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Chapter 21: Jailer

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


There were too many soldiers and witnesses during the process of capturing the beast like human being and many people were injured. This matter was very popular in Todd city. Most people have heard of werewolves in horror stories, but they don’t know about therianthropy, so the rumors gradually became very colorful.

“Our Knights caught a were-bear.” This was a harmless but confusing version.

“The new Lord was raped by the were-bear, and later the Knights caught him when he was masturbating.” This was a completely misplaced version.

“There’s a pink robed mage who made the were-bear go into heat, so he stopped being a tyrant and was finally caught.” This was the version of cause and effect reversal.

“The man is suffering from a terrible disease and often becomes a bear…” It seemed that this rumor was the closest to reality, except for the second half of the statement, “Every night, the man will run naked on the street, and then become a were-bear, a violent man.”

Illican also had advantages and disadvantages. Although he was rumored to be a lord brutalized by the bear, it was unknown that he intended to kidnap the newlyweds.

Saikana heard the rumors outside. No matter how bizarre she thought they may be, she knew that the mage and Druid really helped in this matter, so she treated them like VIPs.

Now the headache was how to deal with Sovili.

Myka and Sylar spent the whole day explaining to the female Knight the difference between a natural beast man and a beast patient, and to assure her that Sovili was not evil. Illican didn’t want Sovili to be killed, so he also spoke about what happened in the forest a year ago, but he hid the reason and said he got lost on his own.

“Even if he’s not evil in nature, the Knights of Todd can’t let him go,” said Sikana. “He’s too dangerous, and he does hurt people, and he brings fear to people. If I think of him as a human being, he should be put in prison for seriously injuring my soldiers; if I think of him as a mad animal, he should either be executed or imprisoned forever.” She sat behind a broad table and looked at the mage and Druid in front of her. “If he is a patient, I think he should be cured,” said the Knight, “but we don’t have the ability to send soldiers to escort him to a city with a temple. We can’t let him out at all, and we can’t lock him up with ordinary prisoners in prison… Now many people in Todd’s territory know that we have captured the beast man, and we can’t hide it. It’s reasonable to say that this evil creature should be executed. Two, if you have any way that is best… otherwise, I can only do what I have to do…”

Illican chimed in, “I can guarantee he won’t hurt anyone! In the name of the Lord…”

“Are you crazy? Does the Lord guarantee a beast man?” Saikana stared at her cousin sternly. “What kind of reputation do you want the Todd family to bear? Rowan and Silva’s business is already a big stain! Fortunately, it’s not known by outsiders! Don’t forget that there are many rumors that you have been raped…”

Illican shrank into the luxurious sofa and stopped talking. He found out that she already knew the cause of the whole mess.

“I can go and find a priest for him,” said Sylar at this time, “but I need a little time, and even if I can bring that gentleman in, his treatment will not take effect immediately. Would you like to believe us?”

“I can trust you, but please do it as soon as possible.” The Knight said.

Myka hesitated and asked, “Ma’am, one more thing, would you mind not keeping Sovili in that place? And can you give him something to wear?”

Thinking of Sovili’s treatment at this time, Myka felt guilty and worried: Sovili was locked with the only complete set of shackles with magic in the city, and could hardly move in a deep dungeon.

“I can’t keep him in an ordinary prison. It’s too dangerous for ordinary prisoners.” Saikana said.

“It should be okay. Aren’t there still some orcs in the prison? They are also very…”

“How do you know there are orcs?”

Sylar replied for Myka, “It was Myka who helped the elves catch the robbers who had attacked Lansuo Valley.”

In fact, it was done by Sylar. Myka looked at him and Sylar just smiled.

Saikana nodded. She praised Myka’s righteous actions. It was hard not to miss the terrible image of a large group of orcs in the forest blaspheming themselves… 

“Mr. Mage, are you a friend of that patient?” She asked.


“I really don’t want to torture him with too much cruelty. If you want to untie the shackles and chains and release him from the dungeon, would you like to be a ‘jailer’ before he is cured?”

