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Chapter 39: A normal mind may be more important than a good heart

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


The lightning was getting closer and closer, as if it was exploding overhead. It was early in the morning that Myka arrived at the semi underground cave on the forest border, where he had met Sylar.

Sylar was dressing the bear in the house. Axtus’s hind leg was injured and he was snorting and panting, as if in pain. Myka was not afraid of Sylar’s bear at all, and could even walk to touch him.

Seeing Myka come in, Sylar’s face was reassuring. “Atan has taken Hollis and Inkoso.” He said.

“Inkoso? He’s married!”

“Do you think my teacher has morality?” Sylar said helplessly, “If it wasn’t for the protection of his majesty and Hollis, he would have captured the hyacinth princess too.”

When Sylar arrived, Relinfall was locked in the basement, while the hyacinth princess was crammed into a small cabinet, and the Elves were picking out the stuck one.

When Atan was found out of the house, Hollis’s loud reminders were drowned in the deafening thunder. Although sometimes Hollis was a little stupid, as a drow, he was better than the weak cousins of Lansuo Valley at finding crisis. His ears were sensitive to the sound of tiny cracks. Before the decor glass was broken, he grabbed the Elven king and left the restaurant.

According to the princess and the Elven king, it wasn’t a human who rushed in, but a giant wolf, which was Atan’s favorite form. When they fled around in a small castle and the Elven guards came to answer, what they faced turned into an unknown monster.

It would roll up the wooden door and tear it apart. It would blow the whole army out of the window. The Lanso elves have hardly experienced a real “battle”, and they were at a loss under such strange scenes.

Among all the elves, the bravest one was Hollis. He was a drow, not unfamiliar with monsters and attacks. He was not good at dealing with others in the forest and open battlefield. But now the castle was dark, and most of the candles in the corridor were turned over and extinguished. The narrow environment was very similar to the dark area.

He hid Relinfall in the basement. After a few days, he knew that the Elven king was not good at other things and was best at making troubles. Then, he took Inkoso and several soldiers and deliberately led the monster to a narrow corridor. The monster’s body couldn’t pass through, even if the house was demolished, it was not good for itself.

Hollis has prepared dark elf poison darts, which were equipped on the crossbow of elves. Once the “monster” changed back to Atan’s human body, they would launch short darts at him.

It was a common method for creatures in dark areas to attack the enemies without shelter in narrow areas. Hollis knew that he couldn’t hit Atan in the open, he knew how sensitive Atan was, but it was different in such a narrow area. Several elves shot at the same time. One or two of them hit.

The dart was not smeared with a paralyzing agent – Hollis knew it was useless against Atan. They used pepper powder and itching powder.

He was inspired by a pink robed mage. Of course, Myka didn’t do this, but after his defeat, Hollis had some new ideas. As a result, Hollis was defeated by the Lansuo elves… It was true that Atan had changed back to human form, but of the seven or eight soldiers, only Hollis hit Atan’s right arm, and other elves shot the wall or floor without exception.

Hollis could not help wondering why the dark elves didn’t attack the surface if the surface Elves were like this. Once again, the Elves were in a state of disorder. During this period, the animal-like seal man, Igor, who lived in the castle temporarily, came out and was trampled several feet by the howling elves in the corridor.

Atan not only wanted to recapture his “beautiful drow”, but also was interested in the talented Inkoso and the romantic couple. Hollis put the princess into the cupboard and put a dark art nearby. He didn’t expect it to deceive Atan, but maybe Atan was too excited to search carefully, so he left with Inkoso and Hollis who surrendered voluntarily.

“What monster has he become?” Myka asked.

“Plant monster,” Sylar said, “The lanso elves have described so many things, some of them are sprouting potatoes, some of them are green fur bears, and the hyacinth princess said it looked like a headless knight with a huge celery sword… I can only be sure it’s plant type at least.”

Myka imagined those three descriptions. It could be imagined what a horrible night it was last night.

When Atan rushed into the castle, there were many beasts around the forest, such as foxes and Wolverines. Atan used magic to control them and let them act as guards to prevent the elves from escaping from the area. Sylar’s animal companion, Axtos, resisted the domination, but was bitten by other beasts.

“I just used a spell to interfere with the rain clouds,” said Sylar, who had already bandaged the bear and was comforting her by rubbing her fur. “Maybe the rain can stop slowly. We have to find Atan. When he finds that the rain has stopped, he will continue to cast. I don’t know how Illican and Sovili are doing, have they been…”

When it came to that, he stopped. Anyway, Myka knew what he meant.

Myka, with other things that pink robed mage gave him, left the house with Sylar and rushed to the entrance of the cave. The animals in the forest had been tossed by Atan’s magic all night. Now they were all sleeping soundly, and all around were very quiet.

Sylar once again used the leather rope on Myka’s neck to help him move more quickly through the jungle, which reminded Myka of the value of the amulet.

But Myka held back and didn’t ask. He could almost imagine that once he asked, Sylar would pitifully tilt his head and say, ‘I don’t want you to agree with anything, I just want to interfere with you out of my own will, because I like you very much!’ Myka knew that he wouldn’t explain.

The rain really stopped gradually, the haze of the sky slowly cleared, the forest was still quite wet. After finding an entrance, Myka stopped and took out a small flat bottle.

“Sylar, let’s drink these potions and find him.” Myka said.

“What is this?”

“Other pink robed mages gave it to me,” Myka said awkwardly. “It’s basically… So that you can maintain a clear mind. You know, some pink spells can make people lose self-control, and even make a large area of creatures take an aphrodisiac. This is a liquid medicine that can prevent people from being affected by the emotional effect.”

Alva and his disciples knew the habits of the pink mages, so they gave Myka this potion to prevent him from being controlled.

