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Chapter 24: Beast Man and the Silver Wolf

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Sovili was gently woken up only to see Myka squatting beside him, making a few gestures to him. He knew that it was a sign of a past adventure, a sign of what the two sides were going to do next. It was easy for Myka to get him out of the cell. Sovili was not surprised. After all, Myka was a mage. Sovili found that two guards at the end of the corridor were sleeping in a pile. He didn’t know if they were the result of the mage’s masterpiece.

After arriving at the empty area, Sovili whispered, “What are you up to?”

“When you were in the dungeon, was there anyone else there?” Myka asked him.

“I didn’t think so at first…” Sovili had also sensed the ebb and flow of the cries tonight. “Today I learned that another door was closed.”

“I heard that the guard said he was…”

“Also animal like?” Sovili had just heard about it, and it was clear that when the cry rang, the prisoners talked about it.

Myka nodded, “Sovili, when did you get therianthropy? Where did you get infected?”

The atmosphere was so serious that Sovili forgot for a moment how embarrassed he was. “In a forest I have only been to once, only half a month from Todd… It was about five years ago.” He answered.

Myka thought of the guard’s words, and he realized that maybe his curiosity was not meaningless.

“Five years ago? Did they tell you that another beast in the dungeon was also arrested five years ago?” Myka asked

Sovili squinted, as if remembering something. He grabbed his chains to prevent it from clinking and walked in front of Myka, “Let’s go, I remember the way to the dungeon. As long as you can open the door.”

Sylar was busy that night, too.

He had a hard time finding the hotel where the priest was staying. When he wanted to visit, he found that the priest had gone out. From the outside of the hotel, he went around to the window of the priest’s room, and turned into a little titmouse and scurried up to the windowsill.

The priest’s name was Sylandar. Sylar already knew him, but he had never met Sylandar. Sylar decided to wait for the priest to come back and formally say hello, so as not to surprise him.

After midnight, Sylander, the priest, came back to the hotel with a tired face. He walked quietly and was very careful when he opened and closed the door, for fear of disturbing other residents. As Sylar had learned before, Sylander had always been a very polite person, different from his brother, Sylar’s teacher — one who walked lightly, but had a strong action and often ran around naked.

Sylander hung his cloak behind the door, dusted it gently and sat on the edge of the bed. He took off his robe, folded it carefully and laid it flat, and sat on the narrow bed in his shirt, as if praying or casting magic. After that, he leaned wearily against the wall and pulled out a small round piece hanging around his neck. It was a beautiful orange in the soft light from the oil lamp, and the rope on it looked very shabby.

Sylar knew that thing, his teacher had a similar one. The brothers’ parents left them a pair of amber gems.

Now Sylar was a bit ambivalent. He decided to go to see the priest decently, but now the priest had taken off his robe, untied his shirt, and now his boots and wool socks. He was rubbing his shoulders while sighing at the amber. Sylander was not young anymore, over middle age. Although he was still tall and straight, he probably began to suffer from shoulder stiffness.

The concierge of the hotel knocked on the door of the room and brought a bucket of fresh hot water. Sylander took it and began to wash. Sylar, who became a little titmouse, stood by the wooden window and looked in through the cracks. He thought it was not polite to go in at this time, so he decided to wait.

When the priest took care of himself and was ready to go to sleep, Sylar felt that it was still not good to show up when the other side lifted the bed cover. He imagined that Myka would jump up and down in surprise if he tore away the quilt.

After too long a hesitation, the priest had fallen asleep. Sylar used his small body to arch through the wooden window, which was very difficult. He had a lot of effort to squeeze through the gap.

Sylander’s vigilance was also too poor, and there was no protection magic on the doors and windows. Sylar thought that the younger Myka was better at this point. He had been following Myka for so many years and knew that Myka was very vigilant. He often applied a secret lock or magic alarm on the door.

But maybe it was the difference between mages and priests. Mages were always cautious and nervous, just like the small rodents that got into their nests when they heard the wind and the grass moving.

Sylar couldn’t help smiling at the thought of these cute things, even though the titmouse’s mouth couldn’t smile. He jumped to the wooden table, step by step, close to the bed to see if the priest was asleep. The priest obviously heard the sound of titmouse flapping its wings. He turned over and sat up doubtfully. Sylar thought he couldn’t hide it, so he just flew up and huffed to recover his human form.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Sylander. It’s me —”

“Day save me! Who are you?” The priest immediately took out a hammer at the head of the bed. Sylander turned and sat up to see a long haired man who sprang up in the dark room without warning. The priest grasped the weapon conditionally and almost missed throwing an attack.

