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Chapter 40: Vines and medicinal powder

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


On the slope outside Berry village, three people in oil cloth cloaks stood in the rainstorm, sighing.

“I’m not good at it at all.” The woman muttered.

“Me too,” said the man beside her, “what can I do? I have to try. If it’s not that bad, maybe we don’t have to cast.”

In the rain, two dark red bird shaped feather charms flew over them and landed on the slender palm of the third man. It was other mages who were contacting them.

“You think it’s for those crops, as well as summer maple.”

After receiving the message, Alva adjusted the hood of his cloak and continued to observe the distance.

When Sylar and Myka found Atan, he was sitting on a huge, strange creature.

They don’t know if it was a creature. It had a creepy body like a tangled root, no wonder that the Lansuo Spirit said that he had seen huge sprouted potatoes and several thick green tendrils, and a big mouth with a circle of tongue, which was the only one with a tentacle… Yes, it’s a circle of tongue, not teeth.

Myka was so shocked by this thing that she almost threw away the thing in his hand. Sylar was murmuring, “Aubun almighty. Everything is so amazing…”

Atan was in an open cavern, where there were countless soft bedding, cushions, cabinets for storing food and a barrel of wine. There were iron gates at the entrances and exits. Of course, they couldn’t block Sylar and Myka.

The bedding was messy, and Hollis was not here with Inkoso or Illican or Sovili. The iron gate of the other side of the passage was opened, and the chains and locks were still hung on it. It should have been pried open.

“Damn it! What did you do?” Atan glared at Myka. Sylar was surprised. Although he knew the teacher’s thinking was very strange, he seldom saw Atan’s anxious look. And they just found him. What did Myka do?

Myka smiled awkwardly: “Mr. Atan Needles, please bring out Lord Todd and Sovili, and Hollis… It’s dangerous here. You’d better…”

“I asked you what you did! Pink Robed Mage!” Atan continued.

Sylar tried to explain the danger to the teacher, but Atan repeatedly interrupted him impatiently.

“Well,” Myka said, “I’ll tell you what I did.”

He opened his hands, each with a small stand of yellow green powder.

“What is that?” When Atan asked, he was still riding on one of the tentacles of a giant plant monster. The scene was promiscuous.

“Disguising agent,” Myka replied, and secretly praised the efficacy of this thing. “A magic agent, invented by a late mage and pink robed mage Alva enhanced its efficacy. After touching the temperature of human body, it will diverge by itself. Nothing can be blocked. Even ordinary breeze can’t blow away… It’s like cryo fog, if you’re familiar with it.”

“Come on, tell me what it’s done to me!” As it sounded, Atan was very eager and his voice was shaking.

“It will make all creatures in the effect range…” Myka thought, when he finished, Sylar would blush again, “- lose the ability of perceptual stimulation.”

“You mean we’re all impotent!”

“You can say that, but it’s not the same. Even if you don’t use an organ to do that, you can’t feel anything. Like… Females also lose their senses.”

When Myka finished, both druids looked at him in shock.

“Myka,” Sylar asked in a mysterious whisper, “so even you and I are… Is he impotent?”

“Yes… But so what? Do you need it now?” Myka asked.

“When did you start using this powder?”


As they were talking, Atan jumped from the plant monster. He was slim but he looked intimidating, even though he was only wearing a white shirt. He approached slowly, “Get rid of it!” 

Sylar stood in front of Myka for fear of what his teacher would do to hurt Myka.

“I can’t get rid of it,” Myka said, “because I didn’t cast a spell for it. You are also a mage. You should be quite clear. If you want to end the effect, you have to leave the effect range first, and then drink the green gooseberry juice of the caster. You can also use common green gooseberry…”

“What is the scope?”

“About I think the radius is over a thousand feet. But I don’t know the exact starting point.”

Atan said something in a dejected low voice. He was really ready to go to the exit. “Do you have any green gooseberry juice?” He asked back.

“Yes, in my house, on the counter in the hall.”

“Take me!”

“No, Sylar will come with you,” Myka said. “It’s raining hard outside. The forest is too hard for a mage to walk. I don’t want to go back.”

Myka’s answer, of course, was just a casual one, and he winked at Sylar.

Myka talked to Sylar before finding them. Their goal at the beginning was to bring Atan out as much as possible, and let him and Sylar work together to control rainwater – and even possible floods. After all, Atan’s ability to cast couldn’t be underestimated. The rumble was getting closer and closer. Maybe there would be a flash flood. Myka hoped that both Sylar and Atan could go to the ground immediately to control the weather or water situation, so as to avoid further disasters. Now, in addition to his desire, Atan had no use but to warn him of his personal safety. He can only be cheated out of the cave in this way.

