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Chapter 22: Another Rumor

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


In the afternoon, Sylar left Todd, and Myka became the ‘jailer’ and was about to rush to the prison that was somewhere outside the city. He heard that there was a carriage nearby. Looking through the gap in the bed curtain, he found that it was a noble carriage, closely following.

The prison was located outside the farmland and hunting ground, behind the hills, next to an artificial quarry, where some prisoners were responsible for simple preliminary processing of large stones. Part of the orcs who attacked Lansuo Valley were now here, and humans made them lucky to be temporarily considered human.

With a jailer, Sovili could be released from the deep dungeon and treated as an ordinary criminal. Myka would be punished along with him if he acts out of line. Prisoners would be arranged to meet and talk, with the intention of persuading prisoners through relatives and friends. Now Myka was sitting in a small room at the end of the corridor.

Myka was still thinking about how he used such immoral magic on Sovili… When Sovili was sober, he would feel that life was loveless. Myka waited nervously. He had been afraid of the approaching conflict, which was really unsettling.

There was a heavy sound of iron shackles in the corridor, and it was Sovili who was brought in. Myka stood up and stuck to the wall like a child scolded by his mentor when he was an apprentice.

Sovili’s hands and feet were extremely heavy with special metal shackles, which were close to his skin, making it difficult for him to move. Sovili had become thinner in recent years and looked more miserable now. Because he wasn’t dressed when he was caught, he was now only wearing a piece of burlap — no one dared to untie the shackles to get him dressed.

Myka was much more comfortable thinking that he could make Sovili’s life more dignified by staying as a jailer. Sovili’s long brown hair covered his face, and he looked up at Myka by the wall, and sat powerlessly in his chair, with his head bowed.

“Sylar knows a senior priest who may be able to help you,” Myka decided to say something happy. “Sylar has gone to him and will be back soon.”

Sovili nodded. After a brief silence, Sovili added, “I’ll thank him.”

Myka thought bitterly that the people Sovili wanted to thank did not include himself. “I’ve come to be your jailer. Did you know that?” Myka asked.

“I know. Don’t worry.” Sovili replied briefly.

“And I’m sorry…” Myka decided to say, “I’m really sorry, really, I don’t expect you to forgive me…”

“Don’t worry, I will try my best to control myself, and I won’t make you embarrassed.” Sovili interrupted.

Myka felt more guilty. Many years ago, he once saw Sovili show a similar expression when his beloved horse fell down the mountain stream. Sovili looked so dejected that he couldn’t even look up at Myka.

If possible, Myka would like to ask how Sovili was infected with therianthropy. The conversation didn’t go on when he asked last time, but he remembered that Sovili had a look full of pain.

As Myka knew, therianthropy could be transmitted by biting and saliva. At the beginning of the disease, people would completely lose their self-consciousness and struggle, only thinking of sex and killing. He couldn’t imagine how Sovili survived.

Sovili struggled to survive until now. In the mountains, he met an aristocrat who said he would  be able to take him to a shrine. In the end, the aristocrat lied to him and forgot about him… This was tragic enough. As a result, he had to be naked in public. It was inhuman.

Myka felt that he was not right about what he said, so he stopped talking and silently took out some daily necessities for Sovili and pushed them to him. Sovili didn’t say a word, not even saying thank you.

After meeting with the detainee, Sovili was about to be taken to a normal cell. The guards carefully untied his special shackles and replaced them with ordinary ones. Just as they were going to take him away, a captain like guard came in and said something to the person on duty, and they all retreated outside.

Myka was wondering what was happening when Lord Illican Todd walked in with his head held high and ordered the door closed. In fact, Illican was quite handsome in terms of normal aesthetics. His blonde hair and handsome features were like the standard image of the prince in the dreams of young girls. His figure was also tall enough to match the tailored noble clothes, and he looked heroic.

However, the complexion of his face as he walked in betrayed him completely — Myka thought Illican might have come all the way with tears in his eyes.

Myka got up and saluted. Illican thought he was going to leave. He quickly stopped him, “Mage, don’t leave. I want to say something to you.” Then he pulled out a chair and sat down, hands tightly twisted together, looking at Sovili.

“Do you know what’s going on outside?” He asked. Seeing no one answer, he continued in a trembling voice, “There are many people in the city saying… Saying I was raped by you! I didn’t seem to feel well that night. I couldn’t stay in the house… and made slightly strange sounds. Later, I fainted suddenly, and I woke up to be taken away by you! Only me and Silva were in the room. She can testify that I was not raped by you! But she seemed to have been sent back last night!” With that, Illican looked at Myka angrily, “Do you know? Now there are various versions of rumors! Some say I raise savages in my bedroom, others say I have a secret lover who was male and looks like a bear! What’s more, they also said that when the Knights found me, I was being given this and that by a naked bear!”

The more he said, the more excited he became. He pounded the table angrily, “I’m still so young! I’ve just succeeded the throne! What will people in Todd’s territory think of me in the future?”

“It’s really unpleasant,” Myka said, holding back his smile, with the usual business model of concern. “Do you have any suggestions to get rid of these rumors?”

Illican looked at Sovili. It seems that he couldn’t bear the miserable appearance of Sovili now.

He slowed down and said, “I… In fact, I’m here to ask for your consent and the advice of a mage.”

Both Myka and Sovili looked at him in disbelief, and he continued, “Mr. Mage, I heard that you do pink magic? Love stuff? So your suggestion should be worth the consultation… I want to change the details of this rumor as much as possible.”

“Details?” Myka still didn’t understand.

