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Chapter 33: The Unseen are the Most Terrible

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


During the night of heavy rain, a black carriage drove from the prison to Todd city. The gate of the city had fallen. The guards ran down in oil coated cloaks. They were about to lift the long gun and stop the carriage for inquiry, but they saw the Lord’s family emblem raised temporarily by the coachman.

After the carriage entered the city, the guards were all sighing. At this time, the carriage had come back from the prison, so they all guessed what the Lord had done.

“Hey, don’t you think the Lord is very devoted?” One of the guards said.

His companion wiped the rain on his face and looked at him strangely, “You mean, he likes men?”

“I mean he only likes one male pet. You see, when the male pet has committed a crime, the Lord is willing to let him go to jail to be punished. Generally, the noble family doesn’t need to be beaten if the dog bites people. However, after the male pet was in prison, the Lord often visits him, and every time he goes, he uses a very ordinary carriage, and the coachman does not wear the uniform of the Lord’s residence. Obviously, he does not want to be seen by the people on the street.”

“It’s no surprise,” said another guard. “After all, he likes a man or a savage.”

This time, Lord Illican Todd did not just visit. He took Sovili straight out of prison.

While Knight Commander and chief consul Sylkana was busy with other affairs recently, Illican found that her attention was no longer focused on the beast man, so he found an opportunity to secretly let Sovili leave the prison. However, the priest Sylander suggested that Sovili should be imprisoned before the cure of the disease, so the young Lord decided to take him… Really shut him up in his basement.

“Are you angry again?” In the carriage, Illican asked in a low voice. Fortunately, it was raining heavily outside. The coachman couldn’t hear their conversation. “Sovili, why are you angry every day? Are you ever not angry? Therianthropy makes you angry. I also make you angry. Mages make you lose face and make you angry. You are very mean in prison these days. You should be angry. But now you are going to the castle of the Todd family, where the priest stayed in recently. Today’s full moon is coming again. It’s a good opportunity for treatment… Why are you still angry?”

“Shut up.” Sovili frowned against the window.

“How dare you talk to me like this? Well, don’t look at me with such terrible eyes, you dare…” Illican said bitterly. “I just feel that I really shouldn’t have delayed you so long. I want to help you, after all, you saved my life. I’m really willing to help you. Can’t you be a little friendly to me?”

Sovili said slowly, “Well, dear Lord, please do me a favor and give me a little peace.”

Illican closed his mouth sullenly.

The carriage drove directly into the courtyard and stopped at the entrance of the hall. The servant set up a tarpaulin shed for several steps from the carriage to the interior. Illican neatly stepped out of the carriage, straightened his collar, touched his hair, and turned to show his hand to Sovili in the carriage.

Sovili ignored him completely and came down to one side with his hair a mess. Now Sovili was still dressed in rags and sacks. Today, Illican brought a set of carefully made clothes for him to put on but he refused. He said that if therianthropy could not be cured, it would be useless to put on clothes

Illican pouted and let him follow him. The priest came out of the guest room to meet them and went with them to Sovili’s place.

It was a basement, but not a cell. This room was decorated as delicate and gorgeous as the boudoir of a teenage noble lady by Illican, and the curtain beside the bed column was pink and embroidered with white petals.

The priest suggested that the patient’s body should be bound when trying to cure the curse, so there were really four thick chains (thick cotton pads were also padded inside the chains), two on the wall and two on the floor beside the bed. This made the original ambiguous four pillar bed seem more bizarre.

Sovili looked at all this, while Illican looked at him expectantly, as if asking, ‘Do you like it?”

In fact, Sovili had always been respectful and polite to Sylander, but he just didn’t want to talk to Illican Todd.

Sovili used to be angry at Illican’s deception, which had subsided, but… Those wild people, male pets and other rumors made him hate being a bear!

Unfortunately, Sovili did not know the young aristocrat. The more someone rejected Illican, the more enthusiastic he became — as could be seen from his entanglements with Rowan and Silva.

It rained heavily for two days. It was autumn now and such heavy rain was very rare.

Even in such a heavy rain, the orchards outside Yuanxian village still bore appalling fruits.

Yuanxian village — the place where Myka lived next to Meishu village. People here didn’t make a living by planting crops. This place was adjacent to two big cities, and it was very close to the valley and forest of Lansuo. Many businessmen regarded this place as a cheaper place to stay, and some people lived by hunting and picking. The vegetable patches and orchards of Yuanxian village never produced crops on such a large scale, and even the fruits picked in these days exceeded the output of last year.

Myka watched people busy in the rain, and couldn’t help worrying for these neighbors: Why are you all so happy? Why don’t you know how to be afraid?

