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Chapter 94: Can you eat it?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wants to give little fox a hug


This was the end of 245, on a very common day.

‘Bon Voyage! Ancient Earth?’ was on the air, and in addition, His Majesty, who had sent a suspicious micro blog, had also received widespread attention. All people who went to school or work, ate and slept in a normal way, day after day.

… Twenty years had passed since the last appearance of Zerg.

Twenty years ago, the Emperor beheaded the Zerg King on the grey planet, and the rest of the Zerg perished, ending hundreds of years of war.

These two decades had been enough for people to forget most of the pain caused by war. After all, in an age of advanced technology, all memories were short-lived, and peace, health and longevity had become a matter of course.

No one even imagined that this peace and quiet would not last.

At this moment, in the Upper Urban District, the Academy of Sciences had become a mess. 

“Zerg waves have been detected by dozens of satellite planets centered around Ancient Earth.”

“Team leader! Grey Saturn has detected biological wave attacks — our instruments are being extensively damaged.”

“At present, the farthest one has reached Liuyan star.”

“They are in proliferation…”

Three o’clock last night, after 20 years of silence, the instrument once again detected a weak wave of Zerg creatures, but it was soon annihilated — but all the researchers of the whole Academy of sciences had been awakened and dared not fall asleep again. From three o’clock to ten o’clock in the morning, there was no news, as if the fluctuation was an illusion.

When they thought it was time to relax and misjudge the instrument, 11:00 am hit… 

The first red dot appeared on the satellite nearest to Ancient Earth, and then expanded like mold. Soon, all the stars around were flashing with red dots, and they were rapidly approaching the densely populated main star system!

Within Ancient Earth, there was no activity of Zerg life — probably because of the existence of Shuo Han, the strong mental power was a natural deterrent and barrier.

If they were afraid that the announcement would cause public unrest, only in the past ten minutes now, the situation had reached the point where they had to announce it and enter a state of alert.

The parliament, the cabinet and the military, who were also waiting with the Academy of Sciences, were silent.

From 9 a.m. to the present holographic video conference.

An hour ago, politicians in the parliament and cabinet still denounced the Academy of Sciences for spreading false information and deliberately creating panic.

At this moment, there was a rustle in the ear, an awkward silence.

Three seconds later.


“Watch out.”

Shuo Han finished and turned off the camera of the joint video conference. He lowered his eyelids, put on his white gloves, and slowly did up the buttons of his uniform coat one by one… 

“Finnick stay at Capital Star, the 12th to 20th Corps stay at Capital Star, and the rest go to the surrounding galaxy for support.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Finnick saluted in awe.

“Reese, come to me with the 3rd or 6th regiments.”

“Yes, Your majesty.” Marshal Reese saluted.

Even at this time of upheaval, all the soldiers were calm, solemn and orderly. This was an absolutely elite army brought up by Shuo Han himself. All of them had been honed in battle.

More than everyone, they knew the horror of the Zerg and were less afraid of death.

Shuo Han stood up and closed his eyes. “……”

The Zerg was a race born entirely with insect forms, and the first detected biological wave appeared around Ancient Earth, which was doomed to be the main battlefield near here. A matter of luck and misfortune. Fortunately, it was far away from the densely populated areas and couldn’t provide enough bodies for the parasitic Zerg, and Shuo Han, the main force, happened to be here — unfortunately, Gu YuMian and the children were also here.

He needed to send them back as soon as possible.

After Shuo Han quit the video conference, the cabinet and parliament looked at each other.

The military took the lead in shutting down the video.

After that, the Academy of Sciences, represented by the Chief fox, also closed the video.

Just like the front lines, the rear was also a battlefield — especially in the face of the complex changes of the Zerg; sampling, analysis, and timely response to all the great changes, the work of scientists was nothing easier than soldiers.

In general, two or three researchers were needed to keep up-to-date with the latest data and assist front-line fighters in their response.

——The survival rate of the scientific researchers in the army was less than 3%, almost dead.


