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Chapter 45: Dream Journey

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


The residents of the Lansuo valley had had a few quiet days, and today they were once again harassed by the “evil mage” and its dragon with it’s claws and teeth.

The Mage, the black robed one who kidnapped the hyacinth princess, came back with the evil “black dragon”. What’s different this time was that mage was wearing a mask. It’s said that he was seriously injured in the last fire, and now he was back for revenge.

This time, because Inkoso bravely protected the hyacinth princess, the princess was unharmed, but her father, his majesty Relinfall, was captured by the mage in black!

The Lansuo elves couldn’t face such a huge trauma. They all indulged in grief. When they were tired of crying, they went to sleep. When they woke up, they cried. When they were hungry, they went to eat. Then they did what they should do. If they had spare time, they cried again.

On the morning of the third day after the Elven king was kidnapped, Sylar, Myka, and Relinfall were having breakfast in their hostel in Todd city.

“Why hasn’t Hollis come yet,” Relinfall said, staring out the window and chewing the pancakes slowly. “What if he gets lost? Can he beat wild animals in the mountains? What if a hunter finds out…”

“Don’t worry, Ms. Morning Mist is in charge of bringing him.” Sylar said.

Myka didn’t worry about Hollis at all. This dark elf had lived on the surface for so long, and even organized an army of goblins. The whole plan was conceived by his majesty Relinfall. In his own words, “I think this dark elf is cute,” but most of the Lansuo elves didn’t trust Hollis.

So he came up with a way: once again, he asked people to play the evil mage and dragon, and tied himself away as a king. In a few days, Hollis would make a courageous gesture, take the initiative to embark on the journey to save the elves, and leave the Lansuo Valley to meet them.

“What are you going to do after that?” Myka asked, “Take his hand and go back and announce that he saved you? Change what elves think of him?”

“I’m not stupid. How can I go back right away? I plan to stay away from my hometown for a while and travel like the sorcerer, Morning Mist, to sharpen my soul and broaden my horizons in such a life… “

“Your Majesty, human society generally calls this kind of thing ‘elopement.’

“No, I’m not eloping,” Relinfall said gravely. “Of course I know what elopement is. But I’m not that kind of irresponsible young man anymore. I’ll go back. As a king, that’s the destiny of my life…”

“How long are you going to travel then?”

“Before my next birthday. I don’t want to miss my birthday party.”

At noon, Morning Mist took Hollis to the hostel. It was easy for dark elves to move in the forest and countryside, but it was hard to get into the city. Morning Mist made Hollis look like a woman, dressed him in a fancy but cheap dress, a big hat like a parrot, and painted him with thick makeup that could crack with a smile.

Myka quietly called Sylar into the corridor when the three elves chatted about where to go for fun.

“Let’s sneak away.” Myka said.


“What if they have any strange plans? I really don’t want to go crazy with them… “

Sylar covered his mouth and smiled. The action couldn’t be more young. “In fact, they are also lovely.”

“Why do you sound like his Majesty?” As Myka said this, he heard more intense discussions in the room. He had already talked about the winter celebration of the silent tree sea from Elune falls. Morning Mist, a well-informed woman, was introducing food and customs all over the country.

“But how can you leave?” Sylar asked, “You have a place inBerry village and you have to take care of the herbs. By the way, aren’t you going to find a place to open a shop in Todd?”

Myka sighed and thought carefully. Anyway, he had made up his mind not to be led by Morning Mist. The sorcerer once told him that if he agreed to join them, she would go back to the mage tower in the north and help Myka find something suitable as a gift.

“You just need the right thing to do the salute.” That’s what she said at the time.

Myka doubted that the meaning of “Morning Mist” was “to steal something from the tutor’s Tower in the north”. He didn’t agree, although he always wanted to find something to give back to Sylar. Sylar’s amulet was too expensive, which he had been worried about.

Just thinking about it, Myka looked up and saw that Sylar was just looking at the leather rope between his neck.

“Er, this…” Myka pulled it out, “now we’re not going to drill caves or search woods. I think this thing should be returned to you first…”

“No, no, no,” Sylar quickly waved. “I said, it’s from me, for you.”

