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Chapter 29.5: The Legendary Pink Mages

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

(Addis Note: The following text was added to the end of three future chapters but I felt that it was more appropriate to combine all of them into one single chapter. This has no impact on the story and you can skip it if you wish. However, it is a fun read. Enjoy.)



Pink Magic is not a separate school, it gets its name from years of conventions. It may be a power shaping spell, or a magic spell, or a common spell, or confusion control… What they have in common is that they are more or less related to or associated with sex.

These wonderful mages were very good at Pink Magic. Their legends were summarized into a book later by others.

Most of these life records come from the complicated folk anecdotes and researchers’ accounts. Most of the names and identities are true, but the details are not necessarily accurate.


Adela Mansha, the first head of the Chamber of Commerce

Mansha was a mage who was good at making magic items, and also an excellent craftsman. He was the first mage to combine Pink Magic with the creation of strange objects.

Before that, generations of great mages had developed all kinds of magic for bed activities, but they did not consider promoting them to ordinary people. Therefore, although some magic could make people more durable or comfortable, it should be based on the premise of the mage.

Mansha found that not all pink spells were suitable for ordinary people. He only developed auxiliary potions and instruments. There was no such term as “pink robed mage” at that time, so people called Mansha “the secret items craftsman.”

Until his death due to illness, Mansha established a magic goods Chamber of Commerce, improved the related works of pink magic items, invented hundreds of items to use in beds, and left many drawings and unfinished research projects.


Sylvina Jinye, the Pink Necromancer

She was an elf necromancer, and she was very good at performing magic related to the human bodies. After people began to use alluring pink spells, there were also many attractive, dangerous and vicious spells included.

Jinye not only had a mage status, but was also a sorcerer, a blood mage. Many of the spells she was good at were related to pain. She used a spell that caused abdominal cramps to afflict the enemy, which was exactly the same as that of a woman with the most severe menstrual cramps. 1

Jinye was a disgraced daughter expelled by an elven family, but it was not because she studied necromancy and pink magic. She once fell in love with an undead (what he was previously, was impossible to find out). She left her family and studied the magic while living with the undead until the end of her life.


PIEM – Prison Rose

PIEM was a wanderer and a sly mage. However, what he was best known for was not his evil deeds or research results, but because he had a very handsome face, and a tall and symmetrical body. This was something many mages didn’t have. So much so that he had to change faces in some towns.

He often used his knowledge of pink magic to do some pranks or make a small profit. He had stolen a ring from the wizard mage Sylvina Jinye, and at first he did not know its use — until he and his fellow thieves were caught by the Knights and put in prison.

The ring was hidden in a secret place by him, so it was not confiscated. Later, he found that as long as he wore the ring on his hand, any prisoner who wanted to use violence against him would become gentle and gentlemanly.

Unfortunately, the ring did not reduce those people’s interest in him, only made them more ‘gentle through wind and rain,’ or were only satisfied by touch. There was a saying in PIEM’s Pocket Book: Since I can’t refuse the love of all kinds of people, it’s better to be happy and comfortable.

PIEM used some secret transactions to send in his own spell books, and began to study new spells because of his free time in prison. Later, he improved and invented several pink spells to change the atmosphere of the bedroom, appease aggression and prevent violent actions. After he was released from prison, he was very happy to communicate with other mages and let them develop these skills.


Parker Astari – Medical Practitioner

Astari was a priest who belonged to the shrine of the God of Nature and Abundance, Aruben. He led a group of pastors with the same ambition to provide people with services related to private issues and maternity issues.

He met with PIEM after he was released from prison and studied magic objects to prevent violence. PIEM later stayed with him and worked with him to develop Pink Magic items.

Later Astari met a wealthy businessman. This businessman provided them with a lot of assistance, such as finding materials that they needed the most of and providing special houses for people who were asking for help. 

Priest Astari lived in the temple. Although people would donate to the temple, he did not accept any personal reward. PIEM and the merchants would charge for the proper treatment, which caused Astari’s slight dissatisfaction. 

According to people’s oral or anecdotal information, in fact, the fees charged by PIEM and the businessman were very reasonable, and they would help the really poor people free of charge. However, Astari believed that private payment was against the doctrine of the God of Abundance, so although he did not stop the two people, he resolutely refused to stay in the formed medical place.

Later, while traveling, Astari helped people, personally treated many patients suffering from hidden diseases related to sex, delivered babies to many dystocic women, and protected the weak who suffered from hidden injuries.


