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Chapter 23: The Prison is Quiet at Night

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


The place where the prisoners lived was next to the guard barracks. The room was very small, but at least there was a private space. At midnight, Myka received a feather rune from Sylar. Sylar said that he found the shrine where the priest was, but the priest himself was out. He was going to look for the place mentioned by the others.

Myka was worried. Although it didn’t seem to be a big deal, it didn’t seem to be going well.

In the dead of night, he began to feel a bit distressed about the loss of his small shop closing these days. Originally, he only planned to close the shop for a day or two.

In normal times, Myka opened his shop in the afternoon till late evening, did other things at night, and then slept in the morning. Now he lived in the area of the jailers. He only had a notebook full of pink magic in his hand. He didn’t need to grind the seed powder or mix to make potions. At this time, he felt a little idle, but he had nothing to do.

He could only think of the previous nine years… When he learned that Sylar was following him, he was shocked, but slowly felt that Sylar was an interesting and upright person, so he didn’t care anymore; after he had accepted these things, he learned that he had been following him for nine years.

He had been followed before he was even twenty.

Myka began to think about what he had been doing nine years ago. What had he done in those nine years? Was there anything too embarrassing? What did Sylar know?

Myka hadn’t started studying magic at the Mage College, the largest in the south. He was a child then, and he studied with a battle mage. After he had some understanding of basic magic, his teacher took him to Mage College for further studies, and the both of them became students but in different grades.

Unlike ordinary schools, Mage College did not have the concept of ‘graduation’ in its schooling system. When one felt like leaving, they could leave at any time, but they had to leave all the supporting materials provided by the college. If one wanted to stay to study, they needed to go through assessments and participate in various complex research. In other words, if they thought it was enough, they could leave at any time, and if they wanted to become a researcher, they needed to make contributions to the college.

Later, Myka left first while his teacher continued to stay in the college. At that time, his teachers, both his first teacher and the teachers in the college, were very dissatisfied with his choice. Myka knew that he was not a good mage. He knew that he lacked that kind of persistence.

Nine years ago, Myka was traveling with his contemporaries. Myka was not a genius, but he was also very good. His spells provided a lot of help to his companions. Later, they were in danger in Fenglin. With the help of the barbarian tribes there, they met some Rangers and sorcerers there when they stayed in Fenglin. Now thinking about it, maybe Sylar was nearby, but Myka was not good at finding Druids.

Later, Myka was unconsciously involved in some very dangerous battles. It was at that time that Myka and Sovili and others formed their friendship. Then he met the wizard, Morning Mist, and his third mentor. Myka studied with the wizard for a while, often taking risks with Sovili.

As ever, the mentor felt that Myka’s ability was ordinary, and he didn’t hold much hope for him. Myka knew that himself.

In retrospect, Myka felt that his experience so far was very common: his parents were not heroes, and they had no special tragic background. They spent their lives peacefully. They died of an epidemic in the previous year. Now Myka had accepted the fact frankly; he had two younger brothers, and they didn’t see each other anymore. Neither of them liked him to be a mage, especially a pink robed mage, they felt a bit embarrassed. He was not smart but not stupid either when he was a child. He did not stand out but was not weak when he was in the Mage College. He was not a team center when he was traveling, but he would play a role… He just lived a dull life, and then came into contact with all kinds of magic, some of which he was good at, some not, and then he gradually chose the next path.

In the past nine years, Myka had met and separated with people. He visited the enlightened  teachers and mentors, who didn’t like Myka’s choice, but couldn’t keep him; he had differences with his companions, some of whom understood him, some of whom were angry and left; some of his barbarian friends he knew in Maple Forest had already died in battle, some of whom were said to have had their children around their knees; his tutor for his further education was still in Black Thorn Tower in the north, which had no connection with him; his battle mage friends were all different, and Sovili was quite exclusive of his current identity.

Myka couldn’t figure out what attracted Sylar in these years. Even if the Druid looked at the arcane mage and thought he was interesting, wouldn’t it be enough to follow him for a year and a half? And Myka thought that there were too many more interesting mages in the tall towers in Maple Forest, who were more worldly.

Myka was surprised to find that he went from apprentice to traveler, from battle mage to pink robed mage… His life had been changing, and the fate around him had been changing. And if there was anything that hadn’t changed in these years, it was the Druid that had been following him.

Even if he didn’t know the Druid well, Myka could feel Sylar’s power and excellence. In Myka’s previous thoughts, such a person should not follow ordinary people for nine years, still wriggle, wear small wild flowers, turn into rabbits or mice, send people home with high-level magic, etc.

It was funny to think about these things at first, but when he thought about them, it made Myka feel a little depressed. Myka was very clear about Sylar’s friendliness, and knew that the nine years were because his habits were different from those of ordinary people, rather than what he had planned. But as a result, Myka felt almost unable to respond to the kindness.

It seemed that Sylar planned to keep following and turning into various animals, but Myka didn’t know how to get along with him.

In Lord Illican’s bedroom, Sylar said that Myka preferred him as an animal. Myka thought that he should refute, but he could not find a suitable explanation.

Myka held the feather rune for Sylar’s message, and the more he thought about it, the more confused he felt.

Sylar said he would never interfere in Myka’s life. Myka couldn’t help thinking, hadn’t Sylar thought this long ago? He could follow a person for nine years and have a reasonable introduction? Myka knew that he didn’t hate getting along with Sylar, but he didn’t know what attitude was right for him.

The first day Sovili moved to a normal cell, there was a small problem. When two prisoners heard that he was the Lord’s man, they tried to take advantage of him, but they were beaten by Sovili and couldn’t shout out. The guard took a look and didn’t take it seriously. After all, it was nothing.

