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Chapter 52: Attribute

“Mm… Hnn… Hmm…”

Qian Lü shut his eyes as he breathed unevenly. He inexperiencedly engulfed Gu Ting Yu’s member in his mouth; not knowing what to do next, he paused at a certain point as he attempted to swallow it completely into his mouth. The urge to gag continued to grow internally as he continued with difficulty.

Wet softness wrapped around Gu Ting Yu’s sensitive organ; he couldn’t really describe the feeling, but as waves of tingling sensation excited his nerves, he couldn’t move away even though he wanted to toss and turn badly.

He turned his gaze downwards and saw Qian Lü’s eyebrows furrowing with an extremely suffering expression.

The tip of Qian Lü’s tongue carefully licked the warm tip of the sensitive organ. After being stimulated continuously, translucent liquid started to leak into his mouth as his saliva dripped off the connecting point, flowing onto Gu Ting Yu.

Sweat covered Qian Lü’s chest as the white clothing he was wearing became see-through, sticking to his chest.

“Hnn… Hmmm…”

As the time dragged on, Qian Lü started to feel his jaw ache badly from being opened for too long.

Just when Qian Lü was about to give up the swallowing action, suddenly, Gu Ting Yu trembled like he was electrocuted.

Qian Lü could taste the precum forming inside his mouth. As for Gu Ting Yu, all his blood seemed to be flowing towards the heated member between his legs as he started to lose focus…

He arched his neck backwards and his voice was muffled through the blockage in his mouth. The voice sounded suppressed as his senses shifted between pain and pleasure.

The passionate excitement overwhelmed him like crashing waves, stealing Gu Ting Yu’s breath.

His entire body trembled as the urgency approached like an erupting volcano. He moaned unconsciously, breathing heavily… finally, he reached the peak of the boundary as he lost control over the heat wave within his body. The warm, sticky cum spurted out straight into Qian Lü’s mouth.


The sticky, white cum rolled off the edge of Qian Lü’s lips as the slightly bitter and salty taste filled his entire mouth. Qian Lü collapsed on the bedside, then suddenly, he crouched his back and uncontrollably vomited the semen he had painstakingly harvested.

He leaned on the side of the bed, panting heavily. His face was visibly more haggard as he stared resentfully at the puddle of white liquid on the floor. His cheeks reddened as his forehead became covered with sweat.

Suddenly, as if having realised something important, Qian Lü got up and ran out of the room, stumbling his way out.

Gu Ting Yu, on the other hand, was also dazed as he lay on the bed; he couldn’t believe what had just happened.

The room was filled with a thick musky scent as the soft mountain breeze lifted the thin curtains dancing in the air. Gu Ting Yu couldn’t help but shiver from the chilling breeze.

Moments later, the rope finally came off. Gu Ting Yu rubbed his wrists, as he carefully got off the bed.

He pushed the wooden door open; before him, there was a vast stretch of bamboo forest. A white figure was hunched over on the ground by the spring, as he retched forcefully…

It was Qian Lü at the side of the spring, rinsing his mouth.

Footsteps came from behind him, and the human’s voice had a tinge of uneasiness, “Are you alright?”

Qian Lü had his back facing Gu Ting Yu, his shoulders still jerking due to the violent coughing.

“Leave me alone, go away.” Qian Lü buried his face in his hands as a trace of humiliation could be heard in his voice.

“Hey…” Why did you have to do that? Gu Ting Yu hesitantly wanted to ask.

“Did you know…” Qian Lü’s deep voice sounded really hoarse as he asked.


“That you taste really disgusting.”

All the questions he had in mind instantly came to a halt because of that comment. Gu Ting Yu frowned angrily: But I didn’t beg you to give me a release?

Gu Ting Yu coughed awkwardly before diverting back to the main topic, “… anyway, I want to know more about the Ming Lei that you’re talking about.”

Ming Lei… Qian Lü raised his head up as he turned to face Gu Ting Yu, “You didn’t know?”

Gu Ting Yu shook his head.

“Hah…” Qian Lü sighed with amazement, “The reason why you’re still alive after receiving such big damage was entirely because your body has absorbed Ming Lei’s powers.”

“Why is that so? What is Ming Lei?” Gu Ting Yu sat on the floor as he questioned.

Qian Lü mumbleed his words unhappily, “How would I have known it’d turn out this way… Ming Lei was an ancient power that the First God left behind. It possesses an insane amount of power. That thing is a very important item to me.”

“Well, you saved my life, so if you want it, I’ll give it to you.”

Qian Lü snorted softly, “That’s easy for you to say, I even… did that for you. Yet you only ejaculated such a small amount. Even if I suck you dry, I can never gather all of Ming Lei’s powers.”

The reply prompted Gu Ting Yu to recall the pair of wet lips he witnessed earlier, making him lower his head in shame.

“Then… what should we do…?”

Qian Lü was washing his lips in frustration – the smell of this damn human isn’t going away!! The rough action made his pinkish lips turn a shade darker.

Seeing Qian Lü’s stubborn and insulted expression, Gu Ting Yu suddenly felt so guilty as if he stole someone’s precious treasure, “Just think again, is there really no other way?”

