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Chapter 98: Your eyes say you like me

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wants to pat baby Shuo Han


This was Shuo Han, a young adult. There was less haze between his eyebrows and eyes than in his adulthood. He appeared to be a kind of sharp and handsome man. When he held Gu YuMian with his eyes closed, he looked harmless.

Time in this world seemed to pass faster than in reality.

Gu YuMian still remembered the small snow leopard lying in his arms, pretending to be ferocious while only being able to manage a milky “Mi”. 

Gu YuMian reached for Shuo Han’s cheek and squeezed it with little effort. “Don’t pretend to be asleep. What child’s bride?”

Shuo Han, “……”

The young man opened his eyes, yawned lazily, and held his hand, “Aren’t you my bride?”

Gu YuMian whispered, “…No.”

Shuo Han frowned a little and pondered for a while when he heard the unexpected and answer of denial, “Thinking about your ex-boyfriend? I’m very much like him?”

Gu YuMian, “?”

The gray-blue eyes fixed on him, narrowed into a line, and a moment later he said, “I don’t care who you used to belong to. Forget him. You are my human now.”

When Gu YuMian looked at him, Shuo Han often felt that he was looking at other people through him. Gu YuMian didn’t know Shuo Han had been bothered by this matter for a long time.

… No matter in dream or in reality, this kind of super exclusive desire and vinegar really hadn’t changed at all. Gu YuMian didn’t understand it at first, but later, how sharp was this child? Eating the real world vinegar of Shuo Han? How on earth should this be explained?

What “ex-boyfriend”, “present boyfriend”, “lover” and “partner”, they were all Shuo Han. But the version was slightly different. When Shuo Han woke up, he should understand.

However, it seemed that this was not the time to think about it.


After so much time in the dream, Gu YuMian was not idle. Especially after Shuo Han’s mother committed suicide, Gu YuMian thought a lot. First of all, from various details, the world was very close to the real world, but it would be influenced by Shuo Han’s own ideas. It should be the “spiritual world” built on his actual memories as a whole.

What happened here was actually experienced by Shuo Han. At the same time, these things were likely to have an impact on Shuo Han in reality. In the process of Shuo Han’s growth, several things that have the greatest impact on him——

Growing up, he was regarded as an alien. His mother committed suicide in front of him. When his power just awakened, the Zerg tide broke out and his father died. And later in the war, he was forced to kill his infected comrades and compatriots.

The new wounds and scabs may never heal… 

At least in this dream, Gu YuMian did his best to let the snow leopard grow up healthily and avoid his mother’s suicide. As for the outbreak of the Zerg tide, if he remembered correctly, it would take place a year later. But the outbreak of the Zerg tide, and Shuo Han’s spiritual awakening, should have been on the same day.

“When did you awaken?”

“This afternoon? At night?” Shuo Han thought, “I don’t remember. When are you going to marry me since I am an adult?

In the interstellar age, spiritual awakening also meant legal adulthood, and the most important thing for Shuo Han was that he could marry. There would be a period of confusion in the mental world just after his spiritual awakening.

A few hours ago, Shuo Han woke up and recovered. The first thing he did was to find his ‘child bride.’

Unfortunately, Gu YuMian was sleeping.

Shuo Han, a young man, frowned and looked around. He wanted to change back to the animal shape of a snow leopard. He took Gu YuMian to his quilt and slept. But he suddenly found the benefits of being in a human shape — it seemed more intimate, more special and more like a couple.

So that’s what Gu YuMian woke up to.

“……” Gu YuMian was lost in thought.

If this event was ahead of schedule, would the outbreak of the Zerg tide, as well as Shuo Han’s father’s death be brought forward? Although there was no specific information on the Internet, most of the claims were that the previous Emperor was killed by Shuo Han.

Shuo Han couldn’t do such a thing in order to seize power. So, the previous Emperor was parasitized by the Zerg? This was the most likely case.

Gu YuMian had also thought about the possibility of this aspect. However, taking into consideration the complete security system of the Imperial Palace, including the spiritual rating of the previous Emperor himself, even when the infection spread to the Upper Urban District, the Emperor could not have been directly exposed to the Zerg, or even be infected.

That’s why most people tended to say that Shuo Han committed patricide.

This may be the key to the problem.

Shuo Han looked at Gu YuMian for a while, and was a little unhappy. Like a koala, he hung on to Gu YuMian, “What are you thinking? When shall we register? I’ve told you all…”

Shuo Han, who had been spoiled by Gu YuMian for more than ten years, was more extroverted and arrogant than in reality. The two people were not on the same wavelength at all.

“I’ve tried to find the origin of the Zerg before. The Zerg had been dormant for ten years. The first large-scale outbreak directly reached the heart of the Upper Urban District… Why? This is obviously unreasonable.” Gu YuMian was thinking with a dignified expression. This matter was far more important than it seemed, because it may be helpful to the real and unfinished Zerg war!

