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Chapter 513: Meeting Wu Cheng Again

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

In the quiet arena, the only one left on stage was You XiaoMo. As everyone held their breaths, watching this scene, some people noticed something abnormal about You XiaoMo’s actions.

He suddenly bared his teeth, as if he was gritting his teeth, and he seemed to be a little discontent.

It looked like he had lost!

This idea flashed through many people’s minds. However, this was also something that couldn’t be helped. The Thundercloud Pill was a level ten high grade magic pill, but You XiaoMo’s own cultivation level was only at the mid grade. Not only did he want to jump to a higher level by challenging, but he also needed to make the quality of the magic pill better than Teacher Wu’s. These were two big mountains that weighed down his shoulders, and there was no way he could succeed on the first try.

“Ah! Is he really going to fail?” Tian Xin said, disappointed.

Yan Hui shook his head and said, “Didn’t I say it wasn’t possible? It’s still too difficult at XiaoHa’s level of strength.”

Tian Xin suddenly patted her cheeks forcefully. “No matter, there’s still one more chance. With the experience of failing the first time, the second time should be a bit better.”

“Let’s hope so.”

“Who said he’s going to fail?” At that moment, a familiar, indifferent voice suddenly sounded from next to them.

They looked behind them to discover that it was Ling Xiao who spoke. It was as if he hadn’t noticed their gazes at all, and the corners of his mouth curved upwards a bit lazily with a hint of carelessness.

“Why are you so certain?” Tian Xin plucked up the courage to ask.

Ling Xiao glanced sideways at her and didn’t answer.

In reality, there was already no need for him to answer. You XiaoMo had already given the answer himself, and after eight hours, it had finally concluded. The only thing was that his situation was different from Teacher Wu’s situation. You XiaoMo’s magic pill hadn’t flown out from the cauldron, and the Heavenly Cauldron was still calm and quiet, with no reaction whatsoever.

“No way, he actually failed.” Yan Hui opened his eyes wide. If this kind of situation couldn’t be considered failing, then why hadn’t the magic pill flown out?

“Is that the truth or not?” Tian Xin yelled forlornly.

Qiao WuXing didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “How could that be possible? Do you guys not know why the cauldrons ranked in the top ten are famous?”

The two of them looked simultaneously at him, uncertain.

“Cauldrons ranked in the top ten all have Restrictive Barrier, and they can prevent the magic pills from flying out when they’re created. This is the biggest difference between the Heavenly Cauldron and Teacher Wu’s Purple Cauldron.”

Tian Xin looked downwards. Just then, You XiaoMo took out a magic pill from the cauldron that was the same color from Teacher Wu’s. The color of the magic pill was impressively close to that of the high grade, and it was about the same as Teacher Wu’s Thundercloud Pill.

In an instant, the crowd flew into an uproar.

Not only did You XiaoMo succeed in one try, it was also the exact same as Wu’s. Without borrowing the use of outside objects, he had succeeded in jumping to a higher level and had refined a Thundercloud Pill whose quality was close to high grade.

Looking at the color, even the judge couldn’t determine who was the winner and who was the loser. Both had their own strong points.

Teacher Wu burst out laughing. Now he was truly beginning to understand why two great masters regarded You XiaoMo in a special light. This youth’s potential was extremely high, and it was true that he could already surpass a seven color soul while only possessing six colors.

Teacher Wu walked before You XiaoMo. “When this old man was your age, I could not reach the degree that you are at now. This challenge will be considered your win.”

You XiaoMo cupped his hands and bowed respectfully. “Many thanks, Teacher.”

“However, I never thought that you would have the Heavenly Cauldron, which is ranked seventh. Your luck is truly amazing.” Teacher Wu’s gaze landed onto the Heavenly Cauldron, and his tone carried an obvious trace of admiration.

You XiaoMo could only laugh dryly.

Teacher Wu waved his hand. “The competition is already over, you can go back now.”

You XiaoMo handed the magic pill to him. “Teacher, this magic pill…”

“A medium grade magic herb isn’t worth many Spirit Gems.” After finishing this sentence, Teacher Wu turned and left, implying that You XiaoMo could take this magic pill himself.

“Thank you, Teacher.”

You XiaoMo retrieved the Heavenly Cauldron and immediately ran over to Ling Xiao, who was sitting in the crowd.

Qiao WuXing and the rest of them each congratulated him.

