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Chapter 38: Confused

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


In Todd city and surrounding villages and towns, the rumours of “the Lord and his pet are both missing” was very noisy. Consul Sylkana sent out a message on purpose, saying that the Lord had actually traveled in secret, but no one believed such a reason. There was a more romantic version: the Lord and the male pet loved each other sincerely, but the Todd family needed heirs, and the Lord must complete a political marriage, so the two lovers, who did not want to betray each other, decided to elope hand in hand.

After arriving at Berry village outside Todd, Myka met with Silva and Rowan, who were also discussing these matters. Myka thought it was funny. Not long ago, it was said that Lord Illican was an evil sadist wielding a whip. How could he become a tragic aristocrat now?

The pink robed mage party would be held in a hunter’s cabin between Berry village and narrow town. Myka had met several tourists on the way. They were also going to the pink robed party. Of course, people who were not mages could only wait outside. Even so, they had many business opportunities.

A dozen mages attended the gathering, some of them were young. The upper level of the hunter’s cabin was used for eating and drinking. The basement was the place to discuss magic. Myka saw a black haired elf sitting in the corner. He was not as handsome as a mage, and his robe was as clean and delicate as a tuxedo.

“Monsieur Alva,” a young man walked over with a long leather simulation, “I’d like to ask you some questions…”

This elf was pink robed mage Alva. Myka and he had exchanged a lot of feather charms and letters, and also sold many strange things he invented and made, but never really met him. Myka knew that opportunities were rare, so he also planned to ask for some advice.

After the greeting, Myka asked questions directly, and the mage, the elf, pulled him aside and sat down, “Do you know the blighter?”

Myka nodded, “But that man is not a blighter, he…”

“Be patient, son,” Alva, who was several times the age of Myka, rightly called many humans son or daughter, “I’m not saying that person is a blighter. He’s a withered man.”

A withered man was a druid that went to the other extreme. Instead of cherishing nature, they destroyed it to continue to gain power. Once a person went on this road, it was hard to turn back. He would rely on this way and become unable to stop from the deep soul.

“If the person you’re talking about used to be Druid, maybe now he’s a mind charmer,” Alva said. “Son, many pink robed mages want to find a mind charmer. They’re good partners.”

“Partner?” Myka didn’t hear about it.

“Desire is as common as all things in nature,” the elf explained, “such as appetite and sleep, and sexual desire. When a druid abandons nature and tries to sacrifice other life to obtain magic, he becomes a withered man, and soon he will become able to maintain life even without food and water; but for the confused, they are similar to and opposite to this – they will become more and more addicted to desire, even if they forget to sleep or eat, they will not hurt the body, and then they will continue to gain energy and be able to perform… Creating many strange spells. They are all pink. The more you cast them, the faster they sink. The more they sink, the stronger they will be… It’s like a vicious circle, so people can’t control themselves. What’s more, the charmer’s appearance is very young, even more charming than when they are really young, just like flowers growing in bright colors before they wither… “

Although it sounded inconceivable, Myka was relieved, “So, at least the confused are not evil people?”

“It’s up to them,” Alva said. “Some people turn violent and get killed in bed. Some people are very popular, although everyone thinks he has a brain problem. Of course, on the whole, they are not too dangerous. The withered will bring destruction, while the confused are mostly just… “

“It’s just annoying.” Myka mumbled.

Mages and the people around him exchanged glances, and the three suddenly looked at Myka very seriously.

“Mykabin Huguerie,” said mage, a middle-aged man with a black goatee, “I’m Justin. Nice to meet you.”

Myka stupidly shook hands with him, and another woman, mage, named Della, introduced herself to him.

“In fact, I was surprised to see you asking me about this,” Alva said. “I thought you knew. “

“What do you mean?”

“Mr. Mykabin Huguerie, we met two years ago,” said Della. “We didn’t say a few words, but I know some of your acquaintances. Since that mage party, we’ve found someone following you for a long time.”

Of course… He followed him for nine years. Myka knew it was Sylar.

Alva went on to say, “It was discovered by Della and Justin that I didn’t go to the party two years ago… To tell you the truth, I’m not interested in your personal safety. Later, they found that the person who followed you might be Druid, because that person had changed his body shape several times to disguise himself as an animal. Before the party, Justin found traces of Druid activity in the mountains of this place. Combined with the past, we think he is still following you.”