When he pointed out that the situation was not right, some villagers said: This must be the gift of the God of Abundance, Aruben, because they were adjacent to the forest where the elves lived, and Aruben is the God with the image of the elves.

Myka knew what the elves in the Lansuo valley were. He seriously suspected that Aruben didn’t want to admit that Lansuo elves shouldn’t be considered elves… But the villagers were very grateful for the miracles these days, and thought that only a ‘mage without faith’ would question it.

Even Myka had the idea of looking for Atan. Although Myka was not born in the village, what if these people ate strange fruits and vegetables and become a mess? Myka didn’t want to make the living environment so terrible at all. But now he could only think about it occasionally. This was because, firstly, he didn’t know where to find Atan, and secondly, he thought Atan’s thinking was abnormal… He was a little afraid of that madman.

Would Sylar go to Atan? Did he also see the situation of the village these days? When Myka walked home in a tarpaulin cloak, from a far distance he saw that the windows of his house were closed — he deliberately opened the windows before going out, pretending to forget.

He knew Sylar was nearby. But if Sylar refused to come out, Myka couldn’t find him anyway.

Myka felt like he was facing a cat who occasionally broke into his life. For example, there were often stray cats around his house. They silently monitored him in the dark, and he didn’t realize it. Until one day, the cat came out and went home with him. After a few days, it disappeared again. He could see its haunts, but couldn’t find it.

When entering the room, Myka suddenly heard a ‘creak’ sound, like someone dragging something heavy. The sound came from outside the back door of the house. Myka walked around the wooden stairs and saw a shadow flash under the door crack.

“Sylar?” He ran over and opened the door. A shower of rain came in and wet his hair so he put on his hood again and went out, found the door behind the house. There was a tree missing!

Myka’s ears dropped. It was an old tree that had died. It would not have grown leaves for a long time, but it was very tall, almost higher than all the houses in the village. In the heavy rain these days, sometimes there would be thunder and lightning. The villagers had been worried about it for fear that it might strike the old tree. Although it was dead, it may cause danger.

Now, the old tree was gone. There were only half a row of stumps left, and the cuts were messy. They were not made by saws.

Myka decided to take back the imagination about cats… Even a bear couldn’t do such a heroic thing!

“Sylar? Is it you? ” Myka stood in place and said to the open field, “I want to talk to you about the issue of following or not following… Don’t you want to hear from me? You didn’t bother me, really. Can you come out? Doesn’t my opinion matter? What did I say that would make you hide from me like this?”

The rain was so loud that Myka couldn’t hear anything else. The back door of his house was open, facing his back. At this time, a Druid with red hair in a green cloak was behind him. His fingers were wringing the edge of the cloak, and his face was shy and tangled.

Dudududu, there was a sudden knocking sound from the front door.

When Myka looked back, there was no one on the porch.

There were some water stains left on the floor. If he was an assassin or ranger who was good at observing details, he would have found that this was not what he just left behind. Unfortunately, Myka just wanted to close the back door and open the front door, so he didn’t notice.

In order not to look too embarrassed, he took off his tarpaulin cloak and walked over. When he opened the door, with the heavy rain, a colorful thing rushed in.

Myka shied away in horror, and the ‘thing’ managed to keep its feet steady and didn’t fall.

“Gah! Your floor is so slippery! I almost fell!” The elf, who was drenched like a macaw stuck in soup, said.

“Morning Mist?” Myka closed the door and found that his old friend’s hair today was is seven colors.

Elf sorceress, Morning Mist, wrung out her skirt and kicked off her shoes. Surprisingly, her make-up didn’t dissolve at all.

“Myka! This is not right!” Morning Mist pulled Myka’s sleeve and walked into the room.

“It’s not right. Why didn’t you wear a tarpaulin cloak? Even in such a heavy rain!” Myka asked.

“Because those cloaks are ugly! No, I’m not saying I’m wrong! It’s Lansuo Valley!” said Morning Mist. “And the forests that connect with the valley of Lansuo! I just passed by and saw the orchard here…”

Myka nodded. Needless to ask the details, he also had the feeling of “should come or will come”.

“I’ll talk to you about the valley later,” said Morning Mist, who sat down on Myka’s sofa with a shower. “What’s more… You see, I’m not in Lansuo Valley at ordinary times. This time, I found someone was watching me after I got close to Lansuo Valley! I hurried back to His Majesty’s palace as soon as possible. As a result, they said that his family and the dark elf prisoner often felt that someone was watching them nearby!”

Myka would like to say, I may know who that is. But he really didn’t expect Atan would not only watch King Hollis but be insane enough to even follow Morning Mist.

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