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Chapter 27: Shameless

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


The next day, a new prisoner came into the prison. He was very young and even pretty. He was caught in a pub a few days ago. He would mess around with the dancers there and get caught each time. In the alley outside the tavern, he had begun to molest the dancer and was caught by a Qin player, the dancer’s brother.

At this time, the average person either apologized or claimed that he really liked the woman in order to reach an understanding, but this young person did not. He held the dancer’s waist and licked his lips as he looked at the Qin player.

He suggested going back to the pub and haing sex with the brother and sister at the same time. They did not agree. The dancer shook him off and ran away in shame. In the middle of the night, he went back to the tavern with a hooker in his arms. He was drunk and ran to the Qin player’s room. He tied the Qin player’s hands with the hooker’s tulle skirt.

Before he could do anything more terrible, the Qin player’s sister, the dancer, found out and called in the guards. When he was caught, the young man said a strange thing: I heard that Lord Todd’s forbidden band was also in prison? Are there monsters and Orcs in prison?

He was going to jail, of course. When he was first escorted in, Myka was teaching the guards how to make herbal tea for ‘health care’. Myka was quite impressed by the well-dressed and handsome prisoner.

“He said his name was Shiva,” whispered the guard, who was taking notes. “This is a girl’s name but it doesn’t really matter. You see, he’s more like a girl.”

In fact, the prisoner named Shiva was not like a girl, but compared with the guards in armor and the prisoners stuck in their cells, Shiva was really delicate and pretty.

He was not tall and had narrow shoulders with dark hair. Like the little ladies in the oil painting, his hair rolled down his back, all the way to his waist, some strands dyed in a golden orange. His shirt was inlaid with gold and red edges and on the drawstring that ended on his chest hung small feathers. It was like the costumes of poets.

And… There was only such a shirt on him, nothing else. It was said that he was in such a state when he was arrested. He was naked waist down. Because the shirt barely covered his hips, the prison put a rag around his waist.

If he was in a pub, he’d either be a poet or a dandy of some family, but in prison, soft creatures were naturally included in the category of little girls.

It seemed that every city had to have romantic and shameless stories. Obviously, Shiva was the creator of such stories.

It was said that when he was about to be taken from the city guard to the prison, seven or eight singers and two or three young men gathered outside with the guard. Apparently, all these people slept with him daily, and they were very curious about where he would go after being arrested.

“Those people fell in love with him in a short time?” Myka asked the guards.

It is people’s nature to gossip after work, and these young guys were no exception. “It’s not like that,” said one guard, curling his mouth. “I heard that when the guy got to Todd, he went to bed everywhere. Do you know the Duck Foot Pub? There are often girls who only wear bras and petticoats in the neighborhood who are ‘doing business’. They were crazy to welcome him. Of course, this Shiva was so beautiful and delicate. He should be welcomed… However, it is said that when he goes to bed, he looks like a psychopath and has poor skills. What’s more incomprehensible is that when he…”

The guard lowered his voice, but his companions, apparently knowing what he wanted to say, were all smiling, “— he was arrested. In the custody room of the city guard, he even played with himself!”

Myka recalled that he did hear of such people, and they were addicted to sex.

“I say, your friend may know him,” the guard said to Myka. “The man named Shiva asked all the way whether there was a beast like man in the prison, and whether there was the Lord’s forbidden man… He also tried to lead the guards, and almost took off a man’s pants. At last, he said to himself, ‘for the sake of being a beast, I will bear it first.’”

“Shall we inform him about it?” Another guard asked, “Sovili is the Lord’s man. What if the two prisoners really get together and the Lord gets angry with us?”

“No, even if the Lord is angry, at best, he will not punish the guy named Shiva,” said his companion. “Looking at the little beauty, the Lord probably won’t beat him.”

Myka didn’t think so. Looking at Shiva’s shameless momentum, maybe it matched Illican. However, even if the guards and lords were not willing to fight Shiva, Sovili would be willing to fight.

Shiva’s interest in the beast of the prison was confusing, and he seemed to have made himself get arrested on purpose.

In the evening, a crow pecked at Myka’s window. At first, Myka thought it was Sylar, but it wasn’t. Sylar asked the crow to act as a messenger, bringing a small piece of paper with a message.

The crow was too big to get into the window with iron bars. He threw up the note to the ground, turned around and flew away.

Sylar’s notes were generally simpler than when he spoke in person, this time even more so. There was only one simple sentence on the note: Myka, find the chance to leave prison.

Myka didn’t quite understand what he meant. The jailer couldn’t leave the prison without permission, unless he submitted an application to revoke his identity as a jailer. Once the identity was allowed to be revoked, the prisoner guaranteed by him would also return to the original treatment, the one who should go to the dungeon would return to the dungeon, and the one who should be executed would be executed.

