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Chapter 41: Appropriate and forced spells

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Seeing the blade cloud technique, a few tentacles were afraid and a little timid, and Myka also took the opportunity to escape. He used greasy skills on himself, which were often used to stop the enemy’s actions, and occasionally to break free of ropes and so on.

After breaking away from the creature, Myka quickly moved away from it and chanted a mantra behind the pillar. Several rays of fire stabbed the monster.

In terms of attack, Myka had always been better at rays than manipulation and large-scale magic. His attack did hit the vine monster, but it didn’t seem to be affected at all – it had spell resistance.

“Atan is so great. It’s so troublesome to defeat…” Myka observed that the monster moved very fast, and the blade cloud couldn’t cause much cuts on it. Even if there were, the wounds would soon heal. He recalled the battle experience of how to deal with things that healed automatically and were magically resistant.

He had long known in his mind that mages should not deal with this kind of thing! Mages hated this kind of guy the most! It should be surrounded by a group of warriors and barbarians with curved blades or axes and slowly chopped…

Maybe one of the three good gods heard his inner cry, and then the soldiers came: inkoso and Sovili ran out of the small stone hole. It was a pity that they were unarmed. After all, Atan didn’t catch them for fighting.

Seeing Myka, Sovili was quite surprised. He didn’t think that his former companion would come to save him. At the same time, he was more and more ashamed. He never imagined that he would be rescued by a mage, elf and dark elf in a mess… Before Myka, he had been surprised once when the elf warrior and dark elf appeared.

Myka threw two daggers at them, and Sovili caught them steadily, Inkoso picked it up smoothly. Myka’s dagger was as small as a fruit knife, but it was better than being bare handed.

“Where are the dark elf and Lord Todd?” Myka asked.

As Sovili waved a dagger to stop the tentacles from approaching, he replied in a difficult voice, “Illican… is stuck. “

“The Drow is pulling him.” Inkoso added.


“It’s hard to say…” Sovili couldn’t talk too much because the tentacle plants were frantically waving sticky tentacles, each with an associative shape at the top.

At this moment, Hollis was pulling Illican’s calf and pulling him out of a small cave.

After the strange tentacles were summoned, Hollis was busy attracting Atan’s attention, and Sovili, who had been huddled in the corner and fighting with Atan for wisdom and courage, had quietly opened a small door.

When Atan could not help trying out the monster himself, they all went into the small cave and took the chance to escape. According to Hollis, the dark elf, he knew the general structure of the rock cave very well. He thought there must be other channels and exits in this direction.

There were exits, but they were facing a narrow and low passage. Originally, they should have asked the petite Hollis to try first, but Atan may come in at any time. In fear, Illican Todd, the weakest of the four, hurriedly got in first.

Sometimes the more anxious, the more trouble. It didn’t take long for him to climb in and get stuck, with only his calves exposed.

When observing from the outside of the cave, although the cave was too narrow, it should be able to be passed by adults, but the crawling posture was very important. If you were not careful, you may be stuck by the protruding stones.

Illican cannot move forward or backward. After hearing the voice outside, Sovili and Inkoso left for a while to check, and asked Hollis to continue pulling him.

Illican wailed to keep Sovili from leaving – and, of course, had been dependent on Sovili’s protection for the days he was taken.

Hollis comforted him, “Don’t worry, I’m a drow. I’m very good at pulling things out of dark caves…”

“You lie! The book says that the dark elves are liars!” Illican tried to wriggle. “And the book never said that dark elves are good at pulling things!”

“Don’t move! Keep your strength! Change your posture!” Hollis pulled Illican’s calf and guided him.

“Ah, it hurts! No way! Absolutely not!”

“Listen to me! One, two, three – push!”

“No way! Three good gods! Can’t get out!”

“Take a deep breath!”

“What are you doing?” At this point, Myka’s voice came from behind, “Having a baby?”

Hollis still resented this pink robed mage, but he knew this was not the time to vent. “It’s just the right time. Would you like to deliver the baby?”

Myka sighed. He was pleased to see that Illican’s exposed legs seemed to be neatly dressed in trousers.

Sovili and Inkoso also came running in, and Inkoso kept stuttering about what was going on outside: Tentacle plants were temporarily still, and Myka cast several spells from the scroll one after the other as the two warriors drew their attention.

Each spell called out a naked human creature with no obvious physical characteristics. They looked unattractive. Under Myka’s command, they all went to the tentacle monster one by one.