“But…” Myka knew that it might seem obvious to say “too expensive” directly, so he came up with a more moderate saying, “I just think maybe you need it more.”

Myka didn’t finish. Sylar lowered his head and kissed him on the mouth, gently rubbing his cheek with his palm.

After the lips parted a little, Sylar said softly, “The reason why I say they are lovely is that… If it wasn’t for them, I couldn’t have met you. “

“What?” Myka looked at him with an expression of ‘I don’t understand at all.’

Sylar explained, “if it wasn’t for the Lansuo elves to find someone to act on, Morning Mist wouldn’t come to me or you. In this way, we will not know one another… Of course, I still know you, but you won’t know me. If we didn’t ‘go crazy with them,’ I’d still be following you, and I can’t kiss you like this now.”

As he spoke, his face grew redder, his head slowly lowered, and his long, drooping hair obscured his expression.

And Myka was the same. He clearly knows that these words were not sweet words, but he feels extremely embarrassed.

“Myka, you’re going to need it.” Sylar said something inexplicable and touched the leather rope with his finger. Myka felt a little stiff for a moment when he rubbed his finger against the skin between his neck.

Finally, Sylar ran back to the room because he was too shy to bear it. Before he left, he did not forget to take off the small orange wildflower on his head and put them on the clasp beside Myka’s neck.

The drow had been sleeping all afternoon, and it seemed that the day’s rush had exhausted him. In the evening, Morning Mist, Hollis and Relinfall were going out of the city. Myka cast a temporary face changing spell on Hollis, turning him into a light haired sea elf.

After casting, Myka collected the cost of casting according to the Convention. Relinfall refused to pay. Hollis had no money, but Morning Mist was very generous. She not only stuffed gold coins into Myka’s palm, but also bought what she called a dagger and crossbow for Hollis in the weapon store.

“Why are you so… kind?” Myka asked in a low voice as he and Morning Mist walked behind the other two elves.

“I’m kind-hearted,” said Morning Mist, glancing white at him and stroking the feathers in her colorful hair. “We’re going to the celebration of the silent sea of trees. Many parts of the way are far away from the town. I’m afraid we’ll often have to sleep in the open. You know, if we sorcerers don’t sleep well, it will affect our abilities the next day…”

“So you have to go with them, mainly to find someone to watch the night?” Myka now understood.

“His Majesty may be useless. But, Hollis, is a drow! Is there a better guard than him?” The sorceress said, “It’s a virtue to help each other. You see, they can also appreciate my beauty…”

Myka kept these two sentences in his mind: first, as a Lansuo elf, you said that your king was “useless”; second, I don’t think they want to appreciate you… He helplessly looked at the smiling Morning Mist and the other two elves who were looking forward to the journey.

After seeing them off, Myka went back to the hostel and went straight to sleep. He left a gap in the window because Sylar might need to come in there. Although it was possible to enter through the door, the Druid always liked to become a bird or mouse or even a lizard to climb into the window.

Myka slept well. When he woke up, he opened his eyes in a daze, saw the scattered silver light in the dark night sky, and heard the rustle of leaves by the night wind

——Wait, did I really wake up?

Myka’s brain suddenly woke up. He was either not in the hotel at all, or the roof of the hotel was lifted!

When Myka tried to sit up, he found that he was not lying on the bed, surrounded by thick fur, which was very warm. No wonder he didn’t wake up even when he was in the wild. When his eyes got used to the surroundings, he couldn’t help shouting, “By the three good gods! Sylar, what the hell are you doing?”

Here was the field, a glade between forests. The mountain wind whistling and the faint chirping of insects were interwoven. The moonlight appeared behind the flowing thin clouds to illuminate everything around.

Myka laya on the belly of a fluffy creature, which was almost a big ball and hugged Myka with its limbs. Next to the ball, there was another huge ball, which was tightly squeezed around Myka, making Myka unable to stand up at all.

To be exact, it’s not two balls of fur. It’s two bears…

“Which is Sylar?” Myka reached out and poked at the two bears.

Both bears squirmed a few times. One of them looked at him innocently, but did not raise his face, just patted the grass with the paw of a bear.

