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Chapter 30: Mr. Atan is Thoughtful

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


“Good news, Myka.” Sylar knocked on the door. Today, his hair had a purple flower. “With the diagnosis of the Day Goddess Temple’s priest and the Lord’s guarantee, consul Sylkana agreed, so Sovili can stay in the ordinary cells from now on,” said Sylar. “Even if the relationship between the detainees is terminated, Sovili will not have to go back to the dungeon.”

Myka nodded, put down the book and began to pack up. “That’s great. I have to go home. I didn’t take anything…”

“You’re going back? I’ll see you off,” said Sylar, rubbing his hands close, “like last time. It’s faster and safer.”

“It won’t take me too long to go back in a carriage… What does this have to do with security?” Myka specially found a piece of paper and wrote down the address of his shop. He guessed that the guards would ask him for it later.

Sylar was sad and sat on the edge of the bed, “Myka, you’ve met my teacher Atan. If the seal beast man was captured by him, he might go to Hollis next, or even kidnap you…”

Myka was glad that he didn’t drink water at that moment, or he would have choked, “Why would he want to kidnap me?”

“You don’t know him,” Sylar said. “No, I don’t even know him. His style is very difficult to understand.”

“You mean, harder to understand than you?”

“Am I hard to understand?”

Myka nodded solemnly, “Yes. For example, you followed me for nine years…”

“I’ve been following you for nine years because I don’t want to be like Atan,” said Sylar, looking a little aggrieved. “I told you that Mr. Atan has been following Sylander, his brother, for a long time. This is not all Mr. Atan likes to do. Two things, one is tracking, the other is to kidnap.”


Sylar rubbed his eyes with a worried face and said, “Yes. Do you remember the priest saying that he treated the rat and the beast? The rat man said that she and her family were infected with therianthropy due to a ‘silver wolf.’ Later, he met Sovili… ‘Silver wolf’ is one of the nicknames for teacher Atan. The bear person that Sovili met was imprisoned by an evil mage, a Druid saved them, and then they escaped with the Druid’s help — combined with all this, I can think of some things that must have happened.”

Myka pulled up a chair and sat in front of Sylar, listening to him.

Atan did save a lot of creatures from some evil mage. At that time, Sylar had faintly felt that his teacher was strange. Some say Druids were like nature itself and that they could be as gentle as the afternoon sun, or as violent as a hurricane, as nature itself could be gentle or cruel.

Atan was like a prairie full of forage and rain — there were many kinds of animals in it, and all of them were in heat. Atan was always full of passion and he was also good at giving birth to mammals, adding vitality to animals and plants, and was almost never tired.

He took Sylar with him to follow his brother all year round, because he thought that his brother couldn’t be alone, and it was his responsibility as a brother to follow him. Sometimes he fell in love with or hated the people around his brother and the people he met on the journey inexplicably, so he suddenly appeared from the tracking state to having sex or abusing someone without warning.

Atan’s change was gradual, and was not surprising. The more energetic he became, the more lustful he became. He could hardly sleep for several days in a row, and even his number of spells and mental power increased. Atan was as excited as a swarm of dancing wasps. He was always enthusiastic but arbitrary, whether it was courting people or offering help to strangers.

At the craziest time, Atan helped several pregnant women in a village to give birth to full-term babies in less than three months. Although the mothers and children were safe, it scared people nearby. When he was happy or had no energy to vent, he would make the passing farmland grow crazily, make the forest more prosperous, and sprinkle special pharmaceutical powder into the water, so that the nearby animals would be strong and healthy… But it also made people around the water source fat.

At that time Sylar was not that young — even though he didn’t know how old he was now, he had always respected his energetic guardian. But at that time, he began to question everything.

“I think those people may not want to get fat…” Sylar once said.

“There’s no spring in Lupi town. It’s cold all year round. They need to accumulate some fat,” said Atan, who also had a young face at that time. “Did you forget that a girl just froze to death last month. She was too thin. It’s fine for the padding women mages since after they cast their own magic, they can easily show their bare chests in the snowstorm, but the girls in Lupi town need to take it seriously.”