Four snow-white claws of the little fox went ‘dada da’. He shuttled through the trees and ran to the seaside where Gu YuMian was. Suddenly, he was picked up with one hand.

It was the man who appeared in the holographic video conference not long ago. Shuo Han had dressed neatly in his uniform, and was followed by the Secretary and adjutant who had already arrived. He was in a hurry. He stopped, grabbed the fox’s nape, looked at him, and asked, “You applied to join the army?”

The little fox’s big tears rolled down like a broken thread. He was stunned and nodded.

He had no ability to use now, but he had decades of experience in the Academy of Sciences, and he had also been in a project team specialized in the analysis of Zerg. It was very suitable for him to undertake this work——

His knowledge and experience could help, and even if he died at the front, his death would not have a great impact on the Academy of Sciences and the whole war situation.

Now, little fox just wanted to meet Gu YuMian, Shuo Han, the little husky, little Tangyuan… these family members who had been together for a short time but were very important to him. He wanted to see them one last time.

The Emperor was silent for a moment. “You’re too young to die. Go back with him.”

Shuo Han admitted that he was selfish.

As an Emperor, he could give up almost everything for the victory of war and the safety of people’s lives. But everything related to Gu YuMian was more fragile to him and his weakness, and he was reluctant to touch it.

All things that were Gu YuMian’s and things that Gu YuMian cherished should be protected.

The little fox was Gu YuMian’s child, so he was also Shuo Han’s child.

“Take care of him.” Shuo Han gave the fox to the adjutant behind him and looked up. “This year, the Academy of Sciences does not need to assign members to the army. I will be responsible for the data. Escort everyone here back to Capital Star within two hours at the latest.”


Without any warning, everything happened at once.

This was a rest day. In the morning, everyone was still happily watching live variety shows, chatting with gossip, and enjoying delicious food in holographic mode… At most, some sensitive people noticed something unusual, and at noon, the whole star blared with a warning notice.

For a time, everyone was in danger.

[I was thinking yesterday, why does His Majesty plan to get married? It’s really because there is going to be a war??? God…]

[Aaah! What should I do? The news says that the source of the Zerg center is near Ancient Earth. MianMian must pay attention to safety!!]

[How can this happen? My God!]

[It’s going to be okay. It seems that they’ve sent a star ship to pick up people from Ancient Earth. Boys, gods, goddesses and cubs hold on!!]

Ancient Earth was in the middle of the storm, of course, they couldn’t continue the live broadcast. The variety show abruptly stopped, and the small robot of the program team waved the pliers to drive the guests to a safer base camp, “Watch out! Alert! Be calm! Please wait for the rescue starship!”

“Anchor Gu, Mr. Guo… Now the situation is very complicated. The whole star is on alert…” The director’s voice of the program group was intermittent, mixed with the static sound coming from the small machine population. Obviously, the backstage was also a mess of war, “Protect yourself… All in all… Stop…”

And then it broke off completely.

The guests were stunned.

At first, they thought it was a prank, and then they guarded Gu YuMian warily. Gu YuMian held the husky to stop him from running around.

Gu YuMian thought about the Zerg derivative they saw last night, and the reaction between Shuo Han and the fox this morning.

The robot brought back the guest’s optical computers. After Gu YuMian connected to the Internet, he finally learned what happened.

He didn’t expect that the Zerg were revived.

The two girls, the hare and the Red Crowned Crane, were helplessly leaning together. Koala, Gu YuMian and the pandas comforted them for a while, and the women’s mood were a little better.

Soon, the pandas scattered in all parts of Ancient Earth came to wait for the rescue ships, a total of more than sixty of them.

Everyone came over crying.

… Then they happily rolled to Gu YuMian’s side, leaving behind all their troubles.

Whatever disaster and war was coming, it was worth it after lying near their ancestor.

Oh, there… 

A ball of wool rolled over.

Two balls of wool rolled over.

