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Chapter 42: Rainbows

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Although Sylar and Atan both cast spells to end the rain, the weather needed to change slowly. Before the rain completely disappeared, the accumulated mountain torrents had already erupted. The turbid current washed down the forest, swallowed the stream and rushed to the village at the foot of the mountain.

There were few similar disasters in this area. People were shocked. What’s more, they were shocked by another thing: they saw a lot of people in robes, and there were so many people in every village nearby.

Mages stood on high ledges and began to cast spells. Near the mountain path, two Druids were also using the same magic.

The coming torrential floods were reduced, lowered, and disappeared from the sky. It was not infiltrating the land, it was not diverting into the river. In the forest, Sylar and Atan could vaguely see the situation under the mountain. Sylar knew that it was the result of Myka’s contact with other places that so many mages used the magic of “controlling the water level” together.

The pink robed mages wanted to protect the crops here, let alone let the flood run into the village. Many of them hadn’t studied common magic for many years, but they decided to do their best. All of a sudden, Sylar saw several people washed down the muddy and disordered mountain path. The water was not deep, but the ground was slippery and steep, and they could not control their feet.

The Drow elf shouted in his mother tongue, Sovili said nothing, Illican was hanging around Sovili’s neck and constantly screamed, Inkoso was incoherently speaking of love for his wife.

“Where’s Myka?” Sylar shouted at them. But the roar was so loud that those people didn’t seem to hear it.

They tried to climb high in order to avoid a broken tree. As a result, Sovili fell down with Illican on his back. At the same time, he hit Inkoso, grabbed the vines, slipped, and pulled down Hollis.

Four people twisted together and rolled down the slippery mud slope.

Sylar didn’t have time to laugh at them. He took a look at Atan, who was still casting his spell – though he was afraid that he would let Atan do something absurd by himself, but he had to do so. He was worried that Myka might still be in the caves.

“A crocodile has great strength.” Atan said behind his back.

Sylar turned to smile at the teacher. Atan was the one who raised him and knew his thoughts very well.

He dived directly into the mud, using Druid’s natural incarnation to become a medium-sized common crocodile, swimming against the current toward the entrance of the cave group.

Unless some spells were used, the magic seal ball would not be easily broken, and the duration of underwater breathing spell was quite long, Myka was not too worried.

The only thing that scared him was that as soon as the duration of the ball was over, he would grope in the muddy and dark water. There were many turnovers in the caves, and he was worried that he would get lost. He calmed himself down and thought that he might be able to follow the power of the current, because the flood also needed to find an outlet.

After a while, he decided to end the spell ahead of time: water began to flow in behind him! The mountain torrents had not passed this area, and now the entrance was also beginning to pour in with mud.

Before ending the spell, he took out two thick earplugs and plugged them in his ears. The moment the ball was withdrawn, the impact of mud and water immediately pushed him down. He was pushed forward a long way, fumbled for the lighting staff at his waist, and polished it in the dark muddy water.

At first, Myka thought that he would be taken to the cave by direct impact, but the water flow was much slower than he expected. Maybe it was because the flood started to pour in the other direction.

In the light range of the lighting staff, he saw a naked human floating from the direction of the big cave, and then another… This was the spell he just cast. It was not over yet. Then Myka thought that maybe the tentacle plant was blocked in the hole by water pressure, which also slowed down the speed of mud water filling and flushing.

The human body created by magic was very light and was soon washed away. Myka wanted to follow them as much as possible, maybe it could find an exit. He felt the stone walls and approached a turn as if the current had become a little strange, but Myka didn’t understand that.

It was an adult crocodile! Myka was so scared that he grabbed the protruding stone on the wall of the cave, but the current pushed his back, which made it difficult for him to turn around and escape.

When Myka was trying to see if cobwebs would work, he saw the crocodile use the fat and short front paws to swing left and right, revealing the belly and shaking around.

“Sylar?” Myka wanted to talk, but couldn’t do it underwater. He was able to breathe because of his magic, not choking on water, but he couldn’t make a sound. He just moved his mouth and let out a few bubbles.

The crocodile continued to twist a few times. That was something that wild animals wouldn’t do. Every time Sylar told Myka his identity in this way. Now Myka was used to dealing with Sylar in animal state. He reached out and grabbed the crocodile’s rough back. The crocodile glided nimbly in the water and took him to the exit.

Near the hole, the water was still dark, probably the hole outside had been completely submerged. All of a sudden, there was a loud noise all around, accompanied by violent shaking, which was very clear even in the water.

Myka looked ahead nervously. Crocodile Sylar stopped and made a stop gesture with his forelegs – it was a funny picture. Myka was surprised that he could understand it.

The crocodile swam by itself and soon returned. He looked at Myka, twisting his tail and limbs. This time, Myka could not understand the meaning at all. The crocodile couldn’t help but take Myka. The mage was shocked and frightened by the situation: the cave was buried by the collapsed earth and rock!

