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Chapter 29: Cure for Therianthropy

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


A few years ago, Sovili and Myka had a fight — to be exact, only Sovili was fighting while Myka said little. After they parted ways, two soldiers who were on the same road with Sovili advised him. They said, “You’ve really gone too far this time. We all know Myka. He didn’t do anything evil.”

But Sovili couldn’t figure it out. He thought that this was just like the Necromancers who started from their first attempt to command undead creatures. The fallen always pulled people down the abyss, no matter how innocuous the excuses they used were.

During the same journey with his partners, they helped a family who had moved out of the plain to retrieve the lost horses, accepted an exploration entrustment in the big city tavern, helped a temple or a kind mage to collect materials… About a few months later, Sovili and his new companions had another disagreement. This time it was not so simple. They had a fight.

There lived a strange creature in the small town, which was known to many residents. It was a rat that turned into a beast. It was often in a semi-animal state, haunting at night, with a human body and the appearance of a giant rat, living by stealing and receiving alms. Sovili thought it was evil and couldn’t be connived otherwise, but the people in the town said: come on, it doesn’t do anything out of line. If it’s really too dangerous, we’ll deal with it.

Sovili’s companions also felt that it was other people’s business, so why take it too seriously. However, Sovili had always been stubborn and would refuse to let go of anything he thought was wrong.

In the dispute, they moved their hands carelessly. Although everyone soon calmed down, his stubbornness made his companions leave him. The other two soldiers decided to complete other commissions, whatever Sovili did.

Sovili was very careful to investigate the mode of action of the rat man. He even found that this guy used the town’s sewage system to sneak into the wilderness at night, as if he was communicating with someone frequently.

He directly attacked the rat man’s shed, but the rat man didn’t want to fight and ran away. Here, Sovili discovered what the rat man did: there was an abandoned mine in the hills of the wilderness, where two non-humans and an elf lived for a while.

Instead of chasing the rat man, Sovili went to the big city to buy the silver refining cream and smeared it on each weapon. Non-humans were not afraid of ordinary swords, but silver products would hurt them very much.

He succeeded in finding the hiding place of the beastman on the wasteland, but he underestimated the strength of the ‘enemy’. Originally, he planned to secretly observe them and kill them one by one when they were left alone, but he was soon found out.

Suppressed in a semi-animal form, one of the non-humans attacked him and his weapons were removed from him. To his surprise, the “Bear Man” was a woman, and the craziness in her eyes and her soft voice did not seem to come from the same person.        

Another beastman, or monster, lay not far away from him, crawling this way.

It was a spineless creature, full of flesh but no bone structure. It had a bald, bearded, manly face — which, of course, Sovili and Myka came to know later that it was a grey seal.

At that time, in addition to the bear man and the grey seal, there was another voice, “Igor, don’t roll, rolling is useless. Will you use your whole body of meat to kill him?”

Sovili saw that the little elf with dark skin and silver hair was talking. He immediately thought — wasn’t this what he had learned about a drow, a dark elf?

Sovili struggled desperately, but the bear person was so powerful that he couldn’t break free. In the face of three such evil creatures, he felt that he would die here, so he simply stared at these guys, fearless.

“Why did you try to kill us?” The bear asked. Her voice was very thin because she fought in a semi-animal state, which looked like a strange hybrid of a human and a brown bear, so she couldn’t speak human language.

“Why? The evil race should be wiped out!” Sovili replied.

“We just travel, live and occasionally hunt. We never kill innocent people!” She snapped.

The dark elf nearby also said, “The worst we’ve ever done is to steal things. Oh, we beat people, but we don’t kill them. And I have peeped at those who were bathing. Ah, Lili, I was not peeking at you!”

Lili seemed to be the name of the bear. She looked at the dark elf discontentedly. The dark elf didn’t talk anymore.

“I don’t deal with the evil race.” Sovili sneered.

“Listen, sir,” said Lili, “I swear in the name of the God of Abundance, Aruben, that we never do evil. I’m a therianthrope, and so is Igor. We were born from an experiment by an evil mage, and we weren’t rescued until a few years ago. The Druid that saved us took care of us for some time, but gradually, we couldn’t… I can’t get along with him anymore…” When she said that, she was a little hesitant. “We escaped from him and decided to live on our own in this world, and nothing else. Please trust us.”

Sovili didn’t answer. She thought he was thinking, so she gradually relaxed the pressure.

“We won’t hurt you. Please stay away from us, will you?” Seeing that Sovili did not continue to struggle, she slowly let him go.

Sovili sat up and reached for the dagger hidden behind his waist. “Miss, I’m not interested in your story of suffering,” he said, trying to calm down. “It’s none of my business —”

He suddenly attacked and went for her throat.