“Other methods…. It’s not that there aren’t any…” but that method required a lot of time and it was not even a guaranteed solution. Then again, that’s the only method we have now, “When you can control your own powers at will, then you’ll be able to transfer all of its powers to me.”

“… My powers?” Gu Ting Yu looked at Qian Lü puzzledly.

“Urgg!” Qian Lü’s shout was followed by a long sigh, as he stood up resignedly, “Forget it… just follow me.”

They returned to the house.

The giant shelving had over a thousand partitions. Qian Lü floated around in mid-air as he did his search. A moment later, he held an old booklet in his mouth and his hands were carrying several odd types of boxes.

“Hey, catch this.”

The clothing fell from above and landed onto Gu Ting Yu’s head. The light purple long-sleeved clothing was plain, decorated with only a few silver buttons.

“I don’t like seeing naked people walking around in front of me,” Qian Lü commented as he busied himself with the boxes.

“Oh.” Dumbfounded, Gu Ting Yu put on the clothing, then he pursed his lips and retorted, “I don’t like appearing naked in front of others, either.”

Qian Lü took out a few pieces of charms from the old booklet. He bit through the skin of his index finger and dripped his blood onto the charms. Instantly, the small papers started to glow brightly. Qian Lü turned his gaze onto Gu Ting Yu, “Come here.”

Gu Ting Yu reluctantly moved towards Qian Lü, then frowned slightly as the man stuck the charms onto his body.

“… Pfft, relax – I need to know the attributes of the powers inside of you,” Qian Lü explained into the sound of the charms sizzling like a wok with heated oil, as they met Gu Ting Yu’s body, “Acting as if I like to touch you,” he added.

Gu Ting Yu shook his head internally; he was now convinced that the mythological stories, whereby the deities were carefree and reclusive beings, were all lies!

As of what he knew, all powers’ origins were classified under the four main attributes – Water, Fire, Earth and Wind. Other than these four attributes, there were still some special attributes which were not known yet. Qian Lü’s healing attribute would be an example of such independent kind.

Using the colors the charm was revealing, Qian Lü could deduce Gu Ting Yu’s power’s attributes.

However, the strange thing was, as the charm touched Gu Ting Yu’s chest, the glow immediately dimmed and amidst the sizzling smoke, the small paper combusted on its own!

“AH!” Gu Ting Yu flinched and took several steps backwards. As he calmed down, he realized shockingly that the charm had been completely combusted into dust, yet his body remained unaffected by the impact.

Qian Lü watched the whole scene in disbelief; the charm he marked with his own blood was quite formidable even if it met a power stronger than its own. It’d probably just influence the effects of the charm – but how could it combust on its own?!

“You… what did you do to it?”

Gu Ting Yu frantically waved his hand in denial, “It’s not me!”

Qian Lü changed his dispirited expression to a serious one as he approached Gu Ting Yu. He looked at the spot where the charm disappeared, then decided, “Unbutton your clothes.”

Gu Ting Yu bit his own lips and hastily did as he was told, “Removing my clothes again… then why ask me to wear it at first.”

“…” Qian Lü stared speechlessly at Gu Ting Yu – this human is really too annoying.

“Here…” he leaned to Gu Ting Yu’s chest as he examined the spot where the charm combusted. He furrowed his eyebrow as he really spotted the abnormality.

“What…?” The tension was shared with Gu Ting Yu.

Qian Lü lifts his finger and gently touched the left side of Gu Ting Yu’s chest, “Why is there a small hole here?”


“Eee… just touching it makes it stiffen, you’re really an indecent human,” Qian Lü concluded as he withdrew his finger and quickly used a wet cloth to wipe his hands.

(T/N: Qian Lü is referring to the piercing hole that Liang Yue made on GTY. xD)

Gu Ting Yu was annoyed beyond words.

“Tough luck, I guess…” Qian Lü reached out for a sandalwood box which was exquisitely engraved with lines and decorated by different variations of unique flowers and plants.

He carefully opened the box with his slender fingers, and a gush of smoky, burnt smell came out.

As the smoke dissipated, Qian Lü was now holding onto a thin and long black needle.

[Ni Gu Needle] – a needle that could only be produced from polishing ten thousand years old volcanic rocks. Qian Lü held the needle and studied Gu Ting Yu’s expression, “Why don’t you ask me what this thing is for?”

Gu Ting Yu replied calmly, “If you were going to harm me, you wouldn’t wait until now… all you want is Ming Lei, isn’t it?”

“Hn.” Qian Lü snorted, as that small needle tip pierced through Gu Ting Yu’s acupuncture point, “Stay still, otherwise don’t blame me if you cough out bloo-URRHH!!!” his words were cut off as an invisible vortex suddenly formed in front of Gu Ting Yu’s chest. Qian Lü’s fingers remained firmly stuck onto the man’s skin as the burning heat seemingly attempted to absorb Qian Lü into Gu Ting Yu’s body.

“Hey! What’s wrong?” Gu Ting Yu asked as he reached out to pull Qian Lü away from himself. But in that instant, few waves of power began surging out from within his body. The powers raged against each other as Gu Ting Yu felt like his chest was going to split open from the powers’ clashing.

Qian Lü was thrown away by the invisible force and he landed onto the ground meters away, blood seeping out from the side of his mouth.

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