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Falling in Love in the Supernatural World
Falling in Love in the Supernatural World

Falling in Love in the Supernatural World by 即墨遥

Year: 2019

Genre: BL, Fantasy, Supernatural, Romance.

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 47 Chapters

Translator: Vivian

Editor: Addis

~~~~Brought to you by ExR~~~~


Finch, a little-known star, went to a luxury cruise party and met his ex-boyfriend, with whom he had broken up with two years ago. Only then did he find out that, while he thought he was an ordinary man’s ex-boyfriend, he was a super-rich man with a mysterious identity!

If I didn’t break up, I guess I would’ve already married into a rich family by now?

I feel like I’ve missed out on a hundred million.

Just as Finch was thinking about whether to get back together with him, he suddenly found himself involved in a strange homicide.

But this was only the beginning.

Finch: Forget it. I just want to live a peaceful life. I don’t want this rich family.

Cesar: It’s too late…


Chapter 1: Ex-Boyfriend

Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis

In the magnificent hall, men and women that were dressed finely mingled together. The extravagant decorations were so dazzling under the lights that Finch 1 had to squint.

Finch calmly moved closer to the corner before he sized up the man in the center of the crowd ahead, which was like a myriad of stars surrounding the moon.

Despite the fact that there were accomplished businessmen, directors, celebrities, models, and so on, even of them with their own glamor… even in such a setting, the man drew as much attention as a crane would while standing among a flock of chickens.

Finch looked around him and realized that he wasn’t the only one whose attention had been attracted. Everyone was whispering and guessing who the man was. His face was unfamiliar, but how had they not seen him before?

Finch inclined his ear and listened quietly. It was as if a cat was stalking around in his heart, and he was filled with insuppressible curiosity! Why was no one able to pinpoint who he was despite having discussed it for so long?

There were three youthful and beautiful female models on Finch’s left, and they were huddled together and whispering, their eyes sparkling as they looked at the man in the center of the crowd. 

Female model A said, “Wow, that man is so handsome. How come we’ve never seen him before? Is he new to the entertainment industry? His face is incredible!”

Female model B chided, “Ceci, can’t you think about something other than flirting? Even if you don’t recognize him, you must recognize the person next to him, right? How can a new person to the entertainment industry be treated with such respect by Mr. Luo?”

Female model C said, “Exactly. That’s Mr. Luo of Star Entertainment! Star Entertainment takes up practically half of the entertainment industry, so if Mr. Luo is so respectful towards him, then how could he be a little-known celebrity? When have you ever seen Mr. Luo treat a celebrity with that much respect?”

The three models’ eyes brightened as they all realized something, and they stared at the man with even more intense gazes.

Female model A said, “Could it be… that that’s a playboy from some wealthy family?”

Female model B shook her head. “That’s not likely. Those good-for-nothing fuerdai 2 wouldn’t necessarily be on equal footing with Mr. Luo. But no matter what, he must be a big shot.”

Female model C murmured, “The most important thing is that he’s also so good-looking…”

After listening to them, female model A, who had been so excited just then, lowered her head in disappointment. She sighed, “If only he was just a little-known celebrity or a little-known model, the same as us… Even if I had to pay for it, I’d still want to talk to him, but it seems that it’s hopeless. That type of person would definitely look down on us.”

The three of them were sullen and sighed in despair; after all, worming into here was pretty good already for little-known models like them. Although they hoped to be able to seduce an investor, they didn’t dare to even think about doing something like that to Mr. Luo nor other people on his level, not to mention the extraordinary, mysterious man whom even Mr. Luo respected a lot.

Finch sighed in disappointment at the same time. He had originally wanted to covertly ask around, but he still hadn’t figured out who the man was. How low of a profile did the man have to be keeping that not a single person in this gossipy place knew who he was?

His gaze was complicated as he glanced in front of him again. The man in the distance seemed to sense something and just happened to turn his head to look in Finch’s direction. The man’s features were forceful and indifferent. Finch looked down hastily and stepped backward as he raised his hands to cover his face, his heart pounding fiercely.

He really hadn’t expected that he would encounter Cesar Yu 3 again.

And it was on such an occasion that had caught him off guard.

To be honest, if it weren’t for Cesar’s unforgettable face, then he probably wouldn’t have created such a lasting impression in Finch’s mind. After all, they had only dated briefly, and he was just an ex-boyfriend who had disappeared for two whole years.

To Finch, he was almost the same as a stranger.

It had only happened because they happened to meet and get acquainted. They had been together only because it had looked good, and they had broken up at random.

Finch had never asked him about his past nor his identity because he hadn’t thought it was necessary. After all, who would’ve thought that a boyfriend he had dated casually was secretly a rich man?

