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Interstellar’s First Out of Wedlock Pregnancy

Chapter 9: Xuan Feng

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

QC: Kirio

The luminescent light emitted a pale shine. 

The man in a white coat took down the glasses that were resting on his nose and wiped the small speck of dust off the lenses. Not only was the action not redundant, but it was very elegant. His narrow eyes were watching the twitching grey meat that was gripped under two dexterous mechanical arms, it was trying to escape its shackles.

The man with flaxen colored hair, who had been standing beside the other silently also adorned the same white coat. He looked at the former for a long time and finally asked, “Professor Tang Wen, what do you think…this thing is?”

“Very interesting.” Tang Wen put his glasses back on, and the corner of his thin lip slightly rose. Then, his right hand reached for a needle and mercilessly jabbed it into the meat. The meat trembled for a while, and thrashed even more severely. Blue meridians even appeared on the surface of the meat.

 “But I’m sure it’s not a species from our galaxy.”

In the vast universe, outside the Empire Star, a huge steel giant with a spintop-like shape hovered quietly in the boundless darkness.

Its body was dotted with pearl-like white light. It slowly spat out a circle of black sesame-like objects from its protruding abdomen. It quickly swept in the same direction, rippling in the dark void. In an instant, it cut through time and space and disappeared in the vast universe.

A long haired woman in dark blue military uniform was sitting on the command chair with her legs crossed, the mounds in front of her chest full, and seemed like they were about to burst from the clothes that bound her chest. 

With a cup of coffee gripped by her slender white fingers, she leaned slightly towards her side, her elbow on the armrest of the chair. Her eyelashes were thick and drooping. Under her golden lashes, a pair of turquoise eyes looked at the distorted void space in front of the warship. Then she twirled her coffee cup out of boredom and watched the dark brown liquid in the cup for a long time. She turned her head and looked at her adjutant sitting beside her, “Tiffy, how long does it take to get to Cerulean?”

“Colonel Delia, the transition is now underway, and it is estimated that it will arrive near Cerulean in about a week at the earliest.”

“Really? I can’t wait to see the alien.”

“Colonel, you don’t actually have to go. We can go on your behalf.”

“It’s so boring staying back in Dixing 1. I’ve been looking forward to any tasks. Just about time to let me stretch.” Delia put the coffee cup down beside her, then stretched and jumped out of the chair. The waves in front of her chest rolled a few times. She waved her hand in the air as she turned and left. “Let me know when we’re there. I’ll go to sleep first.” With that, she turned out of the operation bin with her back and disappeared behind the slowly shutting automatic door.

“So you’re saying the Empire has sent troops?” Ye Shao raised his head and looked at the expressionless man, he was just like a robot.

“Yes, in addition, in order to thank you for the information you have provided to the Empire, the Empire will give you the reward you deserve.”

“That’s not what I care about. When will the aid troops arrive?”

“According to the information from the general warship, the fleet should arrive in a week.”

Ye Shao looked down and thought, “A week?” From the Empire to here, a week was very short, when he was sent to Alpha for training,it took two whole weeks.

“Yes, soldier, do you have anything else to say?”

“No more.” Ye Shao shook his head. Within a week, he did not know what Alpha would become, but in any case, he would return to Alpha with the imperial army.

“When the army arrives, please explain the situation in Alpha to Colonel Delia carefully, and hopefully you can help the army go to Alpha. After all, you know the best about Alpha.” The man said meticulously. Seeing that Ye Shao nodded and agreed, the man turned over slightly and said, “Well, goodbye.” The image blurred again, and the next second, the image of a man was replaced by a blonde boy.

Baron Coster, standing next to the console, turned off the power switch. His eyes couldn’t help but stare at Ye Shao’s thin waist wrapped in his tight uniform, as well as his high hips and long, straight legs. Whether it was the cool and beautiful face, or the charming figure, his favorite boy toys these days couldn’t hold a candle to the likes of the man in front of him.

Looking at Ye Shao and going back to face the charming young man, the Baron just felt very insipid. It’s just that Ye Shao obviously belonged to that person already, otherwise he really wanted to overpower him and see what kind of face he would make when it was filled with lust.

Baron Coster swallowed his saliva as he imagined Ye Shao’s blushing face.

When Ye Shao passed by Baron Coster, the former’s dark pupils seemed to give him a faint glance, but it made him feel cold, and his original fantasy of Ye Shao in his mind suddenly disappeared.

As soon as Ye Shao walked out of the door, he saw Long Yuan striding towards him. As soon as his pure black eyes saw him, they were locked firmly on him. “I knew you would be here since I didn’t see you in the dining room.”