Myka had heard the word before. There was a system in many prisons.

The so-called jailers did not mean what they seem to mean literally, but in fact, they were like hostages. They could be the parents, wives, children, friends of criminals. They were required to live in the prison, not in the cell, but in a special area. They could get some care and help in life, living conditions were better, and they didn’t have to obey any other rules, except that they couldn’t leave the prison.

Sometimes, some recidivists would be locked in dark dungeons where they couldn’t see their fingers and were isolated from the world, or they would bear the punishment of cutting off their hands and feet. If these recidivists still had relatives and friends, sometimes they would apply to be ‘jailers’, so that the criminals would strive for a less painful way of imprisonment, such as changing from a dungeon that never sees the sun to an ordinary cell.

There were also times when some criminals who committed minor crimes applied to go home temporarily to visit their seriously ill relatives. In order to prevent them from escaping, they would require other relatives and friends to become ‘jailers’.

Once a felon had a new life in prison, or was allowed to leave prison temporarily, the jailer would bear different punishment from whipping to imprisonment, or even be hanged on their behalf.

The jailer must be voluntary. Once upon a time, a father wanted to be a jailer for a child who had committed a crime, to get a better and freer treatment for him, but the child left his father and fled. Therefore, if they didn’t trust each other very much, few people would like to do this for those who had no relatives or reasons.

Myka didn’t know if Sovili would abide by the rules and do nothing for him. When they were in Fenglin, Sovili was a man who would rather be seriously injured than be involved with his companions. He was so stubborn that it was incomprehensible if he would believe Myka.

But… thinking of what he had done to him before, Myka felt uncertain again.

“Okay, I’ll be the jailer,” Myka finally nodded. “I’ll wait here for Sylar to bring the priest back, okay?”

Sylar decided to go to the priest he mentioned that day, while Myka left for the Todd City prison with the soldiers sent by Saikana.

At noon, they had a simple lunch at the residence of the chief executive, and they set out in the afternoon. At dinner, Myka asked Sylar, “Do you really know a high priest? What temple is it?”

“The Minister of Prittinsuna, the goddess of the day. That man is good at talking, but he is actually cautious and serious.” Sylar said.

“Are you familiar with him? Is he really willing to help beast people turn back into human beings?” According to Myka, the temple of the goddess of the day was quite exclusive of creatures with dark energy.

Sylar thought for a moment and said, “In fact, he is not familiar with me. He doesn’t know me, but I know him.”

“Isn’t that different from knowing?”

“There’s a difference. I’m familiar with him, but I haven’t seen him recently.”

So Myka understood. It seemed that the priest had experienced something similar to himself.

“So in fact, you stalked him for years?”

“No, I didn’t. I was very young and followed my teacher to many places,” said Sylar. “My teacher followed him for many years.”

Myka was shocked. It seemed that Sylar’s habit had a reason. “Why? Do Druids love to follow people?”

Sylar seriously replied, “No, we don’t like following people, we only secretly protect good travelers or people we think should be protected, just like the forest protects us. My teacher and the priest are actually brothers.” Sylar explained, as if recalling something interesting. “The priest should be younger, but my teacher looks younger.”

At this time, Myka thought of a curious thing, “By the way, Sylar, how old are you?”

“I don’t remember… About twenty-five to thirty-five years old. Because, thirty years ago, I didn’t have an immediate impression of anything. At that time, I was either born or still young.”

“You don’t remember?” Myka thought it was incredible. If it was a thousand year old dragon or a few hundred year old elves, that would make sense. Moreover, the difference between twenty-five and thirty-five was ten years, which was too large… 

Sylar twisted his hair awkwardly and said, “We live in the forest. We don’t remember when we are born… And I don’t know how old I am.”

He said that Akdos, the bear, was his animal companion. Last night, he had found a way to let him go out of the city for a holiday.

“Druids are so mysterious…” Myka said, eating the potatoes on the plate.