Anonymous Mage – Nickname: the Obscene Flasher

This mage’s name can’t be found, because, in all kinds of anecdotes, people refer to him as the “lewd man”, “lewd flasher”, “lustful devil” and so on. At present, we only know that he was a male human and had no fixed place and travelled all year round.

He was originally a battle mage. Although he was not good at long-range killing magic like the sorcerers, he was familiar with various means of disturbing the enemy and could torture the enemy to the maximum extent. Strictly speaking, he didn’t contribute to the development of pink magic. He didn’t even use Pink Magic every day. The reason why he became infamous was that he often used a magic called “Rainbow X-ray” on the enemies.

This spell was the same principle as “Rainbow wall / orb / color fog” and other common spells. In short, it was to summon an item to insert into the subject’s body (the mage could choose where to insert it…) This object would flash in seven colors like a rainbow, but its effect was not to cause seven different magic damages, but seven different sensitive stimuli… Such as shaking or secreting liquid. And the subject couldn’t take it out without permission. If they wanted to end their torment, they must use seven different kinds of magic according to the different colors and cancel them one by one, just like removing the wall of the rainbow light method.

This anonymous mage was very good at and loved to cast this spell on enemies. For example, he once used this magic to make the enemy’s Knight with a long spear fall off his horse. He also made the enemy mage unable to maintain his concentration and repeatedly fail to cast magic. It was said that he even did this to a capture male warrior who cooperated with other torture methods. Even some people had been provoked into a coma from the mix of pain and pleasure.

It is worth mentioning that the unknown mage had used this magic on himself to experience its power several times.


Christie Wright – Pink Dancer

Christie was a beautiful woman who was good at singing and dancing. She is better remembered as an excellent bard than a mage. It is said that she was Adela Mansha’s daughter. No one knows whether this is true or not.

Her understanding of magic was quite biased. She didn’t know much about attack and protection, but she was good at all other kinds of magic. At first, she used magic to assist her performance, which was amazing. Later, she began to design the magic content more closely, and even consulted full-time mages many times (her beauty made her popular even in front of the eccentric mages).

She had developed a series of performances that made audiences intoxicated by magic. At first, she performed for everyone in the tavern. Later, because some male guests couldn’t distinguish the illusion from the reality, and even some people wanted to be close to her, she gradually made up her mind. Besides performing the “serious” magic songs and dances such as heroic epic, she almost stopped accepting men.

Her side gradually gathered a number of female poets, and they joined together to provide women with entertainment illusions. It was believed that she even arranged the three-person bed play involving Priest Astari, the beautiful mage, PIEM and the rich businessman.


Gulum Schell, the Pink Pioneer

Schell was the first to use the term ‘Pink Magic.’ He summed up the spells from different schools of thought and principles, and for the first time formally called it Pink Magic, which involved the charm of love, the pleasure of the body and so on.

In fact, Schell was not a mage, but a priest. He didn’t know how to use arcane art, but he had some academic research on it. Before that, some people had already called such spells “peach”, “pink”, “colored” and so on. Many mages were proud of themselves and didn’t want to be classified like this, but Schell thought that they were ashamed to admit it and they were self-deprecating.

Schell was a disciple of Priest Astari (4, healer). As a priest of the God of Abundance, teacher Schell was better at communicating with the outside world. He made friends with many mages of different occupations and living habits, and conveyed to them and the public the idea that ‘some problems one does not need to be ashamed of to speak about.’

Driven and influenced by him, some mages who were afraid of being discriminated against by mainstream mage began to dare to call themselves pink robed mages and took pride in it. There were also priests in the temple who were interested in it and began to work with Schell on this kind of research.

But surprisingly, the gentle Schell was murdered. After his death, the temple and his friends investigated the surprising inside story: he had a strange pentagonal relationship with two men and two women, one of whom killed him on impulse because he couldn’t bear it any longer.


Phantom of Madness

The man known as the phantom was a woman whose name is unknown. She was a good mage of pink magic, but unlike others, she was not a rescuer or a provider of pleasure. She was a cruel serial killer.

Her method of killing people was incredible: every victim’s cause of death was related to sexual love. The most common was to die in the middle of an orgasm. The most amazing thing was that some men had been exhausted for hours or even more than a day. The most evil thing was to suffer a lot of spells and items and die slowly after many days. The dead included men and women, and even many other races. Although they all died of such practices, the phantom didn’t sleep with them in person. She did it using magic.

The reason for her killing is still unknown, and even her criteria for selecting prey is not clear. Later, it was the pink dancer Wright who ran into her in the tavern and contacted the local temple and the Knights’ Order after discovering the abnormality. In order to stabilize her, the brave Wright reported her and returned to the tavern.