Myka nodded, ready to explain that he was not the enemy. Alva motioned to him to calm down and continued, “Today, you suddenly asked me about the withered. It seems that you have found that the stalker is off? He’s a charmer, isn’t he? In fact, we always want to find a real withered, so…”

Once again, he exchanged glances with the two mages, “If you don’t need him, I hope you can bring him to us.”

Myka didn’t quite understand what he meant, “What are you going to do?”

“You don’t know how the withered really want to meet a group of pink robed mages,” Alva said with a narrow smile, “and we really need people like them. Just like shapers and ordinary human society need each other. “

“They need it…” Della laughed at the strange metaphor.

“Trust me, he’ll need us. In the case of shapeshifters, some people need their inborn ability to sneak in and cheat and act as spies for them, and they also need to benefit from this.”

Myka partially understood. In short, the withered needed the help from Pink robed mages to live..

“But that’s not the person who is following me,” Myka said. “The Druid at the beginning stopped following me,” he said, which was also a fact. “Now the person I met is very powerful, and as you know, I don’t know how to communicate with him, I don’t have the confidence to say anything… And I can’t find him.”

Alva and the two human mages took Myka to a more remote corner.

“It’s a pity that we have a lot to study and can’t go with you. But we can help you…”

A pink robed mage’s party, like the Necromancer’s, lasted for several days. Myka left ahead of time, not only with the entrustment of high-level mages, but also with some magic items and materials that were exchanged at the party.

He turned his knapsack on the road and thought as he counted his things. He was not sure Atan really wanted to come, and even if Atan did, would Sylar? Atan was his teacher and relative. Would Sylar think this kind of decision was a little… wretched?

In the night, the sky rolled and thundered again, and big raindrops began to fall. Fortunately, Myka rushed back to Rowan’s home before the storm. The Rowan couple had agreed to let him stay. The couple had already slept, but they warmly welcomed him into the room and served him hot soup. It was autumn and the rain made the night colder.

Myka didn’t want to bother them too much, so he asked them to rest and take care of themselves. The guest room was actually an attic. When he walked up with a candlestick, he found the door was open.

As he pushed the door, a huge black shadow rose. Myka almost threw the candlestick on his head. The thing hugged Myka and dragged him into the room. He closed the door and held the candlestick. Thick claws covered Myka’s mouth.

The brown bear gradually became a human. Sylar leaned in Myka’s ear and said, “Why are you so reactive?”

“Then why are you so scary?” Myka said, “Can’t you be human?”

“It’s so cold today. I didn’t want to light someone else’s fireplace. It’s warmer to be a bear.” Sylar rubbed Myka as if he were still a bear.

Myka left his arms by putting the candlestick in place. However, when he was pulled into the room just now, the backpack on his shoulder slipped down. After Sylar released him, the backpack fell to the ground.

In the dim candlelight, a pile of things rolled out of the loose bag. Scroll boxes and spell books were among the most normal looking. Sylar blushed more than Myka. A string of beads of varying sizes engraved with some runes rolled to his feet, and he retreated like a little girl afraid of mice.

“I… I went to the pink robed mage’s regular party… ” Myka quickly squatted down and stuffed these things back into his backpack, “so, you see, this is my job…”

Sylar twisted his fingers and nodded, “I know, I’m not embarrassed, really.”

In fact, Myka was shocked: Sylar knew what this thing was for! You should know that many guests couldn’t understand their purpose, and they still show the expression of re understanding the world after being explained.

After finishing, Myka decided to go all out and tell Sylar about the mage’s party.

“Sylar, you are just in time. I have something to tell you.” He beckoned Sylar to sit down.

The Druid nodded, “I have something to say. But go first.”

Myka told him about the “bewitcher” and explained in detail what pink robed mage wanted to find Atan.

Sylar was silent after listening, which made Myka a little uneasy. After a while, Sylar said slowly, “I can’t make a decision for Atan. But this is not the most important issue at present.”

What’s the problem? Myka was waiting for him to go on.

“It seems more important than whether Atan would like to see Alva and rescue Lord Todd,” said Sylar. “In fact, today I finally found the location of the cave, which may be submerged by the mountain flood at any time.”

“Wait! You speak too fast, I can’t understand!” Myka was surprised.

Sylar rubbed the palm of his hand (which he liked to do every time he was embarrassed) and bit his lips with a crooked head. “Myka, let me tell you something. Don’t be surprised, will you?”