43rd and 52nd Guo were playing hide and seek beside Gu YuMian. 31st Guo comfortably tucked his paws into Gu YuMian’s palm. 38th Guo was crying while introducing Gu YuMian to the new pandas.

The black and silver gray colored husky seamlessly mixed into the pandas and had a good time. They all rolled around and the guests couldn’t help smiling. It was more like a kindergarten than a shelter.

Gu YuMian didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, “…”

It was a flat land with a relatively high altitude, gloomy and seemed to be brewing a storm. At noon, the wind was blowing. The main camp waiting for rescue was lit up early. In a moment, the rescue starship would land on the flat land in front of it.

Gu YuMian wanted to enjoy the reunion with the rolling people, but he couldn’t in such a condition. He could not get in touch with Shuo Han, whether it was seeing him or communicating with him. Although he knew Shuo Han’s strength, he was still nervous.

Before long, the little fox was sent over by Shuo Han’s adjutant. The little fluffy QiuQiu was pulled into Gu YuMian’s arms. His round eyes were a little red and swollen. It seemed that he had cried.

“QiuQiu? Did you see Shuo Han?”

The adjutant smiled at him, and looked respectful in language and manner. He whispered, “Your Highness, His Majesty said, ‘Take our children back to Capital Star for refuge.’ He will come back as soon as the war is over.”

Gu YuMian was stunned for a moment… “Is it that serious?” Why was he being addressed as Your Highness?

He thought that Shuo Han could at least go back to the front line to have a rest and prepare for the war. So, the information he found on STARNet was probably whitewashed to appease the public.

The little fox pulled Gu YuMian’s sleeve, but he didn’t care about his vest. He took the first-hand information that the former chief of Academy of Sciences could get and wrote it to Gu YuMian on the screen—— “It’s a very serious situation, the source of infection has spread to Liuyan Star, and through the analysis of the Zerg biological wave sampling, they have evolved a lot compared with seven years ago. At present, the only safe place is Capital Star and the surrounding four planets. The population of the whole star is moving to Capital Star.”

If the Zerg were the same ones from seven years ago, whose king Shuo Han had cut off the head of, they should not have this chance now. The proliferation of terror, the infection of terror, the combat effectiveness of terror… 

Gu YuMian’s expression became dignified, “…”

“Ancestor.” Seeing Gu YuMian’s expression from afar, Shi’er moved over, worried.

Gu YuMian smiled and touched his head, “It’s okay. You and Shi’san or 16th help to look after the children. I’ll call Shuo Han.”

But he was given a busy tone.

Until the rescue starship arrived, Gu YuMian helped the officers arrange the little rolling and big rolling people to get on the starship one by one, and finally picked up the little husky and the little fox. The pilot was setting up the automatic navigation program. The rescue starship was equipped with the most advanced anti-reconnaissance navigation and self-defense weapons, and could retreat even when surrounded by tens of thousands of Zerg.

And communication was delayed.

Soon everything was ready. The pilot implicitly urged Gu YuMian to get on the Starship and set out. Shuo Han took the initiative to call him back.

Gu YuMian whispered, “… Shuo Han?”

Shuo Han may not be on Ancient Earth. There was a lot of wind and noise in the background.

“Mn.” Shuo Han paused for a moment. He raised his hand to let his subordinates be quiet first. Then there was only wind in the background sound, “Is the rescue starship there?”

Gu YuMian went up the escalator and said, “It’s here.”


Neither of them was talkative. Gu YuMian didn’t know what to say for a while.


“When the war is over, let’s get married.” Shuo Han said this then thought his tone was too harsh, so he hesitated and added, “Is that okay?”

Gu YuMian froze, “… Are you proposing to me?”

Gu YuMian was half-moved and half-helpless. Can you not set up such a tragic flag? They weren’t in a light, brainless, white sweet novel!

Shuo Han said one word, “Yes.”

Gu YuMian responded, “Then you can tell me face to face so that the proposal won’t be so hasty.”

Shuo Han was speechless then said, “Okay.”

