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Chapter 25: Monster in the Dungeon

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


The prison was poorly guarded. At night, most of the prisoners slept in the prison room. The guards either gathered to gamble and drink or take a nap.

Myka and Sovili were careful and with the help of magic, they did not disturb a guard and came to the dungeon on the second floor underground.

The first floor of the dungeon was actually a torture room with semi-underground windows. The second floor was completely isolated from the rest of the world. The ventilation only relied on the ventilation holes in the stone wall, which would not be seen all year round. Now the crying disappeared, but there was still a slight sob from time to time, which made Myka and Sovili quickly find the cell of ‘animal man.’

There was no light in the dungeon, only a white candle on the stone platform beside the stairs, a light for the guards who came to patrol occasionally. Sovili still remembered the cell he lived in, and now the cry came from deep within.

The cell here was different from the one above. The door was not a grate, but completely closed, with a heavy lock. Under the door was a small door less than knee high, which was used to deliver food and water buckets. It was also locked. Sovili said that when the guards opened the small door, in order to prevent the prisoners from grabbing and even trying to get out, one person would deliver food and another would stand by with a hand axe. Once they saw that the prisoner had the intention of extending their hands, they would cut down mercilessly.

Something in the cell seemed to feel them coming, and the cry stopped. When he heard Sovili and Myka talking, he began to wheeze again.

“You are not guards… I heard you talking,” the voice of an adult man came from the cell. Maybe because he kept crying, his voice was a little hoarse, “What are you doing?”

“I’m the one who was locked opposite you the other day.” Sovili said.

There was a slightly excited exclamation in the cell, and the sound of someone leaning back after falling, “Are you going to break out of the prison? Who are you?”

Sovili and Myka looked at each other for a moment and were surprised by the response. Sovili squatted at the low gate and said, “Do you have therianthropy?”

The man in the cell paused for a moment, and the sound of the straw shifting told them that he seemed to have leaned against the door.

“Me too. I’m infected with therianthropy,” Sovili asked. “Where are you from?”

“My hometown is in the town of Yore,” said the prisoner, “and then… Later, I was at the border of Silent Tree Sea. I ran away. Someone came after us and wanted to kill us. Then we separated. I went to the south. One night, I was rolling on the stone and was found…”

His narration was very messy and disordered. Myka could only confirm two places he spoke of: the town of Yore which was near Gaolin city in the north, not far from Fenglin, while Silent Tree Sea was the territory of the elves, and there were many human settlements at the border.

As Myka tried to open his mouth, the prisoner again whimpered in pain.

Sovili whispered, “I don’t know if that he was born or cursed like me. If he’s cursed, it may be hard for him to control the beast on a regular basis.”

All of a sudden, there was a strange scream in the cell, sharper than before.

“Hey, are you okay? What’s your name?” Myka asked, but he didn’t get an answer. There was only the sound of the body beating on the ground in the cell.

The prisoner might have become a beast, but what animal call was that just now? The guard said that what he became was a ‘monster.’ If it was just a giant bear or wolf, no matter how fierce the beast was, it should have a basic shape.

Myka leaned down and slowly pressed his hand, wearing a percussion ring, close to the low door. Sovili saw his intention and hid by the door as the guards had done, ready to attack if the prisoner wanted to reach out.

Myka opened the low door, used a small spell, and slowly pushed four groups of weak floating light sources into the cell.

The prisoner, or the monster, lay less than two feet from the door.

When he saw what he was like, Myka instinctively backed away, almost hitting the opposite iron door with his shoulder.

When Sovili saw him like this, he could not help bending down to have a look, and then he was also very surprised.

“I’ve seen that thing…” Sovili murmured.

At this time, Myka felt the magic alarm that had been secretly placed in front of the guard’s rest area had been triggered. Maybe the night patrol would start later in the night. He hurriedly got up and urged Sovili to leave, and returned him to his cell as soon as possible.

On the way, they were almost found by two night patrol guards. Fortunately, there was a fight in a cell in another area, which attracted the attention of some guards.

