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Chapter 44: Trouble is always unsolicited

Translated by Atan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Atan desperately waved to this side, “Hey, the crops in the ridge are higher! Go there. Don’t be so conspicuous on the side of the road!”

Myka silently thought, we were good, no need to go to the “higher crops” place! Then Atan added, “But, I don’t mind being here. But Sylar, I know you. You and your little mage are so shy…”

Myka glanced at Sylar. Sylar was really shy.

“What do you mean? Why did he come suddenly…” Myka whispered.

“Me, what did I say?” Sylar grabbed at his lapel. “It’s embarrassing, Myka. You’re not shy when you’re kissed in front of your elders?”

“Does he look like an elder…” Myka asked.

Atan had jumped out of the carriage, patted his new clothes and said, “Sylar, what do you think? Do I look good in clothes or not?”

“It’s better to put it on.” Sylar replied firmly. He also saw Atan dressed when he was a child. At that time, Atan’s personality had been romantic and humble, but it had not developed to the present level.

“I didn’t expect to look better in my clothes,” Atan smiled and squeezed his eyes. “It’s said that the attraction of skin among animals should be huge. The desire for mating is ignited by skin, but I always run into a wall. Now… By the way, mage Myka, I have to thank you for that.”

“Me?” Myka had no idea what Atan was talking about.

Atan said, “Before I was surprised, there were girls and boys who would stare at my face. I thought they were interested in me, so I immediately took off my clothes and chased them.. But they asked the city guard to arrest me… “

——Isn’t that obvious! No matter how good you look, you are still a pervert! Myka murmured.

“I only recently learned that people like to meet people who are dressed up and don’t seem to want to hae sex at all. So, I also pretended to be that kind of person. In this way, someone will come to my door and take me away at once! It’s great to have both men and women!”

Myka still didn’t understand what it had to do with him.

“Because of you, I met some interesting new friends, who inspired me. In fact, I’ve been waiting for them.”

While Atan was talking, someone came out from behind the caravan.

“They’re great. I love them!” With Atan’s cheery voice, three mages came out of the carriage: Elf Alva, Justin with goatee, and Lady mage della.

At the beginning, they helped Myka with some magic items, so that he could find and persuade Atan better. They also organized other pink robed mages instead of Myka, and collectively used the water level control magic that they were not very good at.

Justin’s fingers were dyed red. It seemed that he had been grinding summer maple before. Della gave Myka a kiss and said, “Thank you for helping us find Atan Needles.”

“Helped me find you, too.” Atan went over and put his arm around her shoulder tenderly. He wanted to put his other arm around Alva, but it was brushed off.

Myka remembered that these pink robed mages had been looking for Atan, and they needed help from a “mind bewitcher” like Atan, but now it seemed that Atan had been looking for them as well?

Atan voluntarily confessed his intention, “I know that pink robed mages like summer maple grass very much. I let such a large area rain constantly, just to dye them red and attract a lot of pink robed mages!”

His tone was very intoxicated, but Myka wanted to ask him ‘do you think mountain torrents are fun?’ Confused people have different ways of thinking than ordinary people. You can’t figure out their logic.

For Atan, whatever he did was temporary. Catching the fleeing dark elf and seal, or the red summer maple, or let the crops outside the village mature and increase production ahead of time… He didn’t have a reasonable motive and plan to do things, all according to the will at that time.

Then Atan came back and patted Sylar on the shoulder. Sylar was much taller than Atan, whose young face and body made it hard to believe that he was the elder.

“My child, although I am not your father, it seems that we have a lot in common…” Atan glanced at Myka. “We both became so fond of pink robed mages.”

“No, I love him and you like those people… It’s different.” Sylar said.

Three high-level pink robed look at each other and at Myka at the same time with a smile in their eyes. Myka knew that these two druids may have animal-like conversations, but mages could understand everything.

Atan shook his head, “My child, you misunderstood me. I still look for fun everywhere. I don’t love the three of them.”

“I know you volunteered to work with them,” says Sylar, “but I’m not Myka’s subject.”

“Mykabin Huguerie doesn’t have the ability to experiment and invent spells…” whispered Justin.