“Lord Atan, I don’t think you should take a group of wolves and fight with another group of wolves…”

“I had a natural transformation. When I was fighting, my body and mind were with the wolves with those silver lines on their backs.”

Just as animals grow up and gradually leave the group, Sylar at that time gradually left his teacher. Sylar was not there when Atan rescued a group of creatures from the evil mage.

Some of the things released from the basement were still rational, some of them brought great disaster to the nearby forest. Atan expelled part of them, captured part of them, and let them go. It was basically all because of his interest. He personally sent several non-humans to the nearby villages to help them return to human society. By the way, he also had an affair with a textile girl and two guards in that village.

However, because of his strong ideas, the beastmen brought misfortune to the village: one of them could not control the animal’s rut and attacked the temporary family. The eldest daughter of the family was very fond of Atan, the beautiful young man, so they believed in the guests Atan sent.

Now thinking about it, maybe the stray female rat beast came from the attacked family.

When Sylar searched for Atan again, Atan had left the nearby forest and was said to have gone after a water goblin somewhere. And according to the people who saw him leave, he also took a whole carriage of ‘companions’, including semi-animal people, human beings, and it seems that there were dark elves.

At that time, Sylar searched for Atan, but there was no news until another Druid elder contacted him and told him, “Don’t look for the ‘silver wolf,’ he can’t be our compatriot any more.”

Usually, only those who violate Druid’s belief and blaspheme nature would get this kind of evaluation. Sylar was worried about whether Atan had become a blighter. Fortunately not — but not really.

Soon after, Sylar heard of several strange and illogical things:

For example, a pair of runaway lovers were taken in by a handsome man in a forest cabin, and they were molested by the man at night; the mules in the village were suddenly pregnant, and each of the women were pregnant; in summer, the women in the whole town stopped working for three months; the priests in the orphanage begin to produce milk, regardless of gender; the barbarian tribes in a forest fell into an inexplicable desire for several days in a row, and everyone grabbed the nearest person and started to have sex.

Sylar didn’t know at first — this was what priest Sylander said yesterday: when Sylander got married, Atan basically stopped following him, as if he was relieved.

Atan secretly appeared at his brother’s wedding banquet, hidden among the guests, and successively attracted the bridesmaid and the bride’s uncle. In the morning, Atan, who was not well-dressed, climbed into Sylander’s window and said with a bright smile: Great, now I don’t have to worry about you. I’ll see you later. I’m going to continue to enjoy life.

No one could understand Atan’s life, even Sylar, who grew up with him.

The last time he saw Atan was several years ago, when Sylar had started following Myka.

Beside the poet’s caravan, Sylar came across Atan. At that time, Atan looked very untidy, but his appearance was even better than a few years ago.

“You shouldn’t have acted like that all this time,” Sylar told him at the time. “You do what humans do to trees and streams… Burn them, bury them, and think it’s good for them. You told me before, you said that we are like the wind passing to help the plants pollinate, like the sun guarded by the height of trees, we should not interfere with everything too much, no matter how much we attach importance to them!”

When he said this, Sylar was red, almost as red as his hair. It was not that he was shy because he was scolding his teacher, but because — at this time, Atan was riding the ppenisof the owner of the caravan, listening to Sylar’s words with a serious expression, but his body movements kept on.

“When I was young, I couldn’t think of doing anything else,” Atan replied, gasping for breath as he pushed back against the frightened caravan owner. “Yes, I taught you that. But I am not telling the only truth, no one is. If I am the wind, the sun, or anything else, I like to pollinate, like to shine on more flowers and grass. I’ll do it anyway. I’m just enjoying life. What’s wrong with that?”

Sylar didn’t understand him at all, and couldn’t stand seeing him hae sex, so he turned away.