It was not the time to talk. They rush back to their places to avoid being found by the guards.

Before parting, Sovili frowned and whispered to Myka as succinctly as possible, “I’ve seen that thing. I’ve attacked several monsters, including him.”

Before the guards showed up, he went back to the cell to lie down, and Myka went off to the other side of the corridor. Back in the jailer’s area, Myka heard the riots in the prison area increasing instead of decreasing. At this time, he was going to close the door of the prison area——

“Oh Gods!” Myka suddenly realized something and he wanted to slap himself.

Only then did he realize that he had opened many doors with percussion along the way, but he did not restore them! When the door was opened by a spell, it would not lock itself back!

Myka kept scolding himself. How could he be so stupid? How could relying on magic be inferior to those rogues’ skills of unlocking the door? At least they could close the door… 

Obviously, the guards had found that many doors in the prison had been opened, and they went all the way to the prison area following the opened doors… Myka could hear their footsteps, getting closer and closer.

Unable to think of a better way for a while, Myka quickly returned to the room, put down his belongings, took off his robe, and made himself look like he was resting. He kept the door open and fell quickly and decisively in front of it.

After all, as a battle mage, Myka was still very good at pretending to be dead. Besides, now he didn’t need to pretend to be dead. After being carried away, he could find a suitable opportunity to ‘wake up.’

After ‘waking up,’ Myka would insisted that he didn’t see what was going on at all, opened the door to check when he heard something moving, and was stunned from the back of his head as soon as he walked out. Anyway, there were few prison candles at night, and it was understandable that he couldn’t see clearly.

The guards’ faces were ugly. They found that all the locks to the dungeon had been opened, and the beast man in the dungeon had become a monster, climbing out of the low gate. Although only his head was out, he was stuck because he was too big.

A brave guard tried to step on his head and push him back, but he couldn’t move him at all. The guards had never seen this kind of thing. They tried to resist the nausea and stayed in the dungeon for a night. The prisoner did not recover until dawn. They stuffed him back and locked the door.

Myka was a little curious about the human appearance of the beast man. He didn’t see it last night, but only saw the ‘monster.’

But another question was, was that really a beast? Even Sovili had never seen such an ‘animal,’ Myka thought, maybe Sylar knew what it was… 

Yesterday, Sovili said that he had seen the ‘animal’ and that he had attacked ‘a group’ of animal like people. So that’s when Sovili was infected with therianthropy?

The jailer could only talk to the prisoner when he first came to prison, or when the prisoner makes a serious mistake in prison (he may also meet when he was punished with the jailer). Now, Myka couldn’t ask Sovili about this.

He didn’t sleep well all night. Even though he pretended to faint for a while, Myka still felt depressed. Before noon, the guard who took off his pants in tears knocked on his door and said that there were guests to see him.

Although the guards were friendly to Myka, they were not very respectful at ordinary times. Myka remembered that the last time he saw them being particularly respectful, it was when Lord Illican was with him.

After Myka was taken to the reception room, he was overjoyed. Illican did come, but that’s not the main thing. The point was, Sylar was now sitting in the reception room!

By the window stood a middle-aged man in silver soft scales and gilded robes, with a lady’s day badge on his chest.

Before Myka could speak, Illican drove the guard away, slammed the door, and cried out in a loud voice, “Mage, thank you for helping me take care of him these days! But remember, he’s mine! You, or the rest of the scum in prison, haven’t moved his brain right? If you dare… Ha ha ha…”

When he was half laughing, he stopped as soon as his breath was still seized. All three people in the room were looking at him with complicated faces.

“What’s the matter?” Illican went back to sit down and muttered, “I’m just acting according to the plan…”

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September 8, 2020 7:58 pm

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September 8, 2020 10:35 pm

Myka!!! What a blunder… you’ve opened the door but havn’t closed them?! Yeah, good thing they don’t suspect you. And what kind of monster is that? D&D had many types of monsters, some clues, please.
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