The dark elf next to him yelled, and a flame surrounded Sovili, which surprised him and slightly misaligned his hand. The dagger cut Lili, but it didn’t hurt her. Then a short dart pierced Sovili, which was fired by a small one handed crossbow commonly used by drows. Lili let out a brown bear’s roar and grabbed Sovili’s left arm.

The pain made Sovili fall again. He thought he would be killed, but he wasn’t.

The drow’s darts contained a paralyzing agent and Sovili soon felt his limbs go weak and his vision went black. His sense of feeling gradually disappeared. Lili’s throat rolled with a low roar, and at the same time she said in a girl’s voice, “Ah, you don’t understand the pain.”

After that, Sovili passed out completely. It was the afternoon of the next day when he woke up. The wound caused by the poison dart was very small, and it didn’t hurt. However, the bite from the non-human was bad.

Naturally, the beast would spread the curse of a beast. Soon, Sovili himself began to lose control and change under the full moon or when he was angry. He was found and expelled… Gradually, he realized what had happened to him, and he had to accept it and live away from the crowd.

He took the initiative to seek help in big cities, but he found that people either didn’t believe him or accept him. They didn’t care how he became a beastman, they only knew that he was evil, and they couldn’t help him.

At this point, Sovili clenched his fist and closed his eyes painfully.

In the reception room, the young blonde sitting far away from him said, “I think you were actually looking for it yourself.”

In the room, there was the priest Sylander, Myka, and Druid Sylar who looked very strong. Even consul Sylkana was there. There were Knights stationed outside with Illican who, now emboldened, went on without hesitation, “You see, you didn’t know people’s pain at first. Do you think you can call something evil just because someone else does? Mr. Myka is a pink robed mage, but as far as I know, he doesn’t even have a wife…”

“Please give a more suitable example, thank you.” Myka said, pinching his eyebrows.

At the end of last night, the guards who had been under control were in a coma for the rest of the night, and the prisoners who were dreaming of sex also woke up. The seal in the dungeon was gone, and so was Atan.

Two stone walls each had a new door — with a beautifully lined arch.

Just now, the head of the prison asked the two prisoners who had been seduced by Shiva. They said, ‘Shiva’ left the cell and patrolled like a guard. Some people fainted and some were still awake.

Then ‘Shiva’ dragged some of them out of their cell and made love with them. 

(At this point, the beastman even covered his face and cried, saying, “I’m sorry, King Hollis”…)

When asked about the details, they said that ‘Shiva’ not only did others (be the bottom), but was also willing to do others (be on top), but they refused to say who was on him and who was beneath him.

Myka said, “If you look at what happened to Sovili, this seal man… He escaped from Atan before?”

Priest Sylander put his hands on his emblem painfully, “What did my brother do in the daytime? As for Mr. Sovili’s rat man, I think I have met her. She was an infected victim, and her life experience is exactly the same as Mr. Sovili’s description.”

Sovili sighed, “I didn’t even know that it was a girl.”

“You didn’t see her as a victim.” Illican, who sat far away, said.

Seeing the sombre eyes of Sovili, the young Lord looked across from Sylkana at Sylar, Myka and Sylander fearlessly.

“Actually, I care about another thing,” Myka looked at Sylar, and Sylar nodded, probably thinking about it with him. “That drow… Sovili, what did he look like?”

“He… His skin was very dark,” said Sovili. “Unlike people with dark skin, his skin tone was not the same at all; besides, his hair was a silver white, long, and his eyes were red. He was a man, very small, but he seemed to be very slender, and had a typical elvish figure…”

“I think most dark elf men are like this…” Myka said.

Sylar thought for a moment and asked, “Sovili, do you remember the sound and feeling of his voice? How is his way of speaking?”

Sovili thought for a moment, “Actually, he spoke well, his accent was very similar to the elves. But he seemed… His grammar was strange when speaking and he could only speak in short sentences.”

“Did he stand like this?” Myka asked putting on the pose, “With his one hand on his hip, his other hand…” He made the paw up gesture that was often used by villains in oil paintings.

Sovili thought it was funny, but Myka didn’t.

“Yes, I’ve only seen that dark elf once, but I was quite impressed. He always spoke in this position.”

Myka and Sylar looked at each other again, and both of them exclaimed in unison, “King Hollis?”


So now you know how King Hollis came to the surface and was able to live well for a long time, even though he was not powerful at all… He was covered at every stage.

This is not the end of teacher Atan’s affair.

And Sister Bear and Sister Rat are not important roles, but they will be explained in the future~

Sovili is the axis… He’s the one with the most urgent axis. Illican said that he asked for it. In fact, it’s not how high the Lord’s consciousness is. Just because there were so many people here, he dare to shoot if he has the courage.

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So at the beginning Sovili was a hardheaded stuborn ignorant, who couldn’t let go once he thought something or someone was ‘evil’. Well, I hope that with this experience he’ll learn his lesson.
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