If there was something dangerous in the prison, why was Sylar sending letters through crows? Myka couldn’t help but think of that Shiva who had come to the prison today. Except for him, there was no new changes.

Myka wanted to see how the prison was doing. For example, did Shiva lead Sovili to beat him? When Myka went out to see what the guards were doing, he was surprised to find that there was no guard in sight.

He came out and even left the prison area without meeting anyone along the way. Even the rest area of the guards had become empty.

Further on, in the cell, Myka had to open the door again with a knockout ring. Out of the room, he saw many figures shaking on the far stone field, many of them were wearing armor and pulling out weapons.

It seemed that those people were the guards in the prison, but why had they all run to the quarry? Even if there was any danger to deal with, such behavior was absolutely unreasonable.

At this time, Myka found that there were more than guards in the direction of the quarry — he saw a brown bear standing upright!

At first he thought it was Sovili, then he heard a strange chant. Myka did not know the mantra, but could understand the suffix at the end of the mantra, which meant “all the above requests are in the name of prittinsuna”. This was the root word often used by the priests of the day goddess to perform divination.

The priest of the day goddess? Was that middle-aged man called Sylander here? Myka immediately thought, if the priest was here, then the brown bear was either Sylar or Sylar’s animal companion!

No matter what happened, at least it meant something bad had happened in the prison. After a brief thought, Myka decided to go to the prison first.

He didn’t care about Sylar’s situation because he believed in Sylar’s ability. Just as Sylar believed in Sovili because he believed in Myka’s judgment.

Myka walked into the cell as carefully as possible to avoid too much movement. After entering the prison, what he saw was a scene he had never seen before, even as a pink robed mage. Behind the iron bars, all the prisoners in each cell slept on their backs. From time to time, some of them moaned or groaned, and some of them would mutter incoherently.

And the most amazing thing was not only that: these sleeping prisoners, without exception, had small tents in their crotch that were slowly standing up, large or small.

“Oh Gods. What is this…” Myka lowly exclaimed.

Before going to the prison area where Sovili was located, Myka cast invisibility on himself. He just wanted to hide and take a peek at what happened. There were also sleeping and tent setting prisoners here. Two cells were opened. A beastman and a human male were lying on their backs in the middle of the corridor, without trousers. There were also obvious suspicious marks on the ground.

Still wearing a fancy shirt, facing the corridor, leaning against the iron bars, Shiva had a brilliant smile.

The cell where Sovili was was opened, and Sovili was clinging to the ceiling!

Myka was quiet for fear of being discovered by Shiva. He saw Sovili flat on the ceiling looking as though he was on the ground, and he was slightly frowning and shaking because of the pain of being hit.

Not far away, Shiva muttered, “Are you a therianthrope? Not born as a beast? Hm, you look very interesting. I didn’t expect that Lord Todd still has this hobby.”

“Who are you?” Sovili wanted to move, but he could only move in place and could not fall back to the ground.

“You heard about me today, my name is Shiva.” The black haired boy raised his neck, and there were several red, almost purple-brown, kisses clearly printed on his neck. “What’s your name? Don’t struggle. Come with me in the future. I will treat you well and make you happy and comfortable.”

He said, squinting his eyes and licking his lips, moving a little closer. He was barefoot, his legs were long and straight, and there seemed to be some traces of liquid on his thighs that had not yet dried up. Myka looked at the two prisoners who had fallen to the ground and was puzzled by what had happened before.

Before Sovili could answer, all of a sudden the force that had thrown him up disappeared and he fell back to the ground. Myka saw that Sovili seemed to be in great pain. Even with Sovili’s skill and physique, he fell from a low place without being able to move. Myka guessed that either he had been injured before or he fell and broke a bone.

Shiva was satisfied to see that Sovili could not resist, and said in a brisk voice, “Hmn, I decided to take you away. But we have to find out if my baby is really here.”

With that, he grabbed Sovili’s left ankle with one hand and dragged him to the next door.

Myka could see that Shiva must also be a mage. So he decided to find a way to trap Shiva no matter how, hoping to wait until Sylar and the priest came… Or contact the female officer of the order.

Myka didn’t prepare any magic from the old magic book, but he took a scroll box with him. He took out a piece that he had copied before. Although he knew that he would be discovered by Shiva at the moment when he started it, he decided to believe in his reaction speed.

The spell was not long. At the moment of Myka’s casting, Shiva jerked his head back.

To Myka’s surprise, Shiva also extended his hand to this side and recited a strange spell at an extremely fast speed——

Myka was engulfed by a rose wall of sharp thorns. At the same time, thick sticky cobwebs also held Shiva and Sovili in place.

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Thank you for the chapter. Getting between a sex maniac and their candy is dangerous. Some people don’t get that nonconsensual sex is rape. Even if the person experiences some pleasure from it.

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