There would always be times when the underwater breathing spell would disappear, if another exit cannot be found before then… The crocodile’s body was hard and its mouth was very powerful. He bumped the soil a few times and found that it was not too dense. While Sylar was thinking about how to get out of here quickly, Myka held the stone close to him and pressed one hand on the boulder that had been knocked down to block the hole.

Although he didn’t know what Myka was going to do, Sylar, the crocodile, cooperated to get out of the way a little bit to facilitate his movement.

“It’s another spell that hasn’t been used in a long time,” Myka thought quietly. “Fortunately, I prepared this spell. I used to think that it was very effective for rocks…”

Under his spell, the huge stone that was pressed was rapidly reduced to less than one person high. Because of its shrinking size, it and the soil above it collapsed, and the water gushed out of the cave, pushing both the crocodile and Myka into the gap.

The crocodile used this opportunity to climb out and swing as much as possible to enlarge the mud hole. When he put his head out, Sylar was overjoyed: the sky was clearing, the rain stopped, and the water level was falling.

Sylar quickly climbed out, recovered his human form, grabbed Myka’s arm, hugged his back, and pulled out the mage, who was soaked in mud and water.

Seeing the situation outside, Myka slowly pulled out the earplug with a surprised expression. All of a sudden, Sylar rushed to him like a bear. Because the stone and mud were very slippery, he almost fell back. The druid’s arms were very strong. He grabbed his shoulder, and he kept his step.

Sylar rubbed around Myka’s neck like a cat, “Myka, that’s great. I really like you.”

“Ah? What, what?” Myka’s chin was arched by the other side’s shoulders, and the whole figure was about to be lifted.

“Your spell just saved me, didn’t it?”

“I don’t think so. In fact, it’s just…” He was held so it was a little hard to breathe, so he pushed Sylar. Sylar relaxed his arm very well, but Myka slipped again because he did not stand firm.

Sylar reached for him and tried to hold him, but they all fell and rolled down like frogs in the mud.

“What’s the matter?” The soil was wet and soft, and they were not hurt. Sylar found Myka looking at him. Now his face was full of dirty mud, otherwise Myka would see that he was blushing again.

“Nothing. I just think we look terrible now.” Myka’s jujube robe had become almost invisible. It was wet from the outside to the inside, and Sylar’s red hair had been slimmed into strips.

Sylar twirled his dirty hair. “But I didn’t even think about it.”

“What do you think?” Myka asked.

“I didn’t expect that I would fight with you one day,” Sylar turned to look at him. “In those nine years, I watched you countless times, fighting, resting, researching and driving. At first, I was interested in it, and gradually became attached and liked it… I used to think that I couldn’t influence and interfere in your life, so I could only peek at you and follow you silently all the time. But I also imagined some pictures. For example, we went to explore some woods together, and found pixie in the flowers beside the lake. For example, we traveled together, discussed some magic skills, and met Orc robberies on the way… “

“No, I don’t expect to be robbed by orcs…” Said Myka, twitching at the corner of his mouth.

“It doesn’t matter. What’s important is that I didn’t think it would come true.” Sylar turned around, as if he was ashamed to continue to look at Myka. Instead, he looked at the sky that had completely cleared up. “I never thought that I would really be around you.”

Myka was even more embarrassed than Sylar, so he couldn’t take this sentence at all. In fact, he would like to ask ‘what do you like about me?’ but he held back, because he knew that Sylar would really answer seriously. If he listened to the answer, he would be more embarrassed.

The wet answer druid suddenly came closer. Through the mud in his hair, Myka found that his ears seemed to be red. Sylar put his hand around Myka’s shoulder, but he kissed him on the face again.

The last time they kissed, Sylar kissed the corners of Myka’s mouth, then moved them to his lips. This time, it was even more exaggerated. The noses of the two men hit each other hard.

“Do you have to?” Myka covered his sore nose.

“Do you hate it?” Sylar’s tone was pathetic.

Myka looked at him helplessly, then leaned over, crooked his head and kissed Sylar’s lips. He kept looking away from Sylar. When he was about to get up, Sylar reached out and held his head, his fingers in his wet black hair, and their lips were once again overlapping.

In fact, Myka was a little absent-minded. He was thinking: is this really good? I offered to kiss a male druid who had been following me for nine years… It’s too confusing. He couldn’t figure out the answer, just as he didn’t understand why Sylar liked him.

All he knew was that he really wanted to do it. There was no more meaning.

Sylar kisses too much. He accidentally hit his hand on the slippery mud ground. He suddenly fell down with Myka because of his unstable sitting posture. Although their clothes were ugly, Myka didn’t want to get closer to mud. He just opened his mouth to say something, but the Druid took this opportunity to kiss deeper and harder.

Myka thought that it would be a bit humiliating for Sylar to find out that he was not very good at kissing as a pink robed mage. So he summoned up his courage and tried to respond to the small actions.

Over Sylar’s shoulder, Myka saw a rainbow across the forest.

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