The knights, priests and two excellent mages arrived in time and found that the phantom was ready to start with Wright.

Because the phantom died of dissociation, people don’t even know what she looked like. Although her captors had met her, they were reluctant to talk about the evil woman.


Redwood – Animal Lover

No one knows whether “Redwood” is his real name or not. In a word, Redwood was a fighter and a Druid. His reputation came down to his astonishing hobby of making friends with all kinds of animals.

He studied mixed races, reproductive isolation between creatures, etc. all year round, and even confirmed the possibility of the combination of half-goat and half-horse. Theoretically, they could have offspring, but they could hardly complete natural conception due to physiological structure problems, and the female half-goat couldn’t give birth due to the oversized fetuses, which would lead to danger. Many of his studies provided enlightenment for the necromancers so many people thought that his actions were more harmful than good, and too deviant.

Redwood gradually became fascinated by the study of human happiness from animals. His “partners” were different in size and gender. His notes contained the size, number, shape, characteristics, etc. of various animal reproductive organs, and even recorded the different feelings they could bring to human beings.

Redwood was seriously injured during sexual intercourse with an owl bear because of the barbs on the other side’s penis and the large expanding knot after ejaculation. Fortunately, he was found by other Rangers. But when he recovered gradually, he began to study strange things again.

(Note: Many mages think that his contribution to the development of pink magic is not great because of the limited significance of those studies; even people think that he has blacked the image of Druids in the eyes of ordinary people, so they were extremely disgusted with him.)


Chandra Ecktasi Lee, Blue Face

Chandra was a mage who was said to be one of the four lovers of Priest Schell. At the time of his relationship with Schell, he was a teenage mage apprentice. Later, Schell was killed, and Chandra returned to Mage College for further study.

It is said that Chandra was far less handsome than PIEM — of course, people of the same age had not seen the legendary “beautiful prison rose”, because when Chandra was known, PIEM was old.

However, Chandra’s beauty was a kind of pitiful innocent temperament. Unlike the charming PIEM, Chandra didn’t look like an innocent lamb.

When Chandra was in mage college, he experienced a very absurd farce: a low-level male apprentice pursued him enthusiastically, but he agreed to the confession of a female mage. This man actually beat up the female mage for this. The public was furious, they also despised and punished the male apprentice. Nevertheless, the female mage soon broke up with Chandra.

Later, Chandra’s tutor also began to move towards him, and began to create difficulties for him everywhere if he did not succeed in courtship; Chandra finished his study and left college in advance, and began to focus on the study of pink magic.

Later, he mainly made pink magic goods and didn’t sell them himself. A businessman fell in love with him and almost gave up his family property for him. Chandra kept changing his place of residence, falling in love with two mages, a city guard soldier and a poetess before breaking up.

One day, he was kidnapped by the Orc tribe. He used some magic to get rid of the Orc. Later, it was confirmed that he used a magic invented by himself. The subject would lose all “sexual interest” on the mage, but maintain good will, and protect him from anyone who intends to violate the mage. This effect was similar to dominating human beings, but it was a pity that no other instructions could be given. Chandra could influence multiple goals at one time.

It was pointed out that this spell was improved on the basis of other magic, not invented by Chandra alone. They think it’s similar to the magic on the ring from mage Jinye that PIEM, the prison rose, used when he was in prison. Chandra said the spell was really developed by studying old magic, but his admirers always fiercely refuted it.


Siyer Eketasi Lee, the Creator of the Pink Dildo

This mage, a nephew of Chandra Ecktasili, was once regarded as Chandra’s son because they had the same surname.

As a pink robed mage, he not only focused on the firmness and obedience of the magic image, but also the charm of its appearance. According to Siyer, since so far the magic dildos couldn’t imitate the real human shape, it was better to give up this direction and design them as the armor warrior image with a heroic shape.

Since then pink robed mage’s dildos had been developed to accompany people to bed, but because of the shape problems, they were too scary. Siyer designed the magic like a knight in full body armor, wearing a metal mask, and the front of the crotch could automatically open out something or expose something.

However, due to the appearance of the full body armor knight, the female version seemed very strange — obviously, few people were willing to hold a girl who did not take off her armor. What’s more, the men’s version was also very strange to women: they thought it was too cold.

Later, Siyer misunderstood these opinions. He designed the female version as a magic image with soft armor, and designed an organ of the male version using the effect of self heating. This made them even more bizarre.

The appearance of Siyer’s magic image was similar to that of the guard of secret puppets, so it had been greatly affirmed in aesthetics. However, in practice, most of his male versions were accepted by men.


