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Chapter 37: Sylar’s Gift

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Sylar opened his eyes abruptly and looked at Myka and the tree in surprise.

“What’s the matter?” Myka asked, “What does the tree say?”

Sylar didn’t seem to think Myka was teasing him at all. He replied seriously, “He said he had seen the silver wolf. In order not to attract the attention of woodcutters and elves in the forest, Atan often walked around with the appearance of a wolf. In addition, the tree said that there were caves in a valley in this area. Some people lived in them many years ago, but later they were abandoned. And recently someone found it again.”

“That is to say, where does Atan live?” Myka came out from under Sylar’s arm. Although it was funny, it was better than maintaining such a strange posture to continue talking.

Sylar nodded, “Unfortunately, the tree didn’t know the specific location of the valley, nor the entrance of the caves.”

Myka didn’t understand how the tree would know. Sylar explained that when trees were rooted in the land, they would feel something happening within a certain range, such as whether someone had newly reclaimed farmland, whether the river channel in early spring thawed, whether the cave had been found by outsiders… Of course, they just felt it, they didn’t know the details exactly. Ordinary trees had no language, no so-called ‘vocabulary,’ only experienced druids and some elves could communicate with them by directly communicating with their consciousness, rather than using dialogue.

“It also said…” Sylar touched the trunk of the tree. “It said that when you walk in the forest, your voice is too loud. It can scare away all the small animals and attract all kinds of big animals. Herbs would like to run away but they don’t have feet.”

“Don’t you say that trees don’t use language, how can they say it so clearly?” Myka asked.

“Because that’s what it thinks…”

Myka was not as weak as some mages, but he was not good at walking in the forest. This was not a forest walk or plantation, there was no artificial road. The forest was a world of plants. They took up his vision and grew as if to stop all outsiders.

For druids and rangers, dense plants were like the arms of the forest, but for ordinary people, they were natural barriers. Myka was wearing a robe and shallow leather boots. It was hard to walk in such a place. It was not easy to keep up with Sylar.

“I’m not worried about bringing in big animals at all,” Myka said. “First of all, you’re a big animal, and I’m sure Axtus must be nearby.”

Sylar nodded. His bear was really nearby.

“If the caves are within the tree’s perceptual range, then we may be able to find them soon,” Sylar pulled out a brown leather rope and signaled Myka to get closer, “but we’d better try to be as fast as possible. Well, I don’t mean to blame you, but you do move a lot when you walk, and you are slow. I mean… “

“I know. Please don’t be such a mouthful, will you?” Myka reached out to take the leather rope, and found that there was still a round piece on the rope from an animal he didn’t know.

“Are you going to cast? Come on, I know Druids have spells that can make my feet light.”

Sylar stared at him and blinked. This expression reminded Myka of the grey tabby cat last night – Sylar, of course. At that time, Myka looked back at it, and this expression was on his face.

“There’s nothing to be surprised about,” Myka said. “I’m a mage. I used to cast spells on my companions. In order to avoid their misunderstanding of my intention, I always have to explain it clearly first… “

The druid smiled and nodded. He helped Myka to put the leather rope on his neck. Then he gently pressed Myka’s nape with his palm, covered the leather rope, and whispered a mantra. This would help Myka walk more smoothly without being caught in the dense forest. After casting, Sylar didn’t let go immediately.

It was really disturbing to be stared at by Sylar. Myka tilted his head and said, “Er, is the casting over? I feel…”

“Yes, but there is one more thing,” said Sylar solemnly. “In fact, this ornament is not just for casting… I can use ordinary leather rope. This is a gift I want to give you.”


“Yes, please keep it on, will you?”

Myka said thank you. Sylar’s smile seemed to be satisfied. He led the way in front and continued to explore in the forest with Myka. Mike really felt that he had a lot of dexterity in his steps, and even felt that he was full of physical strength.

Myka was more concerned about why Sylar suddenly gave him a gift than Atan… And there was also a pendant on it. It seemed that what the big family often said about “some Keepsake” was in the form of this pendant.