Gu YuMian looked up at the children in the starship, stepped forward to the cabin, smiled and said, “Be safe, I love you.”

It was then that the soldiers saw their cold and dignified Majesty suddenly sit up straight, red all the way from the neck to the ear. His slender index finger curled up on his lip, and he gave an embarrassed expression, “I love you, too.”

Officers, “…”


Why did they come out to fight to still be forced to eat dog food???


He hung up.

Shuo Han was going to prepare for the battle force layout, and Gu YuMian would also return to the safe Capital Star on the rescue star, where he would stay safely with the children until the end of the war, if there was no accident.


All the changes happened in an instant!

Gu YuMian was about to enter the cabin, when the little husky had his ears up as he jumped on his shoulders. Then, Gu YuMian caught a glimpse of the huge things suddenly appearing in the vast sky, and at the same time, the sky roared, and a rainstorm suddenly arrived!

A Zerg raid.

And not one or two, four, five, six… Thousands of them!

The weapons of the Zerg were the two sharp tongs, the iron was like mud, and the toxins that could paralyze all races were ejected from the mouthparts. The parasitism could be completed within half a minute.

Gu YuMian threw the little husky into the ship, the hatch closed automatically, and all the pandas, the little husky and the little fox stood up angrily at the same time,

“Open the door!”

“Open the door! He hasn’t come in yet!”

“Awoo, awoo!!!”

The officers who came to escort and rescue them in the starship were very well-trained, and in an instant, they entered a state of being. The particle gun began to store energy and the lightsaber also lit up one by one.

——The rescue starship’s weapons hadn’t been activated yet. It was no problem to let the rescue starship retreat completely, but this group of soldiers were afraid it would be hard to survive.

They had just talked and laughed with Gu YuMian. There was an officer who was going to get married soon. There was also a child in his family who was less than ten years old. He was about the same age as the little husky in Gu YuMian’s family… 


In the middle of the air, the dense Zerg arrived in front of them in a few breaths. The sharp giant tongs and antennae were more real, terrifying and disgusting than all the sci-fi movies Gu YuMian had seen in his last life!

The high-altitude wind was so fierce and cold that Gu YuMian had no time to think about it, so he made a decision in an instant.

The pilot had just pressed the departure button, and the route setting could not be changed or delayed. Gu YuMian held the rope ladder in one hand and hung in mid-air, “You go first!”

Every pair of eyes were red… 


The adjutant’s legs were soft, “Your Highness…”

The rescue starship rose according to the set route, broke through the Zerg’s encirclement and sailed to the atmosphere under the cover of officers. The officers in the armor were anxious to catch Gu YuMian, and at this time——

It was a long, long second.

Gu YuMian closed his eyes and fell to the ground from the sky, but felt as if he was sinking and sinking in the deep sea, into the deepest and coldest sea bottom.

The whole world unfolded before his eyes.

As far as the outer space, as far as the Earth’s surface, it could reach up to a kilometer below. All the Zerg’s rapid and fierce attacks became very slow in his eyes, and the strength was not worth mentioning.

There was not much to do.

Even just opening his hand and feeling the invisible energy factor flowing in the air

When Gu YuMian opened his eyes again, the color of his pupils changed to a lighter amber color, almost like they were glowing. The corners of his white shirt swayed in the wind, and he hovered in the air like Shuo Han without any dependence.

The officers were stunned at the same time.

This was the feeling that someone’s spiritual energy was waking up. The energy around was fluctuating violently, and the tide was converging in a certain direction — very strong! This mental rating would never be below SS!


Powerful and dazzling white light came out, and hundreds of Zerg who tried to get close to the rescue starship and stop the starship from sailing out of the atmosphere turned into powder in a flash!

The rescue starship sailed to the atmosphere smoothly and followed the route to Capital Star.

Gu YuMian, “……”

The white light died out.

Gu YuMian looked at his palm. He was a bit confused. This was the charge to a power. Had he successfully gained an ability?