From tomorrow onwards, You XiaoMo could move to the 70th floor and up. After succeeding at challenging the special rules, the highest floor he could move to was the 90th floor. The rest of the ten floors remaining could only be reached by fighting upwards step by step through the upcoming Challenge Matches. However, from the 90th floor upwards were all some powerful, uncommon monsters, and it was impossible to climb leisurely upwards.

“That’s right, there’s something else I have to tell you.” After separating, Qiao WuXing suddenly called out to You XiaoMo.

“What is it?” You XiaoMo looked back.

Qiao WuXing said, “There’s a division in how Giganticus keeps track of your aggregate score. Originally, for the Challenge Matches on the 70th floor and above, every time you win a match you can earn two points, but if you lose, you’ll likewise lose two points.”

You XiaoMo quickly calculated. By the time he moved to the 90th floor, every three months he could compete in six matches. If he won all six matches, he could gain twelve points. Thinking like this, he began to greatly anticipate the arrival of the Challenge Matches, because right now he didn’t have a single point on his tallies.

However, this was also what the situation demanded.

For most people, having a Challenge Match once every three months was still too long of an gap.

The Meditation room and the Beast Transfiguration room weren’t the same. When one entered the Beast Transfiguration room, they could still temporarily memorize everything they saw so they could cultivate after they came out. But with one point, one could only stay in the Meditation room for three days, which wasn’t enough time at all.

Qiao WuXing and the rest had also only figured this out after they had gone up.

After returning to their room, You XiaoMo gave the Thundercloud Pill to Ling Xiao as an interest payment.

He didn’t even blink before directly chewing up the Thundercloud Pill and swallowing it, as if he were eating a jellybean.

You XiaoMo was already used to seeing things like this. Magic pills below the rainbow level were already of no more use to him at all, so he decided to utilize the rest of his spare time to quickly raise his own cultivation level.

Early the next morning, the two of them left XiaoYao Institute again to search for housing.

After not very long, he would have to move to the 90th floor, so Ling Xiao would also have to move out. However, living in a hotel wasted too many Spirit Gems, as a nicer room would cost five to six Spirit Gems a day. Moreover, they didn’t know how long they would stay in this place, so, acting as a good, hard-working and thrifty wife, You XiaoMo decided to rent a room for Ling Xiao.

The room couldn’t be too far from XiaoYao Institute, and it would be best if it wasn’t more than two- to three-thousand meters away.

They made a circle through the area around XiaoYao Institute following these requirements. The residential district had a few places, but after they asked around a bit, they learned that although the rooms in the Central City were close, they were so expensive that it was like living in Huaxia’s capital, and the land was extremely expensive.

There were many students in XiaoYao Institute who were also an important source of customers for many shops, so there were several shopping streets nearby, thereby increasing the price of housing in the area immensely.

You XiaoMo asked all around before finally discovering that the price of living near the shopping streets was between 40,000 to 50,000 Spirit Gems, and that was only for one month. A whole year would cost several hundred thousand Spirit Gems. Some people couldn’t even make several hundred thousand Spirit Gems in an entire year.

The houses in the residential district were fairly cheap, but if they were to rent it, it would still cost about two- to three-thousand Spirit Gems a month.

In the end, the conclusion that You XiaoMo reached was this: it was still better to go live in a hotel. Even if they asked for the best room, it still wouldn’t be more than a thousand Spirit Gems a month.

After running around here and there, they were back at square one in the end.

In one of the first-class rooms in the hotel, You XiaoMo slumped on the table, sighing heavily. His mood already couldn’t be described anymore using the word ‘dispirited.’

Ling Xiao, who hadn’t really spoken from beginning to end, said something, “Wife, you outdo my understanding of you every time, and what’s more, every time it gets deeper and deeper. But each time, you actually make me pleasantly surprised.”

You XiaoMo, “…..”

People must grow when they encounter setbacks. He was an unbeatable diamond, and he couldn’t be defeated by a small setback like this, You XiaoMo quickly comforted himself.

“Since we’ve already determined that we should live in a hotel, why didn’t you let me pay for a month in advance just now? Do you not like this hotel?” You XiaoMo remembered how Ling Xiao had only allowed him to pay for a day’s worth of rent before going up.

“Because after this, there’s some business I have to go take care of.” Ling Xiao picked up the teapot and poured himself a cup of tea before gracefully drinking it. Every time You XiaoMo saw this, he felt that this movement didn’t suit him at all, but if he liked it there was nothing he could do.