If he wasn’t sure that it was impossible for someone in this world to look exactly the same as Cesar, then Finch would suspect that he had mistaken him.

Now, as Finch watched Cesar talk happily with Mr. Luo, he had to hold back his tears as he thought about just how cruel the world was towards him.

He had gone through great lengths to obtain an invitation to attend this luxurious cruise party. It was rumored that tonight, besides the company’s CEO, Luo JinYi, celebrities, directors, and producers would also be attending. For little-known 4 celebrities like Finch, this was a good opportunity for him to promote himself. He had originally wanted to fawn over his boss in hopes to be noticed, but who knew that he ended up having to sneakily hide in the corner, afraid to be seen.

At the time… it seemed to be Finch himself that had brought up breaking up?

If he had known it would come to this, then he definitely wouldn’t have made that sort of decision so rashly! He could have relied on Cesar’s connection with Mr. Luo, and if he had, then would he still be playing small roles and playing such unremarkable side characters? He used to be sitting on a mountain of gold without even realizing it… he thought about his Alipay Huabei 5 balance again.

Gnashing his teeth and stomping his feet wasn’t enough to express his regret!

Finch sadly took out his phone. He had originally wanted to post: 6 What would you do if you accidentally encountered your ex-boyfriend and discovered that he’s super-rich?! After thinking about it some more, he felt that that was too unreserved and not mysterious enough. He slowly typed out a line of words: I feel as if I’ve missed out on a hundred million…

He pressed the post button. 

He had been wanting to receive everyone’s consolation and curiosity, but he hadn’t expected to gain a dozen or so likes in an instant with no replies.

Finch was speechless.

Ah, those heartless bastards, he thought. 

Not even one person would ask him exactly what he had missed out on?!

This was too disappointing!

Finch silently turned off his phone in dejection and glanced quietly in Cesar’s direction…

There was no ethics in business, so should he take the initiative and say hi?

But after seeing his own boss and the well-dressed, successful people over there… Finch’s eyes twitched and, in the end, he gave up on that idea.

At this time, his phone suddenly lit up from a WeChat notification that said that he had received a red envelope from Coco. Finch quickly swiped open the notification and saw that Coco had sent him a message: Don’t be sad, you just didn’t snatch up a one-fen 7 red packet,8 right? Here’s one hundred times that, muah!

Finch had mixed feelings as he clicked open the red packet. Sure enough, it was one yuan 9.

Although it felt nice that someone cared about him… even Finch’s ten-year-old nephew thought that he was the type of person to say he missed out on a hundred million when he just hadn’t snatched up a one-fen red packet?? 

What’s the most important thing in the entertainment industry? Having connections!

Finch used to have the best connection right in front of him and he hadn’t cherished it. If someone gave him another chance…

Never mind, he wouldn’t think about that anymore.

“Hey handsome, can I have your WeChat ID?” someone said sweetly.

Finch came back to his senses and turned around to see a girl in a white strapless dress standing next to him. Her looks were very sweet, and she had cute dimples on her cheeks. She was female model A from the group of three models from before, the one named Ceci.

He remembered that… she seemed to be very curious about Cesar’s identity, and after finding out that his identity was very extraordinary, she had sighed with a lot of self-awareness. Why had she come over to strike up a conversation with Finch now?

Finch thought about Cesar’s sexual orientation and thought to himself, The hardest barrier hindering you isn’t the gap between your classes, but the fact that you’re a woman! Finch felt sympathetic for her as they had both met the same misfortune, so he said gently, “Okay.”

Ceci hadn’t expected Finch to be so approachable, and she froze for a moment… She had been wandering amongst the crowd searching for a target and had seen that Finch looked out of the common. Although she wasn’t sure of his identity, Finch hadn’t gone up and fawned over anyone and had merely been standing there silently. He seemed to be enveloped by a morose aura, making his delicate and handsome features even more attractive and unique!

He didn’t seem to be an ordinary person! There were so many fuerdai here today, so she reckoned that he was one of them.

Upon seeing that Finch was so easy to talk to, Ceci’s smile became even sweeter as she winked at Lily and Anna, signaling that everything was going smoothly. Then, she continued saying to Finch, “My name is Ceci. Handsome, what’s your name?”

When Finch saw her like that, he knew that she had misunderstood. Although she was cute, she seemed to be a bit blind. Trying to seduce Finch wouldn’t be of any use to her. Even though he was in the entertainment industry, Finch wouldn’t go so far as to take advantage of a young woman, not to mention, he was gay! He smiled calmly and said, “Finch. I’m an actor from Star Entertainment. What about you?”

That was a euphemistic way of introducing who he was. Since he was an actor from Star Entertainment but wasn’t well-known at all, then there was no doubt that he was a small actor that had come to get on good terms with Mr. Luo. His situation wasn’t much better than little-known models like her, and he wasn’t a fuerdai like she thought he was.