Today, he was wearing a simple black shirt and jeans, showing his broad shoulders and inverted triangle figure. Even in such a simple attire, he still looked very good. Not to mention that he was also born with a noble aura, and looked like a strolling noble.

In fact, he was indeed a descendant of a noble.

Ye Shao stopped in his tracks, Long Yuan came up to him and said, “I guess you must have been here before breakfast. Let’s go now together, eh?”

“Good.” Ye Shao turned his head slightly, avoided Long Yuan’s deep gaze and nodded.

Long Yuan looked at Ye Shao’s evasive expression and did not say anything. He just looked on as Ye Shao’s eyes slightly darkened, and his red lips were slightly dangerously hooked up. The blue light in his eyes grew more and more, and then he regained his calmness in an instant. However, if one looked carefully, they would see the subdued blue undercurrent below.

Long Yuan approached Ye Shao in a few steps without a trace, until his palm touched his slightly tight shoulder, and then gave him a hard hug. The rolling tide in his eyes slowly calmed down.

Long Yuan looked at the top of Ye Shao’s hair. From his point of view, he could only see his sharp chin, white jade bridge nose and the little light red flesh.

He knew how delicious that piece of light red tasted. Although he was a little bit depressed because of Ye Shao’s wordless resistance and exclusion, he wanted to kiss that piece of light red fiercely.

He also wanted to suppress his seemingly weak but extremely strong body on the wall, tyrannically and forcefully; brush his trembling, thin and tough waist with his palm, play with his thin muscles, and the tender red on his chest, so that he could not resist his invasion with shame and anger, and open his body shamefully to him.

But Long Yuan still resisted his inner desire, not only because it was the wrong occasion. When Long Yuan thought of this, his eyes seemed to glance at the open door, and then saw a slender figure quickly retracting back, “So we are going to the dining room now?” The main reason why he didn’t want to force Ye Shao here was that if he forced Ye Shao too much, and on such an occasion where he may be seen at any time, it will certainly arouse the latter’s inner disgust, and it would be even more difficult for him to open his heart to him in the future.

Ye Shao pursed his lips and nodded. After Long Yuan put down his arm, his tight body finally relaxed. He walked with Long Yuan to the dining room of the Baron’s mansion.

From time to time, a small spaceship the shape of an enlarged capsule would move rapidly through the void of strange colors.

A golden chihuahua stood on the chair and clawed at the bright green button in front of him, his big black eyes looked at the floating screen, and his triangular ears standing on the top of his head moved. “There are four days to go. Hey, hey, the warship will arrive two days later than me. He must be very moved. For his sake, I’ve been rolling around acting cute all afternoon in front of Jason to get this hyperspace spaceship.”

Then, the chihuahua put his paw under his chin in a very humanized way. “What if he is moved to tears and bow at my feet?” Its eyes lit up for a moment. He took out a pair of sunglasses and placed it on, pretending to look very cool. Then took two steps back, put two front paws across his chest, and obliquely gazed down, “Do you dare to leave your most loyal partner in this way, and secretly slip out again?”

Then, he quickly threw the sunglasses aside, and jumped to the place where he had just squinted towards and knelt down, “Never again! Even if I forget myself, I will never forget to bring you with me!”

Then, he quickly put on his glasses and pretended to be cool and handsome. He continued to squint, “Since you know you’re wrong, I’ll forgive you mercifully. To compensate me, will you do whatever I ask you to do?”

Kneeling down, “Yes, as long as you are happy, anything is okay.”

Squinting, “Since that’s what you said. You must play in the interstellar with me when you go back. Don’t cut off my internet when I watch porn. You’d better find me a little mecha beauty!” Speaking of this, its eyes were bright enough to be used as light bulbs.

Xuan Feng fantasized about it happening and couldn’t help but swing his tail on the chair and jump a few times. His tail swept over a certain place on the console, and a gray dot quickly lit up on the suspension screen.

After a long time, a cry of panic suddenly came out of the small spaceship, “AHH, NOO, what’s the fuck is wrong with the transition tunnel! Ah, ah, ah, go back! My little porn film, little beauty, ooh!!”

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Translator Notes:

  1. Literally Emperor Star. Formally Beta Ursa Minoris or Polaris.It is located in the middle of the constellation known as Purple Forbidden enclosure (紫微垣), which resembles an imperial palace.


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I don’t like little dogs. Their barking hurts my ears but this one is funny.

October 9, 2020 8:41 pm

This will be so funny. Can’t wait Xuan Feng to reunite with Long Yuan and Ye Shao. Adding this tsundere mecha surely will result in funny interactions. Well, what will “Baby” think about it? Curious to the future developement.
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This chichuachua… day-dreaming is good but it rarely comes true, espacially with the attitude the prince gave it during the call. 😏
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Madam Lilith
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