Myka knew the bear was Sylar. He followed the bear’s paw to see that there was a stone on the grass, which was passing a piece of paper.

[Dear Myka, I want to apologize first.] This was the first sentence on the paper.

Myka looked at the bear. The bears almost drowned him in the middle of their belly hairs. Maybe they were afraid that he felt cold.

[In fact, I should have told you, but I can’t say it all the time. I once heard that you were going to leave Yuanxian village. At that time, I wanted to talk, but you immediately said that you were going to open a shop in another place.. I’d swallow my words again.]

Sylar’s writing was rather wordy. Myka sighed and continued to read.

[Actually, I want to ask if you can travel with me. I want to go to a place, which is a tribe of barbarians in the tundra. Those people and their land have been harmed by Atan. I intend to help them. If I ask to go with me, it will delay your time. As a businessman and as a pink robed mage, you must have your own original plan. These days, I have been hesitating, clearly this is just a very simple thing, but I can not ask. Then, I suddenly understood a phenomenon, just like you, you can explain to the shopper how to use contraception, how to put strange shapes into the body, but you will be shy when talking with me… Now I’m the same. We kissed, but I’m embarrassed to ask you if you want to come together…]

Myka read to here and reached out to touch the bear’s forelegs. The bear looked more shy and hid his head under his claws.

[The smaller the place, the more people don’t know how to deal with it. In the past, I have only followed you, and I have never really experienced the so-called ‘love’ with others. I only track, but I will not deal with these things. I’ve been thinking that if I call you together, it must have interfered with you and influenced you, and I can’t do it. But before you said that you would like to be interfered by me, so now I don’t know what to do.]

[Myka, you may feel cold when you wake up, so I cast you a damage protection spell when you were asleep, and I surround you with Axtus. You see, it’s surrounded by cold temperate plants. Now we’re about 800 miles east of the gekory tundra, outside Fir Town, from Todd city. I haven’t been to the tundra. It’s the closest I can get to my destination with ‘return to the truth.’]

“What!” Myka, reading the letter, was shocked. When he cried out, he found that he had a white breath.

The next part of the letter said:

[I don’t know whether you will agree or not, and I’m embarrassed that I can’t ask, so I just brought you directly. If you really don’t want to, I can send you back. But I really want you to be with me.]

[I’ve dreamed of walking on a journey with you countless times. In my imagination, you are my favorite person and my trusted companion. We are attracted by the unknown front just like those young adventurers under the age of 20, and free and excited like the sexually mature zebra antelope…]

——The latter metaphor was disgusting! Myka couldn’t help but clench the paper.

He pushed Sylar the bear, “Sylar, can you change back to human first?”

The bear’s paw was swinging, as if saying no.

“Why not? You look like this… How do we communicate?”

The bear’s paw scratched on the hard soil without grass, [I’m embarrassed. Dare not face you.]

“What are you afraid to face? You’ve got me here!” Myka pushed him a few more. In fact, Myka enjoyed rubbing the bear’s belly, but he had no time to think about it now.

Sylar, the bear, moved and changed back to human form. Sylar was still in his leather armor and thin cloak suitable for the spring and autumn climate, probably also used cold resistance magic to himself. He sat in front of Myka with an apologetic face, his head down and his hands wringing like a child who did something wrong.

“Sylar, you said you were going to clean up the mess Atan left behind?”

Sylar nodded in silence.

“It can’t be that… That is, as you mentioned to me before, he made a whole tribe of barbarians particularly fond of  sex, and they would always go as far as possible…”

Sylar nodded again, still not looking up.

“My God, haven’t they escaped from that spell so far?”

This time Sylar finally said, “No, I didn’t know before. Now that I can’t find Atan again, I have to look first. And the natural environment around them is also a little abnormal, which needs to be checked…”

“It’s amazing. I need my book…” As Myka was speaking, Sylar pointed to the bear’s companion, Axtos.

There was a gray leather bag with a circle of runes embroidered on it.

This was a dimensional bag! It can store quite a lot of things, even large and heavy items and even weapons, and the weight of the bag was always the same. Myka had heard of this, but not seen it himself. He took the bag and found most of his medicines, utensils, commodities and books… And changing clothes.