Originally, Myka was just going to slow them down a little bit. He felt that he might need to take care of the possible wounded (Myka knew that even pleasant things could hurt people). He didn’t expect Illican, Sovili, Hollis and Inkoso to escape to the deep cave, from the door that was pried open. Myka decided to stay and spend some time finding them.

“Are you sure?” Sylar asked in a low voice and squeezed Myka’s shoulder. Now Myka didn’t reject this kind of small action. Maybe it was because Sylar looked very serious, not blushing.

“I’m sure that the cave will be blocked from the flow of water.” Myka replied.

Sylar nodded and pressed Myka to his chest, then turned to catch up with Atan.

After Atan and Sylar left, Myka looked at the motionless plant monster, holding a lighting stick close to the opening of the lock. He remembered that when he and Sylar pretended to be evil people and kidnapped the elven princess, Morning Mist said that the original tactics of the Elves were to water the basement and force them out by drowning the voles… Now it seemed that he really had to face this situation.

The thick clouds rolled over the forest, and the heavy rain caused the maple grass to keep red all the time. From a distance, the appearance of the mountain forest was a bit terrible, like the forest growing out of blood. People in Yuanxian village, who originally thanked “the gift of Auben” and collected all the abnormal crops, were gradually afraid, especially after being reminded by Pilak and his father.

Myka didn’t tell the village head about the mountain torrents or knock on the door to door when he and Sylar separated and went back to the village to make preparations. He didn’t know the villagers very well, and they wouldn’t leave the village because of his words.

So he went to Pilak and the village guard. Although these guys often made fun of him and laughed at his career. Myka was confident to persuade them, and they believed in the mage.

Pilak told his father that the old hunter with high prestige also came to persuade the villagers with the guards. Gradually, the people evacuated to a higher place. At noon, they heard the rumble of the mountain forest. The father and son were afraid. Fortunately, they listened to Myka’s advice.

Far away, though, hunters had begun to hear the bending of trees and the overflow of waterways. The old hunter sent out a letter hawk to inform other nearby villages. In fact, Berry Village and other places had been warned and were ready.

As Sylar took him to a rock, Atan finally understood what rain would bring. He was a little surprised, staring at the student and foster child who had begun to cast.

Sylar was now an adult, an excellent and experienced Druid. Sylar had been looking for Atan, trying to change the rainfall and avoid danger, but Atan himself was not aware of this, and had not been able to sense the warning of nature.

His ability to cast was still there, but it had gradually become dull and alienated from the forest.

Atan stood in the rain, curled black hair wet on hid body, white shirt completely soaked and no difference from the inch. He pulled the amber and sack from his neck, pinched the holly leaf in his hand, and stood beside Sylar.

“We can’t let the village under the mountain be submerged,” Atan said. “Otherwise I can’t find the mage’s potion! “

Sylar looked at his teacher helplessly and continued to recite the mantra.

But there was a slip in something. When Atan pulled down the thing between his neck, he wiped out the rune on the amber completely. After all, he was wet now.

And that rune controlled the vine monster in the cave.

Just as Myka called out the names of several people and vaguely heard the response from Inkoso, there was a sudden rustle behind him. Before he could react, he was pulled out by a thick vine.

Because the hole he entered had an iron fence door, and the tentacled vines stopped, Myka adjusted the angle, and pulled out a short dagger that was as small as a fruit knife from his boots – not to cut vines with it, of course. He recited a mantra to the dagger, and just after the casting, the powerful vines dragged him out of the passage.

He was thrown into the big cave just now. Fortunately, the ground was full of mattresses laid by Atan. In this moment, several blades appeared around Myka’s body, floating like clouds.

The giant sprouting potato like monster was wiggling and waving its tentacles. Myka suspected that whether it was a natural monster or a summoned monster, but it was out of control and in chaos. It may attack the nearest thing unreasonably.

When Myka saw the mucus on the tentacles of this plant monster, he found that things were worse than he thought. It was certainly not a creeper or tentacle, though it was very similar… It was not responsible for killing the target. It was for more evil and mysterious purposes!

Myka now finally understood why Hollis was screaming.

The floating blade tore the tendrils of the monster as much as possible. Myka began to cast spells for himself when he was busy coping, trying to break the grip of the vines at his waist.

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