There would be casualties in the war. If he knew the secrets of the Zerg, he may be able to minimize the losses. In addition, if all infected people needed Gu YuMian to personally guide quantum therapy, not to mention Gu YuMian being busy, it would be too late.

Of course, the most important thing was that Gu YuMian had his own heart. He didn’t want Shuo Han to be misunderstood by the people all the time.

“Are you listening? Is there anything unclear about the registration?” Shuo Han, with the advantage of height and stature, hugged Gu YuMian like a doll. This was his most used posture when he was in the form of a snow leopard, and kissed Gu YuMian on the forehead. His hair rubbed against Gu YuMian’s neck, cool and soft.

At present, this beauty could still be so carefree. Gu YuMian was also a powerful person to some extent.

Gu YuMian was speechless. His brain was a little slow, he thought about things, and he finally focused his pupils on Shuo Han, the bear child, and asked, “Register? Sign up for what?”

Shuo Han responded, “To get married.”

Gu YuMian, “???”

Shuo Han, in his dream, was not the same. He grew up beside Gu YuMian from childhood. In his eyes, Gu YuMian could only be with him without doubt. As for the future, every step had been planned in detail for a long time. Of course, Gu YuMian’s own consent was not obtained.

Shuo Han raised his eyebrows slightly, showing a puzzled expression, “When you get married, you will become my legal partner. Don’t you understand? We can cohabit, kiss and do it legally…”

Stop stop stop.

Gu YuMian, “I know. I know. You should be quiet first.”

What he didn’t understand was not the definition of ‘marriage!’

This gave him a headache.

He didn’t know how to deal with it. This naughty kid who made his own decisions… 

Shuo Han thought about it then said, “No?” He raised his eyebrows, stroked Gu YuMian’s eyes with his thumb, and kissed his lips, “Your eyes are clearly saying they like me.”

Gu YuMian was not good with his emotional expressions. But Shuo Han was not a fool. He could see with his eyes and think with his brain.

These pair of light brown eyes, when looking at him, were always very gentle and attentive, with soft sky light. Shuo Han had been looked at with all kinds of eyes, malice, fear, pity, worship, envy. But only Gu YuMian had looked at him like this. His human was not good at saying that he liked him, but he did like him, clearly and hopelessly.

He didn’t know who Gu YuMian liked before.

But no matter who his ex-boyfriend or first lover was, Shuo Han was confident and would not lose in the degree of ‘being liked by Gu YuMian.’ 

Gu YuMian went red, all the way from the neck to the ear.

Shuo Han didn’t know anything about love in the real world or in the spiritual world, but he was always biased towards Gu YuMian, which seemed to be a kind of talent.

“Oh,” Shuo Han thought for a while, with a clear expression, “Do you think the marriage procedure is too troublesome? Don’t worry. I’ll deal with it. As for the cabinet —”

Shuo Han frowned slightly. He didn’t like the cabinet. A group of dignified, self-righteous fools. Shuo Han didn’t care, “The cabinet’s opinion doesn’t matter. Sooner or later… What’s the matter?”

When Gu YuMian’s brain caught the word, he was stunned and then cooled down a little bit.

Cabinet. By the way, what is the role of the cabinet in this whole thing? At the time of Shuo Han’s father’s reign, that is, the dream world, the power of the cabinet expanded to an unprecedented level. In this way, their authority was so powerful that they could directly call the royal guards. But what did they do the first time when the Zerg tide broke out in the past?


Yes, nothing.

Aside from the initial public attack several times on the fact that Shuo Han’s accession process was too informal and unreasonable, the cabinet almost disappeared, which was a strange thing.

Although the role played by the government in the war was very small, it was not to this extent. They not only let the people’s unrest and rumors about Shuo Han spread freely among the people, but also allowed Capital Star’s various forces to take advantage of the chaos and incite the flames… 

Now that he thought about it, the truth may not be like this!

How could the Zerg that had been dormant in the edge of the galaxy directly invade the heart of the Upper Urban District? If it was the cabinet, it could be done. But what about their motivation? Why? Did they want to overthrow the royal family?

Gu YuMian held Shuo Han’s hand at once, “Did you know…”

The cabinet, there was something wrong. Although this was only Gu YuMian’s own guess, but there was a good chance that the cabinet had colluded with the Zerg. The main reason was that Shuo Han’s father was in the safest place, but he was still infected. In addition, when the Zerg tide broke out this time, it happened to be around Ancient Earth, as though especially targeted at Gu YuMian and Shuo Han.

Shuo Han couldn’t be unaware of it. Therefore, in reality, Shuo Han, who was just an adult, had not only been faced with the external invasion of Zerg, but also dealt with the cabinet, so the war lasted for seven years!

Gu YuMian was right.

At this moment, on Capital Star, in the Upper Urban District, the cabinet.

This was the 450th year, and the end was coming.

As a cabinet head who once had great power, he was an arrogant and eccentric old man with a serious and upright character. At this age, most people thought that he was old and muddle headed and couldn’t do anything, including the self-righteous tyrant. “Humph.”


