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Chapter 32: Silence

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


The next morning, Myka used a long lost spell, detection magic. It was essential for a battle mage, but it was rarely used now. Because no matter in the village or in the city, usually only his own shops and sundries could emit weak magic light. He went out of the door and examined both sides of the street, including the trees. He didn’t know whatever a Druid could change to, and even in this way he couldn’t guarantee to find anything… But he was just looking.

He didn’t find Sylar, so he went back to the house to pack up his things and prepare to go to the shop in the city. When he left at noon, he carefully observed the front and back of the house again, and found what he expected: a yellow cat was lying on the roof of his house. In the moment when he turned his head, it disappeared with a swish.

Myka didn’t know if this was Sylar, after all, cats were all like this… On the way to the city, he saw the little dog Lucy, whom Myka used to call Kokona before Sylar told him later that her name was Lucy. Lucy was wagging her tail at a small bushy bush, her eyes bright, and she seemed to be very happy.

As Myka approached, Lucy ran up to him and wagged her tail. Then she ran back to the trees and came out again, humming like she couldn’t find anything. Myka stared at the bush for a long time. He suspected that Sylar was in it just now.

After arriving at the store, Myka went out every once in a while to count whether there were any more in the trees, and specially opened the window to facilitate birds or cats to sneak in. He thought helplessly that after knowing Sylar, his reconnaissance consciousness had been trained more and more.

What happened in Todd City quickly spread. Now even people in this area knew the story of the Lord of Todd City and his ‘forbidden man’. And in the rumor, Myka also played a very important role.

Myka was thought to have been called by Lord Illican under the guise of going to Berry Village to help the newlyweds. Now, the version of the rumor went like this: Pink robed mage Myka was commissioned by Lord Illican Todd to tame a savage male pet. The kind Myka couldn’t bear to see the poor young man who was ruined by the abnormal aristocracy, so he let the young man go on a dark night. After that, the Lord took the young man with him and put him and mage Myka in prison (obviously, people here didn’t know about the prisoners). Later, with the help of a kind priest and a female knight, Myka was released, but the wild man did not get freedom.

In this full version of the rumor, Druid Sylar was not present, and what happened in prison was not mentioned. The ‘Lord and his pet’s versions were obviously more popular than ‘bears in the city’.

In the afternoon, seeing Myka’s shop opening again, the tourists came to inquire the first-hand news happily. When asked about Lord Todd’s character, Myka replied ‘very bad’. When asked about the savage male pet, Myka said ‘very poor’ since Sovili was really pathetic. However, Myka felt that maybe he shouldn’t play up the incident, so he added, “In fact, their relationship is quite normal.”

As a result, it took only one afternoon for this sentence to evolve into ‘the Lord and the pet are actually in love’ in people’s ears, and this version spread all over the streets. Myka felt that he was sorry for Sovili again, so he had to pray silently that he could be cured of the disease quickly.

Because he got up too early in the morning, Myka slumped on the table before evening. It was dusk when he woke up. He looked up and found that the window of the shop was closed. The windows were small, open inward, and had a spring on the inside.

Myka woke up in a second. He remembered it very clearly. In order to let the little animals in… Mainly to let Sylar in, he kept the window open! He stood up and opened the door. He looked left and right. He went back to the room and searched every corner. He found no living things. And he counted the nearby trees again, but the number didn’t change.

Besides Sylar, he didn’t expect anyone else to do it. In fact, it was awful. The inward opening window had been closed by itself… If it happened in the ordinary family, the ordinary people would suspect it was haunted. But Myka didn’t feel afraid, just couldn’t understand Sylar’s behavior.

“What did I say wrong?” Myka thought in silence.

He was really shocked by Sylar’s follow-up. He was really stunned by the sudden silence… But Myka was very clear that he didn’t mean to feel disturbed. He didn’t mean to let Sylar return to the silent behavior mode!

Myka asked a few questions outside the door and no one answered. He thought about it and found that he had just neglected to open the door! Now that the windows were shut and the doors were closed, no matter what Sylar had become, he must have still been in the room at that time. When he opened the door and looked out, Sylar could have run out!

“It’s like the city guard catching the murderer in the secret room!” Myka clapped his forehead in frustration.

After closing the shop in the evening, Myka checked the nearby trees again, and then carefully observed the wall and eaves as he walked, paying attention to each bird on the branch of the tree to see if there was any strange behavior.

Every time there was a rustle around, Myka would stop, but he didn’t find anything along the way. On the way back to the village, he saw the little dog again. With her was the village’s big brown dog, a handsome boy who had always been very close to Lucy. They both lied in the grass on the side of the road, quietly.

The tan dog knew Myka (in fact, he knew most people in the village). He wagged his tail and barked a few times, as if he wanted Myka to pass.

As he approached, Myka was surprised that there was a litter of puppies!

Looking at the fur color of the puppies, it should be her’s and the tan dog’s puppies! But the problem was, when he saw Lucy in the morning, there was no sign that she was pregnant!