“Total denial makes people more determined,” Illican began to look like an aristocrat at this time. “People are like this. If I say I don’t like red haired freckled girls, they will believe that I really like them, but I just won’t admit it. But if I say I like blonde haired freckled girls, they will believe that redheads are wrong. So, although I really haven’t been done by a bear… but rumors have emerged, and trying to deny it is not good.”

He took a look at Sovili and said the following words after a long time of meditation, “So, I want to make a little bit of gossip for people to think that… The naked man running on the street is actually my lover and a forbidden one. Now he is being punished for hurting the soldiers.”

Sovili gave him a fierce look, and Illican immediately stood up and shrunk away, almost to the corner. The more he said, the less he said, “I, I am just for the superficial reputation, which is very important. This is not my own business, but for the future of Todd’s territory…” 

“Then how do you want to spread rumors?” Myka asked. He thought that he had to do it by himself. Now Sovili didn’t even want to talk.

“From here,” Illican said, leaning away from Sovili and rubbing himself against the talking mage, “as Lord, I will surely be known when I personally visit the prison. Now there is no one at the door, but there must be someone at the end of the corridor. They want to protect me, and they are also very willing to eavesdrop on me.”

Myka found that the little guy was very smart, so he nodded, “Then I think I have an idea. I can put a voice illusion in the room, let the people outside hear it, and then misunderstand something… However, Lord, if this is your entrustment, you have to pay the corresponding cost of casting.”

When Myka helped the planter’s daughter-in-law in the past, he confiscated the cost of his practice. That was because they promised to give Myka the right to use a small piece of land for free. Myka needed to grow something by himself, because he didn’t own any soil. Now, he thought that the young Lord who bullied men and women would be unwilling to pay, but Illican was quite happy, “That would be great! As long as you can save my reputation, it’s worth the price!”

Sovili looked gloomily at the two men who were discussing the effect in detail — they didn’t seem to want to ask for his consent, but had already begun to discuss whether it was better to hit the wall with the head or the whips in the illusion.

Now Sovili didn’t care about anything but his disease. He didn’t want to argue with them, so he kept silent.

In the end, they decided to make a strange groan in the effect, because Illican didn’t wear a whip, and Sovili didn’t have any scars, which would be too fake.

At the end of the corridor, the guards were chatting in a low voice. Suddenly, they heard the sound of tables and chairs overturning. When they were going to check it, Lord Illican’s arrogant voice sounded in the room, “See how much trouble you’ve caused me! If you are going to be so tough, I have no objection, but I will reserve the right to treat you well! Sovili, I will not disclose your identity to the public. This is what I promised you. Under this premise, I will let you stay in prison for a period of time to learn the rules. Don’t worry, I will take you back in the future. You will be eager to go back to my basement. The feather pillows and silk sheets are much more comfortable than the slate here, right? Ah, though you are often handcuffed there. You stay here to be punished for hurting the soldiers. But don’t forget that there are other punishments waiting for you when you go home in the future!”

These words were not illusory phonics, but Lord Illican really said it to the door.

Myka only simulated some pushing, fighting, depressing moaning and slapping with magic. In addition, Myka himself occasionally interrupted and acted as a persuader.

Myka had some admiration for the Lord. Just like last night when he held the chin of ‘Silva’, he could easily play this abusive aristocratic tone, although he was as weak as a small legged deer staring at his eyes.

Thinking of this, Myka almost felt that he was influenced by Sylar, and when he was thinking about something, he always had the image of an animal in his mind.

When the guards heard that the Lord was angry inside, they all wisely didn’t break in. Instead, they listened enthusiastically not far away.

In the room, Illican was looking at Sovili with ten fingers crossed, making a gesture of pleading, biting his lips and looking at him pitifully, silently expressing in his eyes: I’m really sorry, I have to say this, please bear with me again… 

Myka agreed to cast spells and help spread rumors, not for Illican, but for Sovili.

Another time he wronged Sovili, Myka looked at him apologetically. In the future, even if the disease was cured, he would become the ‘the Lord’s forbidden lover’ in everyone’s eyes… 

After today, Sovili would move to the ordinary prison area, where there were many real thugs and robbers. They may crowd into the same cell with more than ten people, and they may work in the stone field under the sun… Myka had heard that there were always people in this kind of place who liked to get into trouble, and he didn’t want Sovili to be in it all day. It was dangerous for everyone.

What’s wrong with making people think Sovili was the Lord’s lover? Especially when the guards heard that the Lord would take him back in the future, they would know how much they would have to take care of him. Unfortunately, Myka couldn’t think more about it. Based on his knowledge of Sovili, he knew that Sovili would not accept it.


The author has something to say:

Sylar once again left the scene. He went to a place that had something to do with Sovili’s past events. And when he was guarding Myka, Myka would always hide, and Myka needed some time to think about it. How to face a person who had been following him for nine years…

Fantasy world, especially the fantasy of rural and township themes (…) The basic environment is similar to that of ancient Europe, so the prison is inhumane. The prison is dark, and there is no entertainment room or free activity. The only chance for free activity is to use the prisoners with strong bodies to do other jobs, such as heavy physical work or wrestling…

And the cell is a group of people sleeping on the floor. In fact, I like the prison theme very much, but I can’t write it well, so it’s just that I can write about the drama of forcing prison hard. It’s also an addiction to work, although the point seems totally wrong…

The jailer is a system that I made up, just like the martial arts trial or blood test in the old society, which is not reasonable. But this system is considered to be very kind. Some areas think it’s just nonsense, so there’s no such system…

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