Atan looked at Sylar in surprise, “What? So, are you in a loving relationship with him?”

“We aren’t!” Sylar and Myka were almost speaking at the same time.

On the way back to Yuanxian village, Sylar’s face was as red as his own hair.

Until they saw Lucy and a litter of babies outside the village, they were relieved: now there was another talk, which can be less embarrassing.

Lucy gave birth to a litter of puppies. These puppies seemed to know that Sylar and Myka were their mother’s friends, so they were not afraid at all. They shook their short tails one by one and rubbed against them like a ball of wool.

“By the way, I’m going to leave Yuanxian village.” Myka said, touching the dog.

Sylar didn’t understand what he meant for a moment and stared at him.

“I don’t mean to be far away…” Myka explained, “I don’t have a piece of land in the big plantation of Berry Village. It’s too hard to go back and forth. I plan to come to Berry village and Todd city. Someone in Yuanxian village wants to take over my house as a warehouse…”

“What about your shop?” Sylar asked.

“As a businessman, I think I should consider going to a big city. As a mage, I should also make myself better. For example, Alva and them, they can create many interesting things. I can only sell and improve them…”

“I think that’s because they are experienced…”


“No, nothing…”

Five days later, Myka packed up his luggage and goods, rented a carriage and left Yuanxian village. Sylar was still haunted, but unlike before, he was no longer furtive. When he appeared as an animal, he would make an exaggerated action to express his identity.

After staying in Berry village, Myka sometimes traveled between Todd city and lanso valley. Sylander, the priest, was still trying to help Sovili get rid of his therianthropy, and Myka introduced him to the valley of Lansuo to help Igor the seal. The seal man’s life here was very comfortable, and the elves especially liked his seal shape, rubbing around him all day long.

That day, in the forest border cave of Lansuo eles, Morning Mist asked Myka to sit down seriously.

“Myka, there’s another thing I need your help with.”

Myka looked at her warily. “You don’t want me to kidnap someone else, do you?”


Myka stood up and prepared to walk out. Morning Mist held him. “You mages don’t want to compete with me -“

At the insistence of his death, Myka had to sit down and listen to her.

“Mage, that’s it. This time, it’s also acting. After acting, you can run without fighting with the elves. “

“Elves again? Would you like to kidnap Princess hyacinth again? She’s married!”

“Nothing to do with her…It’s a secret,” she said in a low voice. “This time, it’s his majesty Relinfall who’s going to be kidnapped…”

“Three good gods! Why is it always the Lansuo elves?” Myka stood up and his shoulder was grabbed by Morning Mist.

“This time Sylar will join us!” Morning Mist stressed.

“He can do it by himself. Really, he can become a huge evil crocodile and take away the hungry Majesty!”

“But the crocodile can’t talk. How powerful the evil mage is! Moreover, the evil mage needs to explain his Majesty’s whereabouts to the ordinary elves, er, in short, it needs acting.”

“And why?” Myka couldn’t help but think of the scene in the bad heroic epic stage play: the evil Lord took time to explain his practice, even tells about his mental journey, and then was killed by the protagonist when he finds a chance.

Morning Mist referred to the amulet between Myka’s neck, saying, “You’ve got such a valuable keepsake, and you got together with a high-level Druid, so you should also be compassionate and complete the good things between other lovers…”

“Good?” Myka deliberately ignored the phrase “got together”, and he didn’t want to let Morning Mist diverge in this regard. He found that he was surrounded by creatures with abnormal brains, such as the shy druid with red hair in a green cloak, Lord Todd, and the most serious was the Lansuo elves.

The words of Morning Mist remind Myka of one thing. Sylar’s gift was expensive, and he hadn’t figured out how to use it. But he didn’t say it.

The gaudy sorcerer made a gesture of praying, and then held her hands on her chest, “Myka, when you live a peaceful life and kiss your druid on the side of the country road, there is a sad and sad story of gratitude and resentment in Lansuo Valley…”

“Wait! What country road!? Who told you that? Sylar or Atan?”

Myka was desperate: if she knew something, everyone he knew would know it.

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