Kurlan, a legendary fairy merchant

The reason why Kurlan was a legend was because he was once taken away by the dark elf hunting team from the dark area and returned to the surface safely a few years later.

Kurlan was a mage businessman who was said to have been the lover of Sylvia Jinye. In order to find the expelled Kinye, Kurlan also left his hometown. However, it is said that he never found Kinye after leaving home. Gradually, he began to adapt to traveling alone.

On the day of his kidnapping, he was helping a poet debug the statue — the poet rented a pink statue from mage Siyer, but would not use it. Kurlan and poet had a little friendship, so he went to guide him. As a result, when the dark elf rushed to their camp, the poet managed to escape. Kurlan and the statue were taken away by drow’s surface hunting team and taken into the dark area.

Unfortunately, no one knows what Kurlan experienced in the past few years in the city because he never talked about the story. Usually it was hard for surface elves to survive in that situation, but Kurlan came back intact.

According to himself, he survived by showing off his skills related to pink magic, but he declined to give details.


Alva, Inventor of the Magic Box

Alva used to be an apprentice of Kurlan. Later, he invented a series of magic boxes, a miniature of the magic performances that were once the best for pink dancers, so that they could be started and replayed more easily.

Alva’s pink phantom box is divided into several levels. The higher the level is, the more realistic the effect would be. Even the most expensive phantom in the box can provide sound, smell, touch and so on, and can carry out simple preset interaction. Alva would customize the box according to the needs of the guests, such as the appearance of the phantom protagonist.

It’s said that he once designed a magic performance of invading the golden hair surface elves based on his teacher Kurlan, and made many of these boxes and sold them. This behavior made his reputation among the mages quite poor, but some people think that the prototype of this box is not necessarily Kurlan, and Alva should not be doubted and criticized without reason.

Alva is most legendary not only for his invention, but also for his experience. It is said that he changes lovers, often to an alarming degree. However, in the northern Fenglin area, there is a rumor that Alva is not a flower heart, but because his lover is a deformed monster, constantly changing his image. Because of the absurdity, not many people believe that.


Wender Sisters, Fragrance Charmers

The Wender sisters were twins named Minnie and Sita. They were good at making a kind of fragrance, which could be made into powder or liquid medicine. When people smell the liquid medicine and fall asleep, they could dream about their most desired sexual fantasy.

This technique was improved from an existing spell that could make people dream of sex. The Wender sisters kept doing research and finally made a more interesting fragrance: it can not only make people dream about what they want, but also make everyone who has smelled the fragrance dream about their favorite sexual fantasy in the daytime if they rubbed it on their body.

Some pink robed mages question that the creation from the sisters was meaningless, because it was not the guest’s request to passively smell the fragrance, or even the suspicion of infringing others. Later, some people used the fragrance in the battle, such as letting our undercover agents apply the fragrance in time, making it difficult for the enemy to wake, so that one side could launch a surprise attack.

Later Minnie married a handsome magician, while Sita was attracted by a female mountain thief and lived with her. When the two sisters were separated, they were both under 30 years old. After that, they didn’t have any ingenious inventions. Some people think that if they didn’t leave each other, they might have achieved more.


Graffiti Hope, a transgender expert

People call Hope a transgender expert, not because he often changes his gender, but because he often helps others change their gender.

It was not hard for many mages to temporarily change the subject’s gender. After all, mages’ spells could even change a person’s race. However, there was a certain time limit for these types of magic, and it was difficult to last a lifetime. Hope was one of the few mages who could change the target’s gender permanently. He only applied the law to the voluntary people, and the other party needed to pay a relatively high price.

Hope almost never sold magic items. He focused on gender changing spells. Most of the people who came to him were confused about their original gender and thought that they should belong to another gender. Hope would talk with these people and confirm that the other side was not being impulsive.

Nevertheless, there had been instances of people who repented. Since Hope also travelled a lot, some people couldn’t find him after they repented. Hope had met a man who wanted to change his gender. He cheated him, but he saw through at the last minute.

As a result, Hope became an enemy and his forces began to pursue him. Hope turned himself into a female and escaped. When he was rescued by the knights, a knight fell in love with the depressed “female mage”.

Since he didn’t really want to be a woman, Hope recovered his original gender without hesitation after being safe. The knight was hit hard. About half a year after this incident, the knight found Hope again and expressed his willingness to pursue Hope as a male.

Some people think that Hope had agreed to his courtship, others think that they had reached a settlement, and were just ordinary friends.

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