As expected, Ceci faltered, but because she was so cute, she still looked cute in her blank state that made one want to pinch her cheeks.

Although her mind was slow, she wasn’t stupid, and quickly realized that she had got the wrong person. She looked a bit upset at once, but she didn’t suddenly turn hostile and walk-off either. She laughed apologetically to Finch, shy and cute. “I’m Ceci. Can I scan your QR code?” 10

Finch was stunned that she was still so persistent in adding him on WeChat. He held out his phone for her and let her scan his QR code, and received a friend invite immediately after.

Ceci batted an eye at him and sighed, “Actually, I was quite nervous just then. I was scared you would… well, make an embarrassing request. This is also my first time attending this type of occasion. Lily brought me here, and she said that I could encounter CEOs from entertainment companies as well as directors. If I can get noticed by them, then I might get the opportunity to act in something. Though I’m just a model, I have a dream of becoming a superstar!”

Finch couldn’t help but laugh, and he felt even more sympathetic for her. He said earnestly, “You can do it!”

Ceci’s eyes crinkled as she smiled and she seemed to plan on chatting some more, but she saw that Lily and Anna seemed to want to say something to her, so she said to Finch, “It was a pleasure to meet you. I’ll see you around!”

Finch nodded and watched her walk away energetically. He scrolled through her WeChat moments in boredom and saw that she was lively and cute. She also had a lot of selfies with her and her friends and relatives.

He looked at his phone for a while before looking up. He suddenly discovered that Cesar had come a bit closer to his corner without him realizing it. Although Cesar had been talking with other people the entire time, if he turned his head, then he would see Finch. Finch quickly used his hand to cover his face and continued walking away!

But his luck seemed to be very bad tonight. He was moving and so was Cesar, and the hall was only so big…

Finch was forced to keep moving.

He kept having the feeling that he was being deliberately targeted, but Cesar clearly hadn’t seen him yet, so it must just be a misconception!

He was about to be forced to the door where there was no more space to retreat further. Finch gritted his teeth and decided that it’d probably be better if he went outside to get some fresh air. He sidled towards the doorway slowly, trying to lower his presence as much as possible. However, he hadn’t had enough time to make it there when he suddenly heard a shrill scream coming from the corridor, “Ahhhhh, he’s dead! Ahhhhh——!”

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Translator Notes:

  1. Finch’s original name is Fang Chu (方楚), but I have changed it to Finch to be consistent with the English name I gave to the ML.
  2. Fuerdai translates literally to “rich second generation”. Basically, the term is a derogatory way to refer to the children of the nouveau riche of China. The nouveau riche is a French term that translates literally to “new rich”, and it is also a derogatory term. It refers to people who made their own money and moved up the social ladder because of it. In short, fuerdai are the people who inherited a lot of money from their rich parents.
  3. Cesar Yu’s actual name is Yu SiZe (郁司泽), but I have changed it to Cesar Yu because it’s easier to type and also so people don’t mispronounce his name in their head as ‘size.’ XD (Addis agreed with accidentally calling him size on more than one occasion, lol)
  4. The word used here for ‘little-known’ translates literally to ‘eighteenth line.’ Basically, the first, second, and third lines are the best, and the most famous celebrities and artists are sorted into this category. The eighteenth line is significantly lower, both in terms of their fame and income. Although there are even worse levels, the eighteenth line is still relatively sucky.
  5. Alipay is kind of like a Chinese version of Paypal. Huabei is by the same company as Alipay, and it is like a credit card that uses the user’s Alipay balance.
  6. Finch is posting on WeChat using the moments’ feature. WeChat is a Chinese messaging, social media, and payment app, and the moments’ feature of WeChat is where you can post pictures with captions if you want. Or, you can post only text, which is what Finch is doing right now. Only people that are friends in WeChat can see each other’s moments, and they can also like and comment on their posts.
  7. The Chinese currency is in renminbi, and a fen is equivalent to .14 of a cent in USD.
  8. When Finch tweeted that he ‘missed out on a hundred million,’ the phrase he used is also slang for humorously exaggerating that one didn’t snatch up a virtual red packet in WeChat. Basically, WeChat has a feature where people can send virtual red envelopes to each other, and the money is put into their WeChat Pay account. If one doesn’t click on the packet within 24 hours of the other person sending it, then the packet expires. However, in this case, poor Finch actually meant a hundred million yuan (around 14.4 million USD) and not just a measly WeChat packet.
  9. A yuan is also in the Chinese currency, the renminbi. It is equivalent to around 14 US cents.
  10. WeChat as a feature where if you scan someone’s QR code then the app will automatically send that person a friend invite.


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