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Chapter 28: Wall of Roses and Falling Lightning

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


At first, Myka wanted to break free but when his hand was scratched by a sharp thorn, he found that he had better stay still.

They were not real thorns and roses. They sent out a sharp fragrance and the plant’s thorns were slender, like a small dagger. They even had sharp spines that would stick to the human body when the people caught struggled. Myka was surrounded by a wall. Although he could see the opposite side through the vines, and he still couldn’t move.

Shiva looked at the cobweb that held him and Sovili in place, sighed helplessly and smiled, stroking his long curled hair back. Shiva looked up and down at Myka, “Does the prison still have mages?” 

Myka didn’t know about the rose wall spell, but he knew that the spell that held the opponent in place could last for a long time, enough to turn the situation around. Obviously, Shiva knew that as well.

“Hi, what’s your name? How old are you?” Shiva asked happily as he tried to break free and tear off the sticky cobweb.

Myka didn’t know why Shiva asked this. In general, shouldn’t he ask “who are you and what are you doing”? Shiva’s tone reminded him of how many years ago, when he first arrived at the Mage College, his tutor there asked him about his name and age.

Myka ignored him and thought about what he could do now. Although he couldn’t move forward or backward, it should be possible to move his fingers

Even without his answer, Shiva was not in a hurry. He continued, “If you’re a mage in this prison… Are you a sculptor? You’re very young. Hey, do you know how much you weigh?”

In fact, Shiva looked younger than Myka. He seemed to be less than twenty years old and had a young face. Myka knew he was definitely not a normal person, so it was not surprising. What made Myka even more confused was what he meant by asking for his weight?

“You seem a little shy. If you don’t want to reply, I’ll find out myself.” Shiva’s voice was very happy. He raised his hand, palm up, and a flame from the short spell bloomed.

Myka couldn’t understand his mantra, but it was certainly not arcane… He was a mage! To Myka’s surprise, Shiva’s flame was not a magical cold light, but a real flame that could burn. He threw the fire directly at his feet, and the spider web was ignited by the flame, and was burned a little.

Shiva didn’t care about the heat around him. He walked out of the web.

“Are you crazy! Sovili will be hurt…” Myka called out to him. Myka used to throw cobwebs at people, and then his soldiers would shoot the enemies into hedgehogs. If the enemy had mages, they would try to get rid of the magic shackles; although the spider web would be burned by the fire, Myka had never met anyone who ignited the fire themselves — the people in it would be burned together!

Before Myka finished, the fire was gone. Shiva had come out and approached him with a smile.

“Of course, I have a sense of propriety. After all, this child looks pretty handsome,” Shiva said. “It’s romantic to burn with fire, don’t you think? Oh, by the way, his name is Sovili? So you’re not a mage from this prison? Are you his friend?”

Myka was trapped by thorns and was afraid to move. Shiva was slowly reaching for his hair.

At this time, suddenly there was a bright blue light in the air, followed by a deafening sound of thunder.

Obviously, they were in prison, but there was a lightning bolt coming from the sky, right in front of Shiva. Shiva dodged the attack quickly, but there was a bit of skin on his forearm that had been burned, which seemed quite shocking.

What’s more shocking was that when Shiva dodged, he jumped back and his broad shirt floated up. As expected, he didn’t wear anything on the lower part of his body. There were still traces of transparency and whiteness on his lower manhood.

What was this situation? Was it a test given by the God of pink magic? But there was no such God at all… Myka was shocked by the thunder, and felt nervous again after seeing these events.

Shiva shook his arm as if the injury was not painful to him. He raised his eyebrows and looked behind Myka through the rose and thorn wall.

“Please don’t hurt him, or I will continue to attack you.” The familiar voice sounded behind him, but Myka could not turn around or even turn his head back, and the person behind could not cross the rose and thorn wall.

The magic from the rolling thunder and lightning still stayed above them, just like melting into the building from the sky, revealing the sizzling electric light from the ceiling.

Sylar and priest Sylander stood at the entrance of the prison area. Sylander squatted down to check the fallen prisoners. Sylar controlled the thunder calling magic.

“I didn’t have time to ask just now, I had to manipulate those stupid guards,” Shiva stepped back. “How did you find me? Oh, I seem to know…”

As he said this, he moved his hand towards his clavicle. Next to the kiss mark was a leather rope and a pendant — a round amber. Myka thought he was going to take the amber pendant off, but he didn’t.

Shiva stared at the two people behind the rose wall and waved with a bright smile, “Long time no see. My brother, you used to hate me so much, but now you come to me? And Sylar… This little mage was your ‘that’, right?”

“What is ‘that’?’” Myka vaguely felt that Shiva’s tone was a little subtle, and didn’t know why.

“He’s my favorite person that I like very much,” Sylar said from behind the rose wall, “and, as you said many years ago, I did it.”

For a while, Myka didn’t know whether to pay attention to “brother” or “favorite person”, or “what exactly did you say many years ago”. He didn’t know what they were talking about. Every sentence was inexplicable, but it seemed that every sentence was the point.

Next, Shiva and the two behind him fell into a strange silence. It seemed that the eyes of the three people were looking at each other through Myka trapped in the thorns, making Myka almost suspect that it was the priest who used a silence technique since no one spoke.

“Atan, after all —” Finally the priest spoke out, but before he even finished speaking, the fire on the wall of the prison extended!