He always thought that he could awaken the powers even if he violated the interstellar common sense and was a human being. What kind of auxiliary power should he be… But if that’s the case, he could——

However, before long, the feeling of being able to float in the air suddenly disappeared. The energy factor gathered around Gu YuMian fluctuated extremely unsteadily, and the rest of the Zerg also surged up… 

Gu YuMian, “……”

It was over.

It seemed that it just wasn’t a normal ability, but a novice trying to play the five minute mode? With or without such a play, could he continue to charge money now?

As it turns out, yes.

Thousands of fierce and ferocious Zerg were frozen in the air.

A majestic snow leopard broke through the wind, grabbed Gu YuMian’s collar, and then became Gu YuMian’s boyfriend in a military uniform with a gloomy and violent look.

And then… 

Like ice dregs in the snow, the Zerg plopped to the ground one by one, completely unconscious.


An hour later, it rained heavily on Ancient Earth.

In the face of thousands of Zerg raids, there were no casualties and no soldiers were parasitized.

The rescue starship had successfully left the solar system and would soon leave the coverage area of the Zerg infection source. They spent a very painful time with the husky. He smashed against the starship window and tried to jumped out of the window to find Gu YuMian. After Gu YuMian called them, they barely felt better——

Gu YuMian in front of them looked very good. There were no bruises or signs of infection.

More than sixty pandas, a little husky and a little fox took turns to look at the camera, and they were relieved after making sure Gu YuMian was not hurt.

“Ancestor, I’ve been looking for the starship. I’ll pick you up in a moment.”

“Jii, jii, jii!”

“No need,” Gu YuMian waved. “I doubt…”

Gu YuMian suspected that the Zerg were coming for him.

This conclusion sounded a bit inconceivable.

But thinking about it carefully. The first time they detected the wave of Zerg creatures was the derivative species that he and Shuo Han saw in that dune planet. Then the sudden raid was also very strange. It’s reasonable that Zerg should chase more biological and parasitic starships, but they only intercepted a small part of the starships, and most of them remained on the Ancient Earth.

If so, Gu YuMian’s going back was dangerous.

Shuo Han hugged Gu YuMian from the back, buried his head in his neck, listened for a while, and said, “You go back.”

Gu YuMian replied, “No.”

Shuo Han spat back, “Go back.”

Gu YuMian, “No.”

Shuo Han said again, “Go back.”


Did he want to fight?

I can’t believe that this is the person who said “I love you” clumsily and seriously on the phone an hour ago. At that time, he was very cute.

They were in the base camp of the original program group.

An officer knocked on the door outside and said with fear and panic, “Your Majesty, those Zerg outside should…”

The difficulty of Zerg lay in many aspects. In addition to combat effectiveness, it was also difficult to kill them completely. Unless the Zerg were completely bombarded into powder, it was possible for them to regenerate and parasitize… But it was too energy consuming to bombard all of them with particle guns one by one. They didn’t have enough energy to achieve this.

Shuo Han and Gu YuMian stopped their confrontation.

Shuo Han asked, “How much energy is left in the particle gun?”

Gu YuMian went out to see. Shuo Han put a barrier on him so that he would not be in danger. The size of the Zerg was very large. There were thousands of Zerg, and they were piled outside like hills.

After death, the sharp and ferocious skin on the surface of the oral ware will fade away. Taking a closer look——


Wasn’t this a big crab?

Gu YuMian’s brain suddenly flashed a series of names such as ‘spicy crab,’ 1 ‘steamed crab,’ 2 ‘braised and fried crab.’ 3

Especially spicy crab. Soak the crab meat in white wine, stir fry the pepper, onion, ginger and garlic to make it spicy, then the crab meat… The crab meat, which was full of oil and fragrance, was crispy, tender, spicy and refreshing. Generally, it made the people who ate it find it hard to resist.

Anyone who could eat spicy food, who had tasted it once, would be full of praise.

Gu YuMian thought and thought, and couldn’t help but ask, “This… Can you eat it?”

Officer, “?”

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