“What business?” You XiaoMo was confused. During this time, they had resolved many things together, and the only business left to resolve was the matter about the Cang Alliance, but that was coming up too.

Ling Xiao said, “I still must find out the truth about the Dragon Clan bloodline in me.”

You XiaoMo said carefully, “But didn’t you say that uncle, your father’s trust aide, also probably didn’t know about this? Or else he would’ve told you long ago.”

“That was only a hypothesis, plus I have a different guess in mind.”

“What guess?”

“Eh… I’ll tell you after I confirm it.”

“… you actually wanted to say ‘I won’t tell you’ just then, right?”

“Don’t be so smart at a time like this, you’ll only hurt yourself.”

“I also don’t want to…” But your expression told me bright and clear that that’s exactly what you were thinking. Do I have a loose tongue? You XiaoMo thought angrily.

After several seconds passed, You XiaoMo looked at Ling Xiao and said resolutely, “I want to go with you.” There was no intention of asking for permission in this sentence. What he meant was he had already decided on going.

“The reason?”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Piqiu and the rest, and I don’t even know how they’re doing over there with your close uncle, so I want to go and see them too. Also, even if I move to the 70th floor right now I can’t really do anything. I have no points, so I can’t enter the Beast Transmigration room or the Meditation room. Lastly…” You XiaoMo lowered his head and looked shyly at his fingers. “If you leave for a month again, I wouldn’t be able to see you for a whole month.”

Ling Xiao said calmly, “Speak the truth.”

You XiaoMo instantly responded, “You squander money too easily, if I don’t go with you, I’m afraid you’ll spend all of my Spirit Gems again.”

Ling Xiao knocked him on the head, as the last note of his sentence lifted upwards. “I squander money too easily?”

You XiaoMo covered his head. “That’s right.” This time, he was determined to remain unmoved for a hundred years.

“Say it again.”

“……you don’t squander money.” Ah, a hundred years passes so fast!

“Very well, I’ll let you come with me this time.”

This was the opportunity that he had used his self-respect in exchange for!

After leaving the hotel, the two of them walked slowly along the road. Half of the sun had already sunk below the horizon, and everyone’s face was glowing because of the flaming red sunset reflecting on them. They weren’t in any hurry to return to XiaoYao Institute.

“You XiaoHa!”

You XiaoMo was about to say something to Ling Xiao when he suddenly heard a voice call out from behind him. It was a little familiar, but probably because it was too far away, he couldn’t remember whose voice it was for a while until the owner of the voice ran in front of him.

“Wu Cheng?” You XiaoMo looked, surprised, at this person. He had quite a deep impression of Wu Cheng, and whenever he saw him he remembered that incident where hostility turned into friendship. Otherwise, there would be one more person named Wu Cheng among the people who hated him every day.

Wu Cheng glanced quickly at Ling Xiao before explaining, “I’ve been searching for you this whole time, but you left Zhong Tian. I only heard today that you had returned, so I told my men to keep an eye out for your whereabouts. When I heard that you were here I ran over.”

You XiaoMo was very curious as for why he was looking for him, because from what he remembered he had only crossed paths with him that one time, and afterwards had never seen him again.

“Why were you searching for me?”

“I came to thank you two.” Wu Cheng went straight to the point and said, “You two made bids for something at an auction in Samsara Tower before, and at that time there was a fatty who competed with you two. If it weren’t for this, my father wouldn’t have have been able to pull down one of the managers at ShuangYu Hotel, so I wanted to personally come and give thanks to you two. This time, I owe you two a favor.”

You XiaoMo was confused as he listened. A fatty from Samsara Tower? He could only remember that the fellow had a body full of fat, but he had already forgotten what he looked like. However, it seemed that it had been a good thing.

“You came over just to tell me about this?”

In reality, if Wu Cheng had never said anything, he would have never known about this, and he wouldn’t have owed You XiaoMo a favor. But if he thought closely about it, he could guess that using a favor in exchange for some friendly relations was truly very profitable.

As for how to use this favor, You XiaoMo pondered over it for a day before finally coming up with a good idea. It was something that he had lacked the courage to do for a long time now, so Wu Cheng would definitely be a good choice.

Ra: Final conclusion:
“Someone” is a real spendthrift while the other is a total chicken when in front of his husband >_> They are born for each other

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Ling Xiao knocked him on the head, as the last note of his sentence lifted upwards. “I squander money too easily?”

You XiaoMo covered his head. “That’s right.” This time, he was determined to remain unmoved for a hundred years.

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