think of any other spell. He found that it had always been like this recently: to encounter a fight when he thought he didn’t need it. He hadn’t used the old magic book for a long time. What he was good at in the past was strange to him now. Now he was more confident about this kind of immoral magic.

If it worked, it was a mixed blessing. The joy was that they could save the unconscious soldier without attacking Sovili, but the worry was if Sovili knew what he had done after being affected by the spell, he might hate Myka for the rest of his life.

The bear’s movements suddenly stopped. At first he seemed to be calm, but then he began to arch his back and roar. It seemed to be a real success. Myka took a deep breath and retreated behind Sylar.

He didn’t want to see what happened next.

At first, people were afraid of the changes on the monster and did not dare to approach it easily. They found that the giant bear had made a very strange action. It rolled to the ground gasping and fell down in a very human-like manner. It seemed that it was doing an incredible indecent thing…

Then they found out that Lord Illican was right. This monster was really human! The red light in his eyes receded, the roar became the breath of a human being, and his body also changed back to human form. He was naked, kneeling on the ground and leaning against the narrow alley wall. His eyes were turbid, obviously controlled by magic.

The most shocking was his action:

——The naked Sovili was stroking himself.

The originally gathered Knights quickly dragged the wounded away and spontaneously retreated a distance. Sylar seemed to be stunned for a while, but he still remembered Myka’s words and immediately cast a spell to trap Sovili.

Sovili, who was still under the influence of magic, hardly struggled so he could accomplish what he was still doing.

Saikana found out that she underestimated mage. After all, this was the first time she saw a pink robed mage and pink magic. She looked away and saw that her cousin Illican even shrunk his shoulders and blushed, and the Knights looked at each other at a loss.

The Knight calmly ordered the soldiers to be ready for capture. In the moment of Sovili’s restoration of human form, she thought of what she had learned about the animal man. She decided to let go of the pink spell and focus on the next thing.

“Sylar… I think I made it worse.” Myka said dejectedly.

He knew that Sovili would be affected for several minutes, so he wouldn’t care about him, but Myka still didn’t dare to walk out from behind Sylar. For the first time, he thanked the Druid for being so tall that he could hide a little.

“I don’t want to cast spells on my friends… Except for protection. Because it makes people’s relationships different…” Myka listened to the hustle and bustle of the Knights, and dared not turn around and look at it. “Sovili was disappointed with me. I totally offended him… But I…”

Sylar reached out with an arm and held Myka’s shoulder from behind. Myka fell a step backward, right into Sylar’s shoulder.

“I know he’ll be unhappy, but I’m also shocked.” When Sylar whispered, Myka was even more dejected.

Now the Lord was walking around worried, and the Knight and her soldiers were busy making a group. Myka began to worry about the next thing. After all, the beast man was evil and horrible to people. Myka didn’t regret it, but still felt sorry for his old friend.

Sylar went on, “I said before that I couldn’t change other people’s minds. Although I hope that the people in the village will make friends with you and that the soldier will understand you, I can’t. So I can only do one thing…”

Myka was worried that Sylar might say one of his sarcastic sentences like ‘I’ll always watch you’ or ‘I like you so much’. Unexpectedly, Sylar’s next words embarrassed Myka countless times more than before.

“If they really hate you, then I can only like you more. Whether you’re a battle mage or pink robed mage.”


Author has something to say:

Myka used a technique called masturbation on him. It also originated from the pink book – Peach Blossom Scripture. In fact, the immunity of this spell is better than stable mind (because stable mind has a high level), but Sovili just didn’t deflect it. (it means that it should be a little better to resist in principle, but whether this kind of thing can resist in the past is not certain.)

What do you say to use the natural transformation state h or something… It works in principle, but I don’t think Sylar would like it…

Well, because I was asked by a friend in private, I’d like to say it again just in case: Sovili is a former friend, just a basic friend… Don’t think about it. The protagonist also has time to make ordinary good friends~

Therianthropy can be transmitted. When people bite, they will infect (when people bite, they won’t) But there are also born beasts.

In other words, it seems that Sylar always advertises every other day. Myka always persuades himself, “this is friendship, this is friendship…” I’m so tired myself… It’s hard to deal with! How to start to like it so hard to deal with!!!


Here’s a quiz:

  1. The animal Sovili was cast with sy, and then at the same time, the human type was restored because: () (single choice)

A: sy can eliminate animal

B: it’s time for his animal

C: is so comfortable that I almost forget the crisis and restore calm

D: no sy after animal


  1. What are the [differences] between Sylar’s natural transformation and beast like human transformation? () (this question is multiple choice, neither less choice nor wrong choice will be given a score)

A: Sylar’s clothing and equipment will never be lost due to change, but the beast will burst the shirt

B: Sylar can become many kinds of animals, and the animal human can only change between the human type and the specific animal type

C: long duration of animal like human

D: Sylar can talk after he changes

E: the transformation of animal human is caused by race or disease, and Sylar’s is the gift of nature


  1. Why did Illican, the young Lord, let Sovili wait for a year? () (single choice)

A: he’s too shy to look for Sovili again

B: he didn’t think so much. Let Sovili send him back first

C: he deliberately deceived Sovili for fun

D: he was looking for the shrine, but he couldn’t find it


  1. Myka is a pink robed mage. What do you think he lacks most? () (single choice)

A: he is not handsome enough to attract customers

B: he’s not evil

C: he is shy about many things

D: he lacks his own sexual experience


(…What am I smoking…)


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August 29, 2020 4:02 pm

Aaawwwww Sylar~ gosh when it comes to speaking frank and potentially embarrassing words, he just goes straight for the heart xD … with a final result that is far from straight lolol. Thank you~ have a great day ^w^

August 29, 2020 6:02 pm

That lord is ashamed of being discovered, but he was really bold enough, huh. Everyone should know What he did.

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Myka’s pink magic is to be reckoned with, even monsters can’t resist it. Sylar throws straight balls not wool-pulling… this is so cute. I just wonder how will the author pull the plot towards a development favourable for Sylar, in other words how will Myka fall into this cute druid’s arms? Because for now he is resisting with all his might. This lord… if he is so asamed of what he intended to do and doesn’t want it to be known by his cousin, then why did he even try to do it? As for Sovili, even though I don’t… Read more »

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What will happen to Sovili now? I want him helped, even if he is blinkered in his thinking.
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The author has a great sense of humour…
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