“However, I know that Myka, you are now twenty-seven years old. In the post-war period of Gaolin City, you were just over twenty years old. You went to another mage school to study. Then you gradually stopped being a battle mage. In the north, you once briefly opened a magic goods shop, and then you left. When you were twenty-five, you arrived at the castle of Essel, and then you…” Sylar looked at him with his hands on his cheeks.

Myka put down the cutlery in shock, “You followed me for seven years?” He thought it was only about three years, because it was three or four years ago when he had saved the white headed rabbit in Fenglin.

“Nine years,” corrected Sylar, whose eyes, at this time, were affectionate, “although I didn’t know you very well the first two years. Later, I became a rabbit scout and was caught by a trap. It was the first time I touched you.”

Seeing Myka lying on the table and grabbing his hair, Sylar reached out and touched Myka’s head, “Don’t mind it. I don’t track you much now.”

Anyway, being followed by one person for nine years was… beyond Myka’s imagination.

He had already accepted the fact that he had been followed for three or four years, but what was the concept of nine years? In the past nine years, the other side knew every place he lived, knew the details of his life, saw him practice magic and saw his countless joys and sorrows, but he did not know the existence of the other side at all!

If it wasn’t for Morning Mist who wanted him to pretend to be an evil mage, if it wasn’t for Sylar playing the dragon… No, if Sylar didn’t write that letter, maybe Myka wouldn’t have even known that he had been followed for nine years.

In Myka’s mind, tracking others needed a purpose, such as investigating something, looking for something, waiting for an opportunity to plot against others, etc. He never thought that someone would track him for nine years without expressing anything. Sylar thought it was quite normal. The woods or streams couldn’t communicate with people, but Druids still loved them. As Sylar said in his initial letter, he didn’t expect a response or insist on communication, but finally decided to stand up and let Myka know about him.

“Myka, I’ll be back as soon as possible,” said Sylar. “Take care of Sovili and wait for me to come back.”

Myka thought it sounded strange, just like ‘you take care of the children and wait for me to come back.’ However, the more he thought about it, it was too hard to talk with Sylar, who always made people feel embarrassed. Maybe he had become too thoughtful now, and he would think more about everything.

“I’ll be fine,” Myka said. “By the way, I have to say thank you. Thank you for helping him and believing him.”

“In fact, I don’t believe him very much,” Sylar said with a smile of shame, “but I do believe in you. I believe in your judgment and decision. After all, I’ve known you for so many years.”


The author has something to say:

That’s what good people do! And, is Sylar’s patience superior!

Oh, yes, answers are as follows:


  1. The beast’s Sovili was applied with sy technique, and then at the same time sy recovered the human form, because: ()

No sy after animal transformation. (Bear’s legs are short and the paws are wide and thick. After the sy operation takes effect, the subject will get rid of all difficulties and only think about sy So)


  1. What are the [differences] between Sylar’s natural transformation and beast like human transformation? () 

Sylar’s clothing and equipment will never be lost due to change, but the beast will burst the shirt. (After a Druid’s natural transformation, its equipment seems to disappear temporarily, but it will remain on the body after it changes back; during the transformation, if the newly worn things do not conform to their body shape, they may fall off.) Sylar can be changed into many kinds of animals, and the animal man only change between the human type and the specific animal type. (Sylar can basically change according to the animal world…) The transformation of the beast man is caused by race or disease, and Sylar’s is the gift of nature.


  1. Why did Illican, the young Lord, let Sovili wait for a year?

He didn’t think of much except having Sovili send him back.


  1. Myka is a pink robed mage. What do you think he lacks most?

He lacks his own sexual experience.


Nine years…

Don’t overestimate a twenty-seven year old. Because in many comic novels, seventeen years old is quite mature, so people often think that twenty-seven year olds should be mature, in fact, you will understand when you are over twenty-five years old…

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thank you for the chapter!

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Omg…9 yrs watching over with love n respect..Skylar..u are de best😉

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Wow, Sylar stalked Myka for 9 years. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be romantic, but I find it quite creepy.
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Let’s hope Sovili doesn’t cause problems for Myka as Jailer.
Illican really needs teaching a lesson.

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