Myka has used a lot of reels in succession, which were very elementary and even the products of his previous exercises. The magic shaped ‘human’ was around the vine tentacles, each tentacle was divided into one.

Monsters could only play instinctively, not caring about the people in front of them. In the shocked eyes of two soldiers, tentacle plants and the human body formed by magic were entwined. If not for those ‘people’ who were too casual, the picture was very hot and weird.

“What is that! It’s horrible! More terrifying than a tentacle! Even the face is flat!” The elves were still talking.

“There’s no way to make it stop thinking about us,” Myka said. “The monster’s instinct is to capture humanoid creatures, insert their tentacles into some holes in their bodies, and make sexual love moves in and out. I guess if there is no order from the summoner, maybe it would never stop.” The people and elves around him shuddered as they said, “My magic scrolls are not real people, but at least they can play with the monster for a while. Fortunately, this monster only has sex on it’s mind but doesn’t kill people. Otherwise, we couldn’t deal with it.”

Myka vaguely felt that as long as Sylar was not around, he seemed to be a lot bolder when he spoke, and it was easy to say some straightforward descriptions.

“The flash floods are really about to break out,” Myka said, preparing to cast again. “Now, let’s hurry up and pull Lord Todd out. Maybe this spell can help…”

Hollis, the only one who had some idea of magic, asked, “Oh, I know, the greasy art mages use.”

“Actually, no.” Myka was close to Illican and said the mantra.

He wasn’t preparing that spell but a grade A spell used in bed. It was like lubrication, without the disturbing effect of greasy skill, and it was no problem to make the local appearance of the opponent slippery.

Illican felt some greasy and fragrant mucus. He twisted in panic. Outside the cave, Hollis began to guide him. With the help of others, Illican was pulled out successfully.

“Help!” As soon as he was pulled out, Illican, sticky, wept and rushed to Sovili. Sovili’s face had always been ugly, but he still let him hug his neck in silence.

“Ah, you’ve built a good friendship in a crisis,” Myka said. “Now let’s get out of here.”

His voice just fell, suddenly the whole cave began to shake slightly, and the earth and stone fell. It was hard to hear the real thunder in the cave, but there was a sound like rolling thunder coming from the top of their heads, as if it was close.

“Flash floods have broken out!” As Myka retreated, he took out several scrolls, cast spells on the four people one by one, and finally himself. By the time they ran out along the wide passage, the turbid water had begun to seep in from other directions.

The caves extended in all directions. In addition to the access they found, there were many other exits. The flood was pouring in quite fast, and it didn’t take long for it to reach the legs.

“Listen,” Myka said, “what I used just now was an underwater breathing scroll, in case the cave was flooded, or after going out, it is all water… At least you can stay afloat.”

“I can swim.” Said Inkoso proudly.

“It’s no use swimming. Have you ever seen a flood?” Myka didn’t want to explain to the Lansuo elf, but turned to Sovili and continued, “Sovili, in your experience, you should know how fast the water is now. Maybe you can’t tell the direction later. Please protect Lord Todd -” As he said, Illican was holding Sovili’s arm like a child, “and try to take these two elves to a safe place. I’m too busy to protect them.”

Sovili nodded and stepped up to the exit. When Myka and Sylar came in, they walked for a long time to find the biggest cave. Now they couldn’t go out the same way. Fortunately, perhaps because of the high position of the entrance, there was no current flowing in that direction for the time being.

The constant pouring of water from behind had reached the thighs, and for Hollis, it was deeper. In this way, they couldn’t run out before the water completely submerged the cave. Despite Myka’s underwater breathing spell, the current was muddy and even covered with stones. It was hard to identify the direction when it was submerged in a dark cave.

When they took another turn, Myka stopped. He took a transparent ball out of the material bag and recited the mantra.

The people who waded hard in front heard the chanting sound. They all thought the mage was casting a spell to stop the current, so they didn’t care.

They were, of course, right. Myka’s body was surrounded by a slightly glowing spherical barrier, which centered around himself and expanded into a sphere about seven feet in diameter. Its size was larger than the diameter of the narrow channel, so it completely blocked the channel, forming an arc-shaped position surface on both sides.

This was a magic seal ball, which could block anything and was not easy to be destroyed. In combat, mages used it to block or protect themselves – things outside the ball cannot penetrate, and people inside the ball cannot go out unless the spell was over.

Myka knew that this was not the most appropriate spell. But unfortunately, he was not such a great mage. He had limited skills. Now he could only slow down the speed of water flooding the cave.

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Minnie ford
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