Myka didn’t know animals as well as Druids, but at least he’s seen what a pregnant dog looked like and could be sure he didn’t see it wrong in the morning. Now, the couple were lying on their stomachs with a sense of pride in their eyes. Many puppies in the village were very human, and people could tell their emotions.

Myka squatted down, and neither Lucy nor the tan dog refused his approach. To be careful, Myka didn’t touch the dog, but patted Lucy’s head.

If Sylar was here, he would like to ask the Druid about this. Just thinking of this, Myka suddenly thought of something like being hit on the head.

He thought of one thing Sylar had told him: Atan had pregnant women in a village give birth to normal full-term babies within three months.

This gave Myka goosebumps. He remembered that when he saw her in the morning, she was facing the bush and seemed to be communicating with something. Myka thought it was Sylar who was hiding there and following him, but was it really Sylar? It couldn’t be the tan dog, because if one got close, the lively tan dog would come out… So who else could be in the bush? ——Another Druid that was good at hiding?

It was more terrifying than the goblin bandits from the past few days. Myka left in a hurry and stepped back to the village. He didn’t pay attention to any cats or birds on the way, for fear that strange people would come out when he walked slowly.

Outside the village, a group of people were surrounding the orchard, including guard Pilak and his father. When Myka approached, some villagers stopped talking and some avoided his eyes — Myka guessed that maybe they had turned over his house, and felt a little guilty.

“You see, it’s strange,” said guard Pilak, “that old John’s and Mone’s gardens have grown strawberries! Mary’s oranges are ripe!”

Myka didn’t understand, “Didn’t they just grow strawberries and oranges?”

“You mages don’t know anything about farming! Strawberries are not in the season at all and so are oranges are not. Even these two things are not supposed to grow at the same time,” said Pilak’s hunter father. “But today we found that they are all…”

Even though it was dark, with the light of a sparse lantern, Myka saw that the orange tree in the distance was indeed full of full fruits. Pilak saw Myka’s face white. Even though it was strange, it was not too scary. He did not understand why the mage was so frightened.

The villagers couldn’t discuss the results. After some young people tried to eat, they found that the fruit was not only okay, but also very sweet and delicious. In the end, people said that it must be a gift from the God of Abundance, Aruben, so the owners of several orchards began to plan for the next harvest, and others scattered.

When he got home, Myka was afraid to open the window on purpose, because he was not sure whether it was Sylar or Atan nearby. He locked the door and added magic alarms to all the places he could get in and out, and he went to the basement to prepare tomorrow’s things.

Thinking that Sylar had been following him for nine years, Myka thought that if Sylar was intentionally staying invisible, he may not be able to find him. For nine years, Myka had not been without vigilance, but he never found anyone following him. Now that he knew about Sylar, what if he wasn’t? Would he still find nothing?

After the basement, Myka was busy until early morning. He checked the doors and windows and the magic alarm again, and put the scroll box beside the pillow. But until he put out the candles and the lantern, he didn’t remember what he had neglected — the chimney connecting the fireplace in the house.

There were no mice in his house, but there were tonight. The only mouse lay quietly in the corner and moved carefully without making any sound.

When the East was slightly bright and the whole sky was still dark blue, Myka slept very well, and did not hear the mouse’s voice or the sound of the human’s sleeve friction after that. The tall shadow in front of the window covered part of the moonlight.

Sylar looked down and found a small beaker with a broken edge on the table beside the window. There was shallow liquid in it. A small purple wild flower that had withered was inserted in it. Sylar smiled and turned back to approach Myka. Like a cat with a meat pad, he didn’t make any noise even when he stepped on a wooden floor.

He leaned down slightly, hesitated for a moment, and then turned into a black cat. The black cat jumped into bed lightly, carefully avoiding Myka’s hair scattered around the pillow, and gently kissed the mage’s lips.

Then he jumped out of bed and left the bedroom, checking and touring the room like a real cat. It was not the first time he had done such a thing. He had done it many times in the past nine years, whether it was patrolling at night or becoming an animal and secretly kissing Myka.

He didn’t know why. Just now, he clearly wanted to kiss Myka’s lips with his own face, but he was embarrassed to implement it.

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September 23, 2020 7:51 pm

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September 23, 2020 8:18 pm

Thank you!

September 23, 2020 10:25 pm

Could it be the “absence makes the heart grow fonder” strategy? With carefully protecting him at the same time? This Atan is a creepy unrestrained weirdo, so I hope nothing bad will happen.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

September 23, 2020 10:56 pm

Is Atan watching Myka just because he’s Sylar’s favorite person? I hope not, but the puppies and the fruit are just like past Atan’s behaviour.
Thanks for the chapter!

Minnie ford
Minnie ford
September 24, 2020 2:27 am

Where is sylar myka really misses you
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Meanwhile, Sylar seems to have decided to revert to being an invisible protector (at least during waking hours). Has he been back long, or is Atan the reason he’s back now?
Thank you for translating and editing.

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