Atan continued, “The nature of nature is not to watch silently, not at all. When animals are in heat, they want to mate. When wolves are hungry, they will hunt. When forests expand to places with good soil and water they won’t let go of anything.” When he said this, he also moaned for a long time, “What do you say about the ‘rules of nature’…   That thing doesn’t exist. It’s all prescribed by people. Child, you are too indifferent and shy. Maybe you can’t understand the hunger before hunting… If you find someone or something of particular interest, you may understand then.”

A mage, who Sylar had been following for a long time, came to Sylar’s mind. He rubbed the edge of his robe uneasily and said, “No. Even if there is something very interesting or someone I like very much, I will never interfere in his life because of my desire. I will protect the forest, but I will not ask the forest to respond to me, and I will not want to change the appearance of the forest.”

“You can’t do it.” Atan’s voice came from afar, and Sylar had left the caravan.

Sylar tilted his head and looked at Myka carefully, “Actually, up to now, I didn’t quite understand Atan’s idea. I’m ashamed of that. I am against him, but I don’t understand him.”

“It’s normal,” Myka said stupidly. “I’m glad you don’t understand him. Anyone who is still alive won’t understand…”

At first, Myka thought that it was strange enough for a guy who had been following him silently for nine years. No one knew anyone else. Atan was indeed Sylar’s teacher.

“Now you know how serious the problem is,” Sylar looked at Myka sadly. “I see. He wants to touch you. What can I do if he is interested in you? Don’t you feel terrible?”

“It’s terrible… Wait! Does he want to touch me? He was obviously more interested in Sovili. He also captured the seal. According to this trend, maybe the next one is King Hollis…”

“Atan didn’t really like mages before, so I was surprised…” Sylar said, “but I love a mage.”

“Sylar, can you…” ——Can you stop talking like that? It’s really embarrassing! Myka wanted to touch his forehead again.

“So I suggest that if you want to go home, let me use magic to send you.” Then Sylar put his hand on Myka’s arm.

Myka nodded and still shook his head again. There were so many strange things pouring into his mind in a short time that he felt that he just ignored something very important

“Sylar, what did you just say? What does Atan think you can’t do?” He asked.

Sylar replied very seriously, “He thinks that I can’t follow the people I like silently, and I won’t not influence or interfere in their life.” After that, Sylar was silent for a while, as if he had noticed something. Myka felt that the grip on his forearm was loosening.

“Yesterday I said to him, ‘I did it’…” Slowly, the red haired druid lowered his head and let his curly long hair cover his expression, “but did I do it?”

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September 19, 2020 7:16 pm

Thank you for all the hard work!

September 19, 2020 7:29 pm

As Sylar, the more I know about Atan, the less I understand him. He’s too extreme.
Even if Sylar has interfered in Myka’s life, he didn’t do it in a bad way.

Thanks for the chapter!

September 19, 2020 8:16 pm

Thanks for the update..i think Skylar misunderstood Atan meaning when Atan said “he can’t do it”…🤔🤔

September 19, 2020 11:13 pm

Atan has no breaks at all, doing whatever with whoever takes his fancy/incurs anger. I think, he will either destroy himself sooner or later or be destroyed by others. While Sylar, even though he is a long term stalker, is a reliable partner and still has a chance on getting Myka’s heart.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

November 6, 2020 11:49 am

Thanks for the translation 💞 💕
I didn’t understand Atan either.
And, did Sylar just confess to Myka in here?
“Atan didn’t really like mages before, so I was surprised…” Sylar said, “but I love a mage.”

April 18, 2021 9:20 pm

Hmmm, what made Atan that way, he obviously isn’t bad persay, he has different mood swings! Sylar Although stalker did not interfere in Myka’s life, and I’m sure he is holding back deeply!

July 30, 2021 2:35 pm

Atan seems delusional and now dangerous.
Sylar said he loves a mage… Myka missed that?!
Is the fact Sylar’s feelings have deepened and he’s accompanied Myka on quests, the reason he thinks he’s failed what he said to Atan?
He’s nothing like Atan ~ his foremost desire is to protect Myka… even if he has others too.
Thanks for translating.

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