“I once taught your father that unnecessary kindness will one day become a sharp edge to point to himself,” Gucci murmured, looking at the direction of the palace, “He has learned, but you have not… No way, after all, you are just a poor albino.”

Different from the violent and indifferent appearance, Gucci could see that Shuo Han had a lot of ridiculous compassion and persistence in his heart. He had the greatest power of his own, but believed that all races were equal. He never killed innocent people.

Including the “founder,” Gucci, also because Shuo Han’s father asked for a sentiment for Gucci, the cabinet head and his teacher, before his death. In the end, he only elevated all his power and did not kill him.

That albino. Do you regret it now?

“I, I have been fighting for my ‘ideal’ all my life. I will never be afraid even if I am going to die tonight!” Gucci’s ideal was to build an absolutely powerful and invincible empire.

There was no need for any inferior race or weak person. Inferior human beings, inferior albino species, inferior creatures with spiritual power below B level… He didn’t hate royalty, on the contrary, he respected royalty. Because the royal family was a symbol of strength, they were perfect, and they had the power over all things.

Shuo Han’s father, the previous Emperor, was educated and brought up by Gucci. He was obedient to Gucci’s “teachings”. During the period of Gucci’s reign, racial discrimination within the Empire reached a peak. Most of the races that could not awaken their high spiritual strength were treated with extreme severity and many restrictions, among which the human condition was the most miserable. However, changes gradually took place after Shuo Han ascended the throne.

In order to achieve his ideal, Gucci was willing to do anything, including under the pressure of the situation, working with the Zerg

The first time was more than twenty years ago, when Shuo Han’s father opposed Gucci’s opinion for the first time and wanted to choose Shuo Han as the emperor. But how could Gucci recognize an albino? At that time, when the insect tide broke out, he wanted to take the opportunity to kill the Emperor and Shuo Han, but there was an accident.

He didn’t expect Shuo Han to awaken such a great spiritual power. What’s more, he never thought that Shuo Han could as an albino species. His combat ability, command ability, and all kinds of qualifications as an Emperor were first-class. He could fight with him while fighting in the front line.

All of Gucci’s ambitions and attempts were in vain. In the end, he could only spread rumors about Shuo Han among the people. By the end of the war, Shuo Han had only used less than a year to drive the cabinet that once covered the sky with only one hand to a dead end, and finally became nominal.

Gucci had been waiting for twenty years. Finally, the opportunity came, right now. He sacrificed himself to the Zerg Queen. He heard that the important family of that tyrant was in Capital Star? In a short time, Gucci, who was parasitized by the most powerful insect of the Zerg, would turn into a sharp edge and poke the unprepared Capital Star through!

In the eyes of the old man at the age of eighty, there gradually appeared a fanatical look that did not match the serious appearance. “Haha, hahaha…”

Although it was already daytime, it was raining outside the window, thunder was roaring, and the whole world was dark.

Gucci could feel that the Zerg were about to take over control of his body. Power, extremely powerful power, was enough for him to turn the whole Capital Star into a human purgatory!

How happy. The next second, his laughter came to an abrupt end.

“Tell me what’s funny?” Shuo Han’s casual voice rang out.

Gucci was startled at the same time as the Zerg in his brain. The insect was beheaded by Shuo Han twenty years ago. Shuo Han’s PTSD was not deep. But Gucci quickly responded and remained calm, “What are you bluffing about? You’re on grey Saturn, and now it’s impossible… I see. It’s a phantom projection? It’s ridiculous. Do you think it will scare me?”

Shuo Han said objectively, “Yes, because you are stupid.”

Gucci was speechless. There was no light in the room, and Gucci’s whole body bristled up. He looked around. All of a sudden, he was stuck in the neck by an invisible force and hung up!

A terrible guess came to mind. He did not kill him because of his father’s request, nor because of pity.

He was bait!

The Zerg were a race that were completely supported by themselves. After all, the Zerg were not only powerful, but also well protected by many other Zerg. In the last war, the most troublesome thing was to find out where the Zerg King was and behead it.

If Shuo Han had expected that the Zerg might come back, then leaving Gucci as a “bait” to collude with the Zerg could make him find the Queen faster and end everything faster. Sure enough, with the premonition of the danger turning his back numb, the powerful power behind the insects in the brain was receding like a tide…


Oh, no, it really shouldn’t. Gu YuMian, as an ordinary human on Earth, wanted to see the cubs grow up happily. He didn’t expect that one day, they would come into contact with such disputes.

He was really not good at these twists and turns. But since it was about Shuo Han, Gu YuMian was willing to do his best to deal with everything.

“Well? Who told you that?” Shuo Han held Gu YuMian’s hand and thought about marriage.

Gu YuMian said the truth, “I guessed.”

“You don’t need to think about that. Just think of something that makes you happy.” Shuo Han suggested positively, “For example, about me.”

Gu YuMian was speechless.

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Thank you for the chapter. So if his father wanted to have him become the next Emperor is mother should have been released as per contract. She does seem to be able to negotiate well.

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