“I won’t be surprised what you’ve done.”

“That’s good. I found out that most of the recent weather anomalies are Atan’s masterpieces. The rain stopped for a day or two because I used the same magic to interfere…” Myka found himself underestimating these druids. Seeing Myka’s total stupor, Sylar hurriedly explained, “Don’t think too much about it. Our spells can only affect a small area.”

At first, Sylar didn’t know that the successive autumn rains were caused by Atan. Later, he felt more and more strange about the weather, and finally found that it was a magic effect. At this time, it was very dangerous. The continuous heavy rain made several streams and rivers in the valley rise sharply, which may cause flash floods at any time.

Sylar tried to control the weather as much as possible to stop Atan, but it was clear that Atan would continue to cast, causing rain. Sylar still didn’t understand what Atan wanted to do.

Lansuo Valley, the nearby Meishu village, Yuanxian village, and the hidden caves in the forest were all located in the lower part of the terrain, and disasters may come at any time. Sylar found the location of the cave in time, but he was not sure that Atan was in it. Even so, he planned to go to find out. Even if Atan was not there, Illican and Sovili may be.

“My God, isn’t it dangerous?” Myka stood up. “Atan is also a druid… He didn’t know?”

Sylar shook his head. Atan was no longer a pure Druid, his connection with the earth had become very thin. He could not even sense the danger that was coming.

“Myka, you have to remind the people of Berry village and Yuanxian village,” said Sylar. “I’ll find out every entrance to the caves and bring the message to the Lansuo elves. After that, we… Let’s meet at the place where we first met.”

Myka knew, that’s where he first met Sylar when the elves asked him to play the evil mage. Of course, Sylar had seen him before. Myka decided to remind the villagers, though he didn’t think they would believe it easily. When he opened the door, Sylar stood up and grabbed him, giving him a quick kiss on the forehead.

Myka was stunned. “You are… Is it the blessing of the son of the wilderness again?”

“No,” Sylar replied with a smile, “it might seem too abrupt to kiss you directly on the mouth?”

“Of course! We’re in someone else’s house!” Myka lowered his head and pretended to be busy packing his backpack.

“If it was in your house?”

Another pit, and I jumped in by myself… Myka thought desperately.

“It’s the eve of epic war. It’s just a small problem. Don’t make it so messy.” He mumbled and ran downstairs.

Sylar was in the house as a falcon, flying out of the window in the rain. He didn’t worry about Myka because he had been following Myka for nine years and knew that Myka was a trustworthy mage.

Just as they were busy, some of the elves in Lansuo valley couldn’t sleep.

The lightning scared King Hollis to run downstairs and try to hide in every corner of the restaurant. Since arriving at the surface, he had not been able to adapt to the weather phenomenon of ‘thunder and lightning.’

With the help of her husband, Inkoso, the hyacinth Princess rubbed her brow wearily and looked at her father, “My king, my father, my dawn and stars… Can you just leave him alone? There will be nothing tomorrow morning.”

“No way,” said the elf King Relinfal, squatting at the table, trying to get out Hollis, who was huddled under the tablecloth like a cat. “Every time there’s a flash of lightning, he swears. I can’t stand it.”

“Anyway, it’s the dark elf language…” The hyacinth was leaning against the cupboard by the window.

There was another flash of lightning, followed by a burst of thunder. Under the table, Hollis covered his ears and saw the window behind the princess from the edge of the raised tablecloth.

Hollis, who was used to the day, was no longer afraid of the strong light. He saw a man standing outside the window. The moment of lightning, the dark rain curtain is illuminated. The man was with long black curly hair, and his thin shirt had been drenched in the rain.

Hollis couldn’t help shaking. He saw Atan Needles smiling brightly and his warm eyes moving around to everyone in the room.

= = = = = = = = =

I have thought before why Sylar and Myka are moving so slowly, probably because they are too careful, just like two little girls… OTL

…………………… What to do? No one is playing hooligan. It’s hard to push forward It’s so troublesome for a good child…

In addition, Druids do have a magic called control weather, which also comes from the 3R core;

The range is two miles from the center. It’s not big. In fact, it’s a little larger here according to the plot, but it’s also small in general It only affects local areas. A cast can last for a day or two.

The same magic can be found in mages’ Arcane spells, but it’s very advanced. Mages like Myka don’t understand it (in fact, even powerful mage don’t like doing this…)

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