The next day, the problem escalated. While chiseling stone, Sovili was entangled by several big men. He had to become a bear. Sovili didn’t pay attention at first. Those people wanted to fight but were afraid of being killed by him…  

At this time, a thief secretly said, “This guy has a jailer, don’t think we dare not kill you.” When the mob came to realize it, they rushed in.

Sovili did have some scruples. He knew that every time he changed his body, he would make himself look more evil. He also knew that if he killed people while out of control, Myka would be involved. The fight was stopped by the guards, and Myka heard some voices from afar.

There were always some well-informed people in the prison. Their words were heard by some Orcs: the jailer for Sovili was a pink robed mage.

The Orcs were captured by the Knights of another city and sent to the large prison in Todd city for attacking elves. So far, they still remembered how King Hollis fell into the hands of the pink robed mage. The reputation of the pink robed mage was worse than that of the necromancer in their eyes. For others, especially the well-known thieves in the city, a pink robed mage was like a synonym for happy life, so maybe prison air could soften a little, and they all wanted to see the jailer.

On the third day, Myka walked restlessly around the house. Now all the prisoners and all the guards knew his occupation. There were people coming from the guard shift to ask questions. There were also people who collected money from other prisoners to serve as runners and help the prisoners to ask questions.

For example, ‘how to check whether the wife has been cheating,’ ‘how long does it normally take to shoot once,’ ‘have you taken the medicine to dream about beauties?’ What’s more, Myka was stunned when a guard knocked on the door and fell to his knees, took off his pants and began to cry. Myka sincerely told him that there was a magic that could permanently increase the size, but his level was too low to do it.

On the seventh night, Myka received another feather rune from Sylar. Sylar said that the priest he was looking for was traveling, and he seemed to be looking for something. He was in a hurry every time he heard that the man had settled down somewhere, but, by the time he arrived, the priest had left.

Sylar also asked Myka to say hello to Sovili. Myka thought that Sovili was good now. Everyone in the cell was as far away from him as possible. There was a circular area around him, and the guards were good to him. Even the bread was the softest for him.

“If you can’t find the priest quickly, come back. I really can’t wait. We can find other priests…” Myka thought gloomily that he would have mental problems if he went on like this. Now every day, several guards would come to him to take off their pants and ask him about their private parts.

Just about to fall asleep, Myka suddenly heard a distant cry.

The voice was very strange, like some strange beast, and also like a human being in great pain, going from weak to strong. It was creepy.

Myka thought, if Sylar was here, maybe he could tell what kind of animal it was. After listening for a while, Myka was surprised to find that the sound seemed to be coming from underground.

He was lying by the door, close to the slate, when a guard passed by the corridor. Myka quickly stood up and opened the door — the jailer was free to enter and exit his room, but could not leave the prison area.

“Hello, do you hear me? What’s that sound?” He asked.

“Ah, don’t worry,” said the guard, holding a bucket of wine, as if he was used to the crying in the deep prison. “That guy has to do this every few days. He’ll be honest if he’s hungry. Don’t worry, it’s a felon, a monster! Don’t worry,” he said, but the guard was obviously very happy to share information. He looked around and said in a low voice, “It’s really a monster! In the dungeon! We can only open a small window close to the ground when we deliver rice and collect trash. By the way, your friend, Sovili, he’s a savage, right? Is he an animal who was mistaken as a person?”

Myka nodded, not sure why he mentioned it. Sovili never changed after he was arrested, even if someone beat him up. With the rumor of ‘Lord’s barbarian pet’ rising slowly, many people now thought that he was not a beast-like man, but pretended to be a bear when he was cornered at night… After all, he didn’t seem to be scared, and he was terrorized by the Lord.

“That dungeon holds a real beast!” The guard made a horrible expression, “He is different from your friend. He doesn’t look like an animal. He can really become a very strange thing! We’ve all seen it!”

“Strange thing?” Myka thought it was no surprise to be able to change into an animal.

“It’s really strange. He will become a… Something with a tail, like a mermaid or something,” said the guard, “and it looks a little disgusting and slippery. Fortunately, the door of the dungeon is so strong that he can’t escape.”

If this was a real beast of man, what was his animal form? Myka thought as the guard talked for a while, and said that the monster was also sent from another city, because the prison in Todd City was the most complete in this area. The ‘monster’ was caught about five years ago and often made strange sounds in the middle of the night.

When the guard thought of gambling and drinking, he left and locked the gate of the area where the prisoner lived.

Myka went back to the room and took a ring out of his bag. The ring was simple and a little big with a short incantation carved inside it.

This was a graduation gift from his enlightenment teacher. It was one of the most precious magic items he carried with him. The ring was attached with percussion — a spell that could open any lock. It could be cast directly through the ring as long as he recited the incantation lightly.

Then Myka counted out some more scrolls and put them in his pocket, sat down and waited for the guards to drink some more.

Compared with the nearby villages and cities, this prison in Todd’s territory was the most strict.

“In fact, it’s still not enough,” Myka secretly sneaked out of the room in the latter half of the night, sighing in his heart. “This way of keeping people is not even as good as King Hollis’s vertical hole. There is no anti-magic field in such a big prison… Of course, not that it’s better.”

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thank you for the chapter!
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September 4, 2020 8:14 pm

It’s sad Myka thinks of himself as not interesting enough to be stalked (and it’s kinda funny too). He should have a good chat with Sylar.

Thanks for the chapter!

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About Sylar and the nine years of stal… I mean following, Myka is quite tolerant to accept it this quickly. As for the present situation… why do I feel that Myka is going to cause trouble? Thank you fo the chapter!!!

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Seems Sylar may be delayed 😕
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