Myka was thinking about whether this was Sylar’s temporary rise or a long-term plan. According to his character, it was a long-term plan. Sylar talked with trees and asked small animals, but he couldn’t find “caves in the valley” until noon.

It was normal that every tree forest had its own secret, which was beyond the imagination of human beings. Even the son of nature couldn’t find it easily. So Sylar and Myka left the forest for a while and went back to the castle of the Lansuo elves. They needed to rest and could not search the forest all the time.

After checking the castle for the elves, Myka planned to go back to the city before dark. In fact, he had a plan: ordinary people know more about the local topography and legends. Since the caves had been inhabited, maybe the people in the nearby villages and the local anecdotes of the city library could provide some clues. He thought he could try it.

The Lansuo elves become very insecure. Sylar iwa going to stay in the forest for a while, continue to let the animals help him find Atan, and at the same time, prevent Atan from suddenly catching the elves.

“I’m actually a little curious,” Myka asked before leaving. “To be honest, I can’t understand Atan’s way of doing things or what we need to do now. Atan did cause a lot of trouble, but he didn’t seem to cause much harm, did he? I mean… Although he is a little strange, at least he doesn’t seem to be a murderer or a rapist…”

Myka looked around and saw that there were no elves nearby, so he said so frankly. Atan’s desire was very strong, but it seemed that he mainly lured people in.

“He’s not,” said Sylar, blushing a little at the last word, “but as you say, his behavior is so unpredictable that he hasn’t been as devoted to protecting nature as a real Druid for a long time, and he’s constantly making bizarre interventions. These are dangerous.”

“You want to stop him? Or find him and give him to some other high-level Druid?” Myka asked.

Sylar thought for a moment, sighed helplessly and looked at the forest in the distance, “I don’t know what to do with him, anyway, I can’t look at him like this. Atan is my teacher and guardian. I feel like…” He thought about it and continued, “It’s like an old man in my family who is too old to think clearly. I can’t leave him alone.”

Myka thought of Atan’s boyish face and found it hard to imagine him as an old man. But this was another puzzle. Druids were generally not obvious in age, but it didn’t mean they were young forever. So what happened to Atan? Myka once vaguely thought that maybe it was related to pink magic. Judging from the way of casting and chanting mantras Atan used, he was still using divinity, not learning arcane magic. He was still a druid rather than a mage.

Myka knew more about mage’s field than druid’s. He secretly decided to contact other pink robed mages through the college and the tourists to ask them about it.

Since Sylar stayed at the castle in Lansuo Valley, Morning Mist volunteered to escort Myka back to the city. Myka felt that he didn’t need to be escorted, but from the furtive frowning and winking of Morning Mist, she was just looking for a reason to leave – her majesty and her family caught her as a magician and didn’t want to let go, always hoping that she would stay here to protect them.

After returning to the city, it was already dark. Finding that there was no stalker nearby, Morning Mist decided to go to the pub and have a good drink. When Myka was about to open his shop, Morning Mist saw something around his neck and reached out to touch it.

“Are you still an elf?” Myka dodged conditionally. “Non-humans are not as good as you are!”

“Why are you so shy? When I was in Fenglin, I saw you and the soldiers go down the river to take a bath.” Morning Mist pointed to the ornament on the leather rope between his neck. “What is that? Hmm? It looks like…”

Myka untied the rope a little, pulled out the pendant, and told her that Sylar used the leather rope on it.

“I don’t care about his spells…” The sorcerer held the small disc shaped pendant and looked more and more serious. “This thing… My God, am I right? Although I’m not sure, but by experience, it’s….”

“What are you talking about?”

“This is from Sylar? He said it was a gift? ” Asked Morning Mist.

Myka nodded. He thought it might be valuable, just like the amber of the brothers, Sylander and Atan.

Morning Mist, holding the little thing in one hand, began to recite the mantra gently.

“You are.. What is the need?” Myka looked at her in shock. She was actually using detecting magic.

Morning Mist smacked her mouth and patted Myka’s clavicle, “Is Sylar in love with you?”

“What?” Myka didn’t know how she came to such a sharp conclusion. Maybe the elves like to present such items to express their feelings?