After sharing the potion, Sylar touched his lips, “Are we kissing indirectly?”

“No!” Myka polished the light stick, poked the branches and leaves of the stone hole and walked in. For the first time, he heard the word “indirect kissing” coming out of the mouth of an adult man. It would be understandable for a girl under the age of sixteen.

“I thought of an old stroy.” Sylar followed in, took the light stick from Myka, and walked to the front.

“Which one?”

“Some adventurers were missing. There were strange fruit trees in the nearby village…”

“Then the protagonist found the entrance to the ancient underground ruins, where lives an evil Druid?” Myka had heard the story.

“Yeah, then the protagonists beat many goblins and found that all the strange things were caused by the Druid. He even planted an evil tree.” Sylar’s voice was very small, but there were some slight echoes in the tunnel. “We are very similar to that story now.”

Myka chuckled and shook his head, “Not at all. It’s a very serious story. There’s no pink magic, no kidnapping of Lords, no kidnapping of dark elf elves, no kidnapping of married men…”

They went a few different ways, and Sylar judged the right direction based on his experience of traveling in the wilderness. After going to the depth, the cave became a network of all directions, and there were traces of artificial repair. This group of caves was dug a long time ago, almost like an underground hotel.

“However, it is clear that these stones have only recently been thrown here.” Sylar referred to the corner.

“There may be a way to find them.” Myka took out a silver chain with a water lotus stone hanging underneath.

“What is this?”

“A detection type magic item,” which Alva lent Myka. “When activated, it can detect whether there are people nearby who are generating love, or who are making love. If the target is in line of sight, I will see his magic aura; if the target is in the distance, the lotus stone will help me guide the position.”

Sylar blushed, “What if Atan is not doing that?”

“It can detect the act, or if someone wants to.” Myka said.

With that, he took the silver chain in one hand, drew the starting Rune on the stone surface in the other hand, and chanted the mantra at the same time.

The pink stone vibrated and pointed in a certain direction like invisible wires.

“Let’s go there – oh, gods!” Myka was surprised when he turned to Sylar.

Several of the lotus stones pointed out of sight, but Sylar… was sending out light magic.

For a moment, Myka remembered a joke among the Knights of the temple: don’t detect evil in front of your companions. Mages around you will shine. This joke was full of discrimination against mages, Myka had always been indifferent to it, but today he suddenly understood the subtle mood contained in it.

“What’s the matter?” Sylar timidly clung to the oak and light stick as if he believed he could hide behind a stick that was not as thick as his wrist. Obviously he was a little guilty and knew what he looked like.

“What I want is a very normal and healthy relationship, I promise!” He said out loud.

“Don’t describe it, please…” Seeing Sylar like that, Myka even blushed a little. He turned to follow the stone and decided to ignore the glowing Sylar.

But Sylar came up and walked beside Myka, “You don’t think it’s good, do you? I thought you knew. Myka, didn’t you say you would like to talk to me more? Do you hate it? Are you just embarrassed? Or unhappy? If you are embarrassed, it is not necessary at all. All things in nature are like this. Of course, people have some ideas about their favorite people… Why are you so shy? Don’t you sell things like this in front of others…”

From time to time, Myka said, ‘Let’s talk later’ or ‘Keep your voice down,’ to try to lead the conversation, but it was obviously not that simple.

Sylar lowered his voice and kept asking, “I guess you’re more receptive to Druids in animal form. By the way, I want to confess one thing to you. In fact, I used to be a cat or a mouse, and I secretly climbed to your pillow at night…”

“God! You became a mouse and climbed in my pillow?”

“It’s not a real mouse. I’m clean.”

“Can you think about what we’ll do for a moment?” Myka asked, “To be honest, I don’t want to have a conflict with Atan, do you?”

Looking back, Sylar’s magical aura faded down a lot. Myka was glad that his thoughts finally began to get back to business. However, in the moment of Myka’s turning, Sylar suddenly bowed his head close to him, and his lips covered the corners of his mouth.

Sylar’s lips started at the corner of Myka’s mouth and then moved to his lower lip. Myka was stunned. He didn’t object, but he didn’t respond. He still held the position with the detecting item in his hands, like he was frozen.

He didn’t know if it was because he used a cat’s body to kiss the other secretly but now Sylar’s practice was a bit like a cat. He repeatedly pecked and kissed Myka’s lips several times, then put one hand on Myka’s face, blinked at him, and kissed again several times.

“Do you hate it?” Sylar asked.

“… Ah?” Myka was still frozen.

“Great,” Sylar’s face suddenly showed reassurance, as if he had read something from Myka’s dull eyes. “Did you hear that voice?”

At this time, Myka found that Sylar’s aura had almost disappeared, and the lotus stone was still pointing in another direction.

“It’s starting to rain outside again,” said Sylar. “Atan intervened in the weather again, so there will be mountain torrents… The river in the upper reaches of the mountain has overflowed.” After that, it was probably because he heard the warning of rocks and rain that he suddenly recovered his serious appearance. He held up his lighting stick and walked to the deep passage, and called Myka to keep close to him.

Myka was shocked by the speed of Sylar’s thinking transformation, and also wanted to reflect… His reaction just now was really stupid.

At this time, a scream came from the deeper part of the cave, which made Sylar and Myka shiver. The cry was so shrill that it seemed to have witnessed some terrible scene. It was so loud that no one could recognize whose voice it was.

Then the voice shouted, “You’d better go on it yourself! I don’t want this thing — “

The latter part of the speech was ambiguous, but this time they recognized that it was Hollis’s voice.

They followed the direction of lotus stone and followed the sound to speed up their steps. Myka secretly prepared the scroll and magic materials, as well as a pack of powder that Alva gave him.

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