There was a series of noise in the silent darkness, and the lightning on the ceiling fell at this moment. The thunder was in front of him, and in the blue and white light of the moment, Myka found that there was no one in the corridor opposite. Sovili was still lying in the cobweb beside the wall, and Myka was relieved.

Shiva might have had a way to remove the whole spider web. Maybe when he was near Myka, he was afraid that Sovili would wake up and run away, so he came out alone. But the reason why Myka didn’t eliminate the magic for Sovili was to prevent Shiva from taking him away easily.

Priest Sylander took out his light wand and lit up the prison area again. Myka was surprised to find that Sylar had forced in from outside the rose wall, and now he was one step behind him.

When all the torches went out, Sylar worried that Myka would be hurt and went into the rose wall recklessly. The magic spikes cut his cloak, even his leather armor, scratched his skin, and one or all of them pierced his forearm.

Myka looked at his head in a dazed way, and his voice trembled and cried out, “Ah! You, you can’t try to remove the magic from this thing! What is this!?”

Myka hated to see people injured and didn’t expect that that mage would not fight for so long, but he saw it again, and he still wanted to protect himself… 

Sylar still smiled shyly in this situation, “I was so worried that I didn’t remember.”

The priest began to recite the prayer from the back, and after a while he successfully lifted the rose wall. He misunderstood Myka’s meaning, thought that Myka was accusing them, and said slightly displeased, “Mr. Mage, you can also try to release yourself.”

“I’m weaker than you think, really.” Myka said dejectedly. Finally, he got rid of the vines. He had only a minor injury, and Sylar was much worse off than him.

“Myka is a pink robed mage.” Sylar said it for him.

The middle-aged priest was shocked and stuttered to reply.

“Myka is different from Lord Atan. You will find out.” Sylar said.

Myka wanted to reach out and help Sylar. Sylar said with a smile that he didn’t need it, but instead signaled him to look after Sovili.

Priest Sylander raised his eyebrows and looked at the prisoners who seemed to be dreaming of sex all over the prison. His lips wriggled and he made a gesture to God to purify evil.

“Are you going to tell me who that was?” Myka asked, “That Shiva… Do you know him?”

“His name is not Shiva, his name is Atan Needle,” sighed Sylar. “My teacher.”

“What?! The priest’s brother?” Myka remembered Sylar saying that Sylander, the priest, was the younger brother of his teacher.

Myka looked at Sylander, who was middle-aged and white, and thought of Shiva’s young face and smooth skin.

Shiva — well, Atan’s appearance looked not only younger than his younger brother, Sylander, but he was still much older than him. Myka knew that many Druids didn’t show their age, but it was hard to guess their exact age. For example, he couldn’t tell whether they were ‘old-looking young people’ or ‘young middle-aged people’. They would never look old.

“What is he going to do…” Myka also looked around at the prisoners, who were still sleeping with their small tents.

It was an incredible scene. It was impossible for a person who was awake to ‘put up a tent’ all the time, and it was impossible for people who were enchanted to sleep so steadily… 

Myka suddenly understood, “Wait a minute, it seems to be pink magic. The effect of magic must be a combination of deep sleep with some kind of spring dream magic… Sylar, is your teacher…”

Sylar nodded, “As you know, pink spells are just a general term. Magic has always been divided into arcane and divine. Lord Atan, he was using pink spells…”


Well, the routine is to say:

Sylar called the thunder. In fact, it seems that it’s not good to beat a teacher with this. What’s more, the things about the priest and teacher atan, the meaning of Sylar saying “I did it” and so on, will be said in the future~

Don’t worry about the injury from the rose wall! When Sylar changes into a bear, he recovers (EH) (Druid can get the same level of recovery as sleeping all night)

Teacher Atan is not too evil But he doesn’t seem to be kind, but it is Very much Very [] And thinking too fast

The wall of roses has both arcane and divine arts. It’s relatively advanced. Myka can’t, or even hasn’t heard of it.

It can make people trapped in it, even tempt people to move with the fragrance (if they are firm minded, they won’t). Finally, people would be tied to the whole body again and again. Weak creatures (such as those who can’t fight at all, don’t know how to protect themselves, and are not very agile) are likely to be killed soon after they move at will… 


All of the above are still from dnd3r core and expansion pink book (

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September 14, 2020 6:16 pm

Shocking news…Shiva is Skylar teacher😮😮

September 14, 2020 9:35 pm

Thank you for the update!

September 15, 2020 1:24 am

WoW this plot twist. I never would have expected that. I think that Sylar and Myka will have to act together and combine their magic to defeat this guy or at least restrain him for good. Because, yeah he is too much… like too shameless and all.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

September 15, 2020 8:45 pm

What an interesting teacher!
I wonder if he draws energy or youth from the men and their juice XD

Thanks for the chapter!

November 4, 2020 4:32 pm

Wow, so that Shiva was Sylar’s teacher! I wonder what did Shiva say many years ago to Sylar?
Thanks for the chapter 💕 💞

April 18, 2021 8:52 pm

This was a shocker, was totally not expecting this!

July 30, 2021 1:08 pm

O.M.G! What happened to Atan that he ended up this way? So he’s a Pink Mage too, amongst other things, but far advanced of Myka.
How must Sylar and Sylander feel, seeing Atan this way. I’ve a feeling Sylar acted against Atan in the past, to protect Myka. We’ll see…
Thank you for translating and for editing.

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