“I’m also a relatively powerful sorcerer,” said Morning Mist with a complacent smile. “I’ve seen all kinds of magic items for so many years. Sylar’s gift is not just an ornament at all. It’s strange that he uses the leather rope to cast spells… This is a strong talisman.”

Of course, Myka had heard about this thing, but he didn’t go out to do dangerous things, so he never thought of owning one.

“And it… There’s quite a powerful magic aura,” said Morning Mist, “although it’s too late for careful identification, as long as I look at it roughly, it’s a very high-level talisman, not a primary product. Don’t you feel the effect? It would make you very energetic. Well, it’s worth a lot of money. How could he have given you something so expensive if he hadn’t fallen in love with you?”

Myka touched the pendant, but he never thought about the magic on it.

“How much do you think it’s worth?” He asked.

Morning Mist whispered a number in his ear, then looked at him with a face that said, “I’ve seen the world, only you are so surprised.” Myka’s reaction was very much in line with her expectations.

Myka was stunned to hear the value of the talisman. He had also sold some expensive magic items, but few of them were of this value

After Morning Mist left, Myka returned to the store to collect the goods and look for feather charms, intending to contact other pink robed mages. He thought of the pendant around his neck again and again. After listening to the description of Morning Mist, he knew that it was something that many excellent and famous adventurers could not have. Maybe it was not strange for a high-level mage like Sylar or Atan to have it, but they put it on themselves… It was like a vegetable farmer wearing elven boots.

——It was worth about 30,000 gold coins. Thinking of this, Myka felt very anxious.

“I have to find something to give him back,” Myka thought uneasily, “because I’ve already received it, and it’s strange to give it back to him… But how can I say I don’t want such a valuable thing? What can I do for him…”

Looking around the shop, Myka felt desperate. The goods in his shop were used in the bed. Obviously, no matter how wonderful magic they had, they couldn’t be used as a present.

Myka decided to ask for advice when the tourist came back. That night, the tourist arrived and his injury was cured. As soon as he knocked on the door of Myka’s shop, he secretly stuffed Myka with a sheepskin roll.

“How can you laugh so evilly…” Myka slowly opened the sheepskin roll and immediately understood the reason why the tourist was so excited.

Recently, there was frequent rainfall in this area, which made maple grass turn red. Maple grass was one of the necessary materials for a kind of pink magic. After hearing the news, many pink robed mages, fearing the humid weather, came to the nearby Lansuo valley. Finally, they decided to settle down in a small town outside Todd and have a small party.

Pink robed mages often communicated with each other, and Myka had been to such parties before. The tourist had seen the party of pink robed mages, which was an eye opener, so now he looked forward to it more than Myka, who was mage.

“Just in time, I want to ask the others for advice…” Myka thought in silence.

But now there was a question: he didn’t know if he should take Sylar.

If he wanted to go to a small town outside Todd, it was useless to tell Sylar not to go. He would follow secretly. When he got to the place where the pink robed mages gather, in case Sylar was found by other mages… It would be hard to explain. And Myka really didn’t want Sylar to see a pink robed mage’s party.

Maybe Sylar was right. When it came to him, Myka became more shy than usual.

= = = = = = = = = = =

Sylar sent a Amulet of Health (5e Equipment), which is worth 36,000 gold coins

In fact, it’s not my own design but an item in DND.

The effect makes one’s physique stronger. Different bonus values have different costs. It’s expensive and its bonus is so big that it’s hard to have it among the adventurers (especially the high-level and special legendary ones don’t count first). Many people have a slightly cheaper version (that is, the bonus is not so much…)

Because I always think it’s strange to call it physique amulet or health amulet. I changed my name to strong amulet.

Price reference: about 5 silver coins (10 silver coins are equal to one gold coin) for staying in an ordinary clean hotel; one gold coin for buying a sheep; one sailboat (buying) 10000 gold coins

Oh, yeah, there’s going to be a pink robed mage party, I have to make a good plan…

Atan’s appearance problem is related to his current spell characteristics. I’ve opened a mysterious expansion of his room rules (very unscientific, purely for the plot…)

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