“It’s me, Sylar Needles,” Sylar said, turning his red hair behind his ears and showing his face as much as he could. “Didn’t Mr. Atan mention me to you?” Atan was the name of his teacher and the elder brother of Priest Sylander.

Hearing the name, the priest relaxed a little, “Atan? Do you know him?”

“He’s my teacher and guardian,” said Sylar. “He never mentioned me to you?”

Sylander sighed, pointing to the chair across the room for Sylar to sit down. Sylar walked over and sat down as he said this, but the priest had not let down his vigilance.

“Atan… I haven’t been able to find him,” said Sylander. “You came to find him, too?”

Sylar had not seen his teacher for a long time, and the priest’s words surprised him a little, “Didn’t Lord Atan follow you all this time? He followed you for so many years…”

“How do you know?” The priest, as a younger brother, looked at the young man in front of him in surprise.

“I’m also a druid, and as I said before, I’ve been following Lord Atan.” Sylar replied.

“Ah, I see. He followed me with you, didn’t he?”

“Yes.” Sylar replied with integrity.

Sylander sat on the edge of the bed and sighed. “If you’re looking for your teacher, then our goal is the same, but I haven’t found him yet,” said Sylander. “A few days ago, I got the news that ‘Silver Wolf’ might be in this town. When I arrived, he had left.”

Atan was once called ‘Silver Wolf’ because he often turned into a giant wolf with a silver mane on its back, leading real animals. Atan was the elder brother of Sylander, but in Sylar’s impression, Sylander’s face was much older. Many powerful Druids were like this. Although their bodies would age, their faces were always very young, which made them blend in.

Sylar didn’t come to see Mr. Atan. He was rather surprised by what the priest said.

“Mr. Sylander, why do you want to see him? He is already…”

Sylar didn’t know how to describe it. His senior teacher, former guardian, and elder brother of Sylander, had not contacted them for a long time now, because Atan said he was not going to meet Sylar again.

Sylander, of course, knew about Atan and had been worried about it.

Atan was no longer a Druid, and he had broken away from the rules Druids should abide by.

“It seems that you already know about my brother? I would not be determined to find Atan if I hadn’t rescued a brutalized man who didn’t want to degenerate the other day,” said the priest Sylander. “Young man, do you know what he is now?”

Sylar nodded, then shook his head, stroked his hair uneasily, and looked puzzled. Although he knew that Atan was no longer a Druid, he didn’t know what it had to do with the beast man.

Sylander wondered in his heart why the young man acted so… soft and beautiful, but he couldn’t bear to say it. The priest continued, “The beast I saved escaped from some place, and she can’t tell. She said it was the ‘Silver Wolf’ that infected her, her family and friends with the disease. The temple used a lie detection spell on her. She didn’t lie.” The priest looked at the moonlight anxiously, it was his brother who might be doing evil. “I want to know, is that really Atan? Atan is out of the Druids’ camp. Who has he become? A blighter? Or a believer in blasphemy?”

“Mr. Sylander,” said Sylar, “first of all, my teacher Atan should not have become a blighter, because Druids everywhere have not found such evil people. Second, although he is not a blighter, he did something very… It’s hard to say what’s unacceptable. Once again, have you met the beast man? Have you ever met a bear turned man? Long brown hair, very emaciated in human form…”

“No, it’s not a bear. It’s an infected rat,” said the priest. “I cured her the other day. She’s still under treatment for other diseases. Why do you ask that? Don’t you…”

“In fact, I’m not here for Atan, but for an infected man,” said Sylar. “I’d like to ask you to try to treat him. If you need to find Lord Atan, I can help you, but can you go to see the infected man with me before this? That man really needs help.”

Sylander asked about the specific situation of the bear beast. After Sylar finished speaking, the priest agreed. He was willing to help infected people who were eager for treatment.

“But we have to go somewhere else first,” said the priest, “before I used positioning to find the same thing —” The amber he held between his fingers that hung from his neck. “We each have one, and I’ve been tracking Atan with this, if he hasn’t lost his. I tracked him to this town before, but when I searched again just now, I found that he had gone to the direction of Todd city. “

“Todd city?” Sylar suddenly felt that it seemed too coincidental. He told the priest that Sovili, the bear beast man, was also in Todd, and the priest was quite surprised.


The author has something to say:

Is it a little boring without cute animals and no rivals? _(:з」∠)_

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Minnie ford
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