Now what he thought was not ‘I don’t know how much this thing was worth’ but ‘how long did Sylar plan in the end.’ Myka believed that a person who would follow others for nine years must have a plan for everything.

It was also strange to think that t Atan and Sylar, one was only looking at the mood in everything, the other was always secretly plotting and saying nothing.

“Hmn,” The mage reluctantly put the book back, “actually I haven’t dealt with this kind of thing, eh I need to see how they are…”

“What?” Sylar raised his head sharply.

“I mean abnormal magic,” Myka said. “It sounds like some kind of domain pink spell. But that spell can’t cover such a large area. If it’s really something like that, we can try to get rid of it. However, after such a long time of madness, I guess those people need some other help. I can observe first…”

Sylar pounced on him, and Myka ran into the bear Axtus behind him.

The excited druid hugged the mage, who he had been following for nine years, and couldn’t speak for a while. He knew that Myka didn’t refuse to travel with him and didn’t blame him for what he had just done.

After dawn, two humans and a bear embarked on a journey in the cold zone. Sylar was in high spirits, holding Myka’s hand tightly, and the palm of his hand was almost hot and sweating.

“Myka, why would you like to come with me? Your shop.. ” Sylar couldn’t help asking. He still didn’t dare to look into Myka’s eyes when he asked.

“Now I don’t have a store,” Myka said. “I said, as a mage, I need to be better. I’m not just a businessman. If you’re going on a trip, I’d love to go with you.”

As soon as he finished, he was again grabbed by his shoulders and his chin raised. Sylar’s kiss was very sudden, without warning.

Myka tried to respond, but he was a little… He couldn’t keep up with Sylar’s rhythm. Even in the cold coniferous forest, the kiss seemed too hot.

When his gums were swept by Sylar’s tongue and his lips were sucked by that force, Myka was almost dazzled even when he closed his eyes. He leaned back against the bark of a pine tree, gasped at Sylar’s long hair and pulled his face away.

“I… To breathe… ” Myka said.

“The nose can breathe.” Sylar replied seriously. Then he thought again and put on a serious and apologetic look, “Myka, I’m sorry, next time I’ll have Axtus stand behind you. The bark is very hard. Did it hurt you?”

“I’m not so delicate.” Myka replied. After saying it, he found that it seemed that the point of the dialogue was not right at all “Wait, what’s next? Forget it, no matter what it’s called next time, don’t let Axtus stand behind… “

Before the words “behind me” came out, Sylar kissed him again.

Myka felt that he was suffering a lot. Every time he was interrupted by a kiss in the middle of his speech, he felt like he was holding his breath suddenly, which was hard to breathe. Besides, he was a little shorter than Sylar and had to raise his neck.

He attributed his dizziness and weakness of his legs to the above reasons, and then he had no spare time to think about other things. Although Sylar’s kiss was gentle, it had an over enthusiastic excitement, which reminded Myka of the mountain flood.

After another kiss, Myka gasped and a little saliva snuck out of his mouth. He could feel Sylar’s eyes focused on his forehead.

“Myka, at first I couldn’t believe it,” Sylar said. “Now I do. People’s habits are different from those of others. I have a thorough understanding of them.”

“Understand what?” Myka didn’t understand him at all.

“Maybe you really want to be interfered with by me,” said the red haired Druid with a warm smile, “or you won’t come with me. So – I won’t ask you later.”

“No, I think there is something… You’d better ask!”

Bear Axtus raised his forelegs, stood on his feet, and looked up at the sky. Sylar and Myka also looked up.

In the coniferous forest, the frost had not changed. Now the sky turned overcast and small snowflakes began to fall again. In the cold forest, Sylar no longer had the chance to pick up the withered flowers, so there were no wild flowers on the grass rope side of his head for several days.

Now, snowflakes fell on his red hair, reminding Myka of the first time he saw him.

“Myka, I love you so much.” Sylar lowered his head and the end of his long hair was like the snowflakes on Myka’s shoulder.

“I know.” Myka answered in a low voice.

He was a little embarrassed again. In fact, he had the second half of a joke in his